28 April 2017

Goodbye HTT & Hello FGA.

This year's August would have marked my exact five-years of service to this company, but I have decided to leave before the five-years mark just because. Hah. 

There are many reasons to such decision and one that tops it all is that I want to have a more meaningful life, a purposeful life, a life that is aligned with everything that has to do with me knowing the Maker in an intimate way. 

I was happy with the the now-ex-job but I did not find joy in it, in going through my everyday life, doing things that I do on weekdays at work and attending church related events on my weekends. It's not enough. I didn't feel enough. 

I also did not have the motivation/energy/desire to read the bible or attend bible classes on any weekdays because I would be so tired with all the sales-calls at work and I would opt to be at a cafe hanging out with friends, laughing at nonsense or go home and sleep. 

My Christian-life was going nowhere. I was a lukewarm thing for a very long time, and I also wanted for it to change for a very long time already. So, I kept trying. 

We would read devotional books together once in a while and that was it for our weekdays. For sure we pray every night but that was also it. 

Then, beginning of this year, I thought about all the things that I wanted to do, the dreams that we both dared to dream and realized that all of those will not be accomplished if we do not take the first step to it. 

For me, it was time. 

I personally could not spend time after work on a weekday to attend bible classes or extra ministries because I would be so worn out. I will not even enjoy it even if I force myself to attend. 

So, I decided that if I am going to be serious about pursuing the One thing that matters most to me, I have got to give it all. No half-half. It has got to be 100%. I have to be at a boiling temperature. Being lukewarm is boring. Hah. 

Of course, with lots of prayer and God's timing, Adrian supported this decision. I needed him to because financially, our lives will be changed and possibly everything else will change.

Making a big life change is scary. But know what's even scarier?

I tendered my resignation on the last of my birthday month, making 28 April 2017 (today) my last day at Holiday Tours & Travel Penang. April has been nothing but a surprising month, so I am embracing it. 

I will miss working here because I love most of the things I do, I have a very wise (though fickle-minded at times heh) Branch Manager (whom felt like a corporate-mom to me), funny, helpful, loud, kind colleagues and most of all, this is the top corporate travel agent in Malaysia so please. 

It has been such a privilege to be a part of the Penang team and a part of the other 300-staffs of this gigantic company in Malaysia. By the way, the MD for this company is super good-looking for someone his age. Kid you not. 

 I am thankful for all the things that I have learnt from this 4 years and 9 months be it on the client management, teamwork, communications inter-department, not get bullied by some lazy-worms and always giving the best you can even when no one is looking. I learnt best about being there with each other when the boss becomes super upset (hah) because we do need each other to have that self-entertain and self-laugh to turn the day around. 

I learnt that for you to climb the ladder in the corporate world, you do not need to step on others and make other people look bad so you will look better. 

I learnt that one should start cleaning the work-space one week in advance because now I have too many things to pack and one box is just not going to be enough. How to fit 4 years of experience into a box? Heh.

I also learnt that in life, we have to make tough decisions whether we like it or not. 

And this was one tough decision to make - saying goodbye today.

"How blessed I am to have something that makes saying goodbye hard"

However, when one door closes, another door will open. 

In my case, FGA's door! Heh. 

I will be starting a new chapter with FGA Centre Penang starting May 2017. 

I have my empty notebooks ready for all the new things I'm going to learn about my Maker and from what I've been told, looks like I need another notebook to track what I will be eating because it seems like the pastors and staffs of FGA Centre loves to eat and boy, gaining extra kgs will be the last thing in my list now. 

Time to stock up detox tea it seems. Heh.

FAQs from humans and answer from me-self:

Is this your calling?
I'm not sure if it is, but I am willing to go full-time to find out.

Are you really sure about this?
I cannot say I am 100% sure about this, but I do know that God will equip the willing, so here I am. 

Did you hear from God or something?
No, I did not. There were no whispers or some sort of stuff but I know what my heart wants most, at this point of my life and I've got to do what I've got to do to go for it. This is the one way I know how.

Did the Holy Spirit stir up something?
He probably did. If not, I wouldn't have deep thoughts about what I really want or what really matters now in life. Knowing me, I wouldn't spend too much time thinking. Thinking is tiring. Hah. 

Have you thought through well on this? 
I have. I spoke to the Executive Pastor sometime end of last year, and made the decision only at the end of February. I have never taken such a long time (few months is long for me) to make one decision, but then again, this is a major one. 

Is this an impulsive decision?
Definitely not. How does one decide impulsively on a decision that will change the entire lifestyle (especially financially)?

What are you going to do in FGA?
Shake legs and boss people around (this is something Adrian would say if people were to ask him. Heh) I will be involved as an Intern Pastor in the new ministry called Converse-Life (happening every Saturday night at 8pm at MBF Tower - see you there) and I will also be Uncle Lim's PA. Other than that, my job roles include; help Nehemiah lose more than 10kg in 2017, make more babies so FGA could start a nursery for all church workers (heh) and not get fat while being fed by the pastors.

Do you know how much your salary is going to be? Can you live with that?
I knew it was going to be half of what HTT offered me, but even after knowing that, I was more determined to go through with it. Also because Koay assured me that he could support me (when I need it). And to be honest, God has been providing for us with all the things that we need so I'm not too worried. My Big Boss is the richest in this world, just in case you didn't know that. 

You know you have to sacrifice your dream of travelling the world right?
I knew I have to sacrifice in my 'ideal-idea' of travelling around (once in a month or two months) because we just got to be wise in spending money now and surprisingly enough,  I was ready to forgo that dream. 

Why full-time?
Why not? Actually the answer to this question is basically this entire post. Heh. So read up and focus. 

There you have it. 

Top 10 questions people asked me ever since the news was out. 

I know that it will be an unforgettable and interesting ride from May onwards because my Big Boss is not only unpredictable, He is also full of surprises and hello, He rose from the dead and left that tomb empty. 

So yes, to spontaneous days ahead of us :)

Bye now. 

27 April 2017

The Fun Way to Learn - Chumbaka Asia.

"We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the more pressing task is to teach people how to learn." 
(Peter F. Drucker)

If I may choose a quote which I think describes Chumbaka best, it would definitely be this.

What is Chumbaka?

It's not a fruit and it's not an ethnic cheer (if you say it a lot of times).

Chumbaka is a program that focuses on re-igniting humans', little humans' if I may add, the passion to learn that's already in them.

It's different from what children learn in school, where they sit behind a desk and often times forces themselves to remember and memorize facts and details of the subjects.

With Chumbaka, we allow them to have the hands-on where they do not only hear or see of the subject, but they will experience the reality of the project.

Chumbaka focuses on technology because 9 out of 10 children nowadays know how to use an iPad better than their parents, or aunties and definitely grandparents. 

In my case, Sha Lynn definitely knows more shortcuts on the iPad than me or Vanessa. We were impressed by her and of what we know of, no one taught her all that. It's crazy how a 3-yo girl was teaching her over-twenties aunties on how to use the iPad effectively and in a time-saving methods that she knew how. Heh.

One of the things that made me wow are some of the syllabuses that they offer. My top 2 favorite has got to be the Coding and Robotics.

In Coding, you learn how to create your own game from scratch and in Robotics, you learn how to assemble a robot and program them to move and do all sorts of robotics thing.

I had the opportunity to have a hands-on on the MBOT and boy, it was so interesting and I didn't even like engineering/robotics thing.

It was super easy to assemble, with the manual instruction given, and what helps most is definitely the step-by-step photos. It's very direct and very user friendly to children from age 7 yo and above. I was fairly impressed to say the least, but I kept my cool of course. 

My robot was done within 45 minutes. I think this is one of the longest time someone takes to assemble the MBOT. Okaylah, I will admit that I was quite noob in this but not anymore! I suddenly feel like I could be an engineer - a change in my profession perhaps. 

What I really like about the concept that Chumbaka brings is the involvement of the individuals. Imagine if I had to sit through a class of 5-hours just looking at slides and listening to the 'lecturer', I would have fallen asleep before the first-hour even passed. 

With Chumbaka, right from the start of the 'classes', students are already getting their hands on the robots or items that they sign up to learn. No sitting down staring at white screens. That way of learning do not work anymore. I actually learnt a lot about robots and stuff because I actually did them myself. It was not, "I heard about this..", it becomes "I did this.."

It's a very accomplished feeling if I can add that. 

May I just say that if you have all the intentions in the world to get unique gifts and running out of ideas on what to give to your children or nieces/nephews for Christmas presents, MBOT would be a perfect gift. In fact, they have a few learning kits (other than MBOT) that you can get for them! Also, if you really care about the future of the children in your clan, then send them to Chumbaka classes! It's like sending them to tuition classes but way more fun kind of classes where they get to create their own Super Mario game from scratch or assemble a robot that they can call their own! 

Don't buy for them gifts that are ready to be used. Get a gift that requires them to build on their own. That way, you help in their learning skills.

This is definitely better than having them glued to the iPad all-day err-day. Oh and did I mention also that they have special classes during school holidays? 

Tell me and I forget.
Show me and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.

If you are interested to know more, click CHUMBAKA and get more information in their website. You for sure will not regret this.

If you are more of a Facebook person, here's another link to CHUMBAKA's FB page. Feel free to ask more questions because when you ask, you learn more (quote from yours truly heh).

The capacity to learn is a gift.
The ability to learn is a skill.
The willingness to learn is a choice.

26 April 2017

Bring It Back.

I was looking back on some of the old posts on cooking and realized that we haven't been on that "let's try to cook something mood" for quite sometime now. Either we got too busy or we got too lazy. Hah.

By the time we reach home, all we want to do is to lie down on the bed and not get up anymore until the next morning, or if we're really hungry, we will just cook instant noodles (INDOMIE FTW) and swallow them down then go sleep.

Many people also asked us about our food-blog. Err. I really want to think that it's not dead but I am just too lazy and impatient (most of the time) to snap photos first before get to eat because we're hungry people like that.

Seriously ain't nobody got the time to take photos all.

But I actually still want to continue with this food-blog thing.

Maybe one day it will be revived? Maybe one day we will wake up and realize that we should bring it back to life. I remembered it being quite fun la. Get to eat free food all. Bestt.

One day la hah.

For Adrian's birthday last year, I made for him a banana cake (because we got a lot of leftover bananas that's gonna go bad if we don't do something about it hah) and took photos of the recipe and process.

I obviously wanted to blog about it but I have no idea where the photos are now. I shall go find when I have extra time to spend. Heh.

The banana cake turned out very tasty but very hard. Hah. Too much flour I supposed. Nevermind la. I try again next time when got extra bananas to use.

Maybe we should start thinking of the next dish that we could cook and maybe finally master at 1 dish that we can proudly bring to a pot-bless party. Hah.

Okay, now I'm going to re-read all WhatTwoEatHere's posts so that I can be like "driven" to start again this eat-and-blog thingy.
Till next time, bye now. 

19 April 2017

Pregnancy Update 3: How We Lost Our Baby.

I probably have typed and backspaced about three hundred times already before this could be a post post.

I was about 7 weeks pregnant (according to my doctor at Adventist Hospital) and we had only found out about it a week ago, making that one week the most amazing one yet. 

Everything felt normal on that Good Friday night and as usual, I was burping out loud because there were just so much gas in me but I wasn't complaining a bit. I was already pre-warned of all the coming symptoms as the baby continues to grow inside me. I was enjoying it actually. Heh. 

We woke up very early in the morning on Saturday and met with the rest of the Kang clan at the stop after Penang Bridge. We then convoy to the border of Hatyai and parked our cars at the duty free complex and followed a rented van into Hatyai. 

We checked into the hotel and took a tuk-tuk ride to the Robinson Mall because we thought that was the mall that my grandma was describing, but it wasn't. 

Anyways, it was about 9:45am (Thailand's time so it would be 10:45am Malaysia's time) and we were all looking for food to eat. I was exceptionally hungry because well, I had not eaten any food since I woke up and I have a growing dot inside me. Heh. 

As we were walking down to the food court, I felt the first wave of intense cramp on my lower womb, and thought that could be caused by hunger so I sat down, ate a little and the cramps kept coming back. Stronger and longer each time. 

By the fifth times or something, I told Koay that something was not right, that I could be bleeding down there. I wasn't sure and I wanted to be wrong. Koay looked at me, very concerned and just held my hands as the cramps kept coming. 

I stood up and walked a little but the pain only got worse. During one of the waves, I thought I was going to faint in the mall but I was determined to not let that happen because I didn't want to scare my family so I went to sit down some more. A lot of sitting down okay. 

Then, I went to the toilet and my grandma decided to follow me to which of course, I smiled and held her hands. Then, my aunty followed too. 

That was when I saw blood and my heart dropped. I froze for a while in the toilet, fighting back tears, while replying to my aunty's "Sarah Khoo, you pangsai ah?". I knew if I would have let that tears to drop, they would find out what was wrong. So nope. 

I walked out after a while, smiled and said, "Bo sai liau!" and rubbed my tummy. 

I had to tell Koay so I told the family that I needed to go down to the grocery area to get some sweets and dragged Koay with me. 

"Baby, I'm bleeding.."

His face froze. I kid you not. I think his heart dropped and he looked like he was going to faint. 

But we remained positive the entire time. We tried to find wifi from then on because we needed to google for explanations and possible outcomes on all these bleeding and cramps.

It was a very 50-50 thing. Miscarriage came out a lot but we also prayed (a lot) and remained positive. 

We walked around Lee Gardens and he held my hands so tight it made all these cramps better. We somehow knew that with every intense cramps that I experience (while walking the streets of Hatyai), the higher the chance that we were losing this baby. 

The cramps were worse than my usual period cramps, and although we were telling each other that everything was going to be okay, we knew deep inside that it was not going to be okay. 

The cramps did not stop till I fell asleep that night at 11pm. The bleeding got heavier. I got very tired at the end of the night. My sister, Rachel knew because I was texting her and I wanted to believe her when she told me that everything will be okay. 

It was really difficult because I could not show my pain and I could not tell my parents, with whom I was sharing the hotel room with. I did not want them to worry, because we know that if this was a miscarriage, there is nothing anyone or any doctor could do to stop it. So, we prayed and kept praying!

It was Easter Sunday the next morning!

I woke up with no cramps - happiest feeling in the world!

Then, I went into the toilet and not only did I see more blood, I was also looking at a blood clot, double the size of a tablespoon. I was shocked. I wanted to cry. I wanted to shout so loud please. But everyone was outside so I kept calm and looked at the blood clot closely. It looked like a blood clot alright. 

I showered, cried a little and washed my face a thousand times so people cannot tell that I cried. I went outside and looked at a very sleepy Koay and smiled. I waited for him to bathe and brought him outside  and told him about the blood clot. 

"I think our baby is in Heaven already.." 

Immediately his face turned and he was trying to hold back his tears. Vanessa was with us so we held it together and held hands the entire time. He wanted to see the blood clot but it was already gone. I should have take a photo of it or something but I was super shocked to see such a big blood clot came out from under me. It's crazy. 

The bleeding did not stop. Even now as I am typing this, I am still bleeding. 

We got back home on that Sunday night and all we did after our showers was that we hugged each other on our bed and we cried. We spent time just hugging and crying and held hands. We didn't know what to expect but we tried to remained as positive and hopeful as we could. 

It was also that very same night that we decided to tell our family members and a group of close friends so that they could pray with us! 

We went to the hospital the next morning. As we were describing all that has happened to Dr Soon, I was looking at his face (did not blink a bit) as he turned to us and said this. 

"I'm afraid this could be a miscarriage." 

He went on to do an ultrasound check on my womb and confirmed the miscarriage. The little dot that was there a week ago was no longer seen in my womb. My womb was clean and empty.

His words confirmed our nightmare.

There was no specific cause to the miscarriage as the risk of losing a baby during the first three months is very high. 1 out of 5 woman never had the chance to complete their pregnancy. This was my first miscarriage and prayerfully, my last ever. 

I was in a denial-state for that 5-seconds in that examination room. I kept looking at the ultrasound screen, hoping that little dot was hiding somewhere and suddenly he would come out and surprise us all. 

Yes, I said he. 

When we found out about the pregnancy, we both had the strongest feeling that it was going to be a boy. Little dot would grow up to be like his old man. Heh. 

So, this is the story of how we have lost our first baby, nicknamed Dotty Koay at 7 weeks of pregnancy. 

Thank you all for all your kind words, hugs and love. 

We are indeed very sad and heartbroken that we have lost this baby. What made it more difficult was the fact that we have been planning for this since we got married. Sure we said to people that we wanted to take 1-2 years for ourselves first, but we were already trying and planning to start a family. We didn't realize how badly we wanted to start a family of more than 2 until we had lost Dotty Koay. 

To have something that is 100% ours and then lost it, that's so challenging in every way but we are also very assured because the God that we love and believe is a God who is faithful and true and alive. 

Little dot went to Heaven on Easter's Day. I mean come on, what better day to go to Heaven than on Easter's Day hah. 

It's been the most amazing 1-week of having dot inside me because we were making a mental list of things that we wanted to get, things that I no longer get to eat (during the first 3 months), the type of shoes he was going to buy for me, the way our beds have to re-adjusted to fit the baby cot and how we want the gender to be a mystery till day of birth. 

The feeling and excitement of becoming parents was so real and exciting that we would smile to sleep and talked about it the first thing in the morning. 

Koay would always looked at me with that smile and said, "Morning babiesss!" It was a very exciting moment of our lives and we are very sure that we will have that many more times. 

We are also thankful that this had happened to us because it had strengthened us so much mentally and emotionally and it had taught to us to fully rely on God because He is always that good. 

You bet we are going to keep trying because now we both know for sure that we want to start a family, a biggggg family :) 

What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, so yes. More babies to come for sure :)

Thank you again for all your prayers!

Before I sign off, I just wanted to talk about this one thing, or a few things that has been on our mind for the past few days.

Ever since we announced on Facebook about the miscarriage, many people were surprisingly not "surprised" because they believed the fact that we should not have told the world when the baby has not reached the 3 months period. They believed that we should 'pantang'  and kept it a secret until when it's after the first trimester. They also said that this is because the 'baby will pantang' even if you don't.

Adrian and I do not believe in pantang or some people would put it at such 'chinese culture that we must follow', if not you will lose the baby, sort of to say.

I realized that there were more goods than bads when we decided to tell the world because when people (friends and families) knew about it, they were sharing so much information with me that I have honestly not known or read on Google. Many people also warned us to be very careful during the first three months and people around me were very careful. They were like helping Adrian to take care of me if I can say that.

So, we do not agree with the whole pantang thing and to our surprise, some Christians actually shared their 'must-pantang-rule' with us and was so into it some more. No idea why.

We believed that God is our Maker, and should He decides that this baby is safer and better in Heaven, then so be it. It has absolutely nothing to do with "not allowed to tell the world before baby is 4 months in the belly". Heh.

We don't know if the ride to Hatyai could have been the cause of this miscarriage, but all we know now is that we would be extra careful with our second pregnancy and onwards.

So, thank you again for all your advise and kind words. We may not agree with all of them but we truly treasure each and everyone of it. We cannot wait to get pregnant again but for sure, we are going to be 1000% more careful :)

#tryagaineverynight #notgivingup #babytwocomingsoon #timetogethealthyandstrongagain

16 April 2017

Pregnancy Update 2: 4 Types of Pregnancy Test Kits.

Many people came up to me and said this.

"You tried until 4 times before you went to the hospital?Most people tried once only can already. Siau ah you!"

Of course not each one of them said like this. I am just summarizing, combining and 'averaging' the comments. Heh.

I  had to try a few more times with these kits because it's a lot cheaper than going to the hospital and to come out with negative results, that's just a waste of money. Heh. Most people also say that if got 2 lines on the kit (no matter what brand), it's highly likely that you are pregnant.

First time being pregnant so we had to be sure before we go to the doctor to confirm it.

Here, you can find out how we found out about the existence of little dot.

I purposely g0t all the different test kits to try them out and see which one is accurate and accurate-r. Hah. Also, because of the influence of Youtube videos actually. Most of these pregnancy kits are from Watsons and Guardians. I went to more than 5 pharmacies and they only have 1 type, which is the Disclosure one I think. So, my advice would be straight go to Watsons or Guardians for choices.

So here goes.

1. DIP 'N' TELL - RM15.80

This kit comes with 2 tests, and it shouts very loudly that it's for those with irregular period like myself. So, obviously I had to get a box of this. The more, the better. Heh.

As you can tell from the name of the kit, you have to collect your pee with that blue cup and then dip the stick that has the arrow that indicates max. You can leave it standing onto the middle holder part of the cup and just wait.


This is different than Dip & Tell because this one no need to dip anything. The one similar thing is that I still have to collect my pee in a cup and then dispense 4 drops onto the round hole thing on the right, with a squeezable plastic funnel.

When I first got it, I was thinking so hard on how to transfer these drops to the hole because I didn't have anything at home that I could use to accurately dispense 4 drops. Definitely cannot use a straw, ewww please.

So, I opened up the package and was so glad to find the squeezable plastic funnel inside. So convenient.


This one same with Disclosure and comes with a squeezable plastic funnel. I was very careful with all their instructions because I need to make sure that the results are going to be accurate. Ain't nobody got time to keep trying. Heh.


I tried all the cheap ones but still I wanted to try a Clearblue's product because rumors have it that they are really very accurate and expensive, hence the accuracy. No idea if that is true though.

This is an example of media-influence. Remember in my first update on how we found out on the pregnancy, I watched a lot of videos on Youtube?

I saw a few videos on this Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test and I immediately thought to myself that I had to get this test to ultimate-confirm it!

Here's a reason.

IT SHOWS (roughly) HOW MANY WEEKS YOU'VE BEEN PREGNANT (if you are really pregnant)!

Of course I have to get this test kit. NO DOUBT.

No need to go pharmacies to find because we went to 4 pharmacies and all none. Most pharmacies only sell Disclosure type of test kits.

So, if you want more choice of pregnancy test kits, go to Watsons or Guardians.

I got this one at Guardians. Price is about the same with Watsons.

So, this is something very different from a normal stick test that we tried.

This test will not show lines, but it will show in words and numbers on the digital screen.

The one thing same is that my pee still have to be collected in a cup, which I actually very geli with. Hah.  Then, remove the blue cap and dip the stick into the pee for like 30 seconds I think. Better double check with the instructions. I counted precisely. If you want to be more chun, then you can use a timer. Heh.

After that, a sand-glass image will come out and that means wait. After a while, you will either be pregnant or not pregnant.

So, there it is. The numbers shown is in weeks so that means when we found out the existence of little dot, it's about 2-3 weeks into pregnancy, however in the instructions paper, 2-3 weeks actually means 4-5 weeks pregnancy.

All four pregnancy test kits show positive results, hence confirm we pregnant. Hah.

Next step is of course to get it confirmed by a gynae, which is for the next post :)

Have a great week ahead you all.

Till then, bye now. 

14 April 2017

Koay's Love Language #23 - #33.

"Don't bathe in so hot water ah!"

"You cannot eat too spicy anymore"

"Eat your folic acid d?"

"We need to buy those pregnant people always wear kind of shoes. Very thick and good wan"

*says thank-you prayer to our Maker every night for giving us little dot*

"You must eat more cooked salmon because it's good for the baby"

"Eh, you can start doing Sudoku already. Good for baby also wan"

"Morning my babies"

"When you reach 3 months, you will look like you're in 8-months!"

"You eat d?"

*puts his hand on my belly in the middle of the night and continues to fall asleep*


12 April 2017

Pregnancy Update 1: The Day We Found Out.

It was a normal Friday morning when I decided to collect my pee onto a plastic cup and drop a few of it onto a pregnancy test kit. 

It has to be the first urine of the day if I wanted an accurate result, so my sister always say to me. 

The story of my period is this - sometimes they come on the dot of the expected next cycle date and sometimes they are late a few days. Never nine days late though, hence the test early in the morning. 

It's Friday morning so you can only expect that we were in best of moods because well, it's Friday! He was still asleep, covered to the neck in our most comfortable blanket. 

I used the only test kit that I had and I made sure I read every word on that kit because I wouldn't want to do this the wrong way. 

After dropping 4 drops of urine onto the test kit, as according to the instructions, I bathed and took a peep onto the test kit. Only one line was shown. Oh by the way, I did not have my glasses or contact lens on so it was just like a rough image. 

I continued taking my shower (feeling a little sad already), then brushed my teeth and put my contact lens on. By this time, Koay was already done with shower and was getting ready outside. 

I took the towel and wiped my entire being, and that's when I picked up the test kit and looked at it one more time. 

This time, there is no way that I could see it wrongly right?

One red line so clear and another line pinkish appearing next to it. 

"Babe! Adrian Koay! I think I'm pregnant!"

I remembered that my hand was shaking because I was in shock and overjoyed! The last time my hand shook like this was when he proposed. This is surreal I'm telling you. 

He looked at the test kit and when he looked at me again, I knew that he saw the same thing too! 

We smiled, and hugged and smiled even more. Such a indescribable emotions to describe really. 

So that was 7th of April 2017 for us. 

We needed another confirmation (a few more I mean) because the second line was just pinkish and not like a solid red. And also I have been having cramps every now and then. I was sure that I was not pregnant because of these cramps, but the period never came so yeah.

We waited till the next morning to test again. 

I googled and Youtubed and people say it's normal to experience cramps on the early stage of pregnancy! OH MY! Imagine my excitement at this point! I was like 80% sure that there is a little something in my uterus. Hence, my tweets on Twitter. Dropped hints here and there because syiok.

This time, I tested on 3 different pregnancy test kits and all came out positive! We are so pregnant I cannot even let that sink in yet. Heh. Apparently, according to Google and other moms out there, if you try three times and all three sticks show positive, you are most likely confirmed to be expecting. It's insane.

That was our Saturday and knowing this, we called our family and told them about it. However, we decided that we would only tell our close friends (one-by-one) and the world via Facebook after a confirmation from the doctor, which will be mentioned on another post. 

I will also post up all the 4 pregnancy test kits next time. All the money we have spent on these kits, it's almost enough to go for Tao buffet. Heh. 

For now, we are letting this reality sink in :)

So yeah, we are leveling up, and we're going to be parents in less than a year! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

Our lives gonna be changed forever in about nine months' time. We are beyond excited! 

On a side note, this is a special shout-out to Eunice Ch'ng. The photos below are self-explanatory so yeah. We will be waiting for your good news next! #nopressure

Gabriel Ch'ng, looks like you will be getting  a lot busier this month :) 

April is such a good month don't you think so? 

Till then, bye now.