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31 January 2017

One Hour with Sha Lynn.

Today is the first day of work after spending the last three-days feasting, hosting and playing like a boss. Now, the working blues hit me, but I kinda like coming back to office this week as I can clear off some paperwork stuff. 

Anyways, I had 1-hour so I decided to drive home for momzay's curry chicken and rice/bread. 

Something happened and I decided to write it on Sha Lynn's Facebook wall so that she will remember them when she's older and able to read them. 

Here goes.

Hi little girl. 

This is for you to read when you are allowed to have a FB account okay. 

Today, you decided to be extra cheeky and playful which I absolutely loved. I was a customer and you were the chef. You made me a cup of orange juice, a fried chicken and a bowl of mushroom soup. 

Then, you sneakily took my phone and hid it somewhere only your mind can brain. 

I asked you for the phone and you happily skipped to the 'crime scene'. It was well hidden among the gon-xi-gong-xi snacks in the basket.

You passed to me but just before it reaches my hand, your hand opened a little and it slipped off your tiny but fat fingers.

We both watched it fall but we had different expressions obviously. 

An hour later, you went to sleep, and the phone refused to let me use it. It now has a mind on its own. It opens up Twitter when I swipe it. Then, it open WhatsApp when I click the Home button. 

I could not answer anyone's  call and when I turned on the Voice Over feature, it won't be turned off so now I have a man constantly telling me the time and date in a robotic and fast-forward tone. What a day really!

Now, it won't be unlocked!

Even then, I still loved our 1-hour play time today. This year, your angpows shall be mine okay?

Your favorite Ee Ee in the world

My stress level has just gone up by a hundred times. The robotic voice keeps repeating something that I do not understand. Oh myyy. 

I hope this can be fixed because I have zero money to get a new phone whatsoever. 

Anyways, it's the fourth day of the chinese new year and although I have to work for the rest of the week, I shall focus on the night entertainment and dinners. We only have less than a week in Penang before we head to Hanoi for our second honeymoon. 

I cannot wait. Heh. 

Till then. 

Bye now. 

27 November 2014

Sha Lynn, Pattern Queen.

Days when all the things that can go wrong will and did go wrong.

Days when the lover and I are not in good terms, mostly because of really petty things that we will end up laughing at in the end of the day anyways.

Days when I have meetings back to back and it's been a really long day.

Days when I control the things I eat and sometimes that affects my mood really badly because I don't get to eat the food I crave because I want to lose some stomach fats.

Days when eight hours of sleep is not enough and I'm a grumpy girl.

Days when I have too many things to do.

Days when PMS hit me and I'm like a walking tornado.

Days when I need to go out somewhere but feel super lazy to do so.

Days like these, I'm thankful for the pattern queen. She doesn't have to do much to turn my bad days around and make my good days get even better. 


05 August 2014

One Year Three Months.

I think if I continue to post photos or blog about this baby, people might just start thinking that she's mine.

But I cannot tahan. Such precious ball of cuteness.

Actually, she's mine. 

My sister says we share share. Hahaha.

She haven't reach two years old and sometimes it felt like she's already pass that age. 

She walks really fast now and she doesn't really cry easily when she hits the wall or something. Back when I was at her age, I cried at everything. I kid you not. I don't remember it but so I've been told about my childhood times.

Anyways, I love that at this age she is beginning to understand what we talk about around her. 

She knows:

that we're going out when we come out of the room wearing nice clothes. Her own interpretation of nice clothes I guess. Once I walked out wearing a dress and she came to me immediately and said, "Kai kai" and pointed at the door.

when she is full and do not want anymore food. This may be surprising to many of you but yes, there are times she will say, "No" when you offer her mam mam. Next time, observe her lips when she says "No" cutest I tell you.

where her belly button is. She is obsessed with it. The photo above shows that her hand is searching for it. 

how to smile with her head tilted to the side when you hold a phone in front of her as though you taking her picture. TRY IT!

where grandma is when she couldn't find her in the living room. In the kitchen. 

where the food is. Everytime when she's hungry, she would walk to the front part of the kitchen and slowly try her best to get things from the shelf. That or she will keep repeating "mam mam" and calling us at the same time.

how to ask for the iPad, but that happens once in a blue moon thank God. That also she watches max 10 minutes of cartoons singing and that's it. She herself has no interest using this electronic. So good.

and understands most of the things we say to her or ask her. At least that's what we think lah. 

where her shoes are kept because "kai kai" is like her favorite thing to do now.

how to wait when we ask her to wait while we settle some things.

how to differentiate hot things and cold things. 

how to take selfie with our handphones. No kidding. Give her your handphone and then ask her, "How to take picture?" and "How you smile?". She will immediately turn the phone back and look into the camera and say "Smile!" 

how to listen to you when you speak to her. I love this attitude of hers. She will look at you and listen until finish saying d only make her noise or walk away. Haha. 

 my name when you say "ee ee". 

that Kelly is the only one in the family that she can bully. Haha. This one you have to witness in person. It's probably more kids out there that she bullies. Such a big bully.

that she is loved by many. My grandma didn't want to come to our house because she found out that Sha Lynn was at Cameron Highlands earlier last week. What is this.

Love you, Sha Lynn.

10 June 2014

Light Sleeper.

We all had slumber party again in Vanessa's room. 

Mom, me and Sha Lynn.

Oh by the way, Vanessa is feeling much better although she still can't see anything and her eyes tend to get very teary sometimes. 

Back to this. 

Sha Lynn and I shared one single sized mattress. I love it because I get to smell her baby-scent whole night through. 

Months ago, it was tiring to sleep with Sha Lynn because she wakes up every few hours for milk. Now that she's a year plus, she sleeps through the night and only wakes up once for milk. 

The thing for me is I'm a light sleeper. It means I don't usually get deep sleep like those people sleep means whatever happens also don't know. For me, that's not the case. That's far from my case.

Any small movement on my bed and I'll wake up. 

Wait, I remembered there was one time that I was in such deep sleep that the position that I slept in, I woke up still in the same way! Don't ask me how I know it's exactly the same because I just know it! I DIDN'T MOVE AT ALL THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! We were in KL for a mini holiday and stayed over at my aunt's place. I must be super tired, seriously. Imagine sleeping in one same position for 8 or more hours straight. I also remembered feeling super good after I woke up. Haha.

That was just once. Other time, I'm always not in deep sleep no matter how tired I am. 

That is why I'm the perfect babysitter/nanny to sleep with your babies, because everytime they move a muscle (and they always move!) I will know. Hahaha. No, I'm not promoting myself to be hired or anything.

It never occurs to me that I'm a light sleeper. Not until Koay told me. 

I think there was once I was super tired and I just literally dropped on my bed. He moved onto my bed and just lie down to play with his hp. He made very small movement and I woke up!

I went back to napping but constantly waking up because he kept moving. His legs, hands, don't know why move so much lah. So he ended up sitting on the floor. Hahaha. 

It was then he realized that I'm a light sleeper. 

Maybe that's why I always want to sleep whenever I can. It's because I never really sleep when I sleep. So, I just need those extra really quiet time for sleeping. Hmm.

The funny thing is I rarely get upset when people wake me up unintentionally. 

Oh! One thing that can set me off immediately is how people wake me up. It has to be gentle and soft and slow.

Once, Koay woke me up by hitting my leg. I woke up so angry that even he himself got very shocked. I think he learnt his lesson that day. Haha. 

But then who wakes people up so harsh and sudden one!? No one will like it whattt! 

If you are those who enjoys people waking you up by doing it suddenly, please tell me! You're one of a kind for sure!

So yeah, light sleeper. Who else? Let's form a light-sleeper group and hang out drink coffee tea.

24 April 2014

Sha Lynn's One Year and Guan You's One Month.

Since Guan You's (my cousin's newly born baby boy) is celebrating his full moon on the 19th (which is the day Sha Lynn was born a year ago) at Homes Chef Garden, we decided that Sha Lynn's 'party' would be held there as well. Nothing huge really. 

It was just family gathering over these two precious babies special occasion.

Of course, the Shas and Khoos had a proper dinner celebration for baby girl the day after over peking duck and roasted little piglet and other yummy stuff. Not that the birthday girl will remember any of it. Hah.

Anyways, it was a simple night with lots of laughter and talks in the air. All the relatives unite, really. 

We ended the night with a birthday song and God bless the birthday girl song. Then, we let her eat her mini cake by herself. Too bad there wasn't enough cream on it if not sure super cute.

Photos are not in order because I'm feeling extremely lazy today and I would like to keep my energy for the final rehearsal tonight. 

So, feast away your eyes. Some photos might be too orange. I don't know lah. I lazy and I don't like to edit. I like original. Hahaha. 

Don't know why speaking of original, immediately I thought of the green tea ice cream wafer that we had and blogged about here. CRAVING FOR IT NOW but Koay is in Ipoh no one can bring me go buy or buy for me. No, I'm not that spoilt. Hah.

One year old.

08 February 2014

After 2 Weeks.

Baby girl reached Penang at 4:30am and we were all fast asleep. Mom woke up at about 7ish to wait for baby girl to come over. She was still sleeping of course. So we waited till about like 11am when my sister brought her over!

We were like soooo happy to finally see that familiar face again! Goshhh. We're all too attached to her. Seriously too attached!

So glad she's finally home. Although that 2 weeks was good holiday and resting time for my mom.

My life is back to normal again :)

10 January 2014

Our Mini-Sized Love.

I love this baby to bits.

She is the world's bossiest baby, BUT I still love her to bits.

03 October 2013

Baby's Power.

When it's the toughest day at work..

When I don't want to talk to anyone..

When I need to laugh..

When an argument just happened..

When people makes me upset..

When I feel lonely..

When I need to smile..

She lifts up all the joy in the room and to the people around her, with her raw-est expression and poker face-look.

Our lil girl :)

19 September 2013

19 June 2013

Two Months Today.

Grandchildren are the crowning glory and ultimate delight of old age, and parents are the pride of their children.
(Proverbs seventeen verse six)


24 May 2013

Good Thirty Minutes.

This morning get to spend a good half an hour with her. She was so active and awake, which is so rare because all she does now is sleep and drink milk. Haha. Love her to bits la. Not gonna be able to see her for the next three days. Gone case. Sure miss her like mad. I purposely woke up earlier this morning to play with her, just before I hit the road :)

Salaku LOVES YOU Sha Lynn!

20 May 2013

Sha Lynn Turns One Month Old.

Love family dinners and love each one of them :)

08 May 2013

Job Number Two.

And yes, I have finally announced the second job of which I posted up in Facebook last week. I know, you must be like, it's not a big deal and stuff. A few people actually asked and I kinda refused to tell and make them wait? Why did I do that I also don't know.. Just for the fun I think. You can see it in my Instagram on my sidebar. Follow me there if you want to :)

So yeah, started my nanny-job last night. Went home early after date night with Koay and slept next to both of them. Woke up a few times to feed her and burp her. I've gotta admit that it was tiring as I still need to go work the next day. But it is very rewarding.

Sha Lynn is such a smiley. She smiled so many times when I burped her. Ahhh the cuteness melts. As long as she's well fed with mommy's milk and she gets enough sleep, she's a good girl. She's a good girl MOST of the time. She only cries when she's hungry actually. Other than that, she's pretending to look at us and smile again. SMILING ALL THE TIME.

It's not gonna be like I sleep with them everyday because I still need to save my energy to drive around the island for work. So, it's alternate kinda thing. That way, I can still have date nights and hangout nights with people :)

I am so thankful for this God-given-blessing right here :)

03 May 2013

Fourteen Days Old.

First time making her sleep in my arms after fifteen minutes of playing and goofing around with her.

25 April 2013

Our Lil Angel: Sha Lynn.

Sha Lynn. (yep, that's her full name in case you are wondering)

Adventist Hospital, Penang.

19th April 2013.

Here goes the story of how we welcomed our lil girl into our world.

Mommy Sha was admitted into hospital on Thursday, but Sha Lynn only decided to come out the next day early in the morning. I wouldn't call it natural birth as she was scheduled to "bring" her out a week earlier than the supposed due date. So, we were in the hospital on Thursday night, waiting and hoping that it will happen soon!

Still can smile with the pretty flowers and three floating balloons. No pain yet ma :)

And of course, still can fool around with the camera :)

And yes, she pushed till Sha Lynn came out! Good teamwork! So, the next day they went into the delievery room early in the morning around 7-ish and baby came out soon after that! However, when Sha Lynn came out, she seemed like she was not really breathing on her own. She did not really cry and stuff like that. So, they brought her into NICU and there, they put on an oxigen tube to her nose and also a small long tube into her tummy through her mouth.

After a day in the NICU with all those tubes, doctor took out the oxigen tube to allow herself breathe on her own and observed her very closely. That was the first time we saw her opened her eyes. Actually, I'm not sure if it's "we". For me, for sure it was my first time. Not in person though. I saw them through pictures. Heh.

After another day, all tubes removed. TRIPLE YAY! If you see closely, you can see a lot of tubes. She even have IV drips on her hand. So heartbreaking to see lil Sha Lynn having to go through all that! But God is good and she got better very quickly! Thanks to all of you who prayed for her and mommy!

After few days only, Mommy gets to hold baby for the first time. Such great moment that was!

Hungry baby searching for milk already..

I could stare at her whole day as she sleep. No kidding! Adorable is an understatement, for sure!

Me: *keeps on repeating* Sha Lynn, wake up! Ee ee is here to play with you. Sha Lynn.. Sha Lynn..
Her: *as per photo above*

Good thing she didn't cry after that. If not, I sure kena marah by the mommy. Haha. Sha Lynn, you have to cooperate with Ee ee okayy!

So now, baby and mommy are both resting in the hospital. They went back yesterday as baby has jaundice that's abit too high. I stayed a night at the hospital with mommy sha and woke up with a very very stiff neck (No, I'm not complaining.. Just saying..).

She's almost a week's old and I can't wait to run around the house with her already. She definitely melts all our hearts away. Stole all our attention too! My mom once forgot to cook lunch for us because she totally forgot about us! Hahaha. Grandma sudah naik pangkat, very happy d! :)

So yeah, I haven't been active in blogging because it's been an amazing packed one week with Sha Lynn being our main focus and going for a rehearsal for our family night that's happening tomorrow! Ahhh! Excited! :D

Till then, everyone :)