14 September 2016

Malaysia's Public Holidays in 2017!

You're welcome :)

07 September 2016

Dear Future Husband.

Alert: This may be too sweet geli for you, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. Heh. When I say 'you', I meant other people okay. Not you, Adrian Koay. You have to read finish all. In fact, you should read a few times and memorize it in your heart :)

I had no intention whatsoever to post something like this here, but I have been feeling very love-y-ish lately as we count down to the big day. I have no idea why.

That and also stress-eating which explains why my tummy is growing and there is no baby in there. Stress-eating is a serious disorder people. I need someone to take my stress away and just stop craving for foods that are not good for the soul! Ah!

Actually I think it's because of the food-tasting dinner that we had last night with our families that made me all so gooey inside. It felt as though we fast-forwarded time and there we were, sitting next to each other, holding hands under the table with occasional pinching because this has got to be a dream.

Anyways, here goes a piece of my heart in this personal space.

The four years of date-ship has been nothing but a roller-coaster ride. I bet you were expecting that I would say 'nothing but amazing'. Hah.

The truth about our relationship is it is not always amazing. We have so much ups and so much downs that if it's in an equation, it will probably be the same amount.

It is not always amazing because how can it be amazing when we were both shouting at each other that even Papua New Guinea can hear us. How can it be amazing when we both didn't want to talk to each other because of yet another fight? How can it be amazing when we both would argue on what color teh toilet carpet should be?

Nope, it is not always amazing. I bet if it is always amazing, we would get bored pretty quickly, because everyday we would be feeling just so amazing, all the time.

It has been and still will be a roller-coaster ride because:

You will lose your cool and utter words that you don't mean once in a while during an argument.
He - 0, She - 1.

I will give you the undeserved silent treatment that I know tortures to the very core of your being.
He - 1, She - 1.

I will give you leg and hand massages after your floorball/futsal/badminton/footbal games.
He - 1, She - 2.

You will go out of your way at times to get food that I crave for. Hopefully this continues when I get pregnant okay.
He - 2, She - 2.

We always have a great time laughing at zero-sense things or at each other.

You will always make a big fuss when I don't hold your hand.
He - 3, She - 2.

We never let a day go by (even when we argue) without saying 'I love you'.

You like to scan through my face to look for blackheads and pimples, and it frustrates me.
He - 3, She- 3.

You said you wanted 3 kids and I wanted 5, so we met halfway and decided to have four.

I love touching your one-pack belly because it annoys you.
He - 4, She - 3.

You got very angry with me when you found out that I'm still driving with an expired license and that I did not bother to change it.
He- 5, She - 3.

I would suggest something and you will immediately say no without a proper discussion, especially if it involves money. Boo.
He - 5, She - 4.

You do not discourage me on travelling because it's something that you love doing too.

You patiently helped me with my 'paranoia' and 'spontaneous mood-swings' that has no reason whatsoever.
He - 6, She - 4.

You always finish up the drinks without care to ask if I wanted some.
He - 6, She - 5.

I will always not wanting to wash the dishes.
He - 7, She - 5.

There. How can it be amazing when sometimes I have to do the dishes because you didn't want to? How can it be always amazing when I give you the silent treatment?

So, it is not always amazing. As much as I hate roller-coaster rides (for real), I enjoyed this one with you, and I don't plan on getting out of this one as long as you're in it too, hun.

I bet there is still so much of each other's horrible habits that we have yet to discover (which we will once I move in heh) and I'm pretty sure also that it will drive both of us crazy, but I want you to know that I love you and who you are in this relationship so there is no need to change okay.

Maybe a few things need to change la.

Like closing toothpaste cap okay, for real. I'm not kidding :)

I don't know what it's like being married to a best friend, but I think right it will be quite drama one. We are like so comfortable with each other that we may not have filters to everything anymore, from the way we sit to the way we pick our nose whenever and wherever we want so that is another adjustment.

So yes hun, I never thought that I would still be 'mold-able' by a person until you came. That's quite a miracle if I may say. Heh. No wonder people always say, 'better-half'.

You are definitely my better-half.

And since I'm a girl and I have to go through all the pain to give you little Koays, that's extra 2 points for me, so He - 7, She - 7.

Win for both :)


Love you bro.

Bye now.