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06 October 2016

Koay's Love Language #19.

My alarm ranged 15 minutes earlier than 7am so that we could snooze one time before having to wake up to go work. 

Him: *rolls over to my side of bed and hugged me* 
Me: Aww that's nice.
Him: *whispers very sleepy-ly* Baby.. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.. 
Me: *half-asleep* Huh? Aren't you already doing that? You do have your entire life stuck with me, you know right? 
Him: Mm-hmm. I love you..
Me: *straight fell asleep again*

So much for romantic moment in bed early in the morning. Hah. 

19 July 2016

Adrian is 26.

Special shout-out to my man for turning twenty-six today :)

I admire how you actually made the decision to "change" your life/body on the day you were born to this earth. Pretty brave okay, but very meaningful yes.

I love you to the moon and back and yes I know that phrase is overly used everywhere, but I do, and I did not know that I have the ability to love and trust someone this much, until you and I became 'us'.

That and I probably have never argued with any human like how I do with you. So drama and intense. Hah. Drama will be the more suitable word.

I look forward to celebrate many many more of your birthdays with you :)

Bye now. 

02 June 2016

Koay's Love Language #18.

We were in KL the other week and we went shopping at Atria Mall.

Him: Choose a pair that you like. I'll buy it for you.
Me: *eyesbrows raised* What do you want from me? Hah.
Him: The current shoe makes your toes painful ma, so get a new one la.
Me: Serious wan ah? I choose ah? *walks around like a queen*
Him: Nah, this one nice.
Me: This is too pink for me already dei, but others are too girly also. Hmm.
Him: This one seriously nice la, and it's Puma. Get this one.
Me: *tried it on and it looked great* Okaylah. This shall be it then.

Few weeks later back in Penang, I got a call from him during office hours.

Him: Babe, the dinner plan got cancelled so no plan tonight d okay.
Me: Okay! *in my head I was planning to go watch movie and wanted to suggest already*
Him: Okay, so tonight this is what is going to happen.
Me: Huh? Okay.. *hear and see first*
Him: After work, you go back to your house and change and then we go hiking/running at Botanical Garden, then we go Adventist Hospital to visit Adrian and Caren, then back to my house to plan our room's lighting all.
Me: Errr, okay.. G!

It looks like the 'buy sport shoes for me' thing is a trap! A trap to ask me go exercise because now I cannot say no. If I really say no, he will most likely end up not talking to me one whole day because the deal is sealed.

To be fair, he did mentioned it that time when he pay for the shoes that all he wants in return for this shoe is for both of us to exercise together, but I really thought he was joking and he will like forget about it, but nope. Not even close.

Now that I'm documenting this, it's slowly to grow on me that this is pretty sweet la. In one of our pre-marital counselling session, he did mentioned that one of his expectation and things he really enjoy doing with me is exercise time.

We used to play floorball together, okay maybe not like together-gether kind, but we would sweat together (sort of) until I decided to end my floorball chapter due to health and laziness reasons. Heh.

I guess we will be venturing more into hiking because that's for sure one thing that we both love.

Love you, Mut.

Bye now. 

02 April 2016

Wedding Update 8.

I actually don't really know how to start this post.

It's not really a wedding update but it is related to that so can lah. 

I have been wanting to express myself fully here since yesterday but I was way too tired after getting home from life-group. I thought that I would have forgotten about it when I woke up this morning, but no, so here I am.

Okay, I'm going to try my best to word it out. 

There has been undeniably a lot of disagreements between the huz-to-be and myself when it comes to anything related to the wedding that's happening in 5 months' time. 

It did not come as a shocking thing as we sort of expected it, seeing that we are both very different kind of people, with quite a handful of different taste in things. 

What is really nice to him, is super ugly to me in some cases. So, we argue our way through. That is the natural way right?

People argue because they don't see eye to eye in things or situations. 

This is where most people would 'agree to disagee' which we do but really rarely. We often want to talk till something is settled, but if not then we leave it at that and it would somehow surface again. 

Wow, I think this is probably one of the most honest post that I will ever do on us. 

Anyways, it has been a struggle for me to go through this. If I'm correct, we've never argued so much since we got together 4 years ago and I cannot say that it has affected my feelings towards him, because I love Adrian no matter what. But it has certainly affected on how I see through the planning for our big day. 

The one question that people always ask me is this: How's the wedding prep?

Often times, my reaction is a mixture of excited and clueless (if I may be super honest). Clueless because it's just so difficult to get things sorted when we both have such different preferences and please don't get me wrong. We will always manage to meet halfway and agree on one thing we both are okay with but all that will only be achieved usually after a lot of arguments and heartaches. 

Sad but true. 

Being at Joe Sern and Jaryn's ROM yesterday opened my eyes a whole lot. I realized the one thing that I have failed to see for so many months. 

The man that I'm going to be with for the rest of my life. 

The man who I will go through hard times and good times with. 

The man who will be my children's daddy. 

The man I truly love with my entire life.

 The man who is still at a mourning stage for losing the most important man in his life, his father. He misses his dad everyday of his life, and it is with no doubt that on our wedding day, he will miss him hundred times as much and makes it more difficult for him to go through it.

So, all the details does not matter as much to me anymore. 

We have been arguing over the little-est things because we want to make this wedding the best one yet on our own expectations #bridezillaalert and along the little arguments, we forget the whole reason to having this wedding. 

It made me realized that there is absolutely no point in arguing over petty things for an event that will only last for a day. Yes, it is our once in a lifetime, but so is this whole planning for own wedding. 

Sometimes it is not the final destination that matters most, but the journey to the destination and this is exactly what I want to focus on from now onwards. 

I do think that he will have harder time doing this without his dad on that day and I am not going to be that horrible partner to not remember that. 

To be honest, I have always felt that I am giving a bigger sacrifice because I am the one who is going to leave my home and everything that I am comfortable with to go to a new home and start again with new habits and stuff. 

So selfish of me to think like that seriously. Good thing I woke up today feeling so different and well. 

With all that being said, I can say that there will definitely be a drop in our arguments since I am usually the one who is more stubborn right. Hah. 

Here's to five more months of fun times, Muthu. I love you and that will be till our-forever. 


28 February 2016

To the Mister.

I miss you, a lot.

10 February 2016


What is so important that I am sacrificing my sleep to write this?

It's my birthday that's why! Heh. Tebal punya muka ni. 

To be honest, since I turned twenty-five (yes, I'm going to be honest about my age just this once!
, three years ago, I became very reluctant to celebrate birthdays, particularly my own. I don't look forward to it. I don't feel it, the excitement and all sorts. 

I really don't know if this is part of growing up and everyone that is at my age or older have went through it or are still going through it, but yeah I am feeling it. 

This year however, despite all the 'negative-energy' from every part of my body, I have decided to organize my first ever birthday party. No, I am obviously not turning one. I would be the world's genius if I am writing all this, being a one-year old girl. Hah. 

Never have I ever have a birthday party. 


I thought that before I am called by another last name, I should have a birthday party for myself and I am sorry if you are not invited because budget is a concern so only a handful of people are going to be a part of this. 

Gosh never thought it would be this mentally tiring to convince myself to go ahead with the whole thing because I actually really don't want to have it in the first place, but then I also want one before I kahwin. So how. 

I actually don't want to do anything extraordinary on my birthday and don't want to make it an event also. What have gotten into my brain seriously?

Regret also pointless already. Hah.

Turning twenty-eight makes me realize one important thing. 

I've always find it really fulfilling when I grow stronger mentally and emotionally, and I have always known that it is always most effective through difficult moments, especially heartbreaks. 

I have had a handful of heartbreaks since last year's birthday and it's crazy for me to 'assumed' that through all those painful times, times when simple/easy expectations were not met, that with time I get stronger. 


I realized today that I did not get stronger. Maybe 40% I was able to control what I say or how I react to it, but the other 60%?

I would say that it was slowly turning into bitterness, silent anger and ignorance. All these three buddies decided to build up a box somewhere inside the heart and hide in there for as long as they could. 

It was only tonight that as I spend time with God, He reveals all of those. 

Did I really get emotionally better/stronger by letting time go by and pretend that all will be okay again? Or the fact that it is okay if sometimes you swallow it and keep telling yourself it's okay?


Not at all. 

Only God could give us that strength to be emotionally leveled-up. 

You can go through nonsense moments and you may think that it's all okay already since it's not stirring you easily anymore. Wrong. You are in fact one level down because you WILL have an extra room for bitterness and you would not even know it. That bitterness will indirectly control of the way you talk to a particular someone, makes a certain kind of decision and the kind of person you slowly turn into.

Unless you pray and you ask God to help you.

If you don't, you are not going to level up. 

Tonight, I did just that. Tonight, He came down and rescued me. I think I was literally drowning inside of myself. Phew, boy did that felt good. 

Thank You Jesus. 

Oh, and know this one thing. Humans will fail you, confirm they will fail you but God will never fail you. Knowing and understanding the fact that humans will fail you, will makes you realize that you should always put a reasonable expectations on one another because healthy expectations drive people. Heh. At least it drives me. 

Well, here's to a great twenty-eighth birthday for me :)

Here's a song that helped me through. Listen to it okay?

27 January 2016

Koay's Love Language #14.

Other than my family, he is the one person that would volunteer in a heartbeat to fetch me to the airport in the wee hours. I am really blessed.

We were walking to the check-in counter.

Me: I hate flying without you :(
Him: Yeah, right! 
Me: What? This one is for work leh. But it's okay cos I have a piece of you with me at all times! *shows off ring to him*
Him: You mean a piece of my bank!
Me: G!

15 January 2016

Koay's Love Language #13.

We were in a very cold room for quite a long time one night.

Me: Wahh, super cold wei. Cannot tahan!
Him: Ma good thing I went up and switched off the air-cond. 
Me:Oh you also cannot tahan ah? So weak ah?
Him: You got more fats what thats why you can tahan.
Him: *laughing*

07 January 2016

Koay's Love Language #12.

He had just gotten his iPhone 6s two days ago okay. 

Me: Eh, charge your phone with the powerbank lah, so you can lie next to me and use phone together.
Him: Huh. Can trust one or not the powerbank? Can explode one or not?
Me: Whattt? It's new and it's a powerbank. What explode all?
Him: *came next to me with his iPad*
Me: Why not using phone leh? Where is it?
Him: Charging with the proper cable la.
Me: Why? Can charge with the portable powerbank what. That's what everyone do..
Him: *looked at me* It's too young!
Me: *looked at him, and literally rolled on the bed laughing my lungs out*
Him: Now you know how I'm going to treat my babies next time.. 

11 December 2015

Koay's Love Language #11.

This week has been the busiest week for me and as much as I wanted it to be over as soon as possible, that also means I'll have to go through with it and survive. 

For him, it was one of those weeks where he can relax a bit but still he's always busy since he loves what he does so much. 

Job - 1, Fiance - 0.

Sometime this week, he made plans to go down to KL with a friend for more work-related matters under his annual leave mind you. So, that basically means that we will only see each other once for the next 14-days or so since I'll be leaving to camp soon. 

The timing was right on Wednesday when I will fly back to Penang from KL, and him, to KL from Penang, all on the same day. 

We made plans to meet up a while at the airport, just to have a glance on each other. Overly attached couple alert. Hah. 

I arrived at the airport and called him.

Me: Mister, where are you? I just landed.
Him: I'm here already. 
Me: I go upstairs Departure Hall meet you ah? You wait at McD or something lah. 
Him: No no. You just come out, can see me d.
Me: Ahh, okay okay. 

I walked out and did not see any Muthu at the domestic arrival hall. I called him again to check if he was at the right place. Serious. 

Once, we were supposed to meet at the hospital for something ( I cannot remember what). We agreed to meet at the canteen but after long calls and stuff, we realized we were both in a different hospital!

So yeah. 

Him: I didn't see you coming out also.
Me: What? I'm out like so out d okay. 
Him: OHHH! I was waiting at the International Arrival Hall! G!
Me: G!

His plan to 'receive' me failed but puts a big smile on my face that night. 

We had quick dinner at Airport's KFC and bid farewell. So drama alright. HAHA!

05 October 2015

Koay's Love Language #10.

*we went fishing at Pulau Betong on Saturday when he suddenly realized something*
Him: Babe! Why you bring such an expensive bag to the beach?
Me: *being super defensive because he asked that question* This bag where got expensive! It's the two piece for RM200 only wor.
Him: Whatt? That's expensive lah!
Me: *ignores him for a while since got other people around*

*later when on our way home in the car*
Me: Haiz. So sad lah. Just now my fiance scolded me! *drama a bit*
Him: *obviously shocked* WHAT! I where got scold you. 
Me: Just now the way you question me and my bags lah. Haiz. *still drama-ing*
Him: Aww baby. I wasn't scolding you lah. I thought it's a very expensive bag ma.
Me: I where can afford to buy branded bags now. *day-dreaming about my desired Coach handbag*
Him: When I can afford, I will buy for you okay? I will buy branded bags for you. Any brand you want. LV okay?
Me: Hurhhh? Did I hear correctly ahh? LV? 
Him: Yeah, I will buy for you okay.
Me: *looking at him so suspiciously* Oh! You mean made in Bangkok one ahh! HAHA!
Him: No no no. I mean the really branded one lah, the one that you have always wanted. next time I sure buy for you.
Me: *speechless literally*

If this is what being engaged does to him, I cannot wait till when we get married! Hah.

04 August 2015

Koay's Love Language #9.

*While walking him to his car with an umbrella under the heavy rain*
Him: Do you know what happens to mosquitoes when it rains?
Me: Nope. Hami?
Him: They get to shower lah. Noob.
Him: Is it that funny ah? Laugh till like that.
Me: I don't know if it really is but I really didn't expect such an answer. Walauuu.

13 May 2015

Mobile Friendly Test.

So, I was just clicking here and there and came to this page where you can check if your site is a mobile-friendly site.

You can click here to try yours and yes, you're very welcome! Maybe can click on my ads before you leave also. heh. 

I typed in WhatTwoEatHere's link and it came out:
Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

Then, I tried and guess what came out.


What a shocker okay.

After editing some settings in blogger, it's AWESOME already. Oh wells.

It has been the most hectic weeks everr. So hectic that I still haven't been able to sit down for a good two hours or so to update about my cruise trip! The photos are still in their folder, untouched.

That aside.

Today marks our together-ness for, *drumrolls*

THREE years 
THREE months 
THREE weeks 
THREE days!

No, I'm not that mad to everyday go count. I obviously have a date tracker on the side of my this blog if you haven't been noticing the side of my blogs. Boo sama lu. Heh.

Still like any normal days, we try to see each other for few minutes today before he needs to attend more seminars or go for physical/technical training or meetings or disappear for a good 10 days for his SEA GAMES in June. 

So proud of everyone in the SEA GAMES team. 


Okay bye now. Will be back soon with the cruise update!!

08 May 2015

Marry Somebody.

-Carl Lentz-

that loves what you love, more than you love it.
that does not need you to complete them, because you can't.
that knows your weakness, and still loves you.
that is honest about their weakness and you still love them.
that loves life, with or without money.
that laughs easily, forgives easily and gives grace easily.
who has a world that does not revolve around you.
that will sacrifice what they want, for what you want.
that you will sacrifice what you want for what they want.
that is secure enough to tell you what you need instead of what you want, no matter the consequences.
that believes that love is a choice, not a feeling because they are gonna have to choose you, everyday for the rest of life.

21 January 2015

Our Third Year of Date-ship.

It was such an easy morning to wake up to yesterday. We were both excited to celebrate because it hits us that we actually got together for 3 years already.

If not mistaken, we have been friends for over 7 years. 

I shall tell you the story of how/when/where we first became friends.

Please excuse some quite blurry photos. Anyone wants to take couple shots for us for free? We can be your guinea pigs! Heh.

Anyways, 7 years ago, fireBRANDS had just joined Floorball and they needed at least 3 secretariats. Since no one wanted to do it, I told Alex that I will volunteer to help until he finds someone who can do it more often than me. 

Then, we had this secretariat meeting where we were given a briefing on how to do the scoring etc. There were like 20 boys (I think) and I was the only girl. Back then, I think there were no all-girls team. I'm not so sure.

But according to Koay, I was the only girl there and he had already noticed me. His first impression on me was not a very good one. Hah. He thought I looked weird, like funny kind of weird. I didn't even know he existed then. AND HE NOTICED ME FIRST so that explains a lot about who like who first. Though that time wasn't even counted. Since we can never agree on who like who first, it will always be the other one then.

On the very first game that I was involved in and on duty for secretariat work, I was one of the scorekeeper I think. There was someone sitting on my left and Alex was on my right. Koay was sitting next to the someone on my left and he was the timekeeper. I didn't know their names. How to remember right? So many new people.

So, halfway through the game, I needed to check how much time was left. So, I gave Koay a poke on the shoulder and asked him. It was after the game that we introduced ourselves among the secretariat team.

That's how we met, sort of. 

To cut the story short, we became best friends when he came to KDU College and enrolled in the same course as I did. No, we were not course mates because I started my course first. One semester earlier, but we spend a lot of time together in college and also then, I started playing floorball already.

Looking back, I was sure that he's the one person that I will never date because of various reasons that I will not reveal here, other than the fact that I was already attached that time. As for him, he thought the same thing. His preference of a girl that he would date was just not me-kind-of-girl. He wanted someone tall, someone younger (for sure!), someone girlier, someone who plays sports actively, someone taller (yes, I've said that already but he really wanted a girl who's taller than him!! ), someone probably darker (I don't know!). My color quite nice what. Haha. There is just no way that we would love each other in that sense. It has always been me and him as best buddies, doing stupid things together. 

But I guess things changed and here we are, in love with each other. Heh. Bieber say never say never.

It's definitely NOT love at first sight. 

Okay, back to our three years of dating dinner. 

I was supposed to finish work at 5:30pm right because we wanted to catch the sunset. Last minute, I had to rush a mini project and got held back for a while. Straight panicked and kept looking at the sky to see if the sun has gone down.

We rushed home and changed quickly. While driving towards Balik Pulau, he kept assuring that the sun is still quite high and all. We got there and the sun was still high in the sky. Haven't gone down yet. So, we hang around and took some photos.

We ordered and ate like a royalty. Since it's going to be just once a year kinda thing, we spam terus. It was a lot for just two persons dinner okay. And yes, we tapau-ed back some of the food because it's impossible for us to finish all. 

The night was special because I was with him. That's all that matters. I wasn't afraid to let him see my bulging tummy. I wasn't afraid if I had to dig my nose in front of him (okay, maybe not so much). I wasn't afraid if he would judge me when I eat like a boy. I felt most comfortable with him. Best friend for life okay?

In my every night prayer, I thank God for you, Adrian Koay. You were there at the right time and right place when everyone else was not. It was you who taught me the real meaning of GIVING. Okay, no need write too long essay already. You know deep inside can d. I lazy type so long. Heh. Conclusion is I love you long long time, Muthu! :)

Here's to many more amazing years for the both of us :)

20 January 2015

Looking Forward.

I shall update about our date tonight tomorrow.

So, please stay tuned.

Wait, maybe not so fast also. 

Depends on how busy I'm going to be tomorrow.

I'm so looking forward to tonight's dinner. 

I know he is too because he's texting me more than usual on a working day. Heh.

Guess we both are :)

Such a journey so far.



09 May 2014

Cook What?

*last night at Tesco*

Koay: *thinking at a corner by himself* Okay! Saturday I'll cook breakfast. Western style.

Me: Har! Why suddenly?

Koay: Sajalah.. Okay, now what we need. Eggs.. Bacon.. Orange juice *grabs a bottle of Twister*

Me: *follows along* *whispers* Salmon..

Koay: *ignores me* Western breakfast got what some more? How to cook the egg? Okay, I'll just do omelette..

Me: What are you going to put in the omelette?

Koay: *looks at me for very long* Actually, a lot of things to put inside hor..

Me: Mmhmm..

Koay: Aiyaa.. So many things eh. No need to cook d lah. *looks at me for approval*

Me: YESS! I very lazy to cook and wash and stuff. Can we just go out eat? 


We actually wanted to cook a nice romantic dinner tonight but gave up because lazy to prepare the stuff and cook. Then, he tried to do breakfast but we quickly agree that it's not going to happen. 

Good to know we have mutual understanding in this area. Hah.

05 May 2014

Three Words.

Today has got to be the busiest Monday since I've started work. 

Or it could be because the lift is not working and I've walked couple of times up and down the stairs. My table is on the 4th floor. Yep.

But in the midst of all the crazy things going on in this office today, I miss my best friend. My head is packed with so many things to do for roadshows and advertisements and running here and there, but my heart misses the boy. 

Not that we haven't been spending a lot time together. In fact, we have been seeing each other everyday for the past two weeks. 

I don't know what you call it, but I miss him. I miss seeing his silly face, his hand holding mine. 

I miss being with him. 

It's crazy because I just saw him yesterday, and I'm missing him like it's been few weeks not seeing him. 

What do you call this really?

Busy like mad but still have time to think of the boy who never fails to say, 'I love you' everytime we end a conversation. Even if it's just a 'I'm downstairs. You can come down now', he will always end with those three lovely words.

I miss you, you gila boy.

10 April 2014

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

A fine super good looking man. Oh, he's super. 

Where got people so good looking eh? Josh Duhamel will still be top in my list, but this guy, this guy is good looking seriously. I just kinda realized that.

Don't worry Koay. These guys are just a list of names.. Actors that are such eye candies. You are the best and you know it :)

Moving on.. I just found out that he got married to his co-star in Step Up! I like this kind of love story. Very sweet lah. Their baby girl is almost one year old (same age with Sha Lynn!) and they both are like the cutest parents.

I hope this isn't another Hollywood love story which ends up with the D word. 

His wife, Jenna Dewan is such a beautiful lady. Gosh, when two beautiful people are together, the whole world celebrates. Just like when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got together and then I dislike Brad Pitt because he cheated on her. Pfft. Not that I'm very pro in Hollywood stuff. 

No idea why I can want to blog about this. Probably because I just found out that he got married to his co-star? And I find it quite cute? And I suddenly want to watch Step Up all over again? And I did?