30 April 2023

3D2N Ho Chi Minh with Talent Trust (Company Trip).

This year's August would be my second year anniversary with Talent Trust, and it has been such a rewarding and fulfilling journey growing with the team and the company. Work has its own set of challenges and I do love myself some challenges heh, and with the company growing, our team is also growing and I love it. 

I love that we help missionaries be their best. I love that our focus is to make sure that missionaries know that we want to take care of them physically, mentally and financially. We are not an insurance company, just "selling insurance" to people. 

We are on this journey with them, and it's just truly amazing. 

Okay enough about that. 

So, the whole company went to Ho Chi Minh for a quick getaway and it was my first trip with them. I love travelling and getting to travel with them was nice. We got to spend time with each other outside of the office, doing life together. 

Although it was a really short trip, it was very nice to refresh and relax. I love the hotel that we were staying because it was close to the Ben Thanh market, the Saigon Square and lots of eateries and cafes nearby. Super strategic. 

Hotel room was basic, and clean. Their buffet breakfast spread was amazing. Their service, five stars rating please. Everything is good with this one. Too bad I forgot to take a photo and a video of the room tour. Boo. 

We did a walking tour, organised by Andrew and then we also went for a cooking class - which I really like! We cooked some local catfish dish, Vietnamese mango salad and Vietnamese pancake (Banh Xeo). 

So yummy and cooking is really a tiring sport. It was hot in the kitchen, and we were sweaty, but getting to do them in a group was so much fun. 

We of course did some shopping - not too bad damage if you are curious. Heh. So yeah, short but fun trip. 

Till next travel, bye now. 

18 April 2023

4D3N Taipei, Taiwan.

This post is super long overdue. I just couldn't get into my blogging mojo since we came back from the trip. I feel like it is now slowly coming back, and I am excited to get back to updating everything here. 

So, I don't really remember what was the reason for this trip, but the whole idea of going on a short trip was Adrian's idea. Shocking right, I know. I thought it was a trick question when he asked me if I wanted one. My eyebrows were raised, but I said yes in a heartbeat. Hah. 

The initial plan was to go somewhere in Malaysia so we could bring the kids, but Adrian wanted a trip for just the both of us. It was really sweet, but I was hesitant at first. I could not leave Adam because he is just a baby. 

However, it didn't take that long for me to agree with Adrian - to not bring kids with us. Hah. 

I'm the best mom in the world or what? 

The answer is yes lah please. Take care of myself first then only I can take good care of my children ma. Self care, self love all important okay please. Leave your judgemental attitude outside this space please. Heh. 

So, once we decided it was only 2 of us, the options became bigger and we decided to go out of the country. He wanted Japan but we could only be away for 4 days. That was the maximum number of days I could handle without being with Adam. So we put Japan back into "pending for future" box. He insisted at first, but going to Japan for less than a week is nonsense la please. 

I thought of Maldives, but it is quite far and to go for 4 days only also macam waste of money and not to mention it's going to cost a bomb. So, obviously we threw that idea away. 

Somehow we got to Taiwan and the weather at that time is winter-ish, and it's not expensive to fly there. So, we immediately book our flight tickets. I was in-charged (self-appointed heh) of booking the accommodation and went with CitizenM. Read many good reviews of this hotel, and it's modern style suits me, so I decided to proceed with it. Read more on the other post okay. 

Flight ticket was RM3,130 for 2 adults with China Airlines. I am thankful that we didn't have to use AirAsia because I will be honest - I prefer normal airlines for like destinations that require more than 2 hours of flying. I need that kind of comfort. Heh. 

China Airlines that time was the best price and although not the best timing, it was still a good experience. 

We got to the airport at brunch time so we could check in early and chill at the premium lounge. Adrian has 2 different credit cards that allows free access to lounges worldwide, so yay me. 

It was so nice to sit down with each other with no distractions and not rush our conversations. It was really a romantic moment in that corner seat during our lunch. He had to work after that, so I watched Netflix and Dashing Diva-ed my nails. 

We are also the best partners to travel together because I like aisle seat and he likes the window seat. So much win. I sanitised as much as I can when we boarded the plane, because I just did not want to take any chance. Then, we asked for a pillow and blanket each, and yes I took the pillows and blankets home. We paid for it, so please take them home. 

I've always imagined that they would reuse the same pillow and blanket and put them in a new plastic cover and give it to someone else. You never know right. So, please take home and wash and use heh. I also will never miss mealtimes on board. Something about dining in the plane that completes the travel experience. So usually, I will eat first then only sleep (if the flight is a long one). 

We took the train from the airport to Taipei's Main Station and walked to CitizenM. It was probably about 10-minutes walk. It was such a nice walk because it was quite cold and windy. It was about 11pm by the time we checked-in so we didn't like waste time in the room. We literally dropped our luggage and walked to Ningxia Night Market. It was one of the closer ones, and they open till very late. 

We got there and managed to grab quite a lot of different foods. Then, we walked back to our hotel, and crashed early because we booked a one-day tour the next day to Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, Shifen and Golden Waterfall. 

If you ask me, I would highly recommend you to go for this tour if you have not been there. Those places are really beautiful and pretty! 

We got back to Taipei at about 5pm. Showered and changed and headed out again for a different night market. This time, we went to Ximending Night Market, and loved it! 

Also, we were told to stay at Ximending for our first time to Taiwan and the people were right! Ximending is fun to stay at. 

We spent the next day exploring Taipei city on our own - free and easy. It was our last day there, so we tried to eat as much new foods as we can. Definitely went home with a food baby. Hah. 

We also managed to buy a few boxes of local pineapple cakes, local snacks and drinks. I wanted to get more but we didn't have enough space in our luggages. So, that will do. 

The flight home was also a pleasant one. China Airlines did not disappoint. I think they improved a lot, as compared to before MCO. I've heard a lot of negative reviews on them before, but looks like they are not that anymore it seems. 

Overall, it was such a nice getaway with the Mister. We ate a lot yes, but we also did a lot of self-reflection. 

One particular topic that we spent time talking was on our parenthood. We reviewed (sounds so formal) but yes, we did some reviews and gave honest feedbacks to each other on how far we have come on our parenthood journey. 

We agreed on certain things that we would intentionally stop doing, or continue or start doing them. Many people always ask if we do the whole 'good cop bad cop' thing, and to be honest we don't. 

We always align with each other, so that the children know they cannot try to outsmart us. Hah. But still got wan la please. They are smarter than we think. Hah. 

We also talked about our marriage which I felt was so important, and fun. Like I said, it was really nice to be able to focus on each other 100%. Okay maybe for Adrian, it was 80% la, because he was also busy catching his Pokemon there. Heh. 

I don't mind more short couple trips like this one. Thankful for our families and friends for stepping in to take care of the children. They are our heroes, hands down!

To end this post, here is a collage of all the foods that we ate in the span of 4 days and three nights in Taipei. We will see you again, Taiwan :)

Till our next travel, bye now!