31 October 2013

Missing Thailand.

30 October 2013

It's Okay.

I stood under the hot sun and honked thousands of times, but still no one came.

I stopped honking my car in the end because I didn't want to disturb all the working people at lunchtime.

Usually, when someone parks their car right in front of mine, after few honks, car owner will come out and apologized and then we smiled at each other and I will say, "It's okay!"

But this person, did not show up at all. I went to all four floors of the building to which the car was facing and no one owns that car. No one.

I stood there for a while (under the shade this time) and nothing happened. My car is still stuck with his/her car blocking my way! 

Then, I started walking to the back lane where there's short-cut to MGS and then my house. I was supposed to pick Kelly up. All the short-cuts were locked. LOCKED.

I called mom and she handled the pick-Kelly-up-dilemma. Me? Rang Koay 6 times but he never answer. At this point, my blood was already boiling at its maximum and his ringtone decided to be at low volume or something. Not his fault le.

Anyways, in the end I walked to the nearest Thai Restaurant and tapau-ed Fried Chicken with Basil.

Yes, it's Thai Food that made the girl okay again in the end.

I checked my window every 2 hours to see if the black wira is still there. 

Guess what?

The black piece of junk was still in front of my car at six pm. SIX PM! Time for me to go home and unwind. STILL THERE! Where got people so inconsiderate eh!

Good thing Koay called and fetched me home. I left my car there the entire night and this morning my dad had to fetch me to work. I was so mad at the black wira, but somehow I managed to keep cool and still thanked God for the whole incident.

PFE 5128.

Yeah, I can still remember because I repeated them ten thousand times in the span of 15 minutes.


29 October 2013

Cheerios and Chocolate Milk.

Last night we had dinner at home and off we went to Tesco in two separate cars (so that he don't have to fetch me home again from his place).

And we actually ate again before we started shopping for groceries. Sticky mango rice at his friend's shop, The Little Siam :)

Then, as we push the trolley down each alley, we were suddenly super motivated to want to start eating healthy. JUST SUDDENLY!

Then, we find ourselves looking for healthy stuff and then he started buying a lot of things to which I thought was going to be his breakfast. Nope, not breakfast. All the ingredients are for supper the same night. I was like, "Wuut? Seriously? Who's going to cook?" He looked at me and smiled. Of course, I smiled back too and happy girl I was.

He saw pita bread with herbs and there he goes. Choosing cucumber and onions and breast meat. I was ready to eat, though I don't exactly know what he's going to do or how he's going to cook the ingredients and stuff them into the pita bread.

We went back to his place and we started cooking. I said WE because we both did. He told me he planned to cook the fillings of the pita bread with chili sauce, and I decided I was going to grill the breast meat with just salt and pepper. So, we kinda had a "let's-see-who's-chicken-taste-better-contest.

Of course, mine tasted fabulous. I know he was very shocked when he tasted my chicken because in the back of his mind, he thought that it would a rather tasteless chicken since I had no sauce with it. AND HE LIKED MY CHICKEN BETTER THAN HIS! :)

Actually, his overall dish was super yummy. I didn't eat a lot of it because my teeth/gum was hurting, but I love it! But mine is a lot healthier :)

Oh and he washed all the dishes WILLINGLY. Ahhh, this one needs to continue till death-do-us-part.

Anyways, I have no idea why I just spent so much time talking about the supper when I wanted to talk about whatever the title said.

I am not someone who eats cereal and milk in the morning. I don't even like milk. And I don't usually eat breakfast (though the doctor recommended it). So, since we suddenly got the motivation (actually it could be because I found out that I've gained 3.5kg minutes before shopping begins), I decided why not try Cheerios. The only time I heard about anyone talked about Cheerios was when I watch Glee. I figured it should be yummy since it's always talked about in other movies. Then, Koay said that have to eat cereals with milk if not it won't be nice. The problem is I don't like milk. He suggested chocolate milk, so okaylah.

I actually can't wait to start eating them for lunch and dinner (not all the time), just when I don't feel like eating anything else or when I feel fat. Hahaha.

28 October 2013

Partners In Prayer.

We hold hands and we take turns to pray.

Not every night because we don't get to see each other every day, but when we can, when we do see each other and get to give each other goodnight hugs and I get to get my favorite forehead kisses, we pray.

If the previous time he prayed then it's my turn next.

Last night was my turn.

When I'm really tired, sometimes I just forgot to pray.

He reminded, "Eh, let's pray!"

I looked at him and nodded.

He held my hand and there was quite a long silent. Yeah, I actually thought it was his turn, and he was waiting for me to start. Ohh so silly and laugh-able moment.

I prayed for his family, my family, his work, my work, our friends, our future and our relationship.

Nights like these, I'm very thankful for.

thank You, Jesus :)

26 October 2013

Club Med Launching.

Working on a Saturday has got to be everyone's nightmare!

Initially, I thought it was going to be horrible having to work till 6pm, but it turns out that I'm actually enjoying myself.

Only six of us had to stay back and assist any walk-in clients in regards of the ongoing Club Med Promotion. So yeah, convincing people to go for Club Med makes me kinda happy especially when they actually want to go after much talking.

Two amazing promotion that's until 1st November:
3D2N - Only from RM926
4D3N - Only from RM1492

3D2N - Only from RM1244
4D3N - Only from RM1719

For those who have been to Club Med, you will know that this promotion is SUPER CHEAP! SUPERR! :)

I have time to do some blogging now because currently no clients in front of me, and I'm feeling so so sleepy. Ate so much good food just now. Let's see what I had okay.

A plate of char koay teow with white prawns
Abu Siti Lane coconut drink
Deep fried fish with sambal
Grilled stuffed squid with black shallot sauce
A mini plate of loh bak
A bowl of laksa
Nasi lemak's cucumber and hard boiled eggs with sambal

All that with no one to share with. THE FOOD WAS SUPER YUMMY sumore.

Okaylah, to make myself not feel so guilty, I will therefore not eat dinner. i shall be starved for eating more than one main.


24 October 2013

Some Time.

Somehow I can always find some time to update. It relaxes me, in the weirdest way.

Woke up this morning to one of the sweetest dream ever had. Sweetest!

Felt super real! :)

23 October 2013

Art Director Stress.

Never will I ever thought that I would be having this kind of conversation with our Art Director on our food blog. Yeah, you see that right. The fact that we even have an Art Director is beyond unbelievable.

Art Director: I decided to give him this job title because he's already an executive on his real job. Okay, not that this isn't real, but this is definitely not a job. It's his passion and he's a good friend and he's here to help the two bloggers, who know NOTHING about designing and stuff like that.

So, while conservating about the name card (that he's also helping us with), it suddenly hit me that we have been food-blogging for ONE year EIGHT months and ONE day.


WhatTwoEatHere is birthed on the 22 February 2012. You can click here for our first post :)

Since it started, I did most of the designing works (which is not a lot at all) and our another good friend helped us with the cartoon character. Her work is sooo cute I tell you. So yeah, pretty much that's all we did to "beautify" the blog. And when we realized that we needed name card for our blog, we knew then we needed someone's help in that. If you give both of us this task, sure kaput. Confirm not nice at all.

Then, when we were talking about the progress of the logo/web with him, it immediately brings me back to the start of all this good-madness. Not to mention, we are starting to earn US Dollars from Google AdSense. That itself is a milestone for WhatTwoEatHere. I don't know if you all know that Google AdSense doesn't simply allow any webs to put on their advertisements. That's why when they approved us, we were so excited that we decided to take that as a reason to makan besar! :)

 Our Art Director is little too busy till end of this year, so our NEW image will not be out so soon.



22 October 2013

Family Bowling Night.

One of the things that WE (the whole entire family/clan/cousins/uncles and aunties/grandparents/nieces and nephews) usually do all together is playing sports. Futsal, done that. Picnic, check (some sort of sports since we usually end up running along the beach playing kalitoi) and now, the most recent one that happened was BOWLING. 

We picked that date, which falls on a Sunday because my cousin's wedding day is today and we thought of having family activities close to each other to build up the momentum for tonight. Hahaha. I think that's prolly why la. 

And this family of mine is huge. My Khoo grandparents  have 6 kids. 3 girls first then 3 boys. My dad is the eldest son among the boys, but overall, he's the fourth child. So, to make this bowling event a success, of course we had to have some sort of healthy competition. 

Four groups in total. Four in each team. All color-coded as well :)

After that, we adjourned to Homes Chef Garden for makan-makan. A very simple dinner because we were going to have a good dinner the next day for my cousin's bachelorette party, where I actually walloped 5 bowls of tu-thor-th'ng. My gosh their tu-thor-th'ng is sooooo goood!

Pretty obvious which group became champion :)

Oh such fun times.

More bonding sessions tonight at the wedding dinner. I can't wait to feast! :)

21 October 2013

Loving Singapore.

So, if you have been talking to me since I came back to Penang, you would have already known that my trip down to Singapore has been a very pleasant one, or if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook. 

Of course there are some people telling me that it's nice and I love it because I was on a holiday (not really because I was there for a seminar) and it's totally different if I am actually working there, you know like it's really competitive and stuff. I agree that it could be because I was kinda on some kind of holiday mood and hey, grass is greener on the other side ma right? Not always but I think in Singapore, everything is greener, cleaner and nicer. Haha. I still love Penang! :)

So yeah, it was a very nice trip. I shall just put my experiences in point forms.

  • Brought too many things in my cabin luggage. Limit was 7kg but mine was 11kg, but the lady let me go :)
  • Real shark fin soup is really yummy and it's nowhere near to the ones we usually eat in weddings or chinese restaurants.
  • Tasted the must-have-drink-while-in-Singapore, the Singapore Sling.
  • Went to the 70th floor of Swissotel and viewed the island. Pretty sight and pretty girl DJ.
  • Took loads of photos at Collyer Quay of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. LOVE THE VIEW!
  • Walked to Clarke Quay and almost got ourselves killed with the fast incoming car because the traffic/walkway was a bit too far.
  • Blessed a man singing with his guitar at the river-under-tunnel because his voice was soooooo gooooood!
  • Became pretty close to two girls from Sri Lanka and one from Korea.
  • Travelled barefoot from Clarke Quay to Park Royal, Beach Road. Those who stays in Singapore would know how far that is. Oh and all that happened at 1am.
  • Got lost in the city of Merlion.
  • Tasted the famous Rochor's 'tau huey' and 'tau chui' on the arrival night. 
  • The hotel that we stayed in has one of the most amazing pillow and blanket and bed.
  • The President of Travel Corporation brought the four girls around and became our Travel Director/Tour Guide of the night.
  • Walked to Bugis Street in the evening and got some Robert Timm's coffee (recommended by my manager) and some bottled baby food.
  • Visited Trafalgar's office. The building that their offices are in is huge and very Gotham-like. 
  • Walked everywhere and never once used its public transport. 
  • Explored Haji Lane and saw so many shops with cute dresses, but oh so pricey. STILL LOVE THE LANE A LOT. So many cafes along it too.
  • Skyped with the bangla for few minutes. Poor boy waited for me till very late.
  • Chilled at a Spanish Tapas Bar called Octapas at 12:30am and enjoyed a glass of Sangria, to the live band music and by the riverside.
  • Found out that Nevar is Korean's Google :)
  • Changi Airport is soooo huge!
  • To  travel from PEN-SIN, it only take one hour or less. HOW CONVENIENT! :)

20 October 2013

Sunday Funday.

Such a long "weekend" it has been.  Sort of. It's like holiday got extended or something. Not that I'm complaining or anything. 

Loving my Sunday so far :)

It has gotta be the weirdest/awkwardest place to swim or take a dip and try to relax. There were like shoppers looking over to our place and staring as we continue to "try" to relax and zone out. Hahaha. But overall, the place very windy and the water was pretty warm. SUPER NICE.

Of course after that we went to Bangkok Lane and wallop away :)

I hope no Monday blues tomorrow..

30 minutes to Khoo's Bowling Competition :)

16 October 2013

Hours of Happiness.

FIVE hours to boarding time.

EIGHT hours to soak in the bathtub. 


14 October 2013

Good Monday.

So, I came into the office today and got a call from my manager first thing in the morning.

Her: I want you to go down to Singapore with Serena this Wednesday till Friday for a Trafalgar product talk. Do you think you'll be able to make it?
Me: Err... Yes. Definitely yes!

So, in less than an hour, my flight is booked and found out that I was going to stay at the Park Royal Hotel. 

*jaw drops*

It's probably nothing huge and fancy, but hey, having to stay at a 4-stars hotel in Singapore (since spending money in Singapore is such painful thing) for my first time to this country is quite a big thing for me.

We already made some plans to even visit Singapore for our second anniversary next year, staying over at a friend's or something. But this, this is just so sweeeeet.

Thank You, Jesus, for listening to all my complains and giving me this very-needed-break!

I can't wait to visit the Merlion and put on the green light for my tourist mode. 

Singapore, here I come :)

12 October 2013


I realized that I already made certain plans to get that Sony that can go underwater (since we both love snorkelling quite a lot) and I've totally forgotten about it till today.

That makes me question myself if I really do need to get them now/soon.

I also realized that I ALSO made certain plans to get the luggage sets of 3 different sizes and I'm just waiting for the right time/brand/color to get them.

So, I basically need to sacrifice one.

I don't know which one.

I need both.

Oh, and not to mention the BIG holiday that I'm saving up for early next year.

I just realized that there are too many thing that I suddenly "need" ever since I started working a year ago. This is bad, guys. 

Such is the life.

10 October 2013

Love Knows No End.

Now my soul sing
Your love It knows no end
Your love It knows no end
Your love It knows no end

09 October 2013

Food-Blogging to Film-Selling.

Yep, you see that right.

We started from blogging about food basically because we both really enjoy eating, and then now we find ourselves selling Colorful Fuji Instax Mini Film.

We've seen them real life before and they are so prettty! They make the white ones look too normal and uninteresting!

So, if you want to get them or know of anyone who wants them, let them know about us!


07 October 2013


Just a 45 minutes lunch always makes it slightly better. I don't know if its the laughter in between or just the part where he holds my hand and keep them warm.

It's always when I am feeling unwell that he would sacrifice lunch with his colleagues and bring me go for porridge or koay teow th'ng when the former is closed. I'm blessed. 

Blessed even more because mom steamed fish knowing that my throat hurts and now my head is spinning in every direction.

I must be thankful, even being in the most uncomfortable situation.

Thank You God. Thank You.

And my soul sings 
Your love
It knows no end

06 October 2013

Best Sunday.

One week from now, it was supposed to be a short getaway to nowhere on the Libra cruise. Sadly, we had to forgo the reservation made because of the Merdeka Cup. Sad heh. No more holiday this month.. Got to start planning for one.. Have to.. MUST!

I am loving every moment of this week. baby girl has been sleeping here since Thursday because her parents are in Vietnam for company trip. I think most people know that it's really difficult to make this girl smile, but now she's wouldn't stop smiling and please, I'm not near complaining. It's real joy and mood-uplifting to see her smile when we didn't even have to put so much effort. No need to hide and peek-a-boo or do silly faces, which in the end didn't even help. Such a loveable baby girll! :)

Now, I'm spending my Sunday afternoon typing this, with her looking at me and smiling and then back to "eating" her toys. Heh.

All this while waiting for Koay to come home after futsal-ing with Mr. Khoo and the rest of the FGA-ians. It's MU vs Anti MU. How cuteee.

This is one of the best Sundays.

03 October 2013

Baby's Power.

When it's the toughest day at work..

When I don't want to talk to anyone..

When I need to laugh..

When an argument just happened..

When people makes me upset..

When I feel lonely..

When I need to smile..

She lifts up all the joy in the room and to the people around her, with her raw-est expression and poker face-look.

Our lil girl :)

02 October 2013

He Finally Graduates.


Finally got his finance degree officially. One thing about him that makes most if not all his college mates different than himself is that he is actually working in a financial-related-and-what-we-studied-all-these-three-years! Sure most of his friends from the same batch are in banks too, but theirs are more of commercial banks.

And this guy is just so into investments and trading stocks in the market. I think if he could spend his eight hours in the office looking at the graphs and trading in and out, he would. he definitely would. Not like he's not kinda doing them now. Heh. So yeah, if you guys want to ever start investing some of your ka-chings in stocks, you know who to find. He's good. I'm not being biased, but he's really good :)

So yeah, here goes to all your sleepless nights and having drunk so much of chicken essence!






Oh, and since I actually forgot to post some photos of Langkawi, I'm just going to combine them here. Unique like that :)

01 October 2013

Youth Camp 2013.