29 July 2015

Hari Raya At The Beach.

It's almost two weeks already since Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya this year and now only I wanna upload the photos. Photos that I didn't take. Heh.

It was that day that I decided to not use my phone to take any photos. I usually do that on occasions for blogging purposes but I thought since my cousin is gonna be taking the photos, I might as well just take from her. Hah. 

The owner of the picnic place that our family goes to since we were young decided to not rent that area out anymore. They don't own the beach but their house is located right at the beach so I guess you can say that they have full control on who uses that beach (sort of) and their toilets and stuff. Did I also mention that they were really rude? Their mother (a very old lady) moved to KL so these young people decided to just be rude and shut us off. 

Manners maketh man, yes?

So, we searched nearby for places that we could use and found one at the other end of where we used to be. It was other people's property too but the family of the place went somewhere else for Raya, so we called them and used the place.

Got shower place, tables and canopies for us to use so not bad lah.

Go inside water, come up, eat, go inside water again and repeat hundred times correct already.

It was a very needed break. Actually any kind of getaway/holiday is very much needed lah. Who doesn't need holiday wor?

Gotta love the sun, all-day err-day.

24 July 2015

Globally Stressed Out.

I do not ever want to leave this space empty for days. It's my comfort place okay.

The thing is work has been crazy lately. 

I'm starting to handle global accounts so I have a lot of conference calls with the U.S. team and stuff.

I'm still so new in this global thing because it's so huge and serious and crazy. It's giving me so much stress that pimples are popping out like popcorns and I get nightmares about them. Heh.

I'm thankful for the opportunities given though. 

It's just everytime I get home, I'll be so worn out to even wanna update anything. I don't even want to look at the laptop's screen to be honest. AFTER OFFICE MEANS SEE PEOPLE FACE NOT COMPUTER. Bleh.

Not to mention that Koay and I have a wedding to plan! No, not ours. Hah.

This wedding plan is kinda like both our first major project together and as stressful as it will be, we are actually enjoying the working-together-thing. 

Oh wells.

Here's to 3 more months before the wedding.



19 July 2015

Blessed Two-Five, Adrian Koay.

Since the boy is at a futsal game and I have nothing else better to do at home, I thought I shall just update something here.

Okay, just a quick and short one for the boy who celebrates being twenty-five today.

You have shown me so many things through your life and seeing your journey from someone who was once upon a time so sure that Jesus was just another person/story to someone who has encountered Him and walking this path with Him being in the center of your life wows me. 

Your kindness is mind-blowing and your humility teaches me to be one every day. 

I'm thankful that I get to spend many more birthdays with you and my prayer for you is that you will never give up on going after Him and fulfilling His will in your life.

Thank you for always being that bigger person okay. Thank you for always trying to make me smile when that's the last thing I want to do. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself when you're with me. Thank you for letting me be part of your humble life.

Lastly, thank you for loving me with all my imperfections and weaknesses.

I hope you had a great time today and I love you :)

Blessed two-five, Adrian Koay :)

13 July 2015

The Perfect Proposal Ring.

Apparently, no other watch shops can fix a broken Swatch. 

What do to ah.

Make a trip all the way to Queensbay Mall lo, knowing for sure 100% it'll be fixed since the shop is there what. The only thing that was broken was its latch thing. I thought quite easy to be replaced no? Anyways, they said no cannot. Only got 2 options. One is to change the entire handle and two is get a new Swatch. Bleh.

The price to change the handle is RM138. Too expensive seriously.

We looked around in the shop and found one that I like. The question is should I be spending RM210 for a watch now. My previous one costs about RM300 so this is actually still okay in comparison. 

I just don't know if now is a good time for me to spend this money although I do really need a watch badly. I can always get the really cheap ones first? Hmm. Dilemma.

Okay. So we were walking from one end of the mall to the other end, searching for Cosway (only to find out that they relocated to the outside shoplots) when Koay said this.

"Let's go see rings!"

My instant reaction on that split second was HARH! After that, I was like, "Can also. We wouldn't want you buying a ring that I don't like!" HAHAHA.

Girls out there, do you all have this kind of thought ah? Like what if when your boyfriend proposes to you and you realize that he got you a ring that you don't like? Or you expected bigger diamond or a clear diamond and he got you a colored one or something? I don't know. I know I am very concerned because I don't trust his taste in women-related-fashion-or-whatsoever. HAHA. 

Then again, when your boyfriend proposes to you, the ring doesn't really play a big role lah. You'll probably be so into that moment at that time. Maybe when you go home and actually take a closer look only realize that the proposal ring doesn't look like one bit of how you've imagined it. HAHA! 

Anyways, we went to a few shops and they are all really sparkly oh goodness. No need to mention the ringgits okay. Good thing is I'm not a really big fan of diamonds, but I do want a diamond ring lah if he can afford it. If not, then no need also okaylah. 


I think when it comes to settling down, Adrian has always been the one to not really wanna talk about it yet because he is still young but that conversation was few years ago. So, for him to pull me (literally!) into one shop after another last night, asking me if every diamond ring that he points to is nice, that gave me such a warm feeling in my tummy. 

The smaller the diamond the better. The happiness of our union is not based on how many carats that diamond is. Nope. Even if can afford bigger diamond, better use the $$$ for travelling. Heh.

If can get a diamond ring at a price that makes the boy feels like he has accomplished something and the girl loves it, that's the perfect proposal ring. 

I guess I'm that kind of girlfriend who doesn't quietly expects a lot of things from the boy and when he didn't do it, I'll be heartbroken and give 'I'm okay' kind of silent treatment . In fact, we know that expectations in the quiet often breaks a relationship. So, we made sure that we share with each other expectations like these. We love THINKING OUT LOUD. Heh. Our favorite song BTW. 

I think that's how we get stronger than when we first started. We're both very different and yet the same in other ways. So, the best way is to communicate it out even when we know that it will disappoint the other person at that moment. 

For example, there was once when he told me that if I don't control on my spending, especially on travels, we will never be able to own a house and start a family. At first, it felt like he was saying that I'm the main 'cause' that we couldn't get a house (of course that wasn't what he meant). Well, most of my travels are paid for by my company so I don't really spend a lot but I do tend to want to spend on travels more than anything else.

When he laid down the numbers, it hit me hard and it took me a while to realize that this money thing is giving him more stress than it should be and I HATED how he became so unhappy at one point (could be quarter life crisis too). So, we sat down one day and decided to change things a bit of how we will work this out as a couple. 

Afterall, we do really want to start a family together. So my money is his, and his money is mine. Heh. 

Our solution to this money-issue?

Everytime when either one of us want to spend on something extra, we will need to ask. I will ask him. He will ask me. And if at that very moment, one of us (lets just use him as example) says no to spending on that particular thing, I will have drop the idea. BUT WHAT IF I REALLY WANT IT? 

Then, I can ask again and maybe this time, give gazillions of reasons or prepare a powerpoint slideshows of why I think it should be a go. We only have up to 3 times. So, if its all a no, then no matter what, we gotta drop it.

So far, it has been working out alright. He told me to go ahead and get that Swatch! Hmm.

I don't know if this is something that couples do nowadays but shopping for the proposal ring together kinda helps a lot in managing the expectations, stress because of money. Money will always not be enough, so we work around whatever budget we have lah. Heh.

Oh wells. We didn't buy any ring in the end if you all want to know. I told him to come back and shop with my sisters since my sisters know best of what kind of ring I would like. Heh. Yes, I don't want to know how my proposal ring looks like because I still would like that little hint of surprise. 

And yes, I obviously know that he might be proposing soon so this is not like the kind of post where the girl posts to give hints to her better half. Haha. I'm not that desperate! Haha! 

I'M SORRY THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE A LOVEY-DOVEY KIND OF POST! It's actually not really lovey-dovey also. Hah.

I just really wanted to share this here, with myself and you guys who read my blog because if you are reading this, you're somehow part of our life, our story. HAHAHA SO CHEESY I CANNOT. 

Have a great week you all :D

10 July 2015

My Braces Story.

Pierre Fauchard, the man who invented modern orthodontics and made all of this possible. A dream come true. It was stated in Wikipedia that in ancient times, people use Catgut, a type of cord made from the natural fiber of animals' intestines. Yerr. Anyways, thankful for this inventor :)

Never thought that this experience could be a life-changing tool. 

Growing up, I have always dislike how my teeth are. I wouldn't say it affected my self-confidence greatly because outlook isn't the most important thing for me. It does affect in some ways, and I knew (back then) that one day I will want to wear braces to make them straight again. 

I said make them straight again because when I looked back at my baby photos, my teeth were so straight okay. Hah. I know cannot see like that because all those are milk teeth. I have no idea why all the new teeth come out senget. So sad. 

I don't smile a lot last time because I hated how my teeth is. So senget and not presentable. Yes, people always say must accept who you already are BUT THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT RIGHT. It's not like this is plastic surgery or something. I AM NOT CHANGING MY FACE. Hah. 

So in order for me to smile comfortably and loving all the photos with my face on them, I decided that this is a must-happen. Also, it's so difficult to brush my teeth because so many hidden tooth! 

I wanted to put on braces many years ago but my parents could not afford to pay for it. So, the thought of it was kept at the back of my head. Not forgotten of course. I also got no money what so what to do.

Then, when I was in college, I applied for PTPTN loan. My course at that time was RM40,000 for 3 years degree at KDU College Penang so I obviously applied for a full loan so my parents don't have to fork out any money for my studies. Yes, I'm such a good girl :)

The day came when the results came back to see if my loan application has been approved and the total amount that I will get for this course. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount loaned to me!


That's extra RM8,000 okay for me to spend. I got excited lah but I know this one is just a loan okay. Must pay back after my degree. Still! I was happy because now I have the cash to go do braces.

And I did.

Ohh, turns out I didn't have to pay the entire RM48,000 because it was turned into a full scholarship. To be honest, till today I stand amazed because I have no idea how I could have gotten that first class honours and this 'scholarship'! My friend who also got first class honors had to pay back a few thousands of the PTPTN and I didn't even pay a single cent. How great is my God hah!

Back to this! 

On November 24, 2011, I walked into Looi Orthodontic Clinic for the first time and I tell you, my heart was beating so fast you probably could hear/see/feel it. I don't know if it was fear of dentist or excitement or just really mixed of all kinds of emotions.

I remembered that on my first 2 visits, I made a total payment of RM2,000. I went through x-rays, lots of explanation, take photos, more explanations and stuff.

I was praying so hard that I didn't need to extract any tooth. Turns out need to extract 2 on the top. Still okay I guess. 

Then, I went back on the 29 February 2012 and then it all begins. It was crazy painful okay. I'm not gonna lie or sugar coat it. It's painful. 

Your upper teeth touch the lower part, pain. 

You talk and your tongue touches any teeth, pain. 
Your straw touches the teeth, pain.
You don't do anything, pain.

Basically, it will be painful whenever you touch your teeth, by accident or not. For me, the pain lasted for one whole week. So painful sometimes I just skipped meal because eating was just difficult. In that one week, I ate a lot of porridge and liquid stuff. Koay teow thng also my mom had to cut the koay teow for me. So, all I did the entire 7 days was swallow. 

To make sure I don't die of hunger, I endure and just swallow. What is eat? Hah.

After that, it gets easier but still painful, especially every time it gets tightened. One thing though, it does get easier after every tightening. It's still very much painful but somehow it's more bearable.

I constantly remind myself that it was gonna be worth it. This was by far, the longest 'project' and I must say that it was worth all the pain, tears, blood and hunger. Heh. WORTH IT PEOPLE DO YOU HEAR ME?

I have a lot of people asking me if they should do it. I will always answer them yes.

I feel that if it has never crossed your mind to do braces, means you are not bothered by how your teeth looks and you're okay with it so obviously no need to do la right. But if you actually keep thinking about it, to do or not all, then you just should, because in the first place, what made you wanna do it and then doubt whether you should do it?

Means somewhere inside of you, you actually want to change how your teeth looks ma right. That's my reasoning lah.

 It's like I saw a pair of shoes that I really like and it's really expensive and I don't think I want to spend that amount of money on a pair, I will just let the thought go. But if even after months and I still think about it, I sure will save money to get it because if i don't, I will keep thinking about it and regretting not buying it. 

For me, it's the same. If you really want to wear braces, I'd say GO FOR IT. No need think already.

I think the most important part of a face is the teeth. At least for me lah.

So, after like SEVENTEEN VISITS in the span of four years, they finally said those words!

"Next visit can remove braces already!"


Who doesn't like freedom right? I know I definitely do. No need for my tongue to auto-korek (HAHA!) all the hidden leftover foods behind the metals inside. So syiok. 

So, here are some photos from last time, few years back. 


Koay said when he saw my before-braces photos. TERRIBLEE.



My freedom lasted for one and a half day only. I went back a day after my braces was removed to have them put retainer on. All this while I thought wearing a retainer cannot be worse than having to wear braces for 4 years right?


It's not as painful but it's the most uncomfortable thing to put inside a mouth okay. Don't need to mention about talking because you will sound like you are still learning how to pronounce your words. Words with S and F, forget it. Just give up. Just use the Malay term for the word. Either your saliva will come out or you will look like a fool. Both also not very fun. Heh.

It might sound like I'm angry but I'm not okay. Haha. I'm just really shocked at this retainer thing. I really thought the struggle is over. 

Turns out, it's still far. Bleh.

3 months of full-time retainer and 1 and half years of part-time retainer.

A retainer is basically a plastic/metal thing that is custom made according to your teeth to retain your adjusted teeth. No retainer is the same, like thumb print. I have seen so many people whom neglected the need to wear retainer now have crooked teeth again. That, I will not allow to happen on myself. 


*tells self* It's gonna be worth it. It's gonna be worth it. 


I am loving my new look. 

I like to smile now.
I like that now I can show-off my teeth whenever I take photos, probably too much of showing. Haha. 
I like that my teeth is straighter than his now. 
I like how I look now compared to 4 years ago. I do. 
I like that brushing my teeth now is such a happy thing to do.
I like that there is no more hidden gaps for food to hide.

I seriously love how straight my teeth is now and I intend to keep it that way, so retainer it shall be.

Okay, you get it. You get how MUCH I REALLY LOVE IT. HAHA.

I think this chapter has been really challenging, both mentally and physically. Mentally because there are times when my moods will go down the hill and I will get upset for no apparent reason, just because I couldn't eat properly (eating is one of the things I love doing okay!) and enjoy a simple meal. Physically it was affecting me because when it was painful, I skipped proper meals and when it's not, I will eat like a mad person. 

Okay, actually physically not much la since I lose the weight and gain it back and lose again, like a cycle. Heh.

One of the best decision I have ever made on my own. NO REGRETS AT ALL.


A friend sent a link that titles 13 THINGS ONLY MALAYSIANS WHO WEAR BRACES UNDERSTAND, It's all so true okay! So, I'm gonna choose some that I can really relate to and put them here!

This is crazily true. The mental strength and perseverance needed oh my goodness.

Scared this (points below) will happen.

If you have eaten meals with me, you sure can see my tongue always going through my braces to make sure no hidden food.

4) PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL YOU THAT IT'S GOING TO BE WORTH IT. Surprisingly, I don't get that a lot from people who wore them before. Hmm.

5) AND YESSSS, IT WAS WORTH IT! Err, if you read the whole first part, you'd know.

This one is soooo true I cannot. I kept doing it because it felt so good to feel the straightness! 

Umm, so far it's pure torture. I realized now I eat more often during the day because I just want to find reasons to take the retainer out. I really get people who stopped wearing them. I do. 

Yes, that is very true. I make sure I'm super nice to them. Everyone is afraid of dentist so to overcome that, let's be nice to them, and also the fact that they can 'accidentally' make you bleed okay. Heh.

You will be surprised with how much saliva leaked onto your pillow, especially after tightening. 

So, this is the 9 things that I can relate to very well. There are probably more but I just can't think of any yet. I added some which I think I can somehow relate. More next time :)

08 July 2015

3D2N Cameron Highlands.

with the Khoo and Kang Family and the lover.
on the 27-29 June 2015.

It's been too long since we all go for a family vacation. So, this time we all made sure that the plan carries on and we all dig out whatever annual leave that we have left. Heh. 

We were choosing between Cameron Highlands and Hat Yai, Thailand because the grandmother really loves Hat Yai. It's the one country that she used to go so often with my late grandfather. So, I actually thought it would be really nice to be able to bring her there again. 

In the end, we decided to go to the highlands because Hat Yai seems pretty unsafe for the 2-years-old. No one is complaining since the weather at Cameron is the best kind. Penang has been too hot lately. So, this getaway will help cool everyone down. 

Prior to the trip, we searched for a place to stay. We obviously want a place that can fit everyone, all in the same house if possible, so hotel is out of the list.

I came to this CHI'S APARTMENT page when searching on Agoda. I thought that was pretty okay since the entire house can accommodates up to 10 people. We have 12 people. So, still okay. I don't think I will be able to find such a place with that price. I thought that it was quite cheap for the whole 2 nights.

Kitchen equipped with a kettle, a big wok, glass plates and cups, forks, spoons, knife, fridge can use yes and a clean sink AND A VIEW :)

Balcony view from 12th floor, which is also the top floor for this building.

Master Bedroom - sleeps 3 persons. Our case, 3 people on that king size bed. Still okay.

Bedroom 2 - sleeps 4 persons. Our case again, sleeps 3 people on one of the bed.

Bedroom 4 - sleeps 3 persons.

Again, I forgot to take photo of the toilet. I tend to forget the toilets and usually its because it's just okaylah. Nothing extreme to any side of clean or yucky.

The location very strategic okay. The best kind already if you want to stay at Brinchang, near the Pasar Malam, all walking distance. 

Chi's Apartment, Brinchang. The apartment is actually located in an apartment named Crown Imperial Court. So, if you need to use Waze, search Crown Imperial Court instead. Actually, very easy to get there. 

Brinchang got one Petronas Station on the left side (if you're coming from S Corner). If from Tanah Rata then Petronas will be on your right. So, you will see Petronas on your left, turn left at the junction JUST BEFORE Petronas and immediately you will see CROWN IMPERIAL COURT on the yellow-ish-orange building. 

For 2 nights, it was RM 700 for 10 people. So, it's only RM 70 per person for 2 nights. RM35 per night. Cheap what. 

Will I go back there if I go in big groups? 

Yes, definitely yes. 

I believe the place you stay during your vacation makes quite a big difference on the overall. So, it is very important to end up with a great accommodation that's according to your budget. VERY IMPORTANT. So, choose wisely and read reviews. READ ALL THE REVIEWS. Or you can just read my reviews. Hah. I'm really honest you know :)

Everything else of the trip was basically spontaneous and free & easy. Me, the need-to-know-the-plans-freak was having a hard time at first but it was fun not having to plan the itinerary. Heh.

We left on Saturday afternoon because the lover had to work that Saturday morning. Boohoo right. My uncle left slightly earlier but okaylah, it didn't feel like we need to rush also. We have 3 days there okay. 

I only packed my bag the night before and you know what. I see myself quite a pro when it comes to remembering things to take for traveling. Serious. I don't need to list down the items. Maybe most of you also don't need to write down lah but this is one of the skills that I'm actually quite proud of. Heh.

BUT THEN FOR THIS TRIP, MY BRAIN STRAIGHT HANG. Restart a few times also still hang. G!

Due to the disease that I have called laziness, I just reached out to any writable material on the table and almost decided to use a lipstick to write because I couldn't locate any pen within the distance that my eye can reach. Heh. Disease ni serious. 

I was actually thinking really hard on my #ootdonlywhenitravel for the first day. So I thought that since I managed to go through Hanoi's winter, this winter should not be a big deal lah. I chose the thinnest cloth top and pair it up with a green shorts and a pair of slippers. Win.

We haven't even got to the Second Penang Bridge yet and our friend here reached Europe d.

The games-addict.


Here we come, eighteen degrees :)

I'm not gonna go day by day on this since I've been to Cameron Highlands so many three times and there's only this much you can do there. Heh. 

Holiday Tours & Travel's Penang Branch FIRST Company Trip!

First camping experience in my life!
Ben's Farewell Getaway!

I took a day leave on Monday and resumed work the next day. I guess if you ask me whether 3D2N is too many days for Cameron, I will not have like a yes and no answer. For me, it felt okay because I kinda like the weather so staying more days is okay for me although there's nothing much to do there other than eating strawberries, visit Lavender Farm, go to Cactus Valley, eat steamboat, go Pasar Malam (only on Fridays and Saturdays) and hang out in Starbucks at Tanah Rata.

So yeah, some people might find 2D1N just nice. 

I really don't mind staying more days on top with nothing to do. Really loving the low temperature up there. It got very cold at night in our house because it was on the top floor and it was just so relaxing to be in the cold. No need stress with sweat after shower all. Bestt.

Recently, I posted a similar photo of the bouquet that Koay got for me over the weekends at Cameron Highlands. I will share here also since next time when I read back, it's here. If not, have to scroll on Instagram like don't know how many million pages later.

We were all walking out of Pasar Malam when mom noticed the flower stall. He noticed my mom noticing it so he also pulled my hand and walked towards it. Then, he started asking the price and when the lady said, "1 for RM5, 2 for RM10" (this is when Ben's song played in my mind - I for RM5, 2 for RM10 I dance for you also can HAHA miss you Benjii!)

So, when both my mom and Koay heard about the price, they were shocked. Yes, they asked again to confirm. 

Story short, he looked around and wanted to get a bouquet of roses for me. Before that, he was like saying to me, "Babe, this is the only time I can buy you flowers!" Both started laughing loudly again. 

I'm so not the flower kind of girl but it's roses leh and so cheap leh. Okaylahh. I take. 

He was about to take some other colored roses (looked quite fake and not nice) when I quickly say, "Red one! Red one is best d! Don't ever buy rose in other colors okay?"

Then, I realized white and black roses are nice too, but maybe for funerals yes? Are they really naturally white or black ah? Or coloring? Hmm. I lazy google.

When he gave it to me, I was like, "You better not propose here ah! Not in front of so many people pleaseeee. I malu!"

It's amazing how we openly share things like that. 

I used to tell him that our proposal must be very unique okay. Must have like hidden photographers because I want to show our children and grandchildren all. Then now, I think the best kind is when it's only between the both of us. Take note please, Adrian Koay :) Okay, now I sound like a desperado gf who wants to quickly tie this knot. Heh. I'm not desperate please. 

I actually typed out a long post on this here but decided to share it separately on another post since this one is on Cameron Highlands. For now, just let it digest that I'm not a desperate-want-to-get-married-kind. We love what we have now and yes, we will eventually tie the knot one day :)

This is by far the best steamboat I have eaten at Cameron Highlands. No joke. Soup is good, view is spectacular and the temperature at the balcony while eating is amazing. 

He got his jacket just the night before the trip. We bought our jackets together 3 years ago and now that the color has worn out, we AGREED that we both shall invest on a new one, each. Heh.

Who drinks cold coffee in the cold weather? Who?

Since the kitchen at Chi's Apartment was quite equipped, we bought fresh foods and mom cooked them :)

Who eats this kind of combination with bread? Who? Hah.

His favorite thing to do. 

The Lavender Garden has nothing also why charge RM6 per adult I just don't get it. Never again. Never.

Thank God for the highlands that we have in Malaysia. Not everyone can afford to go winter countries right. So, whenever the cold weather is needed or missed, just make a trip to the highlands that we have okay.

Next holiday/getaway shall be happening soon!

For 3 days and 2 nights at Cameron Highlands

2 nights' stay at Chi's Apartment: RM70
Food : RM110
Shopping: RM50