26 November 2015

Engagement Dinner For Two.

In the midst of all kinds of moments and seasons, one thing that helps me calm down (literally) is this: blogging.

It may be on random things like this one and this one and this one and this one. Just as long as I blog. So, it could be anything under the sun, moon and stars. 

Recently however, I've noticed that I've been posting a lot on the recent-status-change. Don't blame me okay. It is really a big moment for me, for us. Okaylah, don't know much on the impact for him but at least for me, it seems like everything changed. 

I think the very moment when he posted that YES! SHE SAID photo on Facebook and Instagram, his friends immediately already knew what they were going to do for his bachelor party. More like, where they wanna have his bachelor party. Hangover Part 4. GGDOTCOM liau.

Anyways, for me it was breathtaking. Yeah, I literally forgot to breathe that few seconds and every now and then. The thought of becoming someone's wife in less than a year scares me actually. Not in a really bad way. I don't know. 

I take marriage very seriously and I know once I'm in it, there's no way out. It's really going to be till death-do-us-part and I strongly do not agree with divorce under any circumstances at all. 

I guess because of that, I tend to want to talk about it a lot because I am super excited for it. If you're not excited for me, then you no good friend lah okay. KIDDING!

Anyways, we wanted to celebrate our engagement and remember that day when it happened but because money is something that we cannot simply spend and something that we don't really have (at the moment), we decided that we will not do it with both sides of family. We wouldn't want to celebrate big and pay for a dinner with money that we do not have. Heh. 

So, we decided to have a candle-light dinner together. No candles obviously because candle-light dinner is way too serious and quiet. Hah. I tell you ah we're so not the fine-dine kind of people la. 

It didn't take long for us both to decide where to dine because this place is a place where we always looked past it and will never stop and go in eat. BECAUSE THEY ARE EXPENSIVE APPARENTLY.

And since this is an engagement dinner, we were like, "HOR EE LOK!"

Did you know that we actually postponed our dinner a few times already because both were not in the 'right mood'? WE TOTALLY DID. 

To know where we went for dinner, click sini pergi WhatTwoEatHere tengok. 

We decided to do it on a Monday because then the day started out to be exciting as we both will be thinking of the dinner so no blues. At least for me it wasn't blue. I don't think he ever has problems with Monday blues. He's too in love with the things he does. Hm. 

Anyway, we also made it a point to dress-up for this dinner because it's a big night okay. So, after work, changed into a dress and put on nice make-up and wore heels. Mood also was right so best giler ya. I think he saw that I wear so nice d then only he quickly change to another shirt in the car. Heh. 

He brought flowers before dinner. No, seriously he did. HOW ROMANTIC CAN.

He called for booking earlier and requested for a romantic corner and guess where they placed us? 

Right next to the window, which was perfect I guess except there was no view also. It basically sees the main road and carpark. Heh. But what other view do I need since I have my lover in front of me, right? HAH! GELI!

We dined and wined and talked about everything other than the wedding planning because that could end up in either two ways. 

One, we will end the topic realizing that there is a lot of work to do and bring to ourselves the extra stress that we don't want during dinner. 
Two, we will set the mood off because we will reach to yet another junction and both will 'argue' till we agree to disagree in the end, and boy you wouldn't want to be with us when we are at that junction because the debate is endless okay and loud. Hah.

So yes, no wedding talks. Just us and pointless topics. 

Then, after that we went to our potential-wedding-ceremony venue and walked around. It's so beautiful at night oh goodness. Too bad our wedding ceremony is going to be in the morning. Heh.

Oh right. At first, we didn't want to talk about the wedding right? So, we went to that place and still did not really talk about it. We just kinda stood there and looked at it and smiled. 

I think we both tried to imagine the whole ceremony in the back of our heads at that place. As much I want to reveal where that place is, Muthu suggested that we wait till we get confirmation on the venue then only reveal! Ahhh, the suspense I tell you. 


Okay, I may have just increased all your expectations on this place and if it turns out not so great for some of you, the feelings sure horrible. Okay, you know what? JUST WAIT FOR THE REVEAL! COMING SOOOON! :)

After like 10 minutes there, it started drizzling and we decided to go home and rest. I took the longest shower while he plays with his Samsung (pfft, change to iPhone already please) and was in my most comfortable jammies. Oh my, nothing beats that. 

My hair all tied up, I have bedak on my face and we shared a bottle of Somersby, while watching Masterchef Australia. Well, I watched the Masterchef. He? He was watchin Youtube with his phone on funny videos or something. But still best kind of night. 

Four years ago, I would not have seen myself here to be with this weirdo. I do see both of us as best friends for life kind of thing but who would ever thought that we both would fall for each other. Yes, you obviously liked me first as much as you want to deny that, Koay. Heh. 

Now, I have about ten months before everyone starts calling me Mrs Koay, which by the way is so weird! I may correct them and ask to call me Sarah instead. Muahaha.

That's it on our engagement dinner that we had, and may we both continue to be as true/real to each other as we are now (except for digging nose in the car :P) with each other.

*raise wine glass* TO MAY MORE YEARS AHEAD OF US!

23 November 2015

Wedding Update 2.

Wedding Update 1 focuses more on a general sense of the dream wedding we want to have because we just didn't have time to sit down and focus on one item at a time, so ma talked about everything. 

Now, we're panicking.

Okay, not really also. 

Anyways, today I just want to pen down some thoughts on venues.

It is so difficult to get the best of both worlds because some hotels have really nice set-up and food and all but only offer a very limited number of tables. Then, the ones that can cater to more people is really expensive. So how?

So, we decided not to have any wedding dinner at all!


Actually, that has always been my plan even before I thought of getting married. I feel, wedding dinner takes up a whole lot sum of money that we don't have and in just a night, all that will be spent and then have to sacrifice honeymoon because no money already so just go Langkawi. 

Nope, Langkawi is not happening, my dear fiance. NOT AT ALL.


Back to the headache. 

The first thing we did when we sort of have a date in mind was blasting out emails to hotels and hotels only. I am picky because I do not want to have it in a restaurant. TAK SUKA.

Some hotels replied in 24 hours and some just don't. Till now, some of the hotels didn't even bother replying. Pfffft. Business must be too good for them already. 

Okay, so actions in order will be like:


No, don't pick a date. PICK AT LEAST THREE DATES. I was so confident that no one else was going to have the same-date-wedding with me since it's hundred of days ahead of time. WRONG! It seems like everyone else got their hotels booked already, on our date some more. SAD MAX OKAY. 

So yes, please choose at least 3 dates in case your first choice cannot then you won't panic like me on the phone with the hotel people. We're still on the wait-list on the date we originally wanted with two more couples in front of us. Goodness me.


This was one of the toughest decision that we both had to agree on. My only agreement on having a wedding dinner is to have it at a nice place. The place has to be really amazing kind. The only problem is money. 

For sure there are so many hotels here that are so amazing but their price list is even more amazing leh and they cannot cater to the minimum number of tables that we want. 

For Mut, his priority was the number of tables. He has a lot of people in his invite list (yes, he already started listing them down) and it's going to be super hard to cut down right. 

After many nights of discussion, we have finally decided to put a fix number of tables and work around that number. Happy to say that we have finally able to narrow down on the possible venues. 


This is actually together with the first step, when you send emails to hotels. Obviously everyone knows the main purpose of this kind of email is to get the price quotation and proposal on all that's inclusive with the price offered.


Once we knew what we wanted, we went straight to the hotel and asked for discounts. I feel there isn't much we could do to lower down the price except to list down the items that we are willing to let go that's part of the proposal.

That, and maybe a really good relationship with the hotel people. If you know someone from the inside then that's even better. Maybe they could get you a really good deal. 

I thought we got quite a good deal with this hotel.

Fun fact: it's a hotel we both loved. FAVORITE HOTEL! YAY!

We are not revealing what hotel yet because saja suka hati. Hah. Actually, because it's not confirmed yet!

I tell you why okay!

BECAUSE THERE'S TWO MORE COUPLES IN FRONT OF US ON THE SAME DATE! I know I said this earlier but let me be lah okay. So, we are praying hard that they don't take it so we both can have it on the date that we wanted. If not, have to go to second date choice but I don't want how. 

See how lah.


Yes, if your date is available and you know in your guts heart that this is the venue for the dream wedding, then quickly pay the deposit and seal it, so no one can steal your date from you. Heh. This part hasn't happen yet for us so we shall wait. Oh and we have two venues to confirm some more. One for wedding ceremony and another one for wedding dinner. 


So, this is pretty much it on getting the basic thing set. No venue, no wedding. Heh. Planning own wedding can be quite stressful. Planning for any wedding is stressful. Getting married should not be this stressful okay.

I am very blessed to have a hands-on fiance to do this together with me. If not, I sure pecah.


We started on this planning very rocky because he was really relaxed and at the same time, he was busy with his work. So, most of the decisions and questions I have to answer and that got me on my nerves because I needed someone to do this with. 

We argued once on this and since then, we both knew clearly that in order for both of us to enjoy every process of getting ourselves married to each other, both have to put both hands in together. 

Since then, the stress is not so much :)

So yes, this is what we've learnt so far being engaged for more than two months. 

16 November 2015

Will You Marry Me : His Side (Part II)

Adrian Koay signing in..

Before you continue with this post, please read my Part I first boleh? Her part also you can go read first if you want..

The wait for this backpack trip felt really long. Our 12 days trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand needed a lot of planning in advance just in case you didn't know. 

The funny thing was, Ryan Yeoh and Naomi Mair both asked me if I was going to propose to Sarah during the trip. Terkejut for a moment.  

Then recently, I asked both Ryan and Naomi what made them thought like that. 

He said, "Because you rarely go on a holiday, usually Sarah go only one!"

Then, when I asked Naomi, she just said, “I got a feeling laa…”

So, Andrew and I tried to find ideas on how to propose during the trip. Then Andrew found in google saying things like Angkor Wat is one of the most romantic places in the world to do a proposal. At first, I doubted it because I didn't want Sarah and I to be both sweaty and dirty during the proposal. 

But after that, I thought why not? We are rugged like that. 

Hot sun, sweat and rough adventures are all bits and pieces of our relationship. 

The plan in the end was to go with the flow. When the timing and setting is chun, just hor ee lok! Bend down and pop the question!

Few days before Sarah, Carmen, Jack and I left for Ho Chi Minh, I met up with Andrew secretly to pass the ring work-place. Also, at the same time, to pass him the Thai Baht and USD that we change for him and BeverlyBoth of them will meet us few days later in Ho Chi Minh because they have got to work. 

After passing the proposal ring to him, on my way back, I felt that something felt missing from the whole thing. So chun right, there was florist shop in front of me, so I stopped and got some roses that will last for a lifetime a.k.a. fake/plastic roses so that the rose can complement the ring. 

Oh ya, the only reason I chose to pass the ring to Andrew was to make sure Sarah doesn’t suspect anything of course. Since she likes to put things and take things from my bag, I cannot carry the ring with me, at all. Teehee.

Holidays started in Vietnam. Banh mi, pho, raincoat, coffee. Andrew and Beverly joined us two days later and he has this tukao pouch over his shoulder the whole entire time, even when he sleeps. 

Inside, the 2R. 

Ring and Roses. 

Throughout the trip, Andrew and I made a lot of those “jeng jeng jeng, you know, I know, she doesn’t know” eye contact. 

Then we stopped for few nights at Phnom Penh before heading to Siem Reap! 

The night before the proposal, Jack and Andrew kept asking me. 

“Are you ready to be a man tomorrow?” 

My answer every-time was always G!

G here, G there. GG everywhere.

We woke up really early that morning as we wanted to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. When we got there, there were like thousands of people standing beside the lake already. I was thinking, there must be a nicer place than that. 

To propose in front of so many people would be awkward! We walked around there but it didn't look like there was going to be another place that we could see the sunrise perfectly. 

Then, I decided that we have to do it there, by the lake. To make it not so obvious, I asked Sarah to take picture of us laughing at those people waiting for the sunrise beside the lake!

Then we headed towards the lake where the crowds were.

Not long after that, we heard people around us started saying “Woahhhh!"

Then I was like, this is it! All I need now is chun timing? So CHUN! 

When the sun came up, what everyone did was take picture right? You know la, Sarah Khoo surely wouldn’t want to miss her instagram-worthy pictures one! So, she decided to join everyone else and went ahead by the lake to snap all the shots she could.

Then Andrew signaled me. 


And I did!

Knelt down on one knee on the muddy side of the lake, looking upwards for the big monster in front of me to turn her head over. No ,she did not turn back despite me calling her a few times. She was too into getting that perfect sunrise photo. So, I (actually it was Beverly's voice that she heard) called her name again and again, of course with the shiny thing on my hand. 

Tiok cheh kia terui dia!

So, I asked her the QUESTION! 


And I heard nothing from her.. 

She just kept closing her face or mouth nya. Then she nodded.  So I put on the ring on her second finger from the left of her left hand which was shivering pretty badly. That's when I realized that my hands were shivering too. The rest is… 


Adrian Koay signing out..

11 November 2015

3D2N Estadia Hotel, Melaka.

If there is one thing that I really cannot get bored of doing on a daily basis, that would most definitely be staying in good hotels. What made it even better is of course having my whole entire family come with me :)

It was quite some time ago already and I suddenly just remembered that I have missed this hotel out. HOW COULD I?

Estadia Hotel is worth my time and energy and I will tell you why.

Over the weekends, we decided to drive down to Malacca for a really quick getaway. Grandma came along this trip and she had just mentioned about it days before we decide to go. All the cencaluks and Malacca brown sugar she could get her hands on. Hah.

It took us many many hours to reach this city. Boy was I happy when we finally saw red buildings here and there. No need o introduce Malacca because if till now Malacca remains a mystery to you then you should just hide yourself in your room and don't come out. 

Seriously, make some time and plan a trip to Malacca. I've been to Malacca countless of times and every time also very fun. If you want to go, go over the weekends. Yes, there will be more people but the Jonker Street will be open and they are only open during weekends. So, don't blame me ah if you go on weekdays and there's nothing to do at night. Heh.

We booked this hotel online, via Agoda if not mistaken. It was onlt about RM160 per room per night. Quite okay considering that it's such a new hotel. When I first heard of the hotel, I was like, "Since when Malacca got this hotel eh?"

I assumed that I would know of the new big hotels in Malacca since I go there so often don't know for what. Hah. Wrong. Estadia Hotel is super new and boutique hotel some more and I love staying in new-boutique-ish-hotels like The Signature! Okay, The Signature is not boutique style but it was new when I went. 

Okay, it's not only new. It's actually under the budget unit but also under the luxury category, so it's not really budget also. So, it's like budgetly luxury. Hmm..yeah. 

Apparently, the price is so cheap that time because it was still pretty new so in order to attract more people, they've got to do that. GO TRY NOW BEFORE THEY INCREASE THE PRICE! Heh.

This is one of the unique hotel experience for me because it's themed is Peranakan style kind. So, if you know anyone who grows up during that era or they may love anything that's to do with Peranakan, you need to recommend this hotel. 

I think my grandmother loves it a lot. 

It has a hint of modern style to it also actually. 

Another thing about this hotel is it is very strategically located at the city centre. I don't know if that's the city place but it's connected to the famous Dataran Pahlawan. Imagine how convenient that could be.

My mom and sister walked over to Dataran Pahlawan from Estadia Hotel on their own while the rest of us rested in the room for a while. No need to drive out and find place to park. Seriously best kind of location. 

One thing about the room though is that it's awfully small. It is really small. 

It may seemed like it're quite spacious in my panorama photo (must be my great photo-taking skill lah) but it's really not. 

As much as I love this hotel, I would not recommend it if you plan to sleep 3 adults in here. If it's just 2 people then it's perfect. 

Next time when I travel with Mut to Malacca, this hotel will be in the list of hotel-must-stay. 

There were 7 adults, 1 child and 1 infant with us in two rooms with a connecting door. 

I had to sleep on the floor between the two super-single beds. How sad. 

Ehh then again ah, their super-single beds can sleep 2 adults. Serious I kid you not. Especially you all lovey-dovey kind of couple, even better right? You can share the room with your another couple-friends.

If you want comfort, just opt for 2 people in a room. That's the best already!

So, here's my little 2 cents on Estadia Hotel, Peranakan home-style luxury hotel, only in Malacca. TRY IT GUYS :)

It's November already? Siau meh.

06 November 2015

10D9N to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

with Jack, Carmen, Andrew, Beverly and the fiance (heh!)
on 16-26 September 2015

It's been like more than a month since we came home from our very first backpack trip. We initially thought that travelling through 3 countries in ten days should be fine. Wrong! A bit too packed since to travel from one country to the other takes at least 8 hours and above. That's a lot of 8 hours that we had. Not to mention the 12 hours midnight ride from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Heh. 

Anyways, I have no idea how I'm going to fit all 10 days of experience into one post so I am trying here to summarize as much as I can, yet not to lose out on the interesting things that happened! 

Packing was the first challenge for me. I had no whatsoever idea how to fit all the things that I wanted to bring in that backpack, which was a real struggle because I left behind half of the things that I wanted to bring. Turns out, there were a bunch of things that I really wanted needed and it was not in the backpack. Sad betul. Partly also because I won't be able to carry too heavy of a load, if not my spine sure bengkok lagi.

The planning prior to this trip was already posted before the trip even begins, so you may want to start there :)




It was my first time taking a mid-noon flight, so the excitement didn't really kick in until when I left to Koay's house for a lunch date at Genting Kopitiam. 

While writing this, I just realized that our hashtag team name for this trip really is very accurate. From the very start of the trip till the very end, we have had a series of tiok-cheh-kia moment, hence the name #tiokchehkiabackpackers. 

This will be the first one for Koay and me. 


We were having some trouble to get someone to fetch us to the airport, but I confidently told him that I've got it covered and planned for Uber to get us there because I've received some free rides from Uber. He was not very confident that there will be Uber available near is area because it was a Public Holiday, to which I explained that the Public Holiday is the reason that there will be many more Uber drivers around. 

One thing about Uber though is that there is no such thing as pre-book service, so he was very nervous because if we couldn't find an Uber driver, we might miss our flight to KL. 

So at 12pm, we decided to call for one and get to the airport earlier. While I was using the app to get a ride, I searched for the special code (for a free ride) and key-ed them into the promo code box. THEN, IT SAYS THAT THE PROMO CODE FOR THIS FREE RIDE IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR FIRST TIME USERS. 


To cut the story short, we made few calls and finally his mom was able to get us to the airport. Wah, I feel so embarrassed okay. I was so confident that it will be a free ride to the airport. We didn't want to pay for the ride because we have quite limited ringgits and wanted to bring them for the trip. Now, Koay will and has been using this against me. Bleh. 



It was our turn to check in our backpacks so I handed in all our passports and e-tickets that I printed in the office. Then, the MAS man behind the counter raised both his eyebrows. Oh oh, not a good facial expression and definitely not the kind that you want to see when you check-in. 

He asked about our returning to Malaysia and we told him that it's a backpacking trip so we're gonna probably take the train home, but we haven't purchased any tickets yet. Then, he showed me on his work screen on some terms and conditions. Basically, it says that we need proof to show to Vietnam's Immigration Officer (upon arrival at HCM) that we will not stay in the city for more than 30 days. Since we don't have like a returning ticket, we will need some kind of other proof. 

That was like an hour before our flight departs. KAN CHEONG TO THE MAX.

Without any proof, he cannot let us board the flight to fly to Vietnam because he fears that Vietnam might send us back upon arrival. So, our only option at that time was to get a proof of some sort. We cannot get the train tickets from Bangkok to Penang because we might want to go to some islands before we head back. In the end, we decided to purchase online bus tickets from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. We stormed to MAS office like superheroes okay. 

They cleared us in the end and we managed to board the flight. 

So, that my dear friends, was once in a lifetime experience. Never again I would like experience this kind of adrenaline rush thank you. 


Penang - KL 
2:45pm - 3:45pm

The journey was okay-okay if you ask me. It's a very short one so nothing much to feel also. I initially thought that the domestic flight's plane will not have entertainment on board so I went to get a magazine, which I never even read throughout the entire backpack trip. I can feel Koay's deadly stare at me now. Hah.

Travel tip: Always bring an earphone with you whenever you travel, especially if you're going to fly. As far as I know/experienced, headphones will be given to you for all international flights but they will take it back when the plane is about to land, usually, there's still like 15 minutes left. So, with your own earphones, you won't have to stop midway while watching your favourite TV series. For domestic flights, you can still use their in-flight entertainment but they won't provide headphones, so imagine watching without sound. HORRIBLE FEELING. 

Back to this. We got to KLIA and everyone was kinda feeling hungry. We walked around, explored the other Terminal and decided to eat at Old Town in the end. Expensive but probably the cheapest we could find at that time. 

KL - Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh)
MH 766
5:50pm - 6:45pm (Ho Chi Minh's local time)


We arrived at Tan So Nhat International Airport in one piece and our excitement kicked in already right. So, at the immigration counters, as we were all lining up, I decided to take a panorama view which was not allowed (I forgot at that time!) and happily chatting away until this happened.


A Vietnamese man behind the counter stood up, walked to the counter in front of us, pointed at me with his index finger and shouted that. I knew instantly that it was because of the photo. 

Now imagine this okay. At the immigration counter, it is usually (MOST OF THE TIME) very quiet. No one talks other than the immigration officers. With that being said, everyone and I mean EVERYONE there was looking at me. I walked to the shouting officer's counter and said, "It's the photo, isn't it?"

Got the nerve to ask like that some more. Then he smiled. HE SMILED AT ME and nodded his head and asked me POLITELY to delete them, which I obviously did. 

So, in everyone's head, I was shouted at by this really fierce dude but the truth is, he's so nice. He smiles so warmly at me and I bet no one saw that! So, I became that "poor girl kena yelled at, at the airport for taking photos when the sign already says no photo!"

I was embarrassed. Very embarrassed. I wonder if any famous blogger were to do that (innocently of course), he will react the same. He was really loud and fierce okay.


Ho Chi Minh is 1-hour behind Malaysia, so after 1 hour and 55 minutes of flying with MAS, we reached HCM at 6:45pm (7:45pm in Malaysia). Hungry of course definitely.

Guess what I ate first after we checked in?


It's not a kind of noodle dish. It's a Vietnamese sandwich and you can easily find them by the street of HCM or Hanoi. Vietnam is starting to grow on me because of their food. Mmm.


We walked out of the airport and already there were so many taxis around. We asked one taxi driver and he was going to charge us 800,000 dongs to send us to Thanh Long Hotel in District 1. That's about RM160! SIAU MEH. That means we have to pay RM40 per person just to get to the hotel, which I google-searched and it's about 20 minutes away with no traffic. Pfft.

We then decided to walk out of the airport area and went to a mall opposite (very nearby) and asked for another taxi from a company called Vinasun. We decided that it was better to go with a metered taxi than a fixed-rate one from the airport. 


113,000 dongs! That's like RM23 only! Crazy right. RM23 for the whole taxi, so per person only RM6! The difference damn huge okay. Needless to say, throughout our stay in Vietnam, we only use Vinasun taxis that run on a meter, whenever we need one. Most of the time, we walked because there's quite a lot of things to do around the place we stay. 


Thanh Long Hotel at District 1, highly recommended! 
54, Pham Hong Thai, Ben Thanh Ward, HCM


Perfect for 4 persons. 

The room was clean and proper. Breakfast although just eggs and banh mi bread, was sufficient for us. Actually, they have fried noodles and porridge also but when in Vietnam, don't lah eat at the hotel. Must go street food style. 

After check-in, we went to their Pasar Malam and shopped. Well, actually Koay shopped. Heh. Then, we had beef noodle, Pho (pronounced as fur) by the street and called it a night. 

We got our hotel reception to book a half-day tour to Cu Chi Tunnel (price below by Tuan (pronounced as Tun) Travel) so it was early morning in HCM for us. The bus ride was 4 hours so that's more sleeping for us, which is not really a good thing because we sleep too much this trip! And all on moving vehicles so that's really crazy. 

After Cu Chi Tunnel's exploration and getting to use a gun (Carbine) for the first time, we came back and explored the rest of Ho Chi Minh's city on our own. I shall just let the photos do all the talking. It's raining season at Ho Chi Minh, so fewer tourists everywhere and things are probably a lot cheaper too. Heh.


"Babe! Where is the Go-Pro camera?"

Carmen said when we got back to the room from Cu Chi Tunnel.

Turns out, they both had left the camera in the mini-bus and immediately rushed to the receptionist to call Tuan Travel.

To cut the story short, it was in the mini-bus, but they were not able to get it as the mini-bis had left to another place for touring. 

Good thing it's not the real Go-Pro and good thing they were kind enough to 'maybe' mail it back to them to Penang. 

Hopefully, they do.


Also, according to the email from our purchase of bus tickets from Ho Chi Minh - Phnom Penh at the Penang Airport (TIOKCHEHKIA MOMENT: #2), we had to go to the travel agency shop and present the email/print-out one day before our departure day to collect the real tickets and we did just that after Cu Chi Tunnel Half-Day Tour.

The four of us spent the rest of the day exploring the other sides of the city that we can cover. Since I've been there once many years back, I could remember some of the iconic places that they have to go and see. We walked along the streets, and stopped at any street food stall we could lay our eyes on. At least Koay and I did lah. It's like our tummy can never be full. Heh. 


We were at Saigon River's Pier and wanted to make our way to the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral when a few men approached us and signalled to us what seemed like they were offering a bike ride to our desired destination. 

Eh, wait. We approached them because we were asking for directions! Ahh yes yes. That's when they offered to fetch us there, to which we immediately politely declined.

If you have been to Vietnam, you would know how crazy their bike-life is. Most bikes do not have side mirrors because to them, honking works better than checking in the mirror to see if there are incoming vehicles. You honk means you win and you get to go first. Vietnamese logic of road-sense. 

So, in all our right minds, we said no thank you and walked away.

Less than 50 steps ahead, our backpack-adventurous-mood kicked in and we turned back and walked towards them and gave it a go. 

Yep, three grown-ups on a normal mirror-less bike, driving through the city like a pro. IT WAS SCARY OKAY! At the same time, it was so much fun. 

What makes it more fun was the fact that I dared to hold my iPhone out to take photos! Now, that's insane when I think back. Oh my.

It's listed in the #tiokchehkia list because there was not a second that our hearts were at rest on that bike. Not at all. Every turn has us holding our thighs even tighter, secretly hoping that if we crash, our legs will stand up and save us! Hah. 

Our bike-rider was so friendly that when we were taking a selfie, he turned and smiled. HE TURNED AND SMILED WHILE RIDING THE BIKE WITH OTHER MILLION RIDERS ON THE ROAD. If this is not taking a risk, I don't know what is. 



On our last day here, Andrew and Beverly met up at our hotel and we walked to Ben Thanh Market to have brunch and around the area just so that both of them can see a bit of Ho Chi Minh before we leave for Phnom Penh. 

Needless to say, they were completely shocked by the bikers on the road. They've learnt that in order to safely cross the street in Vietnam, just close your eyes, hold your partner's hand and walk across. HAH.

Our HCM-PP's bus leaves at 3:00pm so we didn't really have much time to do anything here, except to buy more food for the trip and wait in the shop because it was too hot outside (what raining season guys!)


If you didn't know, this was the incident that gave us the #tiokchehkiabackpackers name for the entire trip. 



We were waiting for our Vietnamese Kebab (for pre-dinner in the van) along the street, when a man came to me and start marketing his fake RayBan shades and was pretty persistent I may say. Since I don't have many dongs left, I told him that I've got no more dongs and I obviously already have a sunglasses so means I don't need to spend on another one that is fake. 

His starting price was 400,000 dongs (about RM80) and we thought that was crazy. The bargaining went on for a good 15 minutes and finally, I told him that I will only buy if it costs 50,000 dongs (about RM10). That was the price that I was willing to pay for one since I thought that life is harder on him considering now the low season for tourists. Also, because I thought that the price was so low that he would walk away himself knowing that I will never buy if it's more than that. 

This guy was persistent I tell you. I walked away and he said loudly, "Okay okay, 50,000 dongs for you!"

HAHAHA! I don't know should feel happy or not also. Hah. But I didn't have enough dongs so gave him RM10 and he took it. 

From RM80 - RM10. I feel my bargaining skill really levelled up kao-kao already! 



While TIOKCHEHKIA MOMENT #7 was happening, the other couple was also having a similar incident.

Except that their encounter is not with someone who sells a kind of product but more of a service. 

This man from a distance must have seen Andrew's sports shoes and noticed a small opening on the front and quickly stormed over to the kebab stall and kept insisting that Andrew lets him fix the opening gap thing. Andrew and Beverly clearly said no probably like a million times but was ignored kao-kao.

The man just went down on his knees and pour some sort of what appears to be like a 3-seconds glue and wipe the shoe. So, the shoe now has no more gap and whatsoever and this man demands a fee.

Andrew obviously said no because it was done against his will. ANDREW NEVER SAID YES. The man will not move a single muscle and kept insisting on 1 dollar. 1 US DOLLAR for something that Andrew himself didn't consent to. 

The man just stood there and to avoid making any scene, Andrew bit his tongue and pulled out a 1 dollar note and gave it to him. 

Guess what happens next?

The man SHAMELESSLY walked over to Jack and squat down and seems like he was going to do the same tactic but Jack immediately screamed at him a really loud NO. Then, and only then the man stopped at stared back at Jack.

Yeah, stared back at Jack. He's probably like in his early twenty or so and he was staring at Jack because Jack shouted at him. Pffft. This man is rude okay. He walked away in the end, but only after staring Jack down. 


I have been to Vietnam three times. Twice to Ho Chi Minh and once to Hanoi. I have never met a Vietnamese who is this rude like the man who fixed Andrew's sports shoes. Okay, maybe rude is not an accurate word to describe this young man. He's persistent I'd give him that, but he has ultimately ruined the first impression of Andrew and Beverly on their first visit to Vietnam.

Of course, this man will not entirely destroy their desire to explore other parts of Vietnam, but at that moment, the mood was affected.

We arrived at Vietnam's Immigration Checkpoint and was asked to fill up an Arrival card. It was pretty easy and quick.

No, I did not take any photo on the inside because I wouldn't want to be called upon again. Heh. We felt quite lost because the driver only told us what we needed to do and he didn't mention anything extra that we need to know like there is another checkpoint in front or something.

There was a Cambodian lady (next to Jack in the photo above!) in our van that speaks pretty decent English so she filled us up on the procedures, sort of. We also met a girl from England but she is currently working in a pub in Australia. Pretty ang mo :)

After passing the Cambodian border/checkpoint, we stopped at a local deserted-lookalike makan place. We were all hungry and tired and hungry. 


After being on the van for so many hours and when we're about to reach Phnom Penh in just a couple of hours, we found out that there is wifi on-board.

Yeah. Wireless internet access! Onboard!

The whole entire time! If we have known earlier, we would not be forcing ourselves to sleep all the time. Pffft. 

You can imagine our excitement when we realized we could use the wifi! Ahhh. 



We took a tuk-tuk (costs 1$ for the entire tuk-tuk and yes we all squeezed) and he brought us to a few hostels. It was late at night and we're only going to spend a night at Phnom Penh so we took the cheapest we could find at that time.

One mistake that we will never do again and you all should not either is going with the flow when it comes to hostel bookings. We thought that walking in will make the backpack experience 'wilder' and more 'authentic' which turns out to be an expensive experience.

No idea why we have never thought that booking earlier on any online platform is a better idea. Well, now we know.

Golden Boat Guest House 2. Pretty clean and decent.

Dormitory style with shared bathrooms and air-conditioner that works like a giant fridge.


We walked out on the street where Golden Boat Guest House 2 is and looked for food. It was really late and we were really tired, but when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.

We saw this stall at a corner of a junction and there were many locals dining there. We walked towards it and the food seems normal, so we went ahead with it. 

Not knowing how to speak in the Cambodian language, Koay and Andrew ordered based on pointing at the main ingredients. We looked around and found a place to sit and be comfortable.

Wait, comfortable? 

No. Not comfortable. Wrong word to use now though I wanted to be comfortable while having my meal since after such a long ride, but no. Comfortable is not the word.

Yep, right next to me. Oh and this was how it looked like at the entire area. Everywhere also sampahhhh. No one cares okay. You come, you eat, you drink, you wipe your mouth, you throw on the floor, you pay and you leave. 

Basically, the routine of this place.

Being quite a hygiene-freak-when-it-comes-to-food-person, I struggled. I had to look at Koay's face the entire time while eating because if I looked at the floor or see any Cambodia roaches, I would freak out. I would leave perhaps. Maybe not since I was seriously deprived of food.

Food was good tho.. which brings me to the next moment.



The saying, "Hungry what also eat" applies here perfectly. That and also everything is in US Dollar so we try to save as much as we can by not spending it too much on food. No shopping of course.

Anyways, we ordered and waited. The food came pretty quickly, so we all started eating. The photo you see below is not the real condition because we used our hand-phone lights so that the food can be seen. It's actually really dark.

You cannot see exactly what you're eating. You can see that it's vegetable and meat and onions and gravy but that's all you see okay.

We were eating happily when Jack suddenly said, "Eh is this an ant in my rice?" 

We kinda like ignored him because we thought that it's just one or a few and continued eating. We even asked him to eat it anyway because it's a healthy protein. Heh.

Then, Jack looked to the side and saw that the man next to him has A LOT of black ants on his rice and he was sure that it's ants because on the white stuff, it becomes very clear and there was a lamp post there. Jack then told the man and surprisingly, the man understood Jack and pointed back to our dish. 

I'm not sure if he said anything in English but he seemed to understand us. 

He pointed at our dish and got all of us curious. We looked closely (without any light) and see a few ants. Then, we decided to use the light to see clearer.


When we found out, we let out quite a loud, "Oh my goodness! Are you serious!?" and the man and his friend giggled at us.


This, my friend, is called The Red Tree Ants with Beef. How we found out about the name? We went to a local restaurant the next day and it was in their "Cambodia Specialty" page menu. No kidding.

We finished everything tho. It was really yummy, okay or we're seriously deprived of food and rice.

I think it was really yummy.


We only have one full day at Phnom Penh and that also because there's nothing much to do at Phnom Penh. Two main tourist place that we wanted to go: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21 Prison) and Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.

We only visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum because the Killing Fields are located outside the city, quite far to travel.

Entrance fee to Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was 3$ per person but if you have a student card, you go in for free. 

Guess who didn't bring student card?


So since his entrance fee is free, he gave his 3$ as tips to our Museum's Tour Guide. 

I would recommend everyone to visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum based on 2 reasons. First, because there is seriously nothing else to do in Phnom Penh than this and snacking on escargots for a very cheap price, 1$! Second because it's a very historical place and it will shock you on the things that happened there and oh got a third reason! You get to meet two men who went through all the torture and survived to tell their story. 

 So yes, please do go have a look.

We walked around the area while waiting to meet Andrew's sister for lunch. We saw a 7-11 lookalike and boy, were we happy or what.

It's too hot in Phnom Penh. I know it's the same sun that shines through every corner of this world, but that day, it was too hot. 

I like being under the sun, but that day I find myself looking for shades after every 10 steps. SO HOT!


Thank you, Evelyn, for the lunch treat! It was very nice meeting you and hearing more of Cambodia, and of course, finding out that our tuk-tuk might have charged us so much more that he was supposed to. Heh. 


Our van took about 7 hours from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. We reached Siem Reap at night. Late at night, and we didn't have anywhere to sleep.

Our tuk-tuk driver took us to one hostel (which I forgot what it's called and forgot to take a photo of the front! Pfft) and they wanted to charge us 7$ per person for one night. 

That's expensive for a room like that. So, we told the tuk-tuk to take us somewhere else but he refused, saying that all other hostels now also this price. We also refused lah.

We told the man that we are only willing to pay 5$ per person and he accepted that. Since late at night already, we settled down in our room while the boys went downstairs to plan the itinerary for our 2 days in Siem Reap with the tuk-tuk driver. 


Andrew was the last one to use the toilet. While the rest of us are clean and lying on the bed, surfing the net, watching Youtube and playing games, this happened.

"Guys! I can't open this door! I'm stuck!"

We all jumped out of our bed and went for his rescue. The doorknob turned but the thing that clicks the door is stuck, as in it won't move. So, we got the receptionist man to help and after a few tries, he failed so he went to ask someone else to help.

Andrew was locked in the toilet for a good 15 minutes I reckon. 

During the waiting time, we laughed at him of course. Good thing it happened to him and not anyone else. Hah.

This was one of the hilarious moment. 

After that incident, we never close our door tight anymore. Everything is based on trust solely. Heh.


The next day is Angkor Wat day! So, we all woke up at 4:00am and left hostel by 5:00am. We wanted to catch the sunrise so it was worth the lack of sleep. 

To our surprise, there were so many others who woke up at 4:00am just to catch the sunrise. MUST NOT MISS IT YEAH.

20$ for a day's entry okay what. So many things to see inside. I may be biased since Angkor Wat is now a very meaningful place for us. Heh. If you didn't know, shame on you okay. 

Nevermind. I help you. Go read this then this and this and THEN only continue reading this. Hah. Go now please thank you :)

Remember to keep their entrance ticket carefully because without this, you won't be able to enter other ruins or toilets and they have to make sure that you look exactly like in the photo (taken when you pay 20$). 

The start of Angkor Wat's entrance. SO BEAUTIFUL ALREADY OKAY! I would say that Angkor Wat is one of the main historical piece inside that MOST (if not all) people will stop to catch the perfect sunrise. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I got no time to go to Google and check out the facts all. There are so many historical ruins/temples in Angkor Wat that you will find yourself spending at least 6 hours at Angkor Wat. That, of course, includes the part where Lara Croft filmed her movie there. 

I can't remember what it's called already.

Also, a piece of very important advice I would give to you all is that ENGAGE A TOUR GUIDE TO ANGKOR WAT. If not, you will be like us, walking everywhere not knowing the history behind it and that kinda sucks. 

Every time there's a group near us, we would stand closer to listen to the stories. So yes. PLEASE DON'T KIAM-SIAP LIKE US. IT WILL BE WORTH PAYING FOR A TOUR GUIDE.


Yes, this is obviously the most tiok-cheh-kia moment for me during this entire trip. The second would be my love for banh mi almost caused us to sleep on the streets of Bangkok. 

You've guessed it right.

The proposal.

I shall not mention it here since we've blogged about it earlier on. If you have not read on that, go now please thank you. 

Nah, make life easier for you. Click here or here. Whichever side you want to read first. Heh.


All these sunrise over Angkor Wat's photos are all taken before the proposal happened. Who would have ever thought that he would do it here? Not me for sure. 

Anyways, the view was amazing. Beyond amazing actually. Too bad photos do not do its justice. It's the very definition of what breathtaking is. I never thought I would fall in love with a view like this one. 

It's the same sun that is shinning but still, there's something different about this place. No lah, not because this place is the most meaningful place for us.

I fell in love with it before the man kneels down okay. Hah.

It's impossible to choose which photo I like better, so might as well post all up. Muahaha.

We spent about half a day in Angkor Wat and that also we didn't manage to go see all the temples there. We feel the tuk-tuk driver (I forgot his name already) tried to cheat us lo, and we some more just everything also okay. 


Also, really partly it was very tiring and hot, but worth the 20$, well obviously right.

We walked in there as boyfriend girlfriend and walked out as an engaged couple leh. Of course, it was worth every penny. Heh.


Before the trip, we already got the idea that in Cambodia, everything is going to be in US Dollar, so we were prepared. Sort of.

People around told us that when you pay to the locals in USD, they will return the change in Cambodian Riels. THAT IS 100% TRUE.

So, the common advice is to bring the smallest change of USD so that you don't need to receive any Cambodian Riels from them. Well, this advice not so helpful.

You see, when we needed to go to the toilet or get certain drinks that cost less than 1$, it will only make sense if you pay the locals in Cambodian Riels. That can only happen if you have the small change of Riels, right?

So yes, please keep/have some Cambodian Riels. Don't panic if locals give you Riels okay. Just keep it. It's not that they have no value but yeah. 

Anyways, the tiok-cheh-kia part about Cambodian Riels is that most of their food items/drinks are all charged in USD. I can say about 90% okay.

If you see the photo below, that was our lunch in Angkor Wat. A typical bowl of curry costs 6$. The vegetable also the same thing. However, the lady gave us 50% discounts because of our tuk-tuk driver. 

Even with 50$ discounts, we only can afford to order 2 dishes shared by 6 growing youngsters. IMAGINE LAH. 

Surprisingly though, it was enough. Heh.

We were on the tuk-tuk and Mut kept looking at my hands to make sure my diamond ring doesn't come off because it was pretty loose. He was so paranoid it was so funny and cute. 


There is absolutely nothing else to do at night here at Siem Reap other than hunting down pubs/bars that sell 0.50$ beer, watching football, playing ping-pong with the bartender and eat street food that is overpriced. 

Since USD is not our favourite currency (only when we have to spend using them) and we were running low on it, we went hunting for the cheapest street food we could find, backpacking style.

We found one whole row of people selling what looked like maggi goreng Cambodian style and looked for a comfortable place to sit. 

By comfortable I mean, if you managed to find a mini chair that's meant for 3 years old toddler, you found yourself a pot of gold. Heh. 

Okaylah, it was quite not bad lah. Good experience.

The noodles came and it tasted so good! Oh myyyy. It was the best 'maggi goreng' I have ever eaten. I not kidding. I don't eat maggi goreng often but since Cambodia, I find myself wanting to order that so often here in Penang, hoping that I may be able to find that Cambodian taste again. 




Before the trip begins, we so gungho right so we decided not to do any pre-booking of hostels so we can feel like a real backpackers. So much win hor.


Turns out all the backpackers that we were with already knew where they wanna go when they reach a country or a city. These 6 Asians were so clueless we didn't even know where to ask our tuk-tuk driver to drop us. I kid you not.

We were so lost okay.

So, nevermind. We did some research prior to the trip so we roughly know where. The thing is we never know if the rooms are fully booked or they increased in price because of we poor backpackers are okay.

We walked back and forth on Pratunam Street to find a decent place to stay. They say beggars cannot be choosers, right?

Not in our case. Found nice hostels, refused to stay because they are either higher than our budgeted price or cannot fit all 6 Asians in one room. Heh.

We almost did not have a place to sleep okay. So kesian. 

One of the hostels that were in our list is called Link Corner. That was our last hope in finding that perfect hostel. We did finally found the place and praying so hard that they have a room for us and it's not going to cost us a bomb. 

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved we all were when we checked in. All 6 of us in a 6-bedded-dormitory with shared bathroom at only 350 baht per person per night. 



No such thing as girls do all house chores anymore right? 


So blessed to have our boys to do the laundries voluntarily, because they love doing it :)


It's not as difficult as in Hatyai to find mini stalls selling exotic delicacies. In Bangkok, every corner of the night market you can see.

When we first started the night walk, we were all like so definitely not going to try the scorpions or roaches. Nope, not at all.

But funny how as the night got later, the 2 jokers had a hint of curiosity in them. I think its all the scorpions we saw that night itself. Oh goodness.

By the look of it, its insane and still feels insane that the 2 of them were going to do it. Not one each of course. They share share. It's only 50 baht for a medium size.



On our first night at Bangkok, we went to a counter along with the night market and engaged with a tour driver who agreed to fetch us anywhere from 9am to 10pm at a fixed cost of 250 baht per person. So, we listed down the places that we wanted to go and he was okay with all of them.

The first place was definitely the famous Bangkok Floating Market. 

The journey took about 1 and half hours to reach the place that he was bringing us to, to get boat tickets. From the beginning, we told him that we don't want a motorized boat. We wanted a sampan style.

He took us to this place, which we strongly believed that he must have had some commission from this vendor.

He also told us (the night before) that the floating market ride and an elephant ride will only cost about 600 baht per person. BS!

This is the part where I started to be upset with him and the vendor.

Their first price was 1,500 baht for both activities. AND ON A MOTORIZED BOAT.

"Eh please lah. Don't give me your innocent face all. You've told us earlier, and now you want to twist your words. BS!"

I didn't say that to him of course. We negotiated to 1,000 baht. 

We asked for sampan, and they said today cannot use sampan. All must use motorized boats. We of course just keep quiet lah, what can we say since they give us no choice. So, 1,000 baht includes the boat ride to the Floating Market and Elephant ride.


Still smiling because floating market awaits and that means more food!

We started seeing food stalls but didn't buy any food because we all know how the real floating market looks like. So, we waited till when we saw a sampan selling Pad Thai, and bought some. Apparently, the best they have ever tasted. 



Oh myy. That time, my flame already started. 


The boatman steered our boat right in front of the entrance to the busy floating market and then took a turn to the left and we've never seen that lovely scene anymore.

We were all shocked but couldn't say much because the boat was loud and moving.

So, I waited till he stopped at a temple WHICH WE DIDN'T EVEN SAY WE WANT TO GO and I claimed that we were supposed to go to the floating market and he explained that he only has 2 hours and after this, he has to send us to the elephant riding place already. 


I was burning with anger because this is daylight robbing okay! Told us one thing, gave us another thing! We paid 1,000 baht TO PASS BY THE FLOATING MARKET.

So, basically, he obviously refused to bring us back to the floating market and Koay calmed me down. I was so mad that I promise you tears was gathering behind my cornea already. If Koay did not step in, I would have exploded and probably spoilt the entire trip, so good call Mut. 

I calmly joined the rest and smile because this ain't going to be spoiling my trip. Of course, there was a lot of deep breathing and talking to self moment. 

I cannot entirely blame the boatman because he was just working under that shitty vendor. So, I let it go and we proceed to our next destination, elephant riding.

It was my first time and needless to say, I was excited. Mut took over the taking photos part and that helps actually for me to just relax. 



We got a small elephant and we instantly felt bad. Then, this elephant also quite rebellious I think. He walked front few steps and walked backwards a few steps. 

I shouted of course because I was shocked. I thought I was gonna fall off the seat! Then, when we were at the palm trees area, he walked back again and reversed into the palm trees! 

The giant leaves hit my back so hard that I shouted again. I thought it was going to bruise because it was such a hard impact.

Then, the navigator took our what-looked-like-a-curved-parang and hit the elephant so hard I thought that obviously will hurt more than what hit me. That kinda shocked me a little and I kept quiet throughout the entire trip because I don't want the elephant to get hit again :(

Mut says that elephant skin very hard and tough so he will most likely just felt a pinch, but still very inhumane.

I will not ever go for this tourist activity again. SAY NO TO ELEPHANT RIDING!



The driver told us that we could use him till 10pm right?

After the floating market and elephant riding, he got us back to the city and we went to a few place but did not enter because no money to pay to see where the kind sleeps. So, just stand outside taking photos. Hah.

The driver asked us where we wanted to go next and we told him that we wanted to go to this specific cat cafe.

He has the guts to tell us that after that we have to go home ourselves because his service will be until 5pm.

My fire seems to be like fuming again. This time, Mut reminded him of his words last night when he said we could use him till 10pm.

Guess what he said?

"Oh, that one my assistant said. I no say. You hear wrong. My assistant doesn't know anything"


In the end, he dropped us at Caturday and went back.

And that's also because we are a bunch of very nice people and did not demand him to do what he promised to do. CHEATER.



Okay, back to happy posts. No more angry mode.

Jack and Carmen have always been a big fan of cats, so it's only right that we go to a cat cafe in Bangkok. We chose Caturday because it was probably the nearest to us and the easiest to find. It was pretty okay.

I didn't think that I would enjoy myself in Caturday because I am never a fan of cats. More of a dog person. I did actually. I had loads of fun. 

These cats are all so blessed okay. People pay money, and they get fed like the royals. One thing that I really like about this place is it's very clean and proper for an indoor place that's filled with furry animals. Then again, I guess cats are quite clean in general. 

So yes, surprisingly, both Mut and I enjoyed our time here with the cats :)



We spent our time walking around in Pratunam and went into The Platinum Mall. MISTAKE NOT! Things were so cheap in there I cannot. IT's just big concrete wall of endless temptations! 


Cheap and so tasty! WIN!

Walking into the Platinum Mall is the best decision ever. 

They do not take cash at their food stalls, so you gotta go buy a card and pay money that is then converted into credits. If you didn't use finish, can change back to baht.

Very convenient.


Before we boarded the night bus to Surat Thani, we, of course, went to 7-11 first. 

My croissant looked disgusting, right? 

It actually tasted really good.


We all love taking night bus because time passes really fast when asleep and we woke up feeling good! So, night bus for future travel it is :)

Can you see that?

Sun and sea waiting for us! Oh myyy. BEST WAY TO END OUR TRIP!

Just in case I got sea-sick on the boat :)

Again, we did not book hostels prior to the trip so we walked and walked till we found this hostel, called Hacienda Backpackers Hostel.

They have a proper hotel called Hacienda Resort and Beach Club, just behind this hostel, that costs only 350 baht per night per person. This hostel is 300 baht. The thing was we had to stay for minimum of 3 nights if we were to stay at Hacienda Resort, so we opted for the hostel.

The good thing is we could use all the facilities in the resort so yay!


Night came and although Koh Phangan is a small island, it is still impossible for us to go to happening places there. After discussing forever, we decided to go ahead and rent 3 bikes for 6 of us.

The only problem was, Mut doesn't know how to ride a bike. Neither do I. 

Do I trust him to fetch me on a bike at Koh Phangan?

Nope. No need to think straight no. He himself also doesn't trust himself to ride a bike okay. I wasn't going to risk both of us just so that we could have some fun. 

But that was the only option for us to enjoy Koh Phangan. 

Yeah, we went for it in the end. 


We stayed near the Pier, actually not that near but it's somewhere in the middle of the island. So, there are two other sides of the island that you must visit when you're at Koh Phangan.

Haad Rin Beach.

This is where all the nightlife happens. Party every night and even if you do not want to party, this is still the place you want to be at to chill by the beach, enjoying songs throughout the night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In case you didn't know, that's where the famous Full Moon/Half Moon Party are usually held. So, if your main purpose to Koh Phangan is to attend the Full Moon Party, then you should opt to stay at Haad Rin Beach instead. 

Oh and you cannot walk there from the pier, okay, but if you seriously tried and did it, please tell me! You either rent a bike and ride carefully or take a tuk-tuk. We went there twice so that means it's pretty okay. If Muthu can ride the bike through the roads there, I think you all should do just fine :)

I didn't really snap a lot of photos there because I got lazy in the night. Heh. 

Chaloklum Beach.

After breakfast, we took the bike and started our journey to the other side of Koh Phangan. We didn't really know how far it was going to be but hey, we couldn't say no since Beverly recommended it! 

The beach is insanely clean and warm and lovely! The ride there was fun and umm, adventurous if I may say. Life-changing? Yeah, life-changing. Read on, you will know why. 

Anyways, the view on the way to Chaloklum Beach is AMAZINGGGG! So many wow moments.


The view was so amazing almost after every turn, that we made quite a few stops to take photos. So, being a lazy person that I always am, I decided to not keep the iPhone 5s in the bag anymore because every time we stop somewhere, I have to take it out anyways. The 'wise' me thought that it would be safe to put the phone in the pocket of the bike because it's a very deep pocket and it won't fly out. 

I didn't think it was a need to tell Muthu about it since he already has so much on his plate that moment, which is only one: making sure we don't crash. Heh. 

We went up and down the hill as usual till when our bike went through a small rock and then it happened, before our own eyes.

The phone jumps out of the pocket and flew to the other side of the road and my hands were obviously too short to grab hold of it. Muthu lagi no need to say. If he had reached out his right hand to try to catch it, we both would have crashed on the uphill-tar-road. 

We didn't manage to stop immediately as the other bikes were behind us and there were a few incoming cars too. 

According to Andrew, there was a jeep coming from the other direction and he saw my head turned so fast when the phone drops on the road, that he thought if the jeep was a bit nearer, there goes my head. 

Thank God for a local man who was behind us and stopped where my phone was because if he had not, the car behind us would have gone over the phone and crushed everything. I ran to my phone and watched the car go over my phone and praying so many times in my head that God will preserve my phone, and He did. 

I thanked the man and picked up my phone while he watched the road for me. So thankful for this angel :) He went on his way after I thanked him.

So yeah. 

Thank God my phone is still usable :) And yes, I was still all smiley after the incident. Muthu is a great distract-or :)


Goodbye Koh Phangan. It has been beyond lovely. We will be back for more parties and probably will bring more $$$ too!

The moment we got to Hatyai's border where local vendors accept Ringgit, we were so relieved! It's so hard to live without the right currency because we've got no more bahts and we couldn't buy drinks or food to eat. IT WAS SO SAD OKAY.

Before the trip, I was like, "Oh in Thailand, we're going to be spending like kings and queens!"



First and definitely not the last backpacking trip with a bunch of mad people. It was very tiring, but it was super fun. At times, it could get challenging but that's the fun of it, right? Things like getting lost during the most tiring time or something.

All very fun yes. 


Next up, maybe backpack throughout the entire country of Vietnam? Heh.

Okay, maybe no more talking about travel first since the big wedding is happening in less than a year and all spending shall be frozen. See Mut, I am saving :) Hah.


For 3 days and 2 nights at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 
16-18 September 2015
PEN-KUL-SGN airfares via Malaysia Airlines (one way): RM284
3D2N at Thanh Long Hotel, District 1: RM60
Food: RM115
Shopping: RM35
Cu Chi Tunnel (transport [mini bus] + entrance fee): RM55
Firing off on a Carbine (a rifle) with 5 bullets at Cu Chi Tunnel: RM25 
Vinasun Taxi from HCM Airport - Thanh Long Hotel, District 1: RM6
Bike ride from Saigon River to Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica (Cathedral): RM6


[Note: 1,000,000 dongs = RM198 (as of 15 September 2015)]

For 2 days and 1 night at Phnom Penh, Cambodia
18-19 September 2015
Mekong Express Limousine Bus ride Ho Chi Minh - Phnom Penh 6 hours: RM60
2D1N at Golden Boat Guest House 2 : (5$) RM21.25
Food: (14$) RM60
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum Entrance Fee (if show student card, free): (3$) RM12.75
Tuk-tuk (around the city): (3$) RM12.75


[Note: 1$= RM4.25 (as of 15 September 2015)]

For 3 days and 2 nights at Siem Reap, Cambodia
19-21 September 2015
VIP van ride from Phnom Penh - Siem Reap 6 hours: (15$) RM63.65
3D2N at a 3-single-bedded-room (opposite a club named Premier) : 10$ (5$) RM42.50
Food: (14$) RM50
Angkor Wat (one-day-entry): (20$) RM85
Tuk-tuk inside of Angkor Wat: (3$) RM12.75


[Note: 1$= RM4.25 (as of 15 September 2015)]

For 3 days and 2 nights in Bangkok, Thailand
21-23 September 2015
VIP van ride from Siem Reap - Bangkok 6 hours: (15$) RM63.75
3D2N at Link Hostel (6-bedded dormitory) : (700 baht) RM83
Street food: (760 baht) RM90
Shopping at Khao San and Pratunam: (1430 baht) RM170
Foot massage at Khao San Road: (250 baht) RM30
Full body massage at Pratunam Road: (250 baht) RM30
Motor-boat ride to Floating Market, Elephant Ride: (1,000 baht) RM117.6
Rent a car with driver to go anywhere: (250 baht) RM30 


[Note: 10 baht= RM8.5 (as of 15 September 2015)]

For 3 days and 2 nights at Koh Phangan, Thailand
23-25 September 2015
An overnight bus ride from Khao San Road, Bangkok - Surat Thani 7 hoursRM70.5
A boat ride from Surat Thani - Koh Phangan Island: Included with bus fare
3D2N at Hacienda Backpackers: (500 baht) RM60
Food: (425 baht) RM50
Bike rental for 24 hours: (50 baht) RM6
Petrol: (120 baht) RM15
Bus + boat ride from Surat Thani - Penang: (1250 baht)RM147
Shopping: (200 baht) RM24


[Note: 10 baht= RM8.5 (as of 15 September 2015)]