30 November 2012

Like Travel.

Working in the travel industry is like being mean to yourself and at the same time, you make someone else happy.

So, you are happy and miserable the same time.

There are so many places that I want to visit that suddenly makes ka-ching ka-ching looks so unreachable. 

And especially with all these promotions happening. One more month to decide for next year's holiday. 

Oh and also if you want to know what kind of promotions are happening now, LIKE us at 'Holiday Tours & Travel Penang' and you will be surprised how affordable it is to travel now! 

My favorite brand has gotta be Contiki. Holidays for 18-35's! VERY VERY AFFORDABLE!

I shall wait till Koay starts working and the planning will begin very soon! :)

Now, I should go back to work hard to save those moolah.

27 November 2012


After months of 'planning' to get one, months of praying real hard and months of holding back that terrible 'want' to play Sims. It's finally here. IT'S HEREEE!! (It feels sooo good that I don't even know how to describe that feeling)

Now I can finally play Sims! After all this while..

23 November 2012

17 Weeks.

9.2cm in 17 weeks. The lil one is growing so fast! You can see her (most likely it's gonna be a baby girl, according to doctor) and that's one pretty long leg you see. And then you can her arms with her thumbs p covering her face. Shy baby is shy. Five more months till fireball pops you out! Ahhh! The whole world is excited for your arrival, you! Blessed Thanksgiving Friday! :)

20 November 2012

So Good.



I thought my mind was blown away already by the Big Man when I was blessed with so many things/people/events/circumstances that happened throughout the nine years of walking with Him.

Having my prayer answered to a laptop (I only pay half of total I spend on the new lappie) is already such a blessing!

But no.. that's not all.

Again and again He does it. Things that I never kinda think that it would happen on me. Or at least not so fast.

Four months ago, I joined this company with zero expectation. During that four months, I struggled and had some fun here and there. Deep inside me, I knew it was a God given career. I mean, I didn't send one resume at all after I finish my college. None. Zero. Elek. And then I got a call and here I am today.

Four months later, this happened. It's so unreal. IT'S SOO INSANE!

Like how joshyeoh would put it, blessed beyond measure. Totally!

A trip to Cherating Club Med, fully paid by the company.

Maybe I sound a lil 'too' happy and extreme, but hey, you're not in my shoe and you have no idea how it feels like. And I'm given this reward because she (branch manager) said that my performance is so good. Yes, she used those words 'SO GOOD'! *smiles*

And it's Club Med! And it's all paid for. And it's part of work. I love my job! :)

Thank you Jesus! You are so crazily awesome! :)

When God does things like that, it makes me cry. I shed tears in the car when I was trying to accept the reality of His goodness. It's insane really. God wows me every single time.

19 November 2012


Heard this song while watching JosephGermani's latest (I think) video, Too Serious Too Soon and instantly fell in love with the song.

Not so much for the emo-ish lyric but the rhythm and melody of it. Or whatever music terms it supposed to mean.

The chorus especially. Ahhh. It's been a while ever since I go googoogaagaa over a song like that. I repeated this song for like the hundreth times already since 3 hours ago.


Because I don't know how to download youtube videos (and also can't download stuff at work), so I'll just attach its link here. Even the way the video is made with the lyrics is so simple and nice.

when you kissed on that street, i kissed you back
you held me in your arms, i held you in mine
you picked me up to lay me down
when i look into your eyes, i can hear you cry
for a little bit more of you and i
i'm drenched in your love
i'm no longer able to hold it back

(my whole favorite part of the song!)

16 November 2012

Night Cycling.

It's been so so long ever since I ride a bicycle. The last memory that I had was me cycling around my uncle's house in Lip Sin. That incident where I crashed and two feet landed underneath a parked car as I was doing either a U-turn or a turn (I can't remember). And I remember my big toe was bleeding and the pain was horrible! Yup, probably that's the last time I ride a bicycle.

That didn't stop me from giving it another try after so many years. I actually have kinda forgotten about the incident until when I tried doing a U-Turn this time on a real road WITH CARS! (a lil traumatised)! Oh, and best way to protect your toes is to wear a covered shoe or sports shoe (which neither did I had it on)

Thank God it did not rain. In fact, the weather was perfect for cycling. We all met at Logan Road and carpool-ed to Love Lane (I think that's the road's name. Either that, or it's Leith Street).

we went into a motel/hotel (however you see it) called Red Inn and rented 6 bicycles. Deposit per bicycle is RM100 (but we didn't have so much) so we paid RM50 for each as deposit and another RM15 for the rental. And that you may use the bicycle for the whole day. Pretty awesomely cheap :)

The boys. One more missing in the picture because they were somewhere else, the siblings.

So, we kinda vained a lil while waiting for the Leows.

I took the one with the lowest seat, and that my legs weren't long enough to touch the ground! 

Discussing on some issues. (cos we had to rent the other bicycle from another 'branch' which is not very far away).

Quick stop outside CIMB Bank. It's so nice to cycle around at 11pm onwards cos there were less cars and less humans.

How can we not drop by the place where everyone talks about in facebook. My first time of being here actually and taking a picture of it of course.

Cycled halfway, my chain-thing straight come out.

And then we had RM27 worth of fruits, bought in Esplanade. Mahal betul. Pre supper for us. After that, we went to Pelita and we ate rice! Cycle for one two hours straight got so hungry! Haha.

In the end of the day, i did not injure my toes. I did not fall. I did enjoyed myself a lot. And I did have sore butt in the morning. Night cycling is so much fun! Maybe another type of bicycle would be nice (with a softer seat and shorter ones too)

Have a blessed weekend :)

14 November 2012

White Water Rafting at Gopeng.

I have always wanted to try this out. and Gua Tempurung (not that I haven't try explorring caves before), in fact I've explored Gua Gendang (which is said to be nicer than Gua Tempurung) and I remembered that experience was on top of the world. Loved that kind of adventure! Anyways, so Jack and his friends planned this trip so Koay and I tagged along. This kind of things must do with lots of friends so we can cho-siau together (the truth is, we're not close to Jack's friends or more to like we only knew them during that trip. Haha)

So, let the adventure begins! :)

We woke up at 4:30am and 30 minutes later, we were waiting for Jack outside his house.

We wanted to take a picture in the car but it was too dark, so we decided to shine our face towards the car light and snap! (things we do when we have so little sleep and with so much adrenalin running inside d!)

The only girl in this trip.  

Went there in two separate cars. I totally forgot to snap breakfast's picture. We had dim sum in Ipoh. And no, not in Foh San. It was the other one that's so called 'nicer' than Foh San. If I'm not mistaken, it's called Ming Court or something (just located opposite Foh San). My fav is still Foh San.

My 'attire' for this adventure. It's my first time actually wearing a leggings-like-pants. I never liked them, but after this time, it's pretty comfy. I think its quite suitable for exercise and outdoor-activities-like stuff. And the bag is so not me-type. But oh well, must try something new every once in a while.

The rest of the pictures during the rafting are all taken with Jack's friend waterproof camera and I took them with my faithful hp. So, it could be a bit blurry and all pictures are not in order (too lazy to re-organize them)
Walked/swimmed/floated in the water a while and there's too much sand in the shoe. So much that it's painful to walk.

Koay also needs to clear his shoe every now and then. No socks la thats why.

The boys pretending to pee together.
The eight boys and one girl .
Our 'boats'

Doing that choo-choo-train at the end of our white-water-rafting.

Halfway through those iced-cold-water.

Beautiful moment, captured (but blur)

This is the part where Koay will look at this picture and keeps on repeating "You're so cute you know. Like a lil girl. What a cute creature" etc. He repeated that so many times every time we talked about white water rafting. LITTLE GIRL!!? *faints*

So much water makes us very happy!

Take loads of photos first before the real thing begin!

They transported us deep into the forest with a lorry. That's us on our boat on the lorry. Pretty cool.

Colorful peeps on a sunny day :)

The boat/lorry ride was fun and attimes quite scary.

We just wanted to do something so that time passes quicker. We waited a while before we could really play!

My body looks so huge and not proportion with my two legs. How weird is that. Hmm..

Our lunch in a small hut. Like the hut, hate the lunch. So pathetic okay! With the total amount that we pay per person for the entire trip. Pfft.


Goofying around with Jack Jack on our way home.

Poor boy struggled to keep himself awake on the road. Manatau I also have to be awake to constantly hit him or feed him with food so he doesn't feel sleepy. Balik rumah straight KO for few hours.

Such a great experience. I always thought that it's very dangerous of an activity especially if you don't know how to swim. The instructor told us that 70% of people will fall into the water if never follow instruction carefully. And boy, you do not want to fall into the water, esp those rocky ones. If you don't die, you'll end up hurting very badly with all the bruises around. Haha. And we didn't fall out. None of us. We did capsized our own boat though. More like the boys and the guide wanted to and my vote was.. pretty much not necessary at all. Such fun times! :)

On another note, I just realized a couple of things last night, over conversations with some friends. It makes me upset, so so upset. So disappointing, really. I never thought that you could be so immature, childish and revengeful. To tell all (or most) of your friends about it is totally nuisanse. Were you trying to 'win votes' or get people to 'pity your situation'? Do you even feel better after all that you've done? Feel more 'not-so-hurt-anymore' after all your friends and some totally random strangers know about it? You're so hilarious. I just don't see the point of you doing that. It upsets me. Even more now that I found out so many things about you that I never knew. Such a scary person you are. If you think it worked the way you wanted to, let me tell you it did not. It kinda backfired on you and your image and you are a girl sumore. People who spread rumors around unnecessarily often gets talked behind and being judged. So the next time you want to do something like this again, perhaps you need to think carefully if there's really a need for you to do so. Don't go around calling other people childish and immature when you are acting like one. SO IMMATURE AND CHILDISH.