30 April 2013

Two Noobs Go Spa.

About a month or so ago, we decided to help Andrew make a video. A video on L.O.V.E. and death and proposal and stuff. I still remember when he first asked me through Facebook, I said no immediately and then he continued saying that he needs us because we are already a couple. So, I went to ask Koay and suprisingly he said, "OK!" without thinking deeply. Haha. I was a bit reluctant cos I do not act or want to be in video shooting stuff. I'm more like a watch-the-video-kind. Well, Koay is also like that but he mentioned to me that it would be a new adventure that we get to explore and do it together. And afterall, it's not really acting because we are really together.

So yeah.. we did the video and crossing our fingers that we would win first place or at least top three, so that we would get the spa and *coughs*MYBLACKBERRY*coughs*


There goes my hope of getting the Blackberry from Andrew. Gah..

Yeap, after all participating members submit their videos and they just gave them this.


Can you believe it? Andrew then emailed them to let them know how disappointed and they cannot do this and bla bla. They just replied, "Sorry for any inconvenience caused!" It's like WHAT? Poor Andrew. He was very into this whole shoot and spent quite a lot of moolahs in it. So, when Andrew got this spa thing, he didn't want to go so he gave it to both of us! Nah, ANDREW CHAN WEI KIN! Here's your credit! Hahaha! THANK YOUUU! :)

The voucher also hold terbalik. We were looking forward to the massage after a long working week.

Anyways, after Koay reminded me, we made an appointment on Saturday noon and I went googling to see what was included in this package worth RM660.

Ultimate Spa Packages (2 hours)
- 45mins massage (done by two Filipino women)
- Body Scrub/ Body Mask (did not manage to see the product used)
- Jacuzzi with European Herbal Bath (I cannot believe they actually say EUROPEAN HERBAL BATH! Hello, we saw a bottle of Tesco Body Shampoo or something okay. Green color and looked like a dishwashing soap!)
- Footbath (Definitely nothing near a bath! Just put in hot water for few minutes and scrub here and there..)

We were supposed to be completely nude for the massage and jacuzzi dipping. But no thanks. So, we asked them for towels. Haha. This kind of spa is perfect for married couples. NOT US for sure! Anyways, we sat in the jacuzzi for a good 40 minutes WITH TOWELS, sipping away carbonated papaya juice (yuck much!) and talked and laughed and relaxed. The massage was okay. We went home feeling hmm.. feeling that our body was gonna ache the next day. And true enough when we woke up next day, manyak sakit.

Will we go back there for this kind of spa?
Nope. Totally not worth the money.
RM330 per person.
Take that money go Hatyai for shopping and full body massage and eat non-stop better.

And that was our Saturday noon. Quite fun experiencing new things like that together. And we love love love love LOVE their garden themed restaurant. *grins*

29 April 2013

Make Him Up.

I downloaded a new app last night and tried it on Koay. Boy, we laughed so hard!

Okay, maybe he didn't really laugh as hard as I did. But it was just so funny when I tested it on him or more to his photo! IT WAS REALLY FUNNY! Such pretty girl he could turn out to be! :) Only thing missing would be the long hair..

This app is just so fun to play with la. Apparently it's one of the Top Free in the Play Store. Well, that's how I found this app anyways, while searching for the "Hardest Game Ever!"

My favorite one would be the last photo! He looked gorgeous with eyeliner! :)

I hope this makes your day and shoo away the Monday blues!


28 April 2013

Second Love Letter.

Hello everyone!

I've decided to post about my love letter number two on a Sunday because I skipped captain ball with youth and rested at home instead. So while I wait for Koay to come home from his usual football friendly, I shall post this up!

I got my first letter not too long ago is you do not know. You can read it here!

Same reason but different place.. Hah. 

26 April 2013

Gala Event Tonight.

I have never felt so relieved when being asked to stay in office the whole day today. No need to drive around and sweat..

I can't wait for tonight's Family Night by the fireBRANDS.

It'll be crazy packed with so much fun and laughters.


see you all there :)

25 April 2013

Our Lil Angel: Sha Lynn.

Sha Lynn. (yep, that's her full name in case you are wondering)

Adventist Hospital, Penang.

19th April 2013.

Here goes the story of how we welcomed our lil girl into our world.

Mommy Sha was admitted into hospital on Thursday, but Sha Lynn only decided to come out the next day early in the morning. I wouldn't call it natural birth as she was scheduled to "bring" her out a week earlier than the supposed due date. So, we were in the hospital on Thursday night, waiting and hoping that it will happen soon!

Still can smile with the pretty flowers and three floating balloons. No pain yet ma :)

And of course, still can fool around with the camera :)

And yes, she pushed till Sha Lynn came out! Good teamwork! So, the next day they went into the delievery room early in the morning around 7-ish and baby came out soon after that! However, when Sha Lynn came out, she seemed like she was not really breathing on her own. She did not really cry and stuff like that. So, they brought her into NICU and there, they put on an oxigen tube to her nose and also a small long tube into her tummy through her mouth.

After a day in the NICU with all those tubes, doctor took out the oxigen tube to allow herself breathe on her own and observed her very closely. That was the first time we saw her opened her eyes. Actually, I'm not sure if it's "we". For me, for sure it was my first time. Not in person though. I saw them through pictures. Heh.

After another day, all tubes removed. TRIPLE YAY! If you see closely, you can see a lot of tubes. She even have IV drips on her hand. So heartbreaking to see lil Sha Lynn having to go through all that! But God is good and she got better very quickly! Thanks to all of you who prayed for her and mommy!

After few days only, Mommy gets to hold baby for the first time. Such great moment that was!

Hungry baby searching for milk already..

I could stare at her whole day as she sleep. No kidding! Adorable is an understatement, for sure!

Me: *keeps on repeating* Sha Lynn, wake up! Ee ee is here to play with you. Sha Lynn.. Sha Lynn..
Her: *as per photo above*

Good thing she didn't cry after that. If not, I sure kena marah by the mommy. Haha. Sha Lynn, you have to cooperate with Ee ee okayy!

So now, baby and mommy are both resting in the hospital. They went back yesterday as baby has jaundice that's abit too high. I stayed a night at the hospital with mommy sha and woke up with a very very stiff neck (No, I'm not complaining.. Just saying..).

She's almost a week's old and I can't wait to run around the house with her already. She definitely melts all our hearts away. Stole all our attention too! My mom once forgot to cook lunch for us because she totally forgot about us! Hahaha. Grandma sudah naik pangkat, very happy d! :)

So yeah, I haven't been active in blogging because it's been an amazing packed one week with Sha Lynn being our main focus and going for a rehearsal for our family night that's happening tomorrow! Ahhh! Excited! :D

Till then, everyone :)

24 April 2013



This made my day.



22 April 2013

Too Busy.

Wow. It's been so many days since I last blogged. last week has been insane because we (my whole family) knew that Sha Lynn is going to come out that week itself. So, it's like everyone's so excited and definitely more so for my sister and brother in law. IT'S CRAZY!

And also, not to mention that Koay is in KL now for his interview..

I will blog more on Sha Lynn next time when I have more photos, or you can actually see them on my Instagram.

For now, this photo shall make you guys go "Awww.."



16 April 2013

Wardrobe Sudden.

All of a sudden, just all of a sudden the need/want/motivation to clean my wardrobe kicks in and I find myself doing that last night. Took more than half of clothes/dresses/shorts out and never gonna put them back in.

I also suddenly have the urge to organize my hanging clothes according to colors but that didn't really work out well. Haha. And I have more darker clothes than other colors. Black and brown.. Suprisingly green is the least. Now I know what color to buy next time..

Love waking up this morning to a neat and clean wardrobe for sure.


15 April 2013

The Walking Dead.

So, after loving Pretty Little Liars so much and finish with their Season 3, I have decided to move on to another famous TV series. This one is equally good and love it as much as PLL. Though both also very different kind of series.

As I keep watching it, I'm starting to be like, "Okay, we need to prepare a room that's of metal and keep lots of food in case this happens.." and stuff like that. So funny la. Obviously I know it's not! Oh the fun of imagining things like that.

If you haven't watch this one, GO WATCH IT NOW! TWO THUMBS UP!

14 April 2013

Science at Straits.

Volunteer Job for the Dream Catcher for some Science Fair thingy. Okay, it's more like the preggo sister "forced" me into it. Hahaha. Oh well.. 

Gonna be a good day because we'll be working with children! :)

12 April 2013



11 April 2013

Ephesians 5: 1-2

Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with Him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn't love us in order to get something from us but to give everything of Himself to us.

Love like that.

10 April 2013

That Today.

THAT moment when we had to have quickie lunch because I have a movie date with crazy peeps and he has to work tonight.

THAT moment when we had the most simple lunch ever.

THAT moment when I see Kelly's face during lunch.

THAT moment when my name appears on BOOST's What's Your Name Game again, in like less than a year.

THAT moment when Kelly says bye to me so many times after lunch and adda "I love you" to it.

THAT moment when the BOOST drink I received turns both mom and Koay's face when they drank it. Too sour.

THAT moment when it's raining and all I'm thinking off is a glass of wine and long night of conversation-ing away.

THAT moment when mom makes the best lotus root soup and char sio bak with cili padi for dinner.

THAT moment when I went into an office to make presentation and there he stands next to me, suprisingly. Uncle Thean Kee's office and he is the boss that the lady I talked to was talking about. Hah. Small world is small.

THAT moment when I make my clients smile, saying silly things.

THAT moment when my petrol indicator is full.

THAT moment when I see my preggo sister's face coming into my room just now.

THAT moment when he was the only one doing all the talking through skype because I have no microphone with me.

THAT moment when I see a huge yellow balloon printed with DAP's logo flying over the sky with a string attached and smiles to it.

THAT moment when I know I'm going home in 30 minutes time.

THAT moment when I woke up this morning feeling so-so and got better over the hours.

THAT moment. All that moment in just one day, TODAY.


09 April 2013

08 April 2013

Hairy Legs.

I never believe in shaving leg hair. Even when I was teased in college for having such hairy legs for girls. I kept cool and still never want to shave my legs.

Then, one day don't know what hit me and I started removing hair from my legs. Suddenly I'm like so anti-hair-leg conscious. I never shaved because that would affect the skin.

And all this while, I wanted to try the wax-pull-thing that Veet has. I knew it was going to be painful that's why I never actually do it. Oh and it's expensive too! Anyways, I decided to do it that day! Speaking of being random and spontaneous. Of course I had Koay to help me, in case I buy d then bail out. Hahaha.

First, you gotta warm the wax peel thingy by rubbing your two hands on it :)

Then, you open it into two and it's all sticky.

And then stick on the behind of my leg. SURE PAINFUL OKAY THIS AREA!

If you see carefully, you will be able to see strands of short hair on the sticky thing. Overall, it's not that painful but then, after the wax thing got pulled out, it leaves a bit of the stickyness on the skin which to me is a MAJOR ANNOYING THING. I have like 9 more of the wax thing and I have no idea what to do with it. I just don't like the sticky feeling after.

05 April 2013

Friday Fever.

Today feels so good.

It's like one of the best Friday ever since chapter work started.
No idea why.

Fells a bit lazy la but still have that excited-fun-let's-go-crazy-kind-of-feeling.

Reflecting on my one year being with somebody, somebody who's 100% mad-der than me, bigger-eater than me, fatter than me, kind-er than me and louder than me, it is a ride on a rollercoaster.

The thing about this ride is that I never know when we will be at that sudden drop. And sometimes I hate that part, that sudden drop and your whole heart left you for few seconds kind. But then again, what is a great ride without those exciting spontaneous drop every once in a while right? Oh well..

Looking forward to dinner date with him tonight, even if it's going to just a short one :)

04 April 2013

Different Duo.

There are four types of temperaments that many people use to understand themselves and each other better. It's a very interesting "thing" because as you do the test and when you got the answer, you find yourself very amused as you read the characteristics that best describe you. I did it when I was away for a Leadership Retreat. So when I came back, of course, I asked Koay to do it. Curious about his personality ma. He did it and boy, he was so amused. Everything he reads, he goes, "Yala, yala it's so me!"
So, in the end, we found out that he's a MELANCHOLY SANGUINE and I'm a SANGUINE CHOLERIC. I don't know if this is the "perfect" or "ideal" match. But one thing for sure, the relationship is more than just having two ideal personalities. It's so much more of commitment and taking the effort to understand each other. Giving and taking for sure play a big role. Anyways, here is the list of characteristics of those 4 personalities.

Sanguine [his secondary my primary]
Responsive to emotions
Memory for smells
Makes friends easily
Doesn’t hold grudges
Loves people
Lack of concentration
Easily distracted
Very talkative
Interrupts (Egotistical)
Emotionally unstable

Choleric [my secondary]
Born leader
The compulsive need for change
Must correct wrongs
Not discouraged easily
Knows the right answers
Can see the whole picture
Quickly moves to action
Thrives on opposition
Little need for friends
Leads and organizes
Excels in emergencies
Delegates work
Long-term thinker

Melancholy [his primary]
Sensitive to the anguish of others
Deep thinker
Artistic or musical
Poetic and philosophical
Appreciates beauty
A perfectionist with high standards
Detail conscious
Neat and tidy
Sees the problem
Seeks creative solutions
Must finish what is started
Content to stay behind the scenes
Likes charts, numbers, and lists
Cautious to make friends
Will listen to complaints
Problem solver for others
Moved to tears with compassion
Tries not to raise attention
Not practical--Dreamer

Phlegmatic [none of us]
Calm and collected
Hides emotions
Reconciled to life
Not in a hurry
Takes the good with the bad
Dry sense of humor
Avoids confrontation and conflict
Cool under pressure
Takes the easiest way
Good listener
Likes to watch people
Compassionate and concerned
Good administrative ability
Slow and Lazy
Detached observer

03 April 2013

Zombie Make-Up.

I should learn make-up skills like that. So cool.
Current addiction: The Walking Dead series.

02 April 2013

Metal Thing.

Drove everywhere today and found this metal thingy on my left back tyre on the way back to office. Well, one thing for sure is that it could have been worst, like tyre puncture halfway through the bridge or worse still if it punctures on the way to lunch. Lagi siau eh. So, I'm thankful that this happens and it has a nice shape to it. Hah.

I was so worried and focused when I heard the sound that it made while the car was moving. Scaryyy.

Oh well. Thank You Jesus I'm still alive and well :)