29 May 2014


Can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't watch TV. Can't do anything, but can blog. 

Blogging really relaxes me somehow. 

My parents are now on their way to GMC with Vanessa for second opinion. 

Thanks Abigail and your dad for the doctor's contact that links us to bringing her to GMC. 

The bacteria continues to thin her cornea. This is not good because she could lose her vision. She could be blind on the right eye. 

Wow. Typing the word blind pierced through my heart like what only. 

My hope is in the Lord and always will be. As heartbroken as we are, we continue praying for miracles and full recovery. 

Jesus, take over. 

28 May 2014

A Night In The Hospital.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you would already know that we (my eldest sister and I) spent a night with the lil sister in the hospital last night.

Rachel went in first at about 9pm and I was still at home. I reached the hospital at about 10pm and once I passed the security guard at ground floor, I thought it wasn't safe yet, since I still have to pass the nurse station. 

The whole 'eye ward' is pretty empty so the nurse knows who you are there for. I just walked normally, passed the station and said a very friendly hi. 

After spending some time in the room, we figured that the nurses knew there were 2 people in there but they were so kind to not say anything.

Kind but lazy! I'm sorry but according to the doctor, Vanessa's treatment was to go through INTENSIVE EYE DROPS HOURLY in order to 'kill' the bacteria that's attacking her cornea. When Rachel went out to ask if they coming in soon to put the eye drops, they simply answered, "Malam tak letak pun tak apa!"

SERIOUSLY!? I got angry upon hearing that but I couldn't do anything. If I confront them, they might be rough to her next time or they might just shoo me away and I've got no car to go home.

So, I woke up every 30 minutes (at first) to clean her right eye and put those eye drops. Then, every 1 hour because I was physically so tired. Then, every two hours. I'm not trained for this guys! Anyways, I tried my best in waking up as often as I can to clean her eyes and put those antibiotics. 

My dad came at 8am and I told him about it. What if Rachel was the only one that accompanied her? She didn't have the courage to do it then how? So, my dad informed the doctor in a nice way because this is an eye we're talking about. 

I like the nurses there. They are friendly and stuff, but it's just disappointing that they said that. Imagine for other patients, they could have recover faster but because the nurses feel that at night no need to do treatment also nevermind, then they just spend more days in hospital.

Of course it's not easy to be a nurse but it's really important that they do what the doctor say. Very important.

I'm sorry if this turns out to be an angry post but this is my sister's life we're talking about. Her vision. It's important.

Okaylah, not going to end it like that. More happy news now.

According to the doctor, her condition has improved quite a lot. The pus between her cornea has reduced. The bacteria has been identified. They are still working on the one spot that continues to thin her cornea. This is very dangerous because if her cornea is scarred, her vision is affected. 

Other than that, her emotions are getting better. Thank you guys for visiting her and making her laugh. Laughing definitely speeds up her recovery. 

Earlier, she didn't know about her condition. She asked my dad and he explained everything to her with my mom there. Both of them cried of course because it is a tough thing to absorb. We continue to pray as a family and believing for complete healing. 

There is no way we can thank you all enough for spending hours at the hospital just making her feel better. It meant so much to us. Also, to take turns taking care of her so that we could rest at home. 


27 May 2014


It's amazing to see people offering to help us during this time.

Friends whom I haven't spoken to for years, some even more than a decade, texting me and wishing Vanessa of speedy recovery and for complete healing. 

Some even offered help in different ways. 

I am grateful. We are all very grateful. My family is blessed because of people like you guys.

We continue to pray and believe for a miraculous healing on her right eye's cornea. 

Nothing is too difficult for Jesus. 

He allows this to happen, for sure He is guiding and guarding us through it.

Thank You Jesus. 

26 May 2014

Corneal Ulcer.

Friday night, she came home with a red eye and rested early. She woke up the next day to only have the condition of her eye worsen. So, she rested the whole day and on Sunday noon when we checked on her again, we noticed a white patch right in front of her eyeball and couldn't get it out. 

That was when we rushed her to Emergency at GH. 

Considering that there were quite many people at the Emergency Section, I would say we got to the doctor quite fast. 

After all the checking and taking samples from her eye WITH A NEEDLE, we finally were able to check in. 

Corneal ulcer is an open sore on the cornea. If not treated immediately, it could cause possible loss of eyesight.

It is a seriously very dangerous thing.

How she got it still remains unanswered.

Doctor/we suspected it could be partly from the contact lens. Apparently, people who have got this ulcer are all contact lens users. So yeah..

Do keep her in prayers. 

23 May 2014

Oh Well.

I wanted to update Part II of Thailand but seems like time sort of flew away.

Oh well.

One thing I need to do by this week is.. REMOVE ALL THE PLASTIC COVERS IN HIS CAR!

22 May 2014

10D9N Thailand Part I: Travelling.

All the other parts are updated too! Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Date: 11-20 May 2014
With: Pastor Cowan, Nikki, Andrew, Vanessa and lover.

The day finally came. We celebrated Mother's Day in church and then lunched with a few buddies. It was an exciting day because the day finally came for us to go to our mission field. You can really tell that we're pumped up by the way we talked perhaps. Talking and smiling and taking photo with the uncle who refused to smile with us.

I love travelling, more so when it's with people that I know and people I'm comfortable with. But the first day of all the travelling was so tiring I can't even. We already expected it so it wasn't as bad as it looks. I remembered feeling so thankful when we were at Vineyard Outreach. Even more thankful when I lied down on their bed. I think I took a short nap while some of the team went down and wrestled with the kids. Haha. Really tak boleh tahan. I love travelling but I have motion sickness. So annoyingly sad.

Anyways, despite the tiredness, we all have so much fun together. We somehow are able to find the strength to laugh at each other. There are times we felt like zombies but when someone teases someone or someone did something really clumsy and silly, our laughters are often the loudest. I kid you not! Especially that moment when we were all supposed to sleep to gain our energy for an early flight to Chiang Mai and we spent a good 30 minutes laughing our heads off at Nic using Macbook's photobooth. We laughed the loudest and hardest there. People around us were probably very annoyed because they were all sleeping. One of them is Koay. He fell asleep almost immediately when we found our sleeping spot. Nic has a gift, we just discovered. Later you will see some of the snapshots. It's funnier in video because of how he moves. Funniest if you can hear him. Keet Chai ah Keet Chai..

So, we traveled for four hours and arrived at KL at about evening time. Our first destination was Andrew's new place. Since we taking a flight to Chiang Mai, it's only wise to park our Toyota AVANZA (big letters because I lose the bet to Nic, being so convinced that it was an Innova!) at Andrew's place and take the KTM to KL Sentral. So, we stopped there, took a nice warm shower and toured the place a bit.

The infinity pool is the best ever! It's view is seriously crazily beautiful. So perfect. Perfect for a small birthday gathering. Actually, it's perfect for marriage proposal! Andrew, I found a spot for your proposal d! :)

The thought of going to KL Sentral via KTM was horrible because of all the boxes that we've got. So, when Andrew's sister's friend offered to send us there, such relief went through my body. Such relief. 

We got to KL Sentral and bought the tickets to KLIA 2. Taking a taxi will cost us a bomb since there's 5 of us and that means we'll have to get 2 taxis. So, via Aerobus it is. Only RM10 per pax for one way. Okay what.

While waiting for the bus, we went to have dinner. KFC again. In one month, I think I have too many times of KFC d. Jelak liau.

It took us about 1 hour to reach KLIA 2. We slept in the bus for a while. I wouldn't say that it's a comfortable bus ride because the condition inside the bus so horrible, but again it's cheap compared to other alternatives like the KLIA Express, which costs about RM35 per way. That one takes only 33 minutes to KLIA 2. 

KLIA 2 is better than what I expected. It's huge, bright, clean and fun. Fun because really can shop till you drop there. When I saw the ASK ME, I got very excited. I thought that they looked so cute walking around with that giant board. Looked cute lah but I wouldn't want to be doing what they do. Leg sure pain like no one's business. A few times our luggage dropped on the floor because we all waled in front of Andrew and stopped without warning. So many times till he almost got angry. Haha. Such an angry boy la.

We walked from floor to floor, explored the airport and finally found a level that became our bedroom. We saw quite a number of people on the floor so we thought this must be it already. Too bad no plug points there. Look below to see the snapshots that entertained us for a good half an hour. I went  to sleep right after. Nic and Vanessa read books, Andrew don't know do what with his laptop and Koay snoring away already. Pastor Cowan joined us after that. 

Our flight was at 6:55am AK854 arriving at Chiang Mai at 8:40am (Thailand's time which is 1 hour before us). We got up at 4:30-ish and washed up. Did our group check in. We were so worried that our baggage allowance of 20kg each will not be enough. Our personal things not heavy, the items were very heavy. Good thing we still had extra of 30kg I think. It was very early in the morning right so it's a good excuse to makan on board. Very expensive leh. I sholud have pre-book my meals. 20% cheaper. Anyhow, hungry already so don't care liau. Both Koay and I ordered one meal each. We tried the Chef's Recommendation :) We will be posting it up soon on WhatTwoEatHere :)

We arrived at Chiang Mai safely and proceed to the Bus Terminal for our next 3 hours of bus ride. By this time, I was already so exhauste. We all were. So, we slept 90% of the bus ride. When we reached Chiang Rai, we were early so we had quick lunch at a random makan place. Pastor Randall came and it was another 45 minutes car ride to the place that we stayed. 

Get to bathe and lie down, best thing ever after long day of travelling.

Travelling itself already such a long post. I can not post such a lengthy post about this trip but years down the road, i want to be able to read these and smile. Then, maybe my children can read it too, read about their mommy's life. Haha. I say till like I'm going to die young like that. 

Alright. That's about it for today. 

Keep reading to find out more about this trip. It has been a fruitful one. Also, if you got extra time, feel free to click on the ads :)

21 May 2014

His First Car.

I said FIRST and not NEW because for sure in the future when he can afford it, he will get Audi for himself or Honda for me. Haha. 

It took quite some time for him to finally get his car because of all the additional things that he wants to have. Actually, the decision to get the car itself took quite long. After all, this is his most expensive buy to date. So, must take a longer time to think. Next time buy house doesn't know what to take how many years d. Hah kidding kidding.

The old car never goes, new car susah mau come. Haha. It was quite a sad farewell to this car. Not for me because he hardly uses this car when we go out, don't know why. For him and his family, it was such a tiny bit sad thing to do. I think for Jaryn it's a lot sadder. She drives this car everywhere when she was in Penang.

Oh well, time to get a bigger car since the family is expanding :)

The man told us he will reach in 10 minutes. We waited for 20-30 minutes. Pfft. When he finally came with the white baby, all pfft gone. Both straight was so happy till smiling from ear to ear. Don't know why I so happy also ah. As if it's my car like that. Hahaha.

Although he did tell me that one of the reasons he got it in auto mode instead of manual is so that I can drive too. So sweet hor? But he meant it as in I drive and he relaxes in the car. My turn to be the driver. Hahaha. I'm pretty sure for the first 6 months, he sure doesn't dare let me drive his new baby. Scared later I'm the first person to scratch it. Heh.

Oh ya! One more reason why he took so long to get the car after all the paperwork is choosing the number plate. He was given three numbers and he has to arrange them according to preference in case somebody else got the number already. After doing that which took don't know how many days, the man told us all the numbers that he wanted no more. Take so long sumore lah. Hahaha. Then, he was given another set of numbers and finally chose one that I thought was pretty nice. My favorite number three times leh. 

They went through everything that he needs to know of the car and I was just staring at the white beauty. He even sent the car to have some areas custom painted with white because although it's white, not all areas are white. He wanted ALL white, so I think he paid extra to get that done. 

The first car, oh so precious.

After all the talking, we drove this car to dinner. Unknowingly, a bug followed me into the car after dinner.

Me: *hits the bug in darkness on my hand* Yerrrr. WHAT IS THATTT!! 
Him: *looked at me with an eyebrow raised*
Him: Wei! Why you bring insects into my car!!?
Me: Ohhhhhh! New car d so action hor. Sayang this car more hor. 
Him: *keeps quiet and steal some glances at me*
Me: Before the car, you would say something like this, "Babe, are you okay?" Now straight say I purposely bring it in. *claps hands*
Him: *smiles* Nolahhhh. Just testing you ni. 
Me: Hahahaha. Don't test me ah later I show some 'love' to your car only you know *grins*

This is only day one. 

09 May 2014

Cook What?

*last night at Tesco*

Koay: *thinking at a corner by himself* Okay! Saturday I'll cook breakfast. Western style.

Me: Har! Why suddenly?

Koay: Sajalah.. Okay, now what we need. Eggs.. Bacon.. Orange juice *grabs a bottle of Twister*

Me: *follows along* *whispers* Salmon..

Koay: *ignores me* Western breakfast got what some more? How to cook the egg? Okay, I'll just do omelette..

Me: What are you going to put in the omelette?

Koay: *looks at me for very long* Actually, a lot of things to put inside hor..

Me: Mmhmm..

Koay: Aiyaa.. So many things eh. No need to cook d lah. *looks at me for approval*

Me: YESS! I very lazy to cook and wash and stuff. Can we just go out eat? 


We actually wanted to cook a nice romantic dinner tonight but gave up because lazy to prepare the stuff and cook. Then, he tried to do breakfast but we quickly agree that it's not going to happen. 

Good to know we have mutual understanding in this area. Hah.

08 May 2014

Work Mode: Off.

My working mode is already off. 

Today, I literally had to drag myself out of the house to go PSDC.

It's difficult to see my family all dressed up and packed with their mini luggage and heading for work-less weekends. If only this roadshow is postponed. If only. My sister kept sending me photos of the fat baby and it's so torturing! :(

What makes it worse is Alvin also going on a holiday tomorrow until Monday. WHAT IS THIS! Everyone going on holiday earlier than me. 

Our trip to Thailand is not really a holiday. I would love to think that it is but it's really not. It's going to be everyday-under-the-sun-painting-walls and get surrounded by 200+ kids. I can only imagine the energy level that I have to keep whenever I have spare time. 

One good news is that for sure it's stress-free. It's going to be tiring but it's going to be the most rewarding one. I remembered 5 of us were already talking and planning for this last year, just weeks after we came back.

The next one week is gonna be filled with smiles, sweat and hopefully no blood. HOPEFULLY!

Oh, weekend, you come faster a bit, thank you.

07 May 2014

Vanessa Turns Nineteen.

The lil sister turns 19 this year.

Her last year of being a teen. Not that it's a reason to call for a big celebration.

Since we are not going to get her fancy prezzie this year, we thought why not plan for her a nice friends gathering kind of surprise birthday lunch.

This year, I think there were quite a handful of surprises that she got that she did not expected it at all. At least not all lah. 

On 2nd May, mom baked a really nice and moist chocolate cake since Vanessa is in love with them and we waited till everyone got home and had a quick simple one. It was inexpensive but very meaningful because everyone was there. 

Kelly took this photo that's why a bit blur.

Koay took this photo that's why can see the 'unwanted' background all. Hahaha. Love you still babe.

Funny thing though, when we sang the birthday song, Sha Lynn thought it was for her. Her expression and reaction was priceless. Haha. 

Then, on Friday night just before cell group, some of the Forge members came over and decorated her room with pretty fairy lights, photos and 'love' notes. IT WAS SO PRETTY that the first thing she does now when she wakes up is on those lights and go back to sleep. Awww.. Such love is in her room. 

I thought I saw some water in her eyes as she reads those notes *winks*

Excuse me, Mister Koay if you are reading this now, you know what to do. Hahaha. Kidding lah. I still haven't fix up the balls of lights that you got for me. Maybe we paint my room again? Other colors this time? :)

Okay back to her birthday. 

Somewhere along the weekends, she received sweet gestures from her friends and stuff, so that was really nice. One of it that I really thought that it was sweet was Jonathan sending a box of KFC meal to the cafe when she was working. Manatau, she forgot to bring them home. *clap hands* 

The surprise that we planned for her was a birthday lunch at Seoul Garden. It has always been her favorite place to eat. We don't go there often because it's just barbeque and steamboat at a very expensive price. So yeah.

We invited all her friends and get them to be there at 145pm. I only told her that it was going to be lunch with Koay, Kelly and me. That was going to be her birthday prezzie from Koay.

She walked in, and walaaa! I think what shocked her most is seeing her high school friends there as well. Earlier, I told Sue Ann to ask her for a movie/makan outing that day afternoon and I 'convinced' Vanessa to nicely tell Sue Ann that she cannot make it because got lunch with me. 

So, Vanessa initially felt sad that she cannot join her friends all,  but when she saw her friends face in Seoul Garden, she was shocked and happy. Yay to us!

Thank you guys for making it a great one and for paying for yourself. Hehe.

06 May 2014

Goodbye, Ah Pui.

From the time I was born till I enter Primary 1, my grandmother (mom's mom) took care of me and two boys. She was a full time nanny to us three. Two boys and a girl. The two boys are younger by one year I think, I can't really remember. 

We parted ways at the age of 7 to different schools and have never spoken to each other since. I don't remember how they looked like anymore. Actually I still can lah, just a little.

Growing up with those two boys have always been a very big part of my life. Those years meant a lot to me but somehow I've never talked about it to anyone, until recently. 

As kids, we don't really remember things that happened, but for me, time spent with them were one of the memories that are still crystal clear. I didn't realized that this child-friendship have such a strong place inside until I got the news about one of the boys.

I named them Ah Pui and Ah San. Obviously because of how they were at that time. Hah. 

On Sunday, Ah Pui's parents came to church. My mom recognized them and when I look at his mom, she did look familiar. When Rachel came to me and told me about it, I was shocked and happy. 

I was going to ask, 'Where's Ah Pui?" when she continued telling me that a while ago, Ah Pui committed suicide because of depression.

I was shocked. Shocked beyond words. 

Something in me snapped. It took me a good 5 minutes to let that sink in and when it finally did, tears came down. I tried controlling but there is no stopping to it. It broke my heart to hear this. It's really difficult.

I thought that I will not be that affected since it has been 20 years of no speaking/seeing each other, but wrong. 

I stood there and I let those tears rolled down freely. I knew crying will make me feel better. I need to know more about his death but I was told not to ask his parents because they are still having a really hard time accepting that. I need to know where he was buried. I need to know when it happened. I need to know how he looked like now. I need to know if we ever crossed each other's path somewhere along the line. I need to know.

Ah Pui has always been the noisiest, craziest and funniest among us three. He's always the one with all the crazy suggestions, only to get us into trouble. We always get into trouble, but my grandpa will always be the superhero and stop my grandma from scolding us. 

Oh and Ah Pui taught me how to do handstand. Actually, both of them were probably the reason I'm so not feminine now. Haha. Who knows. 

It's funny but it made me miss childhood so much that I'm determined to find Ah San. My only one left. 

I regretted that I didn't make any effort to find both of them despite speaking about them almost every year during family occasions. 

This is actually very difficult to put into words. I just wanted to blog about it because this is important. 

Holding back tears as I type this. 

I'm not very good at accepting death. I think that it's one of the hardest thing that anyone has to go through. Especially those who are close to your heart. 

Who knew that Ah Pui and Ah San still have that special place in me after two decades? Who knew.. I don't even know if they remembered growing up with a girl.. I hope they do. 

This is goodbye, Ah Pui. 
A difficult goodbye. 
You are loved and will always be missed. 

05 May 2014

Three Words.

Today has got to be the busiest Monday since I've started work. 

Or it could be because the lift is not working and I've walked couple of times up and down the stairs. My table is on the 4th floor. Yep.

But in the midst of all the crazy things going on in this office today, I miss my best friend. My head is packed with so many things to do for roadshows and advertisements and running here and there, but my heart misses the boy. 

Not that we haven't been spending a lot time together. In fact, we have been seeing each other everyday for the past two weeks. 

I don't know what you call it, but I miss him. I miss seeing his silly face, his hand holding mine. 

I miss being with him. 

It's crazy because I just saw him yesterday, and I'm missing him like it's been few weeks not seeing him. 

What do you call this really?

Busy like mad but still have time to think of the boy who never fails to say, 'I love you' everytime we end a conversation. Even if it's just a 'I'm downstairs. You can come down now', he will always end with those three lovely words.

I miss you, you gila boy.

03 May 2014

Lazy Saturday.

It's just so rare that we have two Saturdays off from the regular youth service. It feels weird.

Anyways, spending some time with his family over dinner and with couple of friends later on.

Since it's raining, we are buying back dinner because it's such a lazy Saturday. Lazy rainy Saturday and I'm in the mood to wear nice clothes and put on my lip gloss, but lazy to go anywhere else. WHATISTHIS. 

Okay got to go because pizza is back!


02 May 2014

My 2014's Labor Day.

Labor Day packed like don't know what.

We all woke up super early in the morning at 8 o'clock. Okaylah, 8 isn't that early but for a public holiday, IT IS. 

Anyways, this is one of the events where my dad, the main organizer who did everything from collecting money for the funds, coming out with the timeline to getting everyone in the Khoo clan to come together on this day and spend amazing time together.

The truth is it has been a bit more difficult to have everyone together at one place ever since my grandma, my dad's mom passed away years ago. It has always been at her house where my uncles/aunties/cousins meet at a very regular basis. Since her passing, my dad has championed that older brother role and making sure that we don't only meet on special occasions like weddings and chinese new year.

So, yes, Labor Day this year was a big day to all of us. 

We all met at Subway, Straits Quay where everyone is entitled to a sandwich each before the competition begins. So, eat away we did. Eat and talk, eat and talk and feed the baby and feed the baby some more so she doesn't get cranky. 

Then, time to warm up and put our game face on. But first, let Koay mop the floor because it was too slippery and like dusty/powdery. That itself is warm up for him already. It looked okay but the place is quite huge for one person to mop with eyes all looking at him. Not all eyes lah. Some people were later than the meeting time which is totally expected. Khoo family what. Hah.

The day started with two sets of Men Single, and followed by many other games. We have about 30-40 people. Yep, I have a very big family and loving it. That's why I want big family myself too. My grandparents have 6 kids. Hmm.. 6 doesn't look that bad ma hor? Heh.

My dad even special ordered and made these little trophies so that everyone will go back with something. Something memorable and something that they can keep. You can't see it in the photo but he also have our family photo printed on the side of these little goodies.

Kids also have of course. After the adults one ended, we then have a short session for the kids. We only have 4 kids that can actually play badminton (I think they play even better than me) and the rest are babies and toddlers. Such an eventful day even for the kids. I remembered Kelly being excited the night before, and she kept asking me which shorts she should wear in the morning. 

We were all divided into three teams. Team captains are Adrian Koay, Kah Wei and Steven Wong (eldest cousin). All these three captains are captains obviously because badminton is what they are really good at. All three plays badminton few times a week. Mad right? 

No prizes for guessing which team won first. Haha. So yeah, the day went one smoothly with babies crying occasionally because it was really hot and they were sleepy. Sha Lynn and Sheldon (our two youngest babies) were very good because they cry a little but fell asleep very quickly despite the noise and heat. *clap hands*

My dad estimated the day to finish at 5pm but it was only about 315pm after the prize giving. Yay to Koay and I because we needed to rush to another location for another family tournament. This time it's bowling. Two sports in a day. Not bad leh for Sarah Khoo. Heh. 

So, who won first place? 


First place with a gold mini trophy each: Team Steven Wong.

First place with a silver mini trophy each: Team Kah Wei.

First place with a bronze mini trophy each: Team Adrian Koay.

Hahahaha. THIRD PLACE OKAY. In another word, LAST PLACE! Koay used to be state player sumore. But then again, it was teamwork. He was the only one that won the match they he was playing in. The rest of us, all elek. All makan telur. Eh eh wait. I won one also in a mixed double with my uncle. 

Most of us either don't play badminton on a regular basis or never play before. Haha. It was fun though. 

Oh oh then the kids. Each get a medal. Wooots.

See! Everyone's happy day! 

And this is not all for the numbers. Quite many were absent because some overseas and some got business to do. So yeah. Khoo clan ftw :)

Right after that, Koay and I rushed back to my house. I got myself a very speedy shower and off we went to meet with his parents and picked Joe & Jaryn from Queensbay. Koay got no time to shower also and no time to have lunch. Good also lah, we both can lose some fats. 

With his family, it was also an annual kinda thing. Last year, we had a bowling contest girls vs boys and we lost. So, it was like a re-match. No need to say also know that the blue team wins once again. All the boys played really well leh. For me, my balls masuk longkang don't know how many times. 

Ever since I hurt my wrist last year, bowling is the one sport that I never enjoy anymore. So yeah.. I did my best though :) If Chloe wasn't in the list, I will most likely be the one with the least score. Haha. It was a fun night. Before heading home, we dined at the food court. Their yummy curry fish head is very yummy. I think last time better but it was still quite good. Maybe my tummy was so empty that whatever goes inside, it would be great. Who knows? 

And that was our Labor Day. A very eventful and memorable day spent with our families and as tired as I am right now, thinking back carves a wide smile on my face. 

And it's Saturday tomorrow, even more reason to smile. 

On a side note, 9 more sleeps to Thailand. NINE MORE.