07 December 2022

Adam's Birth Plan.

 More updates that no one is asking for. Heh. 

So, we are down to like the final few weeks (written this few weeks ago), and I was instructed to do the blood sugar test every end of the week (usually on Sunday) because I will need to go consult my GH's gynae on a Monday to continue monitoring my blood sugar level. 

I am thankful that my dad got that prick-own-blood-machine so I get to do it at home (or wherever I go). 

This is how it goes. 

Test the blood sugar level once before breakfast, then 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch and 2 hours after dinner. Then, just record the readings in my pink book. 

For a consecutive of 2-weeks, my readings post-meal has been high. Higher than it should have been considering that I really controlled what I eat on the day I have to do these tests. So, ultimately my gynae consulted a specialist and they agreed to get me on Metformin (1 tablet, twice a day). 

I thought that was it. Just take more medications to control the blood sugar. But that was not it. Hah. 

"So with Metformin, kita kena ambil baby keluar latest by 38 weeks ya"

My face got curled up, and I was legit confused. She explained more and in GDM cases like this one, the doctor do not want to take any risks so the safest thing to do for baby and mom is to bring baby out by 38 weeks. 

Well, I was definitely not ready for that "statement". 

I was alone in the Klinik Kesihatan so I nodded and agreed, and left the place. I called Adrian immediately to tell him the news and hung up after that. 

Then I took a long deep breath and cried. 

I felt lost and helpless. 

But after those tears, I felt so much better. I took many deep breaths. Heh. 

It was a scary thing to hear especially when I didn't have Adrian with me. Such a baby I know. Hah. We talked more after that, and decided to go back to Dr Eric for second opinion (sort of). 

I was also alone during the initial time with Dr Eric because Adrian got caught in the traffic jam but he made it halfway through the consultation. 

Dr Eric agreed with my GH's gynae and proposed to bring the baby out at 38 weeks. He also prescribed 2 doses of steroid jabs to strengthen the baby's lungs. I took 1 on the day itself and boy, that jab was painful alright. My bum and right thigh was sore after that. Definitely not looking forward to the second jab next week. Hah. 

Many people asked us if we plan to deliver at GH or at Island Hospital, and to be honest with you, the original plan was to go to GH all the way. I was comfortable with delivering the baby at GH. 

But things changed la okay. Hah. My work insurance covers the entire cost of the delivery because it is categorised under 'Complications of Pregnancy', so we will definitely be checking into Island Hospital. 

So yeah. Delivery date has been scheduled to be on the 9 December because Adam will be chun-chun at 38-weeks. The Caesarean surgery will happen at 1PM. 

My Skin Specialist has reduced my Dhasalone's dosage, and I started noticing new rashes appearing on my arms - oh what a nightmare. But I keep telling myself to tahan for just few more days! 

As I am updating this again, it's two days left, and today is my last day of work so that's a huge relief. Stress has been somewhat contributing to my itch in the day, but at the same time, work is the one that takes my mind off it. So no win-win in this. 

I will have a one-day off tomorrow - just finalising all that's needs to be done before Adam comes. How crazy is it that we are going to be a family of five, real soon? 


But yeah, see you all when Adam joins the gang! :)