Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day Two of Selamat Hari Raya.

Day one of Raya holidays, done.

Skin sudah burned, feet sudah injured and fingers sudah numb.

Guess what we did on the second day which is also the last day of holidays?


Yes, again! Round two.

This time, we didn't go that far. We went to the beach behind Tanjung Bungah. 

Once we got there, we spread out the mat, took off our slippers, bring out the food and drinks, open up the utensils for the kids and also to korek more siput.

It was a cloudy afternoon. It was perfect because earlier the rain came in the morning and washed away 80% of the haze. It wasn't too hot or gloomy. It was a perfect weather. The waves were not that too strong or mild. It was perfect. Yes, it was.

We went straight to the shores and started on the korek-siput-mission. Elek. Not one siput was seen. NOT ONE. The kids were busy doing their thing. Digging and building things. At one point, Koay, Chloe and I were just enjoying the waves hitting our feet. That was all it needed to make it a perfect second day. Oh and of course a lot of selfies taken. In this case, wefies. 

We also celebrated Koay and Joe's birthday. The July boys. The funny thing was right after they pretend to blow the invincible candle, a bird's dropping dropped on both of them and landed on the cake. So funny. 

The sun was just beginning to set. I think I rested most part of the day out. My feet was hurting so bad that I just sat down at the mat and watched. It must be the salt water getting into my wound. As of right now, there are still pus coming out from it I have no idea why or what to do. It still hurts when I walk so I'm still limping a bit. 

Anyways, they played kalitoi which is like a very old game where it's usually played at the beach. Somehow sand makes it more fun. Something about sand that we really love, except when it gets into the food.

Fun chillaxing day out with his family on a Tuesday :)

My heart is now full and I still wasn't ready to report for work. It's that kind of week where whole week everyday must be filled with fun stuff like that. Yep, everyday during Raya. Next time can go further for holidays :)

Alright, one more day till weekends. 

Hang in there you people :)

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