31 December 2014

Highlights of 2014.

This is going to be the usual blog post where I will list down some of moments that have made a difference in my life, one way or another. Good times and bad times, both made me who I am today and who I will be next year, and the many years to come.

This is for me to look back and know that 2014 has been a blessed year. God has blessed me in ways that I never could imagine, be it a happy situation or a heartbreaking one. 

With this, I'm entering 2015 with a bigger heart to love people, especially people who are tough. 

'Love others without expecting them to love you back'

Here goes!

Turning 26 was easy and 'heartache-less'

Company's first ever company trip to Cameron Highlands.

Experienced SNOW for the first time ever.

Visited Seoul.

Sha Lynn turned one.

Started an event company with my sister, called RK Events & Such.

Koay getting his first car.

First time missing out on family's short vacation to East Malaysia.

Painted three quarter of an old church up on the hill of Santisuk, Chiangmai

Sleeping on the floor of KLIA 2.

having to say goodbye to a friend who's moving to the States for good.

Corneal Ulcer happened. Thank you for always keeping Vanessa in your prayers. Will update on her condition when I'm ready to blog about the details.

Visited one of the worse zoo ever in Malacca.

Celebrated our second year of dating.

Found a local designer handbag called Sometime.

Had my first onsen experience and immediately fell in love with it.

visited Osaka.

Went to Universal Studio Japan for the first time WITH EXPRESS PASSES!

Realized that travelling alone is such a fun and addictive thing to do.

Worked with a team for Freedom Fest, celebrating Malaysia.

Finally found a cross necklace that I love and sister got them for my graduation gift.

Mom got admitted into hospital twice. First was too weak and second was dengue.

WhatTwoEatHere was paid to do a blog post for the first time ever.

Penang won CHAMPION in Merdeka Cup's Challenge.

enjoyed Club Med Bali.

Koay went through the water baptism and proclaimed that he's following Jesus. No turning back :)

Camped outdoor for the first time and definitely not going to be last.

Hiked Malaysia's 15th highest mountain with just socks.

Having muscle/ligament tension along my spine for two months straight. First time for sure.

Fast & Prayer up on that hill. So much laughter.

Family vacation to Malacca and found the best place to stay, Guli Residence.

inTUNE with 80 young people for five days straight. 

Attended quite a handful of weddings.

Wrapped up great with a fireBRANDS' New Year's Party and Victor's message.

Most importantly,


I didn't forget to laugh.

I'm ready for you, 2015 :)

29 December 2014

Christmas and New Year's Dinner.

Well, hello there everyone!

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. I know it's four days late but then again, better late than NEVER, right?

I hope you had a memorable Christmas celebration, whether you have them with your family or your friends or even with a big bunch of strangers who happen to be at the same place with you. 

Other than the fact that Christmas was during a weekday, squeezed between Wednesday and Friday and yes both of those days were working days, I still managed to have loads of fun.

The entire week was filled with feasting and feasting and more feasting. I don't remember having rice as any of the main meals last week. It was all meat and ham and more meat. So yummy I can't even.

Because New Year is just six days away after Christmas, most of these dinners are also held to celebrate the ushering in of 2015. Surprisingly, it didn't feel weird wishing people, "Happy New Year!" since twenty-fifth of December. Somehow, the mood is already lingering around.

All the dates for these dinners were booked months ahead so that we don't have any clashing of dates and having to sacrifice one and attend the other one. I never liked choosing between two dinners. ALL DINNERS ARE FUN AND MEMORABLE!

There is one lunch though that was not planned to celebrate Christmas or the New Year. It was Adrian's after-baptism-celebration! He has decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back :)

The photos are all in random orders because I'm too lazy to have them according to which dinner/party comes first. Heh.

Oh can I also say that one of the most exciting event that I look forward to is the Gift Exchange Time. I love getting gifts that are random and for me to not open them immediately when my hands touch them, that is one temptation that I can't resist. LOVE EXCHANGING GIFTS WITH HUMANS!

Holiday Tours & Travel Penang's Celebration Dinner at G Hotel.

Dinner with Koay's Family :)

The Khoo Clan Dinner Party :)

Koay's Baptism Day. Welcome on board, babe! :)

Christmas/New Year Dinner Party at Josh's Crib :)

fireBRANDS' New Year Party IN THE POOL, literally. Photo taken from Benjamin Yeoh's Twitter :)

With few days left to this year, I thanked God big time for all these people who matters. Please, if you are not in any of the photos, it's not because you're not important, you definitely are. Who ask you to NOT BE THERE when people take photos? Heh. KIDDING.

Love you all lots. 

This is for me to carry forward to 2015: LOVE OTHERS WITHOUT EXPECTING THEM TO LOVE YOU BACK.

24 December 2014

Hair Down.

I thought for a very long time how I was going to end this year. 

Knowing me, I need to have like a plan ahead of me so that I can start to picture how it goes and stuff. Everything has to be properly planned out or at least I need to know what kind of food  I will be eating. Food makes me happy.

Anyways, this has been a real struggle believe it or not. When I can't seem to get the plans planned out properly or things like that, I allow it to get at me and it will makes me so annoyed. To the point I just wanna go to a corner and sulk.

So, the fourth quarter of this year I made a decision to work on it. Hah. Like battling with alcoholism or something. 

I kept telling myself to let loose and allow myself to do spontaneous things. Random and out of the blue kind. To for once not plan anything, control the flow and making sure everything goes well.

To let down my hair and do as per the moment. 

It hasn't been easy obviously, but I enjoy myself even more in a very different way. It still gets me on my nerves sometimes but it's been a fun ride.

A roller-coaster is only fun when it goes up and falls down suddenly right? Okay, maybe not so much. Heh.

Blessed Christmas Eve, everyone. 

22 December 2014

Half Day Leave.

First day back to work and I'm already applying for half day leave in the afternoon.

Reason being mom got back to hospital in the morning for final check-up to make sure no more traces of dengue in her body and she's clear! Thank You Jesus! However, she's still a bit weak, so I'm just going home to make sure everything is alright.

That and because my whole body itches like no one business. I have never had any kind of food allergy and I somehow don't think this is because of food. If it is, then it must be from something I ate from Satay Hut last night. WHAT COULD IT BE?

As I'm typing this, I'm also scratching my skin off because the itch is making me so restless. Arghhh.

This is going to be my last day 'leave' of the year. 

Few days left to two zero one four.

Gonna end it well and maybe with a 'bang' too? Like my sister? Still thinking about it heh.

19 December 2014

Home Sweet Home.

I'm finally back to the island! 

I was away for the whole week but not very far from Penang. Just about an hour's drive.

Wah, I definitely miss updating this space and no need to say also everyone knows that our food-blog is even quiter. Coming soon, I promise!

That great feeling when I step foot into the wooden floor in my house, the smell of my room and hearing mom's and Kelly's voice.

The only reason why I decided to post up a quick post now is because I'm trying to keep myself awake till dinner time.

Mom called earlier and said, "Tonight you have dinner with us okay? We go makan Daorae!"

Mom knows best I tell you.

She knows that everytime when she calls me and tells me what we were going to eat or what kind of food is waiting for me at home, it will immediately made up my day and suddenly my energy is boosted from the Emergency-Last-Minute-Needed-Tank. 

So, after dinner tonight confirm I will be like a dead log on my most comfortable bed!

Yay to korean food tonight. I can't wait. I'm so hungry now I could eat up the entire pig :)

Ohh so I was saying that my whole week was spent with a group of young people, about 80 of us doing the usual things we do in AYC. More on that next time :)

Okay, time for dins dins.

Side note: I am so into temporary tattoos now. Cheap and can always change style. ANOTHER ONLINE SHOPPING TRAP! GREAT.

11 December 2014

Rainbow Run 2014.

Months ago, Jack asked us if we wanted to join for Colour Run this year. They had one in KL and it looked fun so we were like, "Why not?"

When we agreed, we obviously didn't know it was going to cost so much. RM50 is A LOT FOR A RUN that gives us only a piece of t-shirt. Not nice some more. Nothing else.

Well, I later found out that this "Color" Run was organized for a charity cause, so okaylah. In the end, we didn't pay anything for it. A friend has blessed us :)

Ohh and I only also found out that the "marathon" was actually called Rainbow Run. It seems like this Run wasn't planned out properly. Everything felt very everywhere. There weren't any confirmed information the day before and like, I don't know lah. 

Let's just say that I won't want to join again next year. Heh sorry.

I cannot be sacrificing my most precious limited sleep for something that only have a few color powder splashes stations. Sorry, it wasn't a run. It was walkathon all the way, which turns out to be a good thing because it's impossible for me to run with my spine-ache.

Which got worse when I got home. 

I should have just restrained from all physical activities when it's still in the recovering process. Now, it's prolly back to square one. Boohoo.

Anyways, we took nice colorful photos and we did have fun doing this with his family and friends! It was a morning well spent. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention about the "GRAND PRIZE WINNER" for the lucky draw. We stayed back because.. because we paid RM50 for this. Hah. I don't know what's the reason we stayed back really. We just did lah.

Anyways, when they called the number 2049. Koay looked at the pile of numbers on the floor and expressed, "Aiya!" as he pointed to the first number 2009 then again at 2040 and then he pointed at the third number and screamed out really loud! Then, he ran towards the stage and claimed the grand prize. 

I don't know anything about bicycles but according to the emcee, that was the best one given out. Nice color some more.

However, that bicycle belongs to a friend of Jaryn's because that was her number. Good fun though. The screaming and clapping and cheering on as he went on stage. Oh fun times!

07 December 2014

First Sunday of the Last Month.

It's December already!

Such a nice feeling to know that I won't be having any kind of blues tomorrow because I'm so focused on the next coming Monday!


Koay also will be off-from-work and he will be in Singapore for his floorball training the entire week. Same same but different. Heh.

We actually made a plan for me to fly to Singapore on the Friday after I come back from camp or the next day but tickets are too pricey and it will be way too tiring for me to fly in and out within the few days. 

In the end, I won't be seeing him play in the SEA CUP. Maybe wait for SEA GAMES lah.

Will be updating on the Rainbow Run soooon. Hopefully by tomorrow! 


05 December 2014

No Time.


I need to come here update more. 

Honestly, I don't even have time to go grocery shopping for things that I really need like my body shampoo.

I'm actually using Kelly's fruit flavored body gel. S, if you happen to smell some fruity scent from me, don't ask, just smile :)

Leaving office now to go for FGA's Leadership Conference. But first, I shall have the world's best lor mee. 

See you tonight, young people. 

02 December 2014

AYC Fast & Prayer 2014.

Last year, I didn't manage to get any annual leave to go for the yearly Fast & Prayer so this year, I made sure I reserved some.

There were only 15 of us this year, making our way up to Bethel House of Prayer. The least compared to previous years I think.

However, I do think that this year's was one of the most fun ones that I've ever been to.

I love how we are all closely together at all times. There weren't any time where we were separated into different corners and having our own 'group' sessions. Okay, except prayer time lah.

We were all either at the porch outside sharing our junk food when we break the fast because dinner was only served one hour later, or around the dining table during meal times and laughing at someone (most of the time it was Chrissy a.k.a. Ben!).

Fun times. It was one of the occasions where I laughed so hard in the span of two days. 

Also, we had spontaneous mash ups with worship songs and it went on non-stop for a good 40 minutes which felt like 15 minutes. No worship leaders, no pointers. BEST ONE EVER.

Even when the G-string (on the guitar!) broke, we didn't stop. Heh.


laughed non-stop
played mafia
pranked Sheryl twice
ate a lot of junk food
laughed again
prayed for Lester (he got bitten by a 1-feet-long bright pinkish red centipede on the way up. He's a lot better now and resting. SPEEDY RECOVERY, LESTER!)
'tried' to cook 30 eggs.


Such a needed short getaway :)

28 November 2014

Spine Pain.

Blogging from Klinik Huang now. There's 13 more people before its my turn so why not do something productive. Heh. 

I have been having some discomfort/pain on my lower back spine and the pain seemed to have gotten worse day by day. 

How I actually measure that is by carrying Sha Lynn and it gets more painful each passing day. That or she's really gaining more weights now. Hah. 

The last time I had an xray on my spine was 2 years ago and was told that my spine curves very obviously to the left but it won't cause any issues since I was either born with it or grew up with it. 

It cannot be old age since I'm only 26! So young okayy. But if it is, that just means my internal is growing old too fast. This is weird!

I honestly don't know what it could be. 

It couldn't be the pain from Gunung Irau cos that's like weeks ago. I didn't fall down or knock anything. Not that I can remember knocking on anything. 

There are no bruises, cuts or anything bulging out. Fats don't count okay. 

So, we'll just have to see what the doctor says. 

Pray for me please thank you! 

UPDATES: It's most likely muscle and ligament tension. Doc gave me meds to relax my body and back. Yay! No bone issue! ✌️

27 November 2014

Sha Lynn, Pattern Queen.

Days when all the things that can go wrong will and did go wrong.

Days when the lover and I are not in good terms, mostly because of really petty things that we will end up laughing at in the end of the day anyways.

Days when I have meetings back to back and it's been a really long day.

Days when I control the things I eat and sometimes that affects my mood really badly because I don't get to eat the food I crave because I want to lose some stomach fats.

Days when eight hours of sleep is not enough and I'm a grumpy girl.

Days when I have too many things to do.

Days when PMS hit me and I'm like a walking tornado.

Days when I need to go out somewhere but feel super lazy to do so.

Days like these, I'm thankful for the pattern queen. She doesn't have to do much to turn my bad days around and make my good days get even better. 


25 November 2014

Wrong Place, Wrong Time.


This is insane.

One of my dispatch got into an accident and had to take 2 months off to be well again.

The funny thing was he wasn't even in the whole "accident" arena.

He was on his bike waiting at a traffic light. There was another bike on the opposite direction, waiting at a traffic light too. It was quite a distance because it's one of the main roads along Jelutong Expressway right.

Another car came from behind the other bike and rammed into the man. The man fell off I think and one of the metal thing that was on his bike flew across the traffic light junction and hit Koyan's (my dispatch) leg and broke it.

Yes, broke his leg.

He wasn't moving so that explains why he couldn't escape the flying metal that was coming towards him. 

So, that's why I have been so busy lately. The other day, I had to go to 12 corporate in a day to pass documents, collect cheques, give calendars etc. For the next 2 months, the sales team shall also be the dispatch team. 

Then, another new colleague of mine got into another bike accident and she needed to stay at home to make sure her head is fully okay. I'm not sure how the accident happened. All I know was her head was hit. 

Be careful on the road guys.

19 November 2014

Why I Never Join 2014's Penang Bridge Marathon?

I heard from somewhere that it's quite expensive this year because they were having it for the first time at the Second Penang Bridge, so I didn't even bother checking out how much since this year I really need to save.

I am no longer as fit as I would like myself to be.

Trauma from last year's experience. No, nothing bad happened. Koay's leg was injured so we WALKED the entire 10km which killed all my enthusiasm to run this year. I don't know whether if it really affected me that way though. Heh.

Not really a run-kind-of person.

I assumed that it was going to be TOO crowded at the Second Bridge since there's 20,000 extra people who signed up this year.

No one jio me.

I am slowly disliking running for don't know what reason also.

Finding time to go on a date with the lover, grabbing more sleep on the weekends and running errands also not enough time already. No need to think of running marathon.

I don't think I can finish before the allocated time?

Koay didn't want to join so no partner to walk run with this time.

I've signed up for the Color Run in December, which is also 10km. Once a year can already :)

I'm lazy.

18 November 2014

Flying Addiction Maybe?

I think I might be addicted to flying.. taking an airplane and go somewhere..

Addicted is such a big word, right? 

But yeah.

I'm constantly thinking and secretly wanting (not so secret anymore I guess) to go somewhere via an airplane.

This is no good.


16 November 2014

4D3N Club Med Bali.

at Club Med, Bali, Nusa Dua, Indonesia.
on the 4-7 November 2014.

I decided that I won't be updating according to day-by-day style for this trip. If I do that, you guys will probably be bored before reading the second half of it confirm. Hah.


This is the one question that most people ask. Second would be how much it will cost. Typical Penangites. KL people don't ask too much on price somehow. I guess they know what they are paying for , maybe that's why they don't ask much. They do their homework before going to travel fairs. Heh.

Okay, before that I shall begin step by step so that when I read this back next year, I will remember everything :)

The night before, we rushed to Gurney Plaza to get me some rupiahs. I decided to change RM100 since everything else in Club Med Bali is paid for already. 

We went back home and I did my final packing. After travelling for quite a bit on my own this year, I've learnt to make sure that I don't bring too many bags. Unless I need those extra empty bags for shopping purposes. But this time, no shopping for me thank you. 

So, I have one check-in luggage and my Sometime handbag for this trip. Initially, I thought this luggage won't be able to fit all that I want to bring to this holiday. Surprisingly, everything was in place and I even brought my mini pillow with me. 

The first time I travel to overseas, to Korea earlier this year, one handbag wasn't enough for me. So I took two. Two hand carry bags. Especially when you are travelling alone and there is no one with you most of the time. Imagine go toilet and you have two bags to take care, so troublesome okay.

But how to bring everything that you 'need' on board with you?

Actually, we need only very few things and want many things on board with us. True story okay. I used to think I need to bring a cardigan, a foldable umbrella and a laptop, just in case I need to access to my emails and so many more things that I ended up never using them.

Not true okay. I learn to decide which one is more important and if I can squeeze some other things into the check-in luggage.

This time, I smart d okay. It didn't take me that long to decide what to bring in my handbag and pretty proud of it.

Here goes.

At least 2 magazines so that waiting time doesn't feel that torturing. 
Earphones because I would like to finish my movie on board when they decided to keep the headphones (near to landing time). 
Sweets because I do not want to faint. 
Lip gloss because it gets pretty dry in the airplanes sometimes. 
Tissue paper of course is most important. No toilet roll this time since it takes up too much space.
Shades and comb of course is a basic need. Need to be looking great okay.
Charger, purse, passport, flight itinerary need I say more?
I didn't bring any cardigan this time because I know MAS provide blankets (only 3 hours flight!) and I didn't want extra weight to carry with me. 

We reached airport at about 545am for my flight to KL. Auntie, why you photobomb us?

Thank God no transit time in KL and thank God I made it on the flight to Denpasar although my PEN-KUL flight was delayed for 15 minutes. Pheww. I reached KLIA at about 820am. Madness.

There will be an ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE card for you to fill in. The officer at the Immigration Sector will collect them from you upon arrival.

It was an old plane with the old style TV screen. So pixelated. Blehh.

Seats away from the business class. One day, I'll be there. One day.

Since it was a morning flight and it takes about 3 hours to reach the destination, we were served breakfast. Chicken sandwich, jelly and apple juice. WORSE SANDWICH EVER btw.

Older plane but bigger lavatory. Nice.

Welcome to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

I switched off my Cellular Data and switch on the WiFi. Immediately got connected to their local internet, INDOSAT. Super yay!

I was told that this airport was a huge mess last year and this year they have managed to renovate it so nicely.

It took about 30 minutes and less to reach Club Med Bali and upon arrival, we were greeted by the Manager (I think). I don't know his name but I know he's from Australia.

Room 5301 it is. I always get the most corner room. Always. Even in Club Med Cherating, my room was the corner-est, nearest to the beach.

From here onwards, it will be categorized to the things that you can do in Club Med Bali.. More to like what I did when I was there.. Here we go!

Oh wait wait! We got into the resort after lunch time, about 2pm so the main restaurant was already closed. One thing I really like about this whole Club Med concept is they have a smaller more private restaurant where guests can have their late lunch or tea-time meal here. It's based on ala carte but you may order whatever you want from the menu and as many times as you want to. That, I really love!

Back to this.

They have one main restaurants called AGUNG BUFFET RESTAURANT where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday buffet style. They have another new but smaller restaurant, Deck "Ala Carte" Restaurant for guests who wishes to have ala carte meals instead of buffet style.

One thing I love about this buffet style is that every meal sure got different kind of food. They have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Western but all meals are different. 

I didn't take photo of the ala carte restaurant. After snorkelling, the rest went back to their room and I continued swimming/soaking in the Zen Pool for a while. After that, I walked in and ordered a bowl of Korean Ramen. Yummmy.

Do you know that when the fork and knife is placed in an X position, that means someone booked the table already? That way, everyone can go take their food at the same time. No need to have one person take care of the table. Didn't know that earlier. Heh.

Corporate Sales Officer, Senior Operations Convention & Incentive Planners, Executive Director, Club Med's Senior Sales Manager, Executive Director, Managing Director and Sales Executive for Outbound. 

I thought that the red color really brings up the mood for holidays. Or maybe it was just me. When I saw that, I was excited to put on my swimsuit and soak in the water.

Even more so when I saw those little shades. Ahhhh.

Only for adults. People who wants to soak in the pool and relax with no children screaming in excitement everywhere, this is the place for you.

I find myself obsessed with coming to this place because it was so peaceful and it was so relaxing. Whenever I had some free time, I would come here, swim for a little and take a short nap on the comfy beach beds. So nice okay. All that with unlimited guava juice anytime :)

One thing though, after lunch hours, the place is usually packed. To find a bed that is shaded comes down to zero. And I thought mat sallehs usually like to be exposed to the sun here willingly. Hah. Not so much in Bali.

Since I was on my own most of the time, I switched on the timer and here I go. Haha. I went right after breakfast since that was the only free time I got for that day. No one around. So syiookk.

Zen Pool at night.

Another popular questions asked by people. When one goes on a Club Med holiday, it means that the person is not planning to explore the city outside of the resort. Just purely relaxation in the resort, enjoying all its facilities like flying trapeze, spa, tennis, squash, swimming, yoga sessions etc).

So, at night how ah?

You worry not! Their night entertainments are the best yet! They are all conducted by the Gentle Organizers (GOs) whom in the morning are the managers and receptionist. You name them, they will be there. It's like at night they are totally different funny crazy people. 

They always have a theme for the night. Every night different theme okay. My 3 nights there were Just For Fun Show, Mini Club Show and Circus Show.

All three were amazingly entertaining and guaranteed laugh till your tummy ache. That or you'll be in awe.. For me, I enjoyed most on my last night during the Circus Show. 

I cannot believe what I was watching okay. They were so flexible and doing all sorts of things with one rope, or a hula hoop or jumping in the air and land on a bar.. It's madness. 

Then, we have the Mini Club Show where the kids are actually guests staying in the resort.

Oh! Did you also know that when you bring your family here, the GOs here are professionally trained to be a nanny or a babysitter? That means you and your spouse can go ahead and do all sorts of activities in the resort or even out on excursions without your children. You can leave them at the Kids Club WHOLE DAY. Don't worry about their breakfast, lunch or dinner because the GOs have got them covered. 

Super nice. With that being said, they also have lots of time to rehearse for a few performances during one of the nights. Through this, your children makes new friend. I saw a group of kids (all from different countries) sat together one night for dinner, laughing the night away.


After watching show at the theater, they will then escort the guests to the different areas for Party Time! Yes, every night got different kind of party also.

First night was Foam Party! I was way too tired and I had so many things with me, so this one I didn't join is. 

One of the nights we had pre-dinner cocktail party by the Zen Pool. They served the best scallop on top of a bread everrrr. I kid you not. BEST!

Then, the following night it was Music Factory, where the GOs put on their costumes and impersonate all the famous singers and musicians. This one, very entertaining for sure. It was at the main bar by the swimming pool. 

Last night was Beach Party where we had the Limbo Rock Competition.For those who doesn't know what Limbo Rock Competition is, please continue looking at the photos and you will find out.

I was just planning to stand at the side, move with the music and be a good spectator. No, that didn't happen. A Romanian GO approached me and said this, "I'm going to help you win this competition!"

I just nodded because since it's going to be my last night here, might as well have fun right? So, we started off with many other couples and we took turns to go under that bamboo stick.

It gets lower after every round and surprisingly when it got below my waist height, I told Theola, my new Romanian friend that this is impossible. She looked at me, smiled and say, "I will show you and teach you."

So here's the thing about Limbo Rock. This is a game where you need to go under the bamboo stick without touching it with any parts of your body and you can only go through it looking up. No squatting is allowed. The only thing that can touch the floor is your feet. No knees or hands.

Then, it got to the lowest! The gap is so small that I told Theola that THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, but I told her right after that we were going to make it. The adrenalin was already pumping way too quickly. Haha.

In the back of my mind, I knew it was impossible. IMPOSSIBLE OKAYY!

But guess what?

I did it. We both managed to pass under the bar, without touching the bar and the sand with other parts other than the feet. Not even our hands. 

Guess something again.

I became the champion for the competition! Like whatttttt?

I know right! There were three winners but the other two were kids below 7 years old. My prize? Go on stage and dance with them on a final song before we call it a night. 

WHAT PRIZE IS THIS!? Humiliation? Haha. I had fun! I had lots of fun despite having to dance on stage with millions of eyes on me. It was awkward but I'm glad I didn't walk away from Theola. It was such a memorable night.

Now, anyone wanna challenge me to Limbo Rock? Hehe. Perasan hah. Let me be okay? It's just that one feeling when you did something you know for sure 100% that it was going to be impossible. That feeling, best everr. 

One day, I shall teach and show you all how it's done. It's actually very easy. 

This is Theola, everyone. Before she came to Club Med Bali 3 years ago, she was working at Club Med Maldives for a year :)

This one is the only 'activity' that is not included in the money that you pay prior to the trip. This one is a separate agent but in Club med Bali itself. It's very pricey but if you're really in need of a massage spa session, why not?

The Malaysian team, us were blessed with a 50 minutes Balinese Spa each so we made our appointments and went for it. 

So relaxing that I wanted second round but no thanks because it was way too expensive for me. Come home, get Groupon ones can already. Hah. I don't really know how to appreciate massage sessions. I think Koay enjoys them better than me. 

I'm very paranoid with what if they press wrongly and I become paralysed or something. It can happen and it did before. So yeah.

The service from them, two thumbs up! Here I am trying to choose the oil for the massage. 

These are beanies. Most comfortable rock-looking beanies. I thought they were real rocks at first.

My private room.

My masseur, Susan (pronounced as Soo Sun)


Not everyone prefers to stay in the resort the entire time. Some prefers to go out for city exploration on their own or taking excursions from a local guide that is located within Club Med Bali.

It was arranged for us to do white water rafting. It's about USD79, means around RM267-ish for one person. Very expensive right? Thankful that all this, we didn't have to pay for anything :)

Transfers to and from the white water rafting place is arranged for us and it took about 2 hours to get there. From Nusa Dua to Ubud, where we water rafted. Is there such word ah? Hmm..

Anyways, they didn't tell us now long the journey will take so we were like so stressed out when it  took like so long. 2 hours can drive down to Ipoh and makan d. Hah.

Wear rubber shoes or Crocs when you want to do any activities with water. It's better than sports shoes. 

We got there, alongside with a Korean couple whose also from Club Med Bali celebrating their 10th anniversary. They have a 10 years old daughter but they left her in good hands at Club Med Bali. 

There were about 509 steps down.. 

As you can see in the photo, the water flow is very mild. It's supposed to be Level 3-4 but Bali is currently having dry season, no rain at all for months so yeah. The trip was super mild. Even a 4yo can join according to what I saw from the China team. Heh.

Our boat instructor. 

Buffet lunch. My first and only meal outside of Club Med Bali. Their sambal SO DELICIOUS I WENT FOR MORE ROUNDS!

Our final stop. This place is breathtaking. Before we got to this side of the river, he told us that we can jump  off the boat and swim. I did and glad I didn't choose to stay in the boat. No need to swim okay. Just float and follow the water flow. The river water some more so icy cold.

Since we walked down 500 steps in the beginning, it only makes sense that we walk back up, but thankfully not 500 steps. It's not that far. Pheww.

It's very pricey this excursion but their service is good I have to give them that. They give clean towels and their food is amazing, with that amazing view while eating your lunch. Our instructor was very very friendly and funny. Their toilets are clean and very high class kind. Their body gel and shampoo smells amazing.


There's snorkeling, sunset boat cruise, flying trapeze, yoga sessions, body combat, windsurfing, kayak, archery, tennis, golf etc. 

I wanted to learn to windsurf but it was too hot and I was alone so maybe next time lah. We decided to go for snorkeling together.

There are a few sessions. One in the morning and two in the afternoon. To book for this activity, we have to go at certain time. We wanted to do the morning one and by the time we reach the bar which was 5 minutes after the booking time opens, it was already fully booked.

So, we waited till the noon session booking time and booked for the 2pm one. SO HOT OKAY. I love the sun but that was one really burning sun. 

Good thing Quen suggested that we bring along bread from the buffet spread. If not, we would only be seeing tiny fishes. Our boat stopped at the middle of Bali Sea. Okay, not that middle middle lah, but not very near to the beach. So, it was quite deep and the corals were not that attractive compared to the ones I see in Perhentian Island, Terengganu.

The waves were huge some more. I spent about 30 minutes in the sea and quickly got up to the boat which didn't make the seasickness any better. WHY DO I HAVE SEASICKNESS AND MOTION SICKNESS. It sucks so bad because I love travelling and I love being in the sea. Haiz. Story of my life haha. 

So, that's some of the things that I did at Club Med Bali. It was a lot more fun than what I expected earlier. Oh! One more thing! 

One of the night's theme was 88 or 45 top, means you've gotta wear anything that has wither one of this number on. It's not compulsory but of course it adds the fun. I didn't want to get any from their boutique shop but they were having 50% DISCOUNT! 

First time spending 197,500 on a t-shirt! Too bad I didn't take any photos with it. Heh. That's about RM60 lah. Not too expensive for a collar tee I guess. 

On the last day, I woke up quite early to pack my luggage and making sure I don't leave anything behind since I was too tired the night before from all that limbo actions. The back hurts BTW. NOT BECAUSE OF THE AGE THANK YOU! 

I didn't even bother taking photo of my room until when I was leaving. Very basic kind of room because Club Med do not want you to be in your room. They want you to go out and enjoy all the facilities in the resort. So, it's not like those fance-schmancy rooms you pay so much to sleep in. 

I had the corner room, walked the furthest from anyone else but with the best view of course which I also forgot to take photos of. Pfft. Left my luggage outside the room and walked to the restaurant for last breakfast.

After breakfast, I sat down on one of the pool beds and soak in the sun as long as I could. It was hot but it was holiday hot so that's fine. Heh.

I don't know why in certain photos, I looked like I've gained 10kg. Motivation mode is still on BTW and no I did not gain so much. Only about 2kg.. ARGH!

Flying back from Indonesia all the way to Penang was horrible. Probably two worse flights I've ever taken in my entire life. If that was a glimspe of what it feels like to be in a plane that was about to crash or something, then it's a kind of fear that I hope no one had to ever go through. 

I'm not scared of flying, until that time. I don't know if the pilot is a new one or it's just something lah, it was just horrible. The way he spoke to all the passengers was so unprofessional too. 

Anyways, we had to pay Rp. 200,000 at Ngurah Rai's International Airport which is about RM60. Just give them your boarding pass and money.

I had a lot of time to kill so walked around for a bit and ended up spending money on Tim Tams Cappucino flavor and Coca-Cola Zero. Both also never try and see before. The Tim Tam is really good by the way. 

3 hours flight back to KL, I had Roasted Chicken with Wedges and a cup of hot Green Tea for lunch. 

That's basically what I did during the entire trip to Bali. My first time ever in the land of Indonesia. Although I went with a group of people, I spend most of my time doing things different than theirs.

I've always hate doing things alone but somehow this vacation has taught me how to enjoy doing it solo most of the time. Now, I do need some alone-time every once in a while. It's pretty therapeutic if I may say that.

If you're someone who plans to explore the city, then Club Med is not the type of holiday you should go for. People who goes for Club Med usually has no plans to spend most of their time outside of the resort. They just want to relax and use the facilities in the resort, where everything is already paid for and you don't need to carry your money when you're in the resort. Seriously very relaxing okay. 

But if you want to go out and explore Tanah Lot or go shopping at Kuta, then DON'T go for Club Med. Stay somewhere else at town to save on your taxi fee. 

But should you give Club Med a try, at least once in your lifetime?

Definitely yes :) 

I will definitely go back to Indonesia on my own again next time and stay somewhere at Kuta town :)