31 December 2020

Goodbye 2020.

Last day of the Year 2020 - the year no one is actually celebrating 100% because of the pandemic and lockdowns and the fear that looms in the air because Covid-19 is so spreadable. Hah. 

Never thought that I would experience a legit country/city lockdown in my life because of a virus. I remembered feeling anxious when it first happened but after that, it sort of became the new norm and we went to flow with it. 

Now, we are pro in the new norm although, to be honest, I still hate every part of it. Having to split tables when we go out to dine sucks big time - like I super hate it la okay. 

Anyway, since it is the last day of the craziest year, I thought I would like just say something here - but now my mind is quite blank. Heh. 

One thing that I am sure about is I want to bid farewell to the Year 2020 with the biggest gratefulness I have in me. It was not pretty and it was all messy and sad and scary - but I want to be thankful for everything that has happened. 

I feel like emotions were everywhere and I struggled on the second part of the year trying to figure out our moving forward plans and while I actually did resign from my job, I was given an offer to stay but with a more flexible role (with major salary adjustment of course) so I can actually focus on my two kids. 

I realized that if I don't give up my job to spend this precious time with them, I will regret it when they grow up. I can always go back to work once they are all grown up but I can never have them at this age anymore. So, I choose them - always will. 

Also thankful that Adrian is supportive of this decision because, without him, I would never be able to do it. I mean hello - he must be able to support me mentally and financially what. Hah. If not, where am I gonna find the money to feed myself heh. 

But on a serious note, this new flexible role also gives me time and space to focus on my Shop.com business and I am loving it. I realized that I love selling things - that work of course. 

We recently launched and started selling Momzay's Chocolate Chip Khoo-Kies and we managed to sell a total of 156 bottles - mom was surely busy and happy. So, thank you all for supporting our Khoo-Kies! More to come next time! 

We are currently working on our next item (hint: they are not Khoo-Kies!) heh - so stay tuned! 

Anyway, I am still in a place where I am trying to find the right "schedule" that works for me and my kids - in terms of our 8AM-6PM daily routine. I still have to go to the office twice a week for half-day and I have been trying to add "gym-time" too because I have lost weight with TLS 30-Days Program and I want to maintain a lifestyle that works in long term for myself. 

I will be posting on the before and after soon - after completing the 30 Days TLS Program and I'm so happy to say that I didn't think I would see the result but photos never lie okay. 

I hope by mid-January, I will sort of get everything in place and get a hang of the new schedule and stuff. 

So, I guess this is it for twenty-twenty. 

See you in 2021. 

20 December 2020

What Kind of Couples Are We?

Adrian and I became an official couple on 20 January 2012, got engaged on 20 September 2015, and then finally sealing the deal on 20 September 2016. 

I just realized (as I typed all this) that 20 is such a special number for us. So ngam eh hah. 

It is not love at first sight but it is definitely love blossoming from best friend-ship. So all you out there, who is secretly in love with your best friend (and denying it) - let us just tell you that because you both know each other so well already, it is such a fun and amazing thing to be together because you guys already are best friends! 

Anyways, here are the FAQs that we have gathered from you guys so enjoy reading them because we (mostly me) had fun answering them. 


This is one very famous question, please. It just seems like everyone who asked this question (respectively) to Adrian and me always get different answers. 

The truth will set you free so here is the truth. 

Adrian pikat Sarah first. 

There you go. 

It's really the truth. He started to realize that he has feelings for me but I think he tried to deny them because we were like best buddies, sort of. I mean - I was helping (assisting) him to chase girls okay. But I guess he could not deny them for long hah because I am very irresistible. Hah. 


I think about 3-years. Our anniversary date was 20 January 2012 - he asked me to be his girlfriend right after our last exam paper. We were on our way to watch a movie with our collegemates. Not very romantic kan? Heh. 


Well, in the middle of our dating-years, we talked about moving forward and about the future - like where do we see ourselves in a few years and all. One thing that really attracted me to him is the fact that he is such a family man, and when I know that his intention is to have a family together in the future, it all just became clearer. 

I remember asking him if I am just another girl that he dates because if that was the case, then we definitely need to talk more in terms of if he sees himself marrying me. If not, then the best option is for both of us to move on with our respective lives and find 'the one'. 

I wanted to know because I was not going to waste any more time with a man who does not have the intention to marry me. I mean - age is catching up okay. Heh. Sure I am in love with him, but if he really cannot see himself marrying me, then what is the point right. 

I am of course thankful that he wants to marry me. Heh. 

As for him, someone once asked him this question and his answer to the person was:- "Because I cannot imagine myself living without her."

Sweet sial. 


Yes - it was at a Floorball tournament at Dalat International School. It was my first time there and my first time watching the game live. I was there on duty as a secretariat because our club needed volunteers and I volunteered. 

He was also on duty for the secretariat and was in charge of time-keeping. I was in charge of keeping score. I remembered poking his shoulder to either ask for the time or to ask him to stop the timer and that was that. 

We only got to know each other's names during the post-game talk where we introduced ourselves. 


Yes, we did - Business & Finance but we were not from the same batch. I enrolled first and he joined one semester later. We have had a few classes together because the lecturers combined them. So, I guess can say we were course-mates at one point. Hah. 


Promise you won't laugh. 

Honey - Because his last names are Hun Yi. 
Honey Bu-Bu - No idea why but it felt very satisfying to add the bu-bu behind. 


This one must go into detail a bit because generally, Adrian seems to be the one with more patience but in reality, I am quite patient myself (especially after the kids came). 

Adrian is very impatient when it comes to food - now you know where Sofia gets her impatience from). It's like Adrian cannot get hungry at all, if not he would be so anxious and he will lose his cool. If we go for meals with friends or family, and people are late and he has to wait longer to eat, then cannot liau. He cannot wait when it comes to food. 

This explains why our food-blog is dead now because when the food reaches our table, he will not wait for me to take photos all. Lagi no need to say since we have children to handle hence, a dead food-blog. Heh. 

I am impatient when it comes to.. nothing really! I am quite a patient person now - I am a changed person. Hah. 


Before marriage - we split the bills, always. 
After marriage - Adrian because he is such a gentleman and because he earns more money than me. 


Interesting question this one. 

Not sure if you can tell by knowing us personally (or through social media) but I am the silent one and he is the one who needs to bleh everything out there and then. 

I prefer to let the situation cools down first before 'discussing'. Not for him and it drives him even more upset because he just need to say whatever he wants to say - oftentimes, he has to apologize for the things he say in the heat of the moment because they may be hurtful and meaningless. 

But we are good. We don't argue that much anymore. Even when we do, he also will cool down first and talk later. 

We used to shout at each other to finish off an argument, and I remembered there was once when Jack was in the car, and he was legit scared of the entire moment when we were going back at each other. 

Good times. Heh. 


It is in our discussion but we are still not really sure - because renovation is costly and we also need to find a place to stay for a few weeks. So we just sitting on this topic for now.


What kind of question is this?

Of course, Adrian wears the pants - but I decide what kind of pants he wears. 


He is the head of the family and what he says - goes. But really, usually, we will be in agreement in most of our decision-making. If cannot agree, then discuss till agree. 


Yes - by two years.

But he looks older so I win. 


I don't know if this is the biggest one but it is on top of my head right now. 

The way our families communicate is so different. As for my family, we are quite loud and noisy (and crazy) and dramatic (Adrian used to comment that my family is like Keeping Up with the Kardashians so he labeled us Keeping Up with the Khoos). 

For his side of the family, they are relatively softer in terms of sound and noise level and not as dramatic. They are however very funny (his relatives) and very generous with dirty jokes. Hah. 

Also, fun fact - Adrian and his sisters were not allowed to say the word, "Syiok" growing up because for them, it is a very harsh word. Not for my family of course. The only words not allowed in my family are those cuss words. 


To be honest, I am very open to the idea of buying a house that I can co-design and decorate and do according to how I want it. We are not there yet I guess but one day we will definitely buy a house where we will live for the long term. 

Adrian has been living in this current place for all his life and I can totally understand that it is so hard to leave this place and move to another house so really, this is a project nobody knows when is the maturity date. Hah. When will he be really ready to move to a new place? 

There is a difference between - "I live with my in-laws" & "My in-laws live with us"

Even when the house is legally ours, the statement will still be, "I live with my in-laws" because the fact is that that house is (and will always be) Adrian's family house. 

But yeah, we know that sometime in the future, we will get a new place of our own where I can freely design heh. 

We like high-rise buildings with great views, indoor car parks, and to have facilities, that will be great but Adrian is not a big fan of high maintenance fees, so I guess facilities are not super important. So we shall see. Heh. 

I would prefer a brand new house (scared old house haunted and all heh) but very open to any good deals la. Hit us up if you know of any house for sale and all okay. 


If I am being very honest, I think no. I think his maximum is four (sadly). 

But we will never know. I can only answer you when we get there. 


Definitely me. 

Extra taugeh and extra chilli in all my noodles' order, and no 'ti-chiau' (sweet sauce) in my Genting's chee cheong fan. 


You know what - I have thought about this so often and I know for sure that I would love to go back to playing this sport because I remembered having so much fun. Maybe not now though. 

I do see myself (and Adrian) going for floorball practices with all our children and all of us owning our own floorball stick. That is a future that I do see heh. 


Floorball. He used to teach me how to shoot goals, please.

Okay - but really the answer to this question is the act of giving. 

I have never seen someone who is so kind and thoughtful - and I am not talking about being all that to people that you love because that would be easy. 

But the fact that he is kind and giving to people that he does not know or people who have ill-treated him... You know what I mean?

I only realized this part of him after being married to him because then I am with him most of the time. 

For example - every time we go to the Green House Kopitiam, he will only order either wan tan mee or chicken rice although most of the time, he actually wants to eat curry mee or tailok mee. 

The reason being that he thinks that the uncle and aunty of the wan tan mee and chicken rice stall need business more than the other stalls who are doing well. So, he forgoes what he wants to eat just so he can help the elderly couple. ALL THE TIME. 

Really very thoughtful. And from there, I learned to be like him in that sense. 


We don't put like a curfew for each other when one goes out with friends but we always say things like, "Don't come home too late okay". 

For me, the moment Adrian leaves the house to hang out with his friends or meet clients, I will get into prayer mode and occasionally stops what I do and pray that he comes home safely. 

I mean - this "worry" is legit because anything can happen to anyone at any time - so all I can do is pray. I obviously cannot stop him from going out when he wants to. 

We still prefer for people to come to hang out at our house cos then can hang till late. Heh. Can do sleepovers also no problem. 


Well, depends! 

He has a higher temper compared to me for sure. 


The first one will definitely be in terms of spending money via online shopping. People always think that I spend more money on online shopping but the reality is that Adrian spends more money (and time) doing online shopping! He may deny it if you ask him but it's the truth!

Also, I feel that people think I am a messier person as compared to Adrian but please, I am more OCD than him - I got it from my dad for sure. 


Adrian Koay. 


Err - kids happened. Hah. 

We just didn't have the time (and patience) to manage it anymore because our hands are really full at this moment and although I really love blogging, I simply cannot handle managing so many blogs la. 

I got a Youtube channel that I just started some more. Heh. Go subscribe, please. Thank you. 


Of course yes - twice only though. 

The first 6-months after giving birth to Alex and Sofia were the moments I felt so unattractive and had that 'fear' that Adrian may not be as attracted to me (physically) but he never says or does anything to make me feel like that. 

I think it is just how I cope with my physical body and how it changes after birth and obviously, I struggled with it but with Adrian still being so in love with me (perasan right?), I was able to come out of it. Also, believe it or not, I prayed a lot! 


I've always wanted to have a puppy (Yorkshire Terrier) but Adrian is super against that idea. 

So, we just never sort of bringing it up again - unless I see another super heartwarming video on Facebook, and then I will ask him again. His answer is always no. 

But if anyone has like extra puppies to give away, my home (and heart) is always open okay! I would love to have a pet in my lifetime. I feel I will be super loving wan okay. 

But if the dog can grow big then not a good idea because our house no space for the dog to run around. I would love a very small puppy. 


Really need to ask this question?

Most of the time - me. 

But there are times where Adrian would get random and suggest a quick holiday/staycation and I will jump on that train immediately! Like every chance I get. 


I think yes. 

Or maybe no. 

You have to ask him. 


Yes - rarely though - but yes. 

So, I guess that is it for the questions and answers. 

It has been such a road trip with this man ever since we decided to get tangled with each other and in our every day's mundane life, we somehow can find the little joyful things with each other and I especially love it when we both get to have real couple conversations after the kids sleep and just talk about everything that revolves our lives. 

Sometimes, we share real-life drama with each other la - gossip session with my husband. Hah. 

This year is our fourth and really, when you enjoy doing life with a person, time just passes you by so quickly. We are beyond thankful everyday that we've got each other to lean on and we never take that for granted. 

29 November 2020

Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffin.

We are baking - again! 

I know I have failed baking many times but you know what people always say - "Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success"

So, here we are. Heh. 

I do not wish to be a baker but ever since I started working from home and being able to be a stay at home mom at the same time, I find cooking and baking very therapeutic. Also very chun that I started my 30-Day TLS Weight Management Solutions Program so I need to eat healthier for 30-days - which means I need to cook most of the time for my own meals. 

This is really when I realized that cooking (and baking) is so fun and I love that I now get to do it at my mom's new kitchen hah - shall wait for our kitchen to be renovated then you will see more videos and photos of the cooking sessions. Heh. 

Anyway, this time we filmed the baking with Sha Lynn (and occasionally Daryl hah), and please, we did not rehearse anything so it was all impromptu. 

Hence, the many baking "oopsie".

You have been warned. 

There were like a few steps that we sort of missed/got confused with but surprisingly, the muffins turned out great! I cannot believe how yummy those muffins were! 

My dad really loved it because even though we put a cup of sugar in, it was not sweet at all! It was just the perfect kind of chocolate cake! 

So, here goes the recipe - and the video below if you feel like you want to watch us bake. 

Also - I have read the recipes and steps many times but still we did it wrongly! Hah. I guess those "wrong" steps did not matter as much. BECAUSE IT WAS FINGER LICKING GOOD!


Dry Ingredients Bowl:-
  • 1 and 1/4 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/3 teaspoon salt
  • (Optional - 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon)
  • (Optional - 1/2 teaspoon ground coffee)
Wet Ingredients Bowl:-
  • 1 egg (or 1/4 cup of mashed banana)
  • 1/3 cup oil (olive oil or vegetable oil)
  • 1 cup sugar (1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar)
  • 1/2 cup and 2 tablespoons coconut cream (or 1/2 cup buttermilk)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Add Ons:-
  • I cup of grated zucchini (medium-sized)
  • (Optional - 1/3 cup of chocolate chips)
Steps to making the best Moist Chocolate Zucchini Muffin:-
  1. Grate zucchini and set aside - remove water with paper towels or drain it with a sift. 
  2. If you making your own buttermilk, now is the time to add the 2 teaspoons of white vinegar or lemon juice into it and set aside. 
  3. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius.
  4. Combine all the Dry Ingredients Bowl together. Remember to sift everything. We did not sift because we didn't have a sift, so we skipped this step. But please, sift all the dry ingredients. 
  5. In a bigger bowl, combine all the Wet Ingredients Bowl and mix them till it is well combined. Recommended using a hand beater okay. 
  6. Then, pour all the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients bowl and using a spatula, stir until everything is well mixed together. 
  7. Put in the grated zucchini and optional chocolate chips and continue to stir till well combined. 
  8. Prepare your cup liners on the baking tray and scoop the batter into them. 
  9. Bake for about 25-30 minutes. (in my video I mentioned 18-20 minutes but turned out we actually put in for a total of 28 minutes). 
  10. Test with a toothpick to check if it's cook. If the toothpick comes out clean, then it's 100% done. 
  11. If you like your muffins to be a bit like a lava cake, then any time before 18 minutes should be good. 

So, there it is. The recipe to make the best moist chocolate zucchini muffin. Sha Lynn was so doubtful that it will be nice because we put an entire zucchini into the batter but she loved it so much, she immediately went to pack 4 muffins to bring home to her parents. So cute. 

Alex had 2 muffins and I had 2 muffins and then, no more muffins on the table. We will be making more because seems like the entire household loved it too much. Sadly, Adrian did not get to enjoy it because we ate it all. Hah. 

Till next time, bye now. 

23 November 2020

Alex Turned Two!

Apparently, Adrian read an article sometime after Alex's first birthday party and before his second birthday - that when we give a child a big birthday celebration every year of his growing up life, it would most likely make him a spoilt child - because with a big celebration every year, we would be setting expectations that are high (and will only get higher) and that, is unnecessary. 

So, we agreed that our children will not have a big birthday celebration every year but a few in their growing up years - like their first and maybe seventh or something - I don't know. 

Growing up, I never had the chance to have a big birthday party and I have always held it against my parents - because both Rachel and Vanessa had. Okay - I am no longer bitter, please. This has now become something we laugh about in our family. Heh. 

So, of course, I want all my children to have birthday parties where they can invite their friends and all okay. Since my babies are still young, I will invite my friends on their behalf. Hah. 

Anyway, while I am in the midst of planning Sofia's first birthday, I remembered that I had forgotten to talk about Alex's second birthday party that we had. 

We only celebrated with some people because the whole of Malaysia was going through the CMCO at that period of time. We decided to do a small barbeque 'party' outside our place and invited Alex's Indian grandparents over too - our neighbor. 

I also realized if not for the CMCO, I would have invited more people and it would have defeated the entire plan of not having a big birthday party. 


I said it, Adrian Koay. 

But with Adrian being so hands-on now (he used to leave it all up to me to plan party wan), for sure I cannot exceed the invites la. Hah.

The good news is I am planning everything for Sofia's first so we will see. Heh. If CMCO extends, then I am going to just book staycations at Angsana Teluk Bahang! Hah. 

A few days later (I think), we had another intimate party with some close friends and celebrated 2 May babies together - Le Roy and Alex. The night when we had way too many chicken wings. 

I am guessing with Sofia's first party, we will probably do a few but I would personally prefer to do one time only. Oh, wells. 

Thank you all for loving my son like your own - you know who you are. Adrian and I appreciate each one of you and thank you in advance for helping us to discipline him when you see the need to because really, it takes a village to raise a child. 

To Alex Koay, next year your birthday is going to get smaller ya heh. Love you with all of me. 

Till next time. 

18 November 2020

Happy Birthday, Father-in-Law!

It's his birthday today! 

I have initially planned to upload this photo on IG and FB but figured that I would do it here because there is a lot of things that I want to say - about this man. 

When Adrian and I became good friends, I found out that his dad was not someone who is a pro-Christian. In Adrian's words, that time - "my dad is like anti-Christ you know". 

At that time, I remembered inviting Adrian to church many times but was turned down most of the time. I stopped asking when one day he angrily said to me, "Don't keep asking me to go church. I won't go wan. If I want to go one day, then I will let you know" (paraphrased d okay). 

If you know Adrian, you would know that his parents are his life - his everything. He looks up to his dad so much that every time he talks about him, his face glows. Now I see that glow when he talks about his children. When I say that his dad is everything to him, it really is. His passwords are all related to his dad, you know. It's so sweet, really. 

I got to know Uncle Frankie (or father as to how his children call him) more when Adrian and I became a couple. We would spend a lot of time at home, most of the time with his parents. 

Sometimes, we would just sit in the living room together and watch TV, and other times, we will play mahjong together - for hours, until Adrian needs to send me home or his dad needs to rest. 

When Adrian told me that he wanted to get baptized, I was shocked and thankful of course. But we spent some time brainstorming on how he was going to ask his parents, his dad specifically - because in Adrian's understanding, his dad is against Christianity - not like super gungho but he was not a fan for sure. 

I remembered Adrian consulted his sisters but both of them advised that he should not tell their dad because they worry about what it may do to him and his health. Uncle Frankie was on kidney dialysis (3-times a week). They didn't want him to be upset and for any negativity to affect the father-son relationship. 

But Adrian decided to tell and ask for his blessings because he is, after all, one of the most important persons in his life. I was not there when he told his parents but to cut the story short (or you can read from here), he finally approved!

My father-in-law did not only agree and approve of Adrian's decision to be a Christian and to be baptized, but he also made sure that he has to be there to witness the entire baptism. 

Now, that is a huge deal for Adrian because he was not expecting that, at all. 

His dad (and mom) is his biggest supporter and they will always be. No one can take that away. 

When I look at this photo, I have good goosebumps because this photo itself is the first miracle in Adrian's life and Adrian got to witness another great miracle when his dad told him that he wants to accept Christ as his personal Saviour in his hospital bed, just hours before he went home to be with the Lord. 

Never in Adrian's (and mine) mind, we would ever think that his father would be a Christian but we truly believed that when you sincerely pray for someone's salvation, God is truly at work and we will see the miracle. 

Adrian got to be with him through the repentance prayer and baptism and was with him till he breathed his last breath. It was heartbreaking (still is) for Adrian, his mom, and his sisters because Uncle Frankie is physically no longer here to go through life with, but with comfort, they know that he is not in pain and not suffering. 

It would have been his 67th birthday today and he would be the fun-nest grandfather to the grandkids he never got to meet - Jacob, Alex, Joash, and Sofia. Truly their loss for not being able to know him - because he was one amazing man. 

But we continue to celebrate life and love wherever we are and appreciating every moment we got to have with each other - because no one knows what life brings tomorrow. 

I personally, regretted not having the chance to regard him as a father but I am so thankful that I got to know him and now I get to call him my father-in-law - I see so much of him in Adrian it is insane. Adrian is super like his father though he could not see it. 


Enjoy Heaven and we will meet with you again, one day. 

10 November 2020

What Kind of Parents Are We?

I have been wanting to answer this question since Alex turned one but never had enough blogging-mojo to really do it - until now.

I mean Sofia is going to be one, in 42 days' time and this is my second-born child we talking about. Like hello - if this does not make you think that time really passes by too quickly, then I don't what does.

It has been such a fulfilling year since we grew from a family of three to a family of four - we have had tough days but usually, these tough days are easily forgotten at the end of the day when we lie in bed with our kids. Worth every hardship, please.

Anyway, Adrian and I are constantly surrounded by people who genuinely care for our kids and we are ever so grateful for them - family, friends, clients, and strangers turned friends on social media. 

That being said, we also realized that many of the people we meet (and have spent time with) often have different ways of parenting and it is really interesting because there are just so many things that we could learn from each other - voluntarily and with zero judgment of course. 

So, here are just some of our "parenting tricks" that we have up our sleeves - some of which we copy-cat from people, and some others, we just use our common-sense and logic, and others, based on our experiences and we just adjust here and there. Hah. 

Note: please know that other parenting styles are also legit and this is not for comparison whatsoever.

Here are some FAQs that we have received so I'm going to try my best answer them in that way okay. 


When we found out that we got pregnant with Alex (2-years ago), the first thing that we discussed and agreed on is not his name. It was that we will be the kind of parents where our baby will follow our schedule and adapt to our lifestyle instead of the other way around. 

Please don't get me wrong. We know that our life will be changed the moment we decided to have kids - we expect our lives to be changed for sure but we agreed that we will not be "tied" to a strict schedule that we lose the freedom to "live" our lives. 

With that being said, our kids do not have a strict-must-sleep-by-certain-time schedule at night. Since they were born, they will follow us out (pre-Covid-19) at night when we have dinner plans outside with family and/friends and I think because of that, both of them are very adaptable to different environments and timings. We need them to be because we didn't want to be tied down to staying at home past normal bedtimes and so far, it has worked really well for us. 

Of course, we don't do it often (back then), and now, lagi less because of the pandemic. They both go to sleep at about 8PM now but if we have people over at our house for dinner, then they both will be awake and socialize till when they are tired and wants to go sleep. 

Oh and I think because we have been doing this since they were born, they can fall asleep in the room with the party noise all around. This is really one of our proudest agreement together - both Adrian and I. Heh. 


We both believe that caning our children when they do naughty things is legit. We do not do this often with Alex (Sofia is still too young) because overall, he is quite an obedient kid. We only bring out the cane when he purposely does things that he knows is not right - for example., throwing his tantrum by throwing items on the floor and refusing to pick them up. 

We will wait until he is more settled, then we bring out the cane and tells him that it is wrong and because he did a naughty thing, we have to cane his hand and reminds him not to do it again. It is still a work in progress because we are starting to realize that when he is upset, he does not know of any other way to "project" his anger so he picks up a random toy and throws it. Somehow, he feels better after that. 

A lot like adults to be honest. Like when we get upset, we "throw" our words and we don't care if it is going to hurt anyone around us. We just "need" to do it because we need to release our anger and frustration. 

So, with Alex now, whenever he throws an object because he is frustrated, we do not bring out the cane immediately. We will ask him nicely to pick it up and oftentimes, he will say, "No!".

I will usually sit with him until he cools down and realized that no matter what, he has to pick up that item because his mother can and will sit with him till he picks it up. My son is stubborn - but he better not forget where his stubbornness comes from. Heh. 

On days where our patience is not so high, he will get the cane for being naughty. 

We always explain to him whenever we discipline him (with or without a cane) because we want him to understand that there is a reason for every caning (or lecture). We want him to understand that every time he decides to do something, there is always a consequence that has to take place (whether good or bad). So, if he decides to be naughty, then he will get the consequence of being naughty la. 

I don't believe that by beating him (with a cane, or with tiak), he will then pick it up and do to his fellow peers because we have seen children who do all that and they never got beaten or caned by their parents. 

So yeah - both Adrian and I use the cane to discipline Alex and so far, it works because he knows that the consequences of doing things that he is not allowed to do are a pain. Hah. Works for Adrian and me when we were growing up. Hah. 

Not sure how it is going to work with Sofia because two different kids usually mean two different ways to parent. 


This one very funny, please. 

When Alex turned 6-months old, I got so excited and went out to buy ALL organic items and it caused such a big hole in my pocket. Then, we realized that organic or not, it is still food and all same wan, please. Why are we paying double the price for an avocado that will taste the same to them? Hello - he is 6-months old, he is not gonna know the difference if he was eating an Australian avocado or the local one. 

Since then, we always only buy the normal kind of snacks, fruits, and baby-foods for them. But I realized most baby snacks are all labeled organic so no choice la. But if got a choice wan, then we will opt for normal kind. 


It is so important for us that our kids know and ace in simple basic manners - like please and thank you. I had long thoughts on how we were going to "make" Alex know his manners because I feel that this is so important. 

We will not force because then it will become something they are forced to do and they will hate it. It has to be something that he does on a daily basis and loves doing them! 

So, what we do is that every time Alex asks for something, he has to say please first. Most of the time, he will say please but on days when he does not feel like saying please, we still give it to him anyway. Because again, he should not be "punished" just because he didn't say his please.

My usual conversation with him (when he doesn't; say please) is like this:

Alex: Mamy! I want this. *points at something*
Me: Can you say please?
Alex: No....
Me: Why...? Can you say please next time? 
Alex: Yeah!

The same goes for when he refuses to say thank you at the end. So far, it works so well! And now, his please and thank you are pretty consistent. His thank yous are more consistent than his please but it's getting there! 

Now, we are trying to get him to say his please and thank you with the person's name or title. For example, instead of just saying, "thank you", we are teaching him to say, "thank you Mamy" or "thank you, Ezra". 

Personalized please and thank you will go a long way. 


Oh my goodness no and no. Alex was not picky about food until he turned two years old. Then, he started sharing his opinion. He would say things like, "I don't like this." or "Mamy, not this". 

With that, it also means he is eating less (in terms of the portion) because he is starting to be picky with everything.- except chips and candy! 

Whenever Alex asks to have a snack like potato chips or cake, I will allow it most of the time (of course he must finish his main meal first). This one for sure a lot of people will not agree because I feel most people will do it properly wan like giving healthier snacks. 

For me, a kid who eats anything is better than a kid who refuses to eat anything! 

So, whenever he asks for a snack (even the unhealthy ones), we give it to him. Of course not the whole packet la, please. What kind of parents do you think we really are? We always give him a portion and that's it. Hah. 

For Sofia, I would not say that she is picky (for a baby her age) but we are starting to see a pattern of her rejecting greens. Like not only vegetables but anything green that is edible. It is super cute. Other than that, she eats everything we feed her. She is a foodie for sure. 


This is another huge no-no for us. We knew from the start that we will do whatever it takes to not let that happen to our children because one - they will eat really slowly because they are not focused on their food and two - mealtimes are when we fellowship around the table. 

We made that very clear to Alex when he started taking solids (so like 6-mo onwards), and by that, we really mean that we tell him that screen time is never during mealtimes. When we have meals together, he can either eat, play with a toy car or play/chat with us or the people around the table. 

So far, we only gave in once in his 2 years of life because I remembered that day, both Adrian and I were super exhausted from work and we just wanted to have an easy-going dinner. And that was it. 

Can Alex watch other people's iPad when he is out with our friends? For sure he can - provided other children wants to share with him. But we noticed that even so, he will usually lose interest very fast and will go find other kids to play with. 

Also, because of this, Adrian and I are not allowed to watch our Netflix whenever we eat (something which I really enjoy when dining solo), or as long as Alex can see us, then we cannot do it already. So, if I really needed the "Netflix & Eat moment", I will wait till Alex and Sofia are asleep then only I do that. Heh. 


Our routine every shower time is like this. 

Adrian will bathe for Sofia, then he will pass her to me to change into her clothes. He then will shower for Alex and while Alex gets his "swimming time", Adrian will shower and they both will exit the toilet together. 

Most of the time, Alex will only leave the toilet after he cleans up his toys and pours away the water in his bathtub. 

Adrian loves shower time because it is when he really bonds with both of them - in water. Both babies are not afraid of water thanks to Adrian. Because if it were up to me to bathe for them, I will be super careful with their eyes and ears and whatnot. Hah. 


This is something I realized most children hate to do after playing! They just cannot be bothered to clean their toys and I've seen different methods to get them to do - use a cane to "threaten" them, offer a reward if they clean up, or threaten to throw the toys away if they don't clean up. 

All of the above cannot work for me - I mean like I have never used all that to get Alex to clean his toys because if I want him to love cleaning up his toys, he has to be willing and he has to "fall in love" to the idea of cleaning up. 

I feel that a lot of this "parenting tactic" comes from the question, "What will be effective for me if I were Alex?"

And I realized that when my parents "force" me into doing or saying something, I will end up not doing or saying it wan. Because the "experience" is forced and I don't love it. 

So, with Alex - the same thing. 

W never force him to clean up his toys but that does not mean we never asked. We always ask him to clean up his toys and at first, he will always say no. And when he said no, both Adrian and I will start singing this song (that I am sure we created randomly) and we both will get to our knees and clean up his toys in a fun way. We will look like we are having fun with it. And after like a few times, he will join us and now he cleans up his toys most of the time. 

The song goes like this - "Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up" (on repeat). 


This is another big headache. If you are a parent to a toddler before, you will know how hard it is to teach kids to share! It is one of our hardest things to convey that message to Alex. 

We always explain to him that sharing his toys and food (and other things) with people is a good thing but somehow, always cannot last very long one. 

Same concept with what I mentioned earlier, where we do not force him to share if he does not want to because it will not work. We need him to love sharing and not being forced to share just because his parents told him to do so. 

So, what we started doing is that every time Adrian wants a bit of my food or I want to borrow something from him, we would make sure that we verbalize that action of sharing - out loud. 

For example, that day we were having dinner together and we casually asked Alex if he could share his ban-chang-koay with us and he said no. So, we said okay (with a sad tone) and moved on with our own food and talking over the dinner table. 

Then, Adrian wanted to try my food, so without making it very obvious, I said to Adrian - "Baby, I share my food with you okay", and I said it louder than normal because I know Alex was listening to us - because he kept saying "huh" when we were discussing something in our conversation earlier. My son super kaypo I tell you. 

We consciously verbalize our actions and I think it is working because Alex has been showing some major improvement in the sharing department! So much win, please. 


This is the most common FAQ people asked us and the answer to this is a big fat no! 

Alex has been showing love and care towards Sofia and it really surprised both Adrian and myself. I think it's a lot of what he sees at home because, to be honest, Adrian loves us so well. 

When we found out about Sofia, we started making adjustments in terms of attention-giving to Alex. Even though Alex is our firstborn, he was treated a lot like a third-born for me because I am very close to my sister's children and treat them like my own. 

So, when we were expecting Sofia, we knew that the right thing for us to do is slowly giving Alex the divided attention that he is expected to receive when Sofia finally comes out of me. We didn't want to wait till Sofia is out then only he experiences the "sudden" change in receiving the amount of attention because for sure he can relate his "loss of attention" to Sofia ma right. 

We feel that he will hold some sort of jealousy la if that's the case - based on our assumption anyway, and maybe a part of my growing up. 

I used to get most of my parents' attention and it stopped on the day Vanessa was born and I was seven years old. Believe it or not - I remembered feeling super bitter towards Vanessa because I "blamed" her for taking my parents' attention away from me by just basically existing. We didn't have a close childhood experience for sure. 

We didn't think it was unfair to do this method because Alex already got 100% of our attention for a solid one year and Sofia never had the chance to get 100% of our attention eh. So, we thought this method could work. 

A few people suggested that we should get a gift and give them to Alex on the day he meets Sofia for the first time as though Sofia got him a gift. But for us, it is not logical la. Hah. Also, we didn't want Alex to relate to receiving gifts on the day he meets his baby sister. 

So yeah, this "trick" works super well! Highly recommended! 


Let me just get this out. 

You are not a bad mom if you feed formula milk to your baby. 
You are not a better mom if you feed breastmilk to your baby longer than other moms. 

It is time that mothers (and humans) realize that no matter what milk you give to your baby, you are not better or worse mom than other moms. We are all good moms! We need to know that in our hearts because we all are! The sacrifices that we have made go beyond the kind of milk we give our children. No passing of judgment whatsoever. 

All moms need to unite. 

I fed breastmilk to Alex for a month and Sofia for 6-months.

Alex is currently on Biogreen Oats Milk and Sofia is on Enfalac. Speaking of which, we will switch her milk to Biogreen Oats Milk when she turns one because we realized that this formula milk is giving her many episodes of phlegm. We learned that from the experience we had with Alex because he used to go to the clinic once every month to use the nebulizer but ever since we switch his formula milk (used to be Similac) to Biogreen Oats Milk, he never (and I mean never) used nebulizer ever again. 

Life-changing hack. Hah. 


Alex is a cry-baby - There, I said it. Hah. 

He really is and I am not saying this to embarrass him but we are accepting the fact that Alex shows his emotions through tears. Every time he feels a negative side of emotions, he cries. And he cries a lot. People say no to him, he cries. 

At first, this is how we deal with his endless episodes of crying - we will let him finish his cry then we will ask him what he wants and the reason for his cry. But then as he grows older, his cry gets longer and louder and more annoying so we came out with an idea. 

We told him that every time he decides to burst into another episode of crying (those no reason crying kind), he will be taken into the room (or a room depending on where we are at) and he will only be allowed to leave the room after he finishes his cry and has calmed down. 

Let me just tell you that on the first day we tried this method, it works like how Isotonix Digestive works for my digestion problems. Heh. Whenever he burst into tears because Daryl refused to play with him, I would carry him and on the way to the room, he would hold back his tears and say, "Mamy, I'm done. No more crying.."

It works. 


He was playing happily in the living room in our house when suddenly he slipped and fell down and knocked his head. I saw the fall and I was expecting him to cry because it was quite a hard knock. I went to him immediately to pick him up and hugged him and while I was carrying him (to hug him), he held my face and said, "No crying, Mamy. Alex no cry"

What broke my heart was the fact that while he was saying that to me, his mouth was betraying him and it was curving into that sad curve that our mouth does when we are sad or in need of a cry. He was obviously in a lot of pain and needed to cry but because he thought I was going to "punish" him by bringing him into the room if he cries, he forced himself not to cry even though he was in pain. 

My heart broke and I promised myself that I will never ever ask him to go into the room ever again whenever he cries. So, we threw that method out the window and never practices that again. 

Now, Alex still cries (a lot) and we let him feel his emotions out. We do not ask him to stop crying because he has to let his emotions out somehow and we will not stop him from doing that. What we usually do now is that we will wait for him to cry finish and then we talk after that. 

Same as how we did in the beginning la. Hah. Still a work in progress on this. 

I mean - how would you like it if you need to cry and every time when you cry, somebody kept asking you to stop. You will hate it right? People will usually sit next to you or hug you and let you cry all out so that you can feel better after that. 

So, that is what we do with Alex. We hug him and we let him know it is okay to cry - on most days la. We are not perfect parents please so on bad days (rare), we will ask him to stop crying for no reason. Parenting is a tiring thing okay. 

As for Sofia, she is not really a cry baby. I mean - she is considered a very mild-crying baby as compared to Alex. I have to compare both of them because both my babies what. 

Sofia is a lot more clingy to people (in general and not just me). She does not like being left alone, whether in the living room or in our main room. Just anywhere. I mean - she has to sit on the high chair in the kitchen just so my mom can cook in peace. 

Also, Sofia is a lot bossier than Alex. I wonder where she got it from. 

We have heard comments like, "He's a spoilt boy" whenever we let him cry out (can be due to any reason but most of the time because we say no to him when he wants something) and have a meltdown. 

I don't believe in giving in just because he is having a meltdown so when people say things like, "He's spoilt" - I am not offended and I do not get defensive. 

Simply because I know that is not what it is. Alex is not spoilt. If these people have been in our shoes for an entire 24-hours, they will know that Alex is actually quite a good boy who happens to just love crying whenever he feels frustrated. 

Alex will only be a truly spoilt boy if his parents give in to him every time he cries, but so sorry ah Alex, your parents are the kind that does not do that. The more you cry, the less chance you going to get what you want. 

We are all about tough love - not that tough tough la okay. 


Yes, both our kids are addicted to it. It is the one thing we must not leave the house without.

Say no more. It's life-changing but now we are struggling to wean them off of it. Alex is actually getting better to not "need" it as much but still need. 

We accept suggestions please - that actually worked with your kids! Share with us your stories please we would love to know! We love parents' stories!


Yes, yes, and yes. 

Alex follows everything that we do at home! Everything! 

He wants to drink using the same mug that we use and he wants to brush his teeth because that is what we do every morning and night. He wants to carry Sofia but he cannot yet and he wants to wear shoes on his own. 

It is so satisfying to see that there are so many independent things that he wants to do because he sees us doing them but there are also so many ughhh to it. 

Like he may drop the mug if we give to him (or water spilling on the floor - which means extra work cos need to clean up) or he may fall and poke himself to death if we let him brush his teeth without supervision (yes, he always insists for us to leave the toilet when he is inside) or taking 10-minutes to wear his shoes. 

I say all this now but the truth is, we let him do it anyway. 

As for words that we say at home, so far, Alex picks up the good words because we rarely say nonsense at home. In the beginning, he calls Adrian 'Baby' because I was calling Adrian that. But we told him that he is not to call Adrian that and he listened. 

There were so many times that we said, "Shit" but good thing he never picks it up. 


The ideal sleeping arrangement (before Alex was born) was having the kids sleep in another room but all that arrangement never happened because first, we didn't really have a room for them, and second, I super paranoid. I have this insane fear of people coming into our house and kidnap our kids in the middle of the night. So no thanks. 

I mean for now at least. 

The other thing is we had trained Alex since he was a baby to fall asleep on his own bed but soon realized that it is not very "practical" when we go for staycations or sleepovers. So, we started to put him to bed by sleeping next to him. We would talk and sing and pray before we fall asleep - together. It is one of the nicest feelings ever to sleep next to your babies really. 

With Sofia, we got used to it because of breastfeeding and now she is just so in tuned with sleeping next to me. We will wait for both of them to sleep then carry them to their own bed. Not for Sofia most of the nights because she just knows. Sofia is the lightest sleeper I know. The moment you let her body lie on her own bed, she opens her eyes and cry. 

So, now she just sleeps next to me. Hah. And it is the cutest thing ever because she will lie her head next to mine and just manja with me OHMYHEART, please. 

We decided that they both will sleep with us until they are old enough (or the room gets too small for us) to move to another room (prayerfully in the new house heh). For now, we are going to enjoy every little moment like this - indeed too precious. 


This is another all-time favorite question. 

We are both very equal in this department. Being working parents, we really rely (a lot) on my parents to discipline them because we are not around during most of their waking hours. 

However, when we are with them, we don't decide who gets to be the bad cop, good cop because we want our kids to realize that not one parent is stricter than the other or one is more loving than the other. With that being said, we believe fully that the parent who scolds/discipline/cane Alex has to be the same parent that explains to him and gives him a hug after all the tears and whatnot. 

Alex will ALWAYS come to me (no matter who is disciplining him) but I will always re-direct him back to Adrian so that they both can have a "closure" to the discipline session. All ends well usually. 

So, to answer that question, we both are equally strict and not-strict. Heh. 


Of course, they will have a curfew! What kind of question is this?

They will have a curfew till they get married please. Nothing good (and safe) happens after midnight so yes, they will have a curfew (whether they like it or not). 

The best way is to have their party at our home so no curfew for that. Adrian and I can go to sleep knowing that they are safe in our home and not outside being exposed to drunk drivers and drug addicts or something. 

I'm sorry, Alex and Sofia because your mother will impose curfew till you are ad adult (or married). Love you. 


Of course yes! 

This one we really don't know how to implement because it is so hard! AT first we tried to do like how we "teach" him to share his toys but realized quickly that it is not possible. 

Snatching toys from another person is a naughty thing to do. It is not right. 

Whenever Alex snatches a toy from someone, we made sure that he does not get the toy at the end. We would explain to him that it is wrong to snatch and we will return the toy to the kid. 

The same goes for the other way around. Whenever a kid snatches a toy from Alex (and if we happen to see it), we will tell the kid that snatching is a no-no (hoping that the kid will understand) and return the toy to Alex. 

I know of many times and incidents when the snatcher gets away with the toy and I am just really not a supporter of that because it only tells them (the kids) that if they snatch, they will get away with it. 

Truth is they are not supposed to. 

So now when Alex (or Daryl) snatches a toy, we will tell them that it is wrong and then, we will proceed to cane them on their hand. 

I would love to say that both of them have improved in this thing that all kids will go through but truthfully, they still macam the same la. But maybe got improvement la. Hah. 


What a good question ah. 

Let's see - I honestly don't know if the attention and time spent with these two are equal because very hard to judge eh. 

Sofia takes more naps than Alex and Alex can converse with us very easily now so I would say that maybe Alex gets more time with us because he talks a lot and we always reply to him wan right. Cannot like ignore him when he asks curious questions. 

But then again, whenever Sofia is awake, she needs/wants someone to be by her side - whether sitting down with her or carrying her around. 

As for attention, both get the same. 

In the beginning, when Sofia was still a newborn, Alex gets most of his attention from Adrian, whereas I spent more time with Sofia. 


Surprisingly, they did okay. With Alex, we have had more experiences in terms of traveling because he has been outside the country with us, on a plane for like 5-6 hours and he didn't do that bad if I recall correctly. He did not do so great in car seats when we were in Perth but in an overall rating, I would say he did quite good. 

For Sofia, we usually had short trips via driving. The furthest also I think it was a drive to KL, and with her, we did not have any issue with car seats because she slept all the way through. 

When we are out and she gets sleepy, we just carry her with our Ergobaby and she will sleep like a baby heh. For Alex, when he gets sleepy, he tends to cry a lot, at the little things. But overall, still okay. 

That is probably why we travel so much with them - to prepare them for different "scenarios" and mostly because we super travel kaki. Hah. 


The biggest transition - hmm. 

I think for me, it is definitely trying to find that ideal balance in terms of giving my time and attention. When we have only Alex, my time was basically divided into 3 parts - for my husband, for my son, and for myself. 

Then, when Sofia came, the whole "time arrangement" became invalid, and to be absolutely honest, I was feeling a bit lost because it was so hard to find time for ALL - to make all parties happy, including myself - my me time. 

By the time I finished playing with Alex, I had to nurse Sofia and by then, I would be too tired to do anything other than go sleep (which sort of became my 'me' time). 

It was when Adrian started sharing his 'concerns' of how I was not spending enough time with him that I realized that I had to seriously find that ideal balance again. I was subconsciously 'ignoring' him because I assumed that he would understand - since he is an adult ma right. Wrong. 

With that, it made me realize that I need to make time to be with my husband - to hang out, drink tea, lay on the couch, and watch lame Youtube videos. But it was hard. If I choose to spend time with Adrian, that means I am sacrificing my 'me' time after the babies sleep - not that I am selfish or what la okay but I feel having a 'me' time really helps me heal mentally and emotionally. 

But now - so happy to say that we have gotten the groove going and the balance is found. Yasss! It is such a win because now everyone happy - including myself. 

Big thanks to our families really for always willing to take care of Alex & Sofia whenever we need to get away for a while. So blessed. 


We are not really sure at this moment. 

What we can say is that we will most likely (99.8%) not gonna home-school them because we are all about having an active social life with people and I feel that home-schooling is just not about that. 

I want to say that we are definitely never going to send them to an international school, but now I am not sure. Hah. I mean - never say never right. Hah. 

But most likely our children will go to a public school - probably a Chinese school in primary years, I guess. Too bad if you go to an International School, you are not allowed to enroll in public school liau.

Still many years la to think about this because Alex only 2-years old eh.  


So yeah - I cannot think of any more so these shall do. 

Our parenting "style" is a lot of preparing our children for the worse kind of scenario (like losing their parents) and having the ability to take care of themselves and their siblings. In this case, Alex taking care of Sofia (physically, mentally, and emotionally) if one day something bad happens to Adrian and me. We never want that day to happen but we need to know that our kids are independent and can take care of themselves. 

I took this quiz and apparently, the result came out and I am a FREE RANGE MAMA! You can try this quiz on your own and see what you get and if it is spot on! 

Spot on, to be honest. Heh. 

Till next time, bye now.