17 October 2018

Why You Should Get a Baby Monitor?

Why not?

Before Alex came out, I was already leaning towards getting a baby monitor but I was told that it is not necessary for us as we stay in an apartment - not 2-storeys house or bungalow. So, I let that idea go.

So expensive some more for the good branded ones.

Not until after we started the sleep training and after that we-almost-lost-our-son-scare, that we realized having a baby monitor may make a difference.

When we first started the sleep-training, we put Alex in a different room and we would not close the door completely because scared cannot hear him when he cry so we just sort of close it a little. Also, to get some lights from outside for us to be able to see him when we take a peek.

Then now, since his room is not going to be ready so soon, we decided that he will sleep in our room in his own crib first.

You must be thinking, why then do we need a baby monitor since he is already sleeping in our room, just next to me.

Well, Alex's sleeping schedule is quite consistent now in the evening at about 8pm and sometimes he would wake up at 10pm-ish for milk and sleeps till 6am for another milk session. Since he takes his nap at 8pm (if we are at home - because if we are out then his sleeping pattern all sure kelam kabut already but still manageable), Adrian and I prefers to be outside hanging out with his mom or each other watching TV, instead of lying on our bed waiting for him to fall asleep - just to make sure that he is not stuck or in danger or anything.

With this baby monitor, we do all the monitoring from outside and so, Alex is able to sleep peacefully inside the room with the door closed shut and all lights out. So, no noises or disturbance.

It's really a highly recommended from us - If you intend to sleep train your child, a baby monitor is a must have - it's life changing please.

If you enjoy not having to run to the room every 5-minutes to check if he is breathing okay, then you should totally get this baby monitor.

If you want to enjoy having friends over to your house to watch a movie together or just to hang out and at the same time be a parent, you should definitely get this baby monitor.

If you want to spend time with your spouse - cooking a meal together or cuddle and watch TV or just do some financial budgeting (with some arguments in between for sure heh) - then you must get this baby monitor.

Even with all that reasons in our heads, we could not bring ourselves to spend so much money for a baby monitor. Not until a fellow mother recommended a particular baby monitor that does not cost that much.

Best part is that she was already using them and she is still using it and she highly recommended it.

I got mine from Shopee (as recommended by her) and it is by far one the best parenting must have. No regrets at all. One mistake I did was choosing (by mistake) the US plug point so now I am using the universal plug with it so boo sama I.

Apparently, there are many other types of baby monitor that is also wallet-friendly but because I have not used them before, so I am not going to recommend them okay.

Recently, we went to KL for a quick getaway and yes, we brought the baby monitor with us - it is super travel friendly. Of course we will be bringing this with us to every holiday from now on. Hah.

There are other things that I really like about this monitor and the first one is the temperature monitoring which is super accurate. We tested it out by changing the temperature of our air-cond and it follows very chun. So, I would know if it gets to cold for him or if I should switch off the fan or something. Love this feature.

Second one is the time and date feature on the monitor. It's super convenient for me whenever he starts to cry because whenever he does that, we would time him - give him a good 5 minutes of crying and if the crying continues, then we would go inside the room to comfort him by patting his bum bum and talking to him for a bit and then leave the room again. If he continues to cry, we would wait for another 10 minutes and maybe then we would carry him (depending on the type of cry actually).

But now, he would cry for less than 5 minutes and be okay already. Self-soothing successful yas. So, with the time displayed on the screen, I don't have to keep using my phone to check.

Third one is the 2-ways audio communication which we have not tried it yet because he usually just falls asleep on his own really fast. And even when he's crying, he won't be able to hear us because he would be so loud already. But I do look forward to use this 2-ways audio communication when he is much older and sleeping in his own room - oh fun times ahead.

Fourth is the night vision and its clarity. The room will have zero lights and yet on our baby monitor screen, it is so clear and bright.

Fifth one is the fact that it's small and easy to be moved around. It's not wireless (probably the only minus point) so you gotta have a plug point nearby, but the wire is quite long so quite good la. Sometimes I place the camera nearer to his face and sometimes I put it on a higher area to see his entire body - depending on the mood heh.

So yeah - I don't know what's not to like about this product because with just RM130 (plus shipping fee), we get so many kind of functions and it's changing our life to the better. We are happier parents because now we can still open our house to having people over for meals and hangouts - just like before Alex came.

Who says becoming parents means having to sacrifice the freedom to hang out with friends and/or do fun things after the sun goes down? Just have to do more indoor nia okay. Hah.

Some parts are true la (heh) but we can always think of ways to have a fun-er parenting ways. Hah.

Thanks to this life-changing-parenting-hack.

Till then, bye now.