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29 March 2016

Cash Rebate at

Last Friday, a very good friend shared with us about this website whereby you can earn cash as you shop. So difficult to believe seriously. 

It means that when you spend money on Groupon, Zalora, Expedia, Agoda, AirasiaGo, Taobao, Foodpanda, eBay, Forever 21, Sephora and Cotton On (just to name a few - the list goes on seriously), you will earn some cash back/rebate/money. So, basically it works some sort like a discount for you later on. 

It's called and it works as a third party website some sort I don't know the details of it. 

My first thought on this was this could be another those direct marketing kinda thing, but I decided to give it a try anyways. 

After-all, I was gonna book a few hotels for a few upcoming holidays anyways so might as well give this a try. They some more ask me to enjoy the best travel deals and me with travel deals are inseparable I tell you. 

So, I clicked on the link that Hui Jen sent to my email and from there, I just register (under him and immediately got a RM10 cash inside my account!) and shop via and they redirected me to the original website. Our honeymoon was still not finalized so I decided to give this ShopBack a try on Expedia. The process is super simple. I clicked on Expedia and they re-directed me to the website and then it's all the same as any hotel bookings. 

So, this means that I earn cashback even when using Expedia coupons, as long as I go to Expedia via ShopBack. Simple okay. 

One thing you MUST do is to go to your desired websites through ShopBack, then only the link can track and you can earn your rebates yeah. 

Remember to go into whatever online websites that you want THROUGH ShopBack so you can earn back your rebates! 

The next day, I went into the website and checked again, and the cash rebate works from what they have claimed to be!

Apparently, it will take up to 48 hours for the cash-back to happen. I really like the website because I feel it's very easy to navigate around. They also have like series of FAQs where you can go read to know more, and I seriously think there is no losing in going through this website to do all the online shopping. Hah. 

It feels super fun because it feels like I'm helping myself to save. Hah. So I tell myself. Muthu, if you are reading this, don't worry. I don't do a lot of online shopping anymore okay. I sudah bertaubat. 

This is for sharing purposes. 

To help you get started, you can click HERE and get started with a ShopBack account. 

You will probably think that, "Aiya, this one sure she can earn money eh".

Yes, that is entirely true. I will earn RM5 for every friend that register through my link and RM400 if 40 of you decided to do so. Oh and you also get RM5 on your first purchase! Win!

However, in my most honest being, I actually find this website really work-able and really can earn cash-back okay so I am actually sharing this mainly because I would like you guys to be able to feel as happy as I was when I saw the rebate in my account. 

Another best thing is there are so many brands with ShopBack that you can now get your rebates from! SO THE VERY AMAZING!

Hello, you can get cashback even on internet plans such as TIME or TMNet or MAXIS also have and you also can get back your cash. 

get cashback even on internet plans I don't know about you, but this has officially became my new website other than my Just Sarah. Hah. 

Thank you Hui Jen! 

To those of you who just found out, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! :)

And for those who already knew about this long time ago, SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT SHARING WITH ME! Heh. Kidding! Maybe not. Better late than never lah. 

Bye now. 

26 March 2015

Pashmina Scarf.

To be honest, I was struggling for quite a bit on what should I update today. 

I wanted to talk about the most recent airplane crash but it's too sad. I cannot. So, I decided to just read on the news.

So, after thinking on what to write for so long, I finally came out with one thing.

Actually, I didn't come out with anything. Heh.

My brain is still as blocked as two days ago. 

I realized somehow these days, I tend to want to be in my loose t-shirts and over-sized shorts with my hair all tied up and stay home. No contact lens, no eyeliner and no spending money elsewhere.

Speaking of money, we went to Gurney last night and the lover shopped like a royalty. Okay, maybe not like a royalty since royalties won't feel the pain after spending so much money in less than 3 hours. Hah. 

I think he deserved the shopping moment that he had last night since he has been keeping his money so tightly (heh!). Nolah, what I meant is he has been saving like a good man and it's time to let loose a little. Yes, babe? Hah.

If it wasn't for the painful legs and needing to get burger for mom, he would still be going everywhere to find some of the other items that is still unchecked. 

I'm proud to say that I didn't spend a single cent last night. 

Err.. Kit Kat counted ah? RM2.90 it is then.

No idea what to talk about what already. Head is starting to ache. Bleh.

I shall end this update with a photo. The scarf is made in Cambodia. 100% Pashmina - the finest type of Cashmere wool. And yes, it's very comfortable. Thanks Jayne! :)

09 March 2015

Coach // Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather

I would never consider myself as those who will allocate certain amount of money to get things like handbags, heels and hairdos. 


Until this year. 

No idea what has gotten into me but I have been spending money on flats and looking for handbags that can last me a long time. 

We were window shopping last night when I decided to walk into Coach. Regretted after that. So, there's this bag that I saw and I tried it on and love it instantly. 

I've been searching high and low for a red bag that I can hand carry and also as a sling bag when I want to and obviously I still haven't found any. So sad.

Then, Coach happened.

They have like so many colors right, but I especially love the red one. For the sake of memory and since it's my current obsession, I shall blog about it.

 I even had a dream last night about the bag. I can't remember the beginning of the dream but one thing very clear was I was opening a cupboard and there it was. This Prairie Satchel in Pebble Leather // Style Number: 34340 in all the colors available.

Then I woke up. 


I just called the Coach store in Johor Premium Outlet and they say they don't have this model there! THIS IS JUST SO SAD!

The price here is RM1,420.

I know right. Who in the right mind will spend a thousand ringgit on a bag that is quite small? I won't. I rather spend that one thousand on travelling.


Anyone going to the United States? It's about RM1,000 if I get it from the States I think.. I don't know lah. 

This is just so torturing. 

Ladies, never walk into a store that you might regret coming out from it later on. NEVER.

09 June 2014

What's In Your Bag?

It's a fact that everyone loves shopping. You can be a guy or a girl, you will still love shopping. 

Difference is what kind of shopping. Most guys (I'm assuming) always goes googoogaga over electronic items or watches or perfumes *coughs*Koay*coughs*

Then, we have girls who loves shopping for any kind of things! ANY!

I don't really fancy shopping unless I set a goal to get a certain something by certain when. If not, I couldn't be bothered. I rather go watch movies or play bowling. Haha. 

One thing for sure both boys and girls will like is FREE SHOPPING! 

People give you money to shop of course you will like lah!

In conjunction of the newly opened KLIA 2, they are having this "Shopping Campaign" where it's called What's In Your Bag? They are giving away RM5000 worth of prizes according to your wishlist (which you have to submit!)

It's a-winner-a-day for 15 days! FIFTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT! So, that's 15 super blessed winners! Also, they have one grand prize that's worth RM25,000 for just one SUPER BLESSED WINNER.

Okay, I shall try to do less talking here and show you all more photos so you all can chew on what's happening here. 

To get the free shopping, just click HERE!

Basically, you just need to register for free and you'll have 'RM5000" in your registered account to spend at KLIA 2's outlets.

So, after you register, you will see a few categories of shopping items and brands and all you need to do is "buy" whatever you want with that "RM5000".

With this kind of money, I straight spam lah of course. My shopping list as you can see.

The 'lucky draw' starts today and ends on the 23rd June 2014! So, faster go and shop!

I can already imagine getting all that. 

So yeah! Go shop at

Have a great Monday you all :)

07 November 2013

Alone Time.

Tonight is my kind of night. 

Everyone needs that once in a while.


It's about time to get the twenty nails done.

Then maybe nasi tomato after that? 


29 August 2013

Luggage Talk.

So we both just had one of the most intense debate-almost-argument about luggage sets.

I found them in Groupon, and they are like RM389 for three sets of hardcase luggages.

So  intense that we ended up laughing and he calling me on the phone to verify if I understood some of the things that he said in Skype. SO FUNNY!

And first time ever, he typed the longest comment/explanation/story ever in my whole entire of 4-5 years of knowing him! *claps* And seriously, that clap is not sarcastic. It's just good to know that luggage makes you talk, or money, or just me buying something online. Hah.

Oh, how I love you so :)

01 August 2013

Bag Organizer.

Having a big handbag is what I've always wanted. I'm the kind of girl that likes to just dump everything into the bag and off I go jalan-jalan. Things from purse, handphones to sweets, name cards and just other paper junk stuff.

And one thing I really hate is when I need to find my keys in the ocean of things! Goodness. Especially if it's at night and there's no light OR when Koay decided to dump his everything inside and then I have to find them. Lazy to do all that. Oh and when it gets heavy, it's even more crazy.

So, as I was online browsing through, I saw this bag-organizer thing and immediately I knew I have gotta get this and get my stuff organized. It finally arrived last night and boy, was I a happy lil girl.

This morning, I decided to re-arrange everything accordingly. So therapeutic la. Ladies, if you are stressed out, JUST THROW EVERYTHING THAT'S IN YOUR BAG AND RE-ORGANIZE IT! It will make you feel better. Like a feeling that you've achieved something. No kidding. Seriously! GO TRY IT NOW! Haha :)

So yeah, bought two colors so Rachel Khoo can use it also. Since now she have so many things to bring/carry whenever she's out. I think she's using a purple one. Not sure heh.

So for now, I'm loving this, a lot.  

18 June 2013

Cockroach Trap Testing.

It's quite a long story why I decided to give this a try. There has been few occasions where these little disgusting things are caught crawling in my room. What i don't understand is that I never eat in my room or even drink. I won't let anyone do it as well. So, why are they still found in my cozy place? Must be Koay. The reason I say it's him because there was a few times he ate in my room and leave half full cup with water in them on my table. And yes, cockroach is kinda attraced to water too. Or maybe not. Hmm.

Anyways, did some googling and this is what I found: (apparently they really like sweet stuff like honey..)

"Cockroaches are one of the oldest groups of insects, indicating how successful they have been in adapting to changes in their environments. One reason for this success may be related to diet--they are scavengers and will eat anything organic. They prefer food sources such as starches, sweets, grease and meat products, but other items may include cheese, beer, leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter (plant or animal)."


I was so pissed with the whole situation till I almost went into tears okayy. It's too frustrating. Then, after I calmed down, I managed to thank God for the whole "situation"!

I remembered my sister used this at her in law's place before and theymanaged to catch the "queen" of it all. It's really huge! Not only one, a lot went into the trap actually. So, I thought I wanna try and catch them too. Beware: if you look closely, it's seriously disgusting!

Let's see how we did with it this time.

Yed, we only manage to get 4 small ones. And all that were from Koay's car. Nothing in my house. NOTHING. We caught a baby lizard when my dad put a part of a cupcake on it. DOWNS LA.

I know they are there but why they no like my trap! But ever since then, there is no more crawlies that I see. If you happen to come to my house, you might see all these red triangular boxes at some hidden places. Haha. I am determined to get the queen out. Arghh.

For now, I am gonna keep praying no more all weird crawlies in my room. It's so mentally disturbing okayy!

I is signing off now.

08 April 2013

Hairy Legs.

I never believe in shaving leg hair. Even when I was teased in college for having such hairy legs for girls. I kept cool and still never want to shave my legs.

Then, one day don't know what hit me and I started removing hair from my legs. Suddenly I'm like so anti-hair-leg conscious. I never shaved because that would affect the skin.

And all this while, I wanted to try the wax-pull-thing that Veet has. I knew it was going to be painful that's why I never actually do it. Oh and it's expensive too! Anyways, I decided to do it that day! Speaking of being random and spontaneous. Of course I had Koay to help me, in case I buy d then bail out. Hahaha.

First, you gotta warm the wax peel thingy by rubbing your two hands on it :)

Then, you open it into two and it's all sticky.

And then stick on the behind of my leg. SURE PAINFUL OKAY THIS AREA!

If you see carefully, you will be able to see strands of short hair on the sticky thing. Overall, it's not that painful but then, after the wax thing got pulled out, it leaves a bit of the stickyness on the skin which to me is a MAJOR ANNOYING THING. I have like 9 more of the wax thing and I have no idea what to do with it. I just don't like the sticky feeling after.

16 January 2013

Ze Ring.

You must be wondering, this one also want to blog ah. Yes, I blog anout anything that excites me, sort of.

So, I finally got the ring.

Nothing big la. It's just I saw it few weeks ago, dropped it and took a while to find it back and return to the grumpy seller. Went home and kept thinking about it. Returned to the shop few weeks later, straight buy it and gave my widest smile to the grumpy man. LIKE A BOSS!

This is the perfect example of love at the first sight.

I kid you not.


10 January 2013

Thumb Down.

So, the manicurist injured my left thumb last night.

It was so painful that while having a conversation with my pregnant sister, I let out a really loud shout. 

Then, it started bleeding. 

This morning, woke up, still painful and still bleeding a lil.

I feel so "not complete" now that the thumb is down. 

Have a careful Thursday, everyone.

28 December 2012

The Last 2012 Friday.

I got bored just now and started looking back to the past few years in Facebook. It definitely brought back a LOT of good and fun memories. Posts/photos/wishes that I actually forgotten about. And that actually made me think. How fast time has passed all of us by, isn't it. 

It's so funny to see how I've changed (physically) over the years. Not that it's massive but still (I do think I looked better as I grow older..)

Last Friday of 2012 and I am stuck in office with nothing to do. Tried making loads of appointments but they are either on leave or err.. on leave. So, I'm warming up my chair in office and I still have couple of hours to go.

Days like this I feel like I can go on being as random as I can. Hah. 

Oh, just in case you didn't already know, little one is a baby girl :) Apparently, she has been very active lately. Kicking and moving around like a boss. Four more months. It's going to be really awesome 2013. I just know it. 

Mom's gonna get a new phone. A new Hello Kitty's phone. She's definitely very excited about that. 

I haven't been to the nail salon for the longest time I tell you. No kidding. I used to be able to spend certain amount of money on these things but when I started working, the priority list seems to be re-shuffled. I miss those pampering moments. Time to look into Groupons and MyDeals and Living Socials to get those promotions! 

I changed my phone ringtone. So what right? Hah. Now, I just made people wait longer so that I can hear the chorus longer. 

Having choo char last night with the camp staffs make me realize that I haven't been eating choo char like that for quite some time d also. Sadness. Penang's chinese people has got to eat some rice yo. No rice, can die. 

Okay, I just asked my sister to buy for me the manipedi package. And a laptop table. Soooo cheap. I is happy girl today. And we've got a special surprise form Mr and Mrs Khoo too :)

I still haven't watch Life of Pi. It's so sad. We are never able to find time to date/hangout. Not in the month of December. But hey, no one's complaining. Get  to see each other a bit here and there is fine. Not great but fine.

I have plans for upcoming holidays but I can't find the 'perfect'date. Dilemma betui ni.

I hate nightmares. Or bad dreams. Or dreams that are totally useless yet they give you weird funny feeling when you wake up. Or dreams that causes arguments (yes, it happened).

I miss eating at Homes Chef Garden. It's been a while (actually I had dinner there a week ago but still miss it).

I thought I could already play Sims 3, but false alarm. Oh the sadness is huge. Now, I've gotta wait longer for it to actually work. Fingers all crossed.

*sings* 'You don't have to be a star baby to be in my show' 

I just finish watching a mini pig going down the stairs on youtube. Shoooo cutee! 

How nice is it that we get to spend the last Friday of the year with the company of good friends and good food. Turkey, I'm coming for you real soon!

I really want to experience snow at least once in my life. 

I found out that I'm not that adventurous kind of people after all. I've always wanted to try bungee jump but come and think about it right, it will never happen to me. I will never be daring enough to try. Skydive then maybe yes. Cos I'll be jumping down with a pro strapped to me. I think I dare la but who knows right. 

One thing girls must be absolutely good at is knowing how to hide the fats. The muffin top. Must learn la this one. Just must. Everyone say I lost weight but in actual fact, I've gained (i think). I'm just good at hiding them (not to be proud or what la). Heh.

I miss my college life soooo much. The giggling in class and the endless chats during group study. Gah, that part of life passes so quickly. I miss those mad bunch. 

I kept eating in office. So hard to NOT think of food when my drawer is filled with all those junks. 

Craving for beef noodles and Queen's Food Market's Thai Food Number 13. 

Signing off.

06 November 2012

Just Have To.

You know that moment when you've decided that you are not gonna spend money just before you walk into a mall?

That's what I did. Told myself that I'm not going to spend (even though I suggested that we go prangin to look for nice S2 casing) and I repeated to Koay so that he will make sure I spend no ringgit at all tonight. 

Total fail. 

It's almost impossible that I spend not on that beautiful casing (which I bought in the end)  and also changed my screen protector (so much for not spending at all, end up spend on two things!)

It's like I finally found that one thing that I really like and to walk away without it, it's just cruel and mean. Good thing Koay didn't insist on me not spending money. Heh. 

I must say that, I love it so much. So much to the extent that it feels like a whole brand new phone again. No kidding.

No regrets for this one, for sure. 

Bright colors make me oh so happy.