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14 September 2016

Malaysia's Public Holidays in 2017!

You're welcome :)

29 March 2016

Cash Rebate at

Last Friday, a very good friend shared with us about this website whereby you can earn cash as you shop. So difficult to believe seriously. 

It means that when you spend money on Groupon, Zalora, Expedia, Agoda, AirasiaGo, Taobao, Foodpanda, eBay, Forever 21, Sephora and Cotton On (just to name a few - the list goes on seriously), you will earn some cash back/rebate/money. So, basically it works some sort like a discount for you later on. 

It's called and it works as a third party website some sort I don't know the details of it. 

My first thought on this was this could be another those direct marketing kinda thing, but I decided to give it a try anyways. 

After-all, I was gonna book a few hotels for a few upcoming holidays anyways so might as well give this a try. They some more ask me to enjoy the best travel deals and me with travel deals are inseparable I tell you. 

So, I clicked on the link that Hui Jen sent to my email and from there, I just register (under him and immediately got a RM10 cash inside my account!) and shop via and they redirected me to the original website. Our honeymoon was still not finalized so I decided to give this ShopBack a try on Expedia. The process is super simple. I clicked on Expedia and they re-directed me to the website and then it's all the same as any hotel bookings. 

So, this means that I earn cashback even when using Expedia coupons, as long as I go to Expedia via ShopBack. Simple okay. 

One thing you MUST do is to go to your desired websites through ShopBack, then only the link can track and you can earn your rebates yeah. 

Remember to go into whatever online websites that you want THROUGH ShopBack so you can earn back your rebates! 

The next day, I went into the website and checked again, and the cash rebate works from what they have claimed to be!

Apparently, it will take up to 48 hours for the cash-back to happen. I really like the website because I feel it's very easy to navigate around. They also have like series of FAQs where you can go read to know more, and I seriously think there is no losing in going through this website to do all the online shopping. Hah. 

It feels super fun because it feels like I'm helping myself to save. Hah. So I tell myself. Muthu, if you are reading this, don't worry. I don't do a lot of online shopping anymore okay. I sudah bertaubat. 

This is for sharing purposes. 

To help you get started, you can click HERE and get started with a ShopBack account. 

You will probably think that, "Aiya, this one sure she can earn money eh".

Yes, that is entirely true. I will earn RM5 for every friend that register through my link and RM400 if 40 of you decided to do so. Oh and you also get RM5 on your first purchase! Win!

However, in my most honest being, I actually find this website really work-able and really can earn cash-back okay so I am actually sharing this mainly because I would like you guys to be able to feel as happy as I was when I saw the rebate in my account. 

Another best thing is there are so many brands with ShopBack that you can now get your rebates from! SO THE VERY AMAZING!

Hello, you can get cashback even on internet plans such as TIME or TMNet or MAXIS also have and you also can get back your cash. 

get cashback even on internet plans I don't know about you, but this has officially became my new website other than my Just Sarah. Hah. 

Thank you Hui Jen! 

To those of you who just found out, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! :)

And for those who already knew about this long time ago, SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT SHARING WITH ME! Heh. Kidding! Maybe not. Better late than never lah. 

Bye now. 

18 May 2015

Google - Every Man's Best Friend.

I find this very interesting so I'm going to post them here, for my future keeping. 

The most googled products in every country. See Malaysia's 'product'!

So interesting.

26 January 2015

How To Be A Man 201.

How To Be A Man 101.

Not that I'm a pro or something when it comes to all these 'wisdom' of becoming a man. Heh. Although I did (and still is!) spend a lot of my time hanging out with boys rather than girls. Less drama. Hah.

So yes, if you have ever killed a COCKROACH (doesn't matter what size it is since roaches has to be the most disgusting house insects!) with your bare hands, no tissue paper, no cardboard, no shoes, no slippers. Just with your hand, you automatically got leveled up in becoming a man. 

Good job, Koay. You are one level up already :)