31 March 2014

Nine Notifications.

Since I don't really have anything specific to blog about, I shall just do some quick updates of every little things that has been happening.

1. Hairy Legs.

"You! It's your fault that my arms and legs are so hairy!"

I told my dad long time ago. 

Seriously! Where got girls with so much hair on their arms and legs eh? I mean chinese girls and no, I wasn't being racist or anything. It's just facts lah. So, please DO NOT get offended :)

Anyways, this is no joke business okay. One of the things I hate doing but die die also have to do is removing hair from my legs. I don't shave them because it's too dangerous. Hah. I use Veet shower cream, which is troublesome. Actually not really but anything to do with removing hair is troublesome. 

Sometimes, I prefer plucking them. A bit painful but I kinda like it better. No need use cream all. 

Oh, and the leg in the photo is not mine. I hope you actually knew that!

2. Roadtrip.
I drove all the way to Sungai Petani with my manager the other day and met up with another soon-to-be-ex-colleague. We visited 6 corporate, big and small. For lunch, we went to this food court and they have like sooo many things to eat. We ended up having this special curry mee. The soup tastes like our normal curry mee (prolly slightly better) and they serve the noodles with fish meat! TWO HUGE PIECES OF FRESH FISH MEAT. It's not those kind cheap cheap eh fish okay. It's good stuff, really. 

That was my first time trying and ever since then, I find myself craving for it so much more. To the point I try convincing Koay to go on weekends just to have the curry mee. 

3. Food-Blog.

Speaking of food now, I might as well talk about our 2years1month1week2days' old blog. I think for the entire month of March, we hardly did anything. Not because we no longer have the passion but more so that we both didn't even have time go for a proper meal together. 

I'm actually quite thankful that March is over. One more sleep to the fourth month, yes!

4. Lor Mee.
Appetite going haywire lately. I am never a big fan of lor mee. I can have them for snack time and stuff but never really for a main meal, be it lunch or dinner or even breakfast (which I just had this morning!).

But now, I find myself wanting to go places famous for lor mee. What has gotten into me i wonder..

Every season sure got new crave.

5. Birthdays.

It's funny to see how much effort/money/time is used to plan a baby's birthday. A one-year-old baby. She won't even have any memory of her first birthday, but I do think that this celebration is more for the parents. I don't even remember my first 5 birthdays. 

So difficult to choose the "right" place to have it and what kind of "theme" and who to invite et cetera. In the end, a simple good meal with the family would be more than enough. No need to spend so much since there'll be many more birthdays to come. Baby shall not be spoilt. Haha. 

Nineteen days to baby girl turning one. 

May-June-July : Vanessa - Rachel/Kah Wei - Koay.

6. Burnt Cemetery.
Cheng Beng is an occasion where people get together at a deceased family member's grave and do things of their own belief. 

Even after accepting Christ, my whole family makes sure that we are always present. It's one of those occasion where we meet-up with our cousins, uncles and aunties and we just bond. The rest will pray, burn paper-clothes/car/watch/money and wait till everything is done. For us, we always sit by the stairs and hold the umbrellas. 

It has always been like 30 plus of us going to grandma's "garden" every year. As our family keep growing, there's more and more coming. So lau juakk. Syiookkk.

7. Candy Crush.
Yes, still actively playing this. I won't say I'm addicted to it I think. It's just that everytime I pass a level that took me two months plus, it felt so good and makes me want to keep going up and then when I'm stuck, I will like get angry a while then back to it again.

I wonder how it's going to take to make me stop completely. Playing on the goldii super nice sumore. 

8. Kim Chi.
Almost everytime I eat at home now, I will need to eat my rice with kimchi. 

9. Winter Wonderland.
No idea about spring and autumn, but so far, I am loving winter to the core-st of my core. One thing I miss most is winter. Serious. I don't know how else to show my love towards winter. Maybe if I name my daughter 'Winter'? 

Crazy girl.

27 March 2014

A Night Up There.

I couldn't make it to attend the entire retreat this year, although initially I thought it was going to be possible since none from the Sales team took leaves. 

Manatau, suddenly straight two of them took a whole week off and their case more important. Both already got flight tickets bought. One to Beijing and the other to Perth.

So, the best I could do is spend the second night there and leave early in the morning straight to work, which is exactly what I did. 

Tiring, yes. Lack of sleep, definitely.

Worth it because it took my mind away from work and those laughter cured my headaches. Get to escape the heat down there for a while too. 

Veryyy good :)

Finding out our spiritual gifts. It's different than our natural talents.

Lesson learnt: Never put in not-that-hot-water into milo because it taste funny and un-milo. Just be patient and wait for the other kettle to boil. Just wait. Killed one lalat since it was buzzing around me like no one's business. Straight trapped it into my mug, only to realize that still got milo in there. 

 Supper time! Who opens cup noodles like that? Just poke through it with the thumb. 

I hope you guessed it right before scrolling down. Haha. Actually, I was quite shocked with this "habit" of his. First time I see people open cup noodles like that. FIRST TIME. Oh and he's like so normal and proud of it. Me, I was at the verge of killing him! Okaylah, not that serious BUT I ALWAYS WANT TO OPEN THE LID NICELY SO IT WILL BE LIKE A PERFECT CIRCLE! 

It wasn't a pleasant, long, undisturbed sleep here. I kept waking up at night, no idea why. I was the first one to go out at 630am only to see a dark sky. Went out again at 7am and such beautiful colors I see. No one else was awake. Minutes later, Koay walked out and we both sat at the bench, just staring blankly. It feels good to have spent that few minutes in the quiet, next to each other. It was good :)

I can do these kind of things, attend the same old thing year in year out, go to the same place for the same reason and I will still have excitement in my heart.

It has been 12 good years :)

25 March 2014

Goodnight MH370.

We are not giving up just yet. 
Praying for the families and friends during this very difficult time. 
I can only imagine how it must have felt like waiting everyday for a pinch of hope but in the end, it was just another news that confirms the greatest fear.

MH370, please be found. 
Whether there are survivors or not, finding the plane or the black box will give at least some sort of closure.

24 March 2014


It has been almost three weeks since the holiday.

I think I should start planning for the next one soon. The ideal thing to do would be a short getaway once every month, and since money is an issue, we shall plan for a budget trip, but where. BUT WHERE.

This year, we've got so many plans that we want to make sure we do it.

Like hike up Mount KK and getting scuba diving license in Perhentian Island.

The two tops the holiday priority list this year. Maybe visit Singapore Zoo also but this one is more like MINE, not so much for him since he not really a big fan of the zoo. 

Problem is money and time and annual leave.

Quite stressful.

Oh! And one more problem. Finding people to go with us. This is one is susah-est of all.

Never mind. I shall remain positive about this whole thing since we still have eight/nine months to plan. 

March has got to be the busiest month yet. Apparently, we are expecting April to be busier than this month. That's a bit too scary to think of.

On another note, it is a sad thing that I couldn't make it to Leadership Retreat this year. Today actually. I don't think I've ever missed any for the past 12 years. Err... Okay, maybe I did some of the years. 

What made it worse is that everyone is there! EVERYONE! Even Koay is there. He just called and looks like it's pretty cold up there. Ahhh. This is such mean torture.


21 March 2014

5D3N Korea Part IV and V.

Part I & II
Part III

Day Four (9th March 2014)

Today is the free and easy day! So, means we can go wherever we want to at our own pace. We decided to pay about 20,000won each to get the bus and the tour guide so that after every shopping, we didn't have to walk around Korea with bags and so many things in hand. Plus, if we take the taxi, it's going to cost a bomb. 

There were about 30 of us who decided to follow the bus. We decided on a few places that we wanted to go and David (our tour guide) sort of putting them into place for us, you know to see if it's on the way and stuff. We wouldn't want to spend most of the time on the road in the bus.

We went to a few places.

Number 1: Dongdaemun Market.
I've always heard people saying that this is better than Myeongdong. Errr.. I prefer Myeongdong. Maybe because this one is an indoor kind of shopping, like in a mall. I ended up with nothing from Dongdaemun Market except 2 boxes of fresh strawberries. That also I bought it by the street. So big and juicy sumore and super cheap!

After buying some seaweed and ginseng sweets (oh! I did get a few things here.. Hmm..), we makan-makan at the food court. Kimchi Jiggae for me please thank you.

Boys and girls, here you can see the city of Seoul, from the ladies toilet. 

While waiting for the bus to pick us up to our next destination, why not some selfie with the boys :)

And the mama and bimbo. It looks like super hot right the sun, but it was super cold. Standing under the sun makes it warmer by 0.001%.

Number 2: N Seoul Tower.

The smile. Boy, you melting people's heart.

So, it's one of those kinds of place where lovers/couples/families come here, get a lock, write on them sweet lovely notes then lock it at the fence surrounding the tower. 

We were on top of the hill and you can opt to go higher with a certain fee (I forgot how much!). For us, this is good enough. This is perfect already :) 

 Number 3: Ehwa Women's University
This is the only photo I have of this place. No, we didn't go here just to look at the only-women's-uni. The whole area around this uni is shopping heaven! Serious! Everything is relatively cheap since it's mainly targeting the students there. So, I kinda spammed few thousands of won there. I think..

After all the jalan-jalan, we went back to the hotel to drop off our shopping goodies and about 16 of us continued with the bus to our last destination of the night.

Number 4: Gangnam.
David wasn't too sure about Gangnam as that is not his territory so we explored the city for quite a bit in the cold weather. We couldn't tahan the weather so we took shelter for a while in McDonald's. In the end, we took the subway to the makan place in Gangnam. Something like that. I became pretty lost somewhere along the line.

Finally, got to sit down in a warm bbq restaurant. It's a restaurant that usually only locals would know, as in if we're to explore Gangnam by ourselves, we will never be able to end up here. 

We had pork and beef and kimchi. 
That's all it takes to make the 16 people happy.
That's all :D

After dinner, we took the subway back to the hotel but this time without David. Finding our way home was rather challenging. Then again, my sister, the heroine of the night, together with Mrs Choo and others who have a good sense of direction brought us back safely. 

No more snow tonight though. 

Phoebe then called us to go to her room and surprise Kai Chee for her birthday. I was a bit confused because when we went in, Kai Chee was there and everybody else also. So, I wasn't too sure if it's a surprise or not. Speaking of that, till today I still don't know. We just kinda went in, sat down and start talking about everything.

Her cute cupcakes. Apparently, she told me it was very expensive but Phoebe insisted to get for her. Best friend forever, guys. Nice! :)

Blessed Birthday, hot-supermodel-like-cousin! 

Day Five (10th March 2014)

Boohoo. Time to go back home. Double boohoo.

We checked out of the hotel at about 6am. Had our breakfast at the last stop of shopping. This one, I spam quite a bit also. Wanted to just spend finish all the ka-chings, but didn't lah. Quite expensive eh the foodstuff there. One thing I like is they packed our stuff into a box for free. If Malaysia, prolly will charge like RM2 per box.

Then, we checked in at the airport. Security became tighter since MH370 so there was quite a long line at the boarding place. Whoever wears belt must take out. Something has to happen already baru mau tighten security. Too late. 

I went for another round of last-minute shopping since we were given two discount vouchers. I wanted to get a box of ramen but totally forgotten about it! We were shopping nicely until Leroy texted and said, "Where you guys? Final call d!"

We straight run like there's no tomorrow. Hahaha. Okay, not that extreme but we did run for our lives. Incheon Airport quite huge okay.

Goodbye for now, Korea. You are deeply missed. So happy this time I get to have the window seat.
MH67 --> Incheon to Kuala Lumpur --> Flying time: 6 hours and 50 minutes.

After getting settled down and be comfortable, peanuts and juices are served.

Then, snack time. A chocolate wafer and chicken filling wrapped with a tortilla. So dry and un-yummy. Hah.

After a few hours and few naps in between, lunch is served.
You can either have Beef Bulgogi or..

Sweet Fish something. I can't remember.

The flight was pretty smooth and all. Then, another one hour from KUL-PEN MH1162. 

What a trip it has been.

Conclusion: I have so much to learn when it comes to tour leading and tour leading is prolly one of the toughest job. Okaylah, it's not lah. It's not as nice as people think it is, although get to travel and all. Haha.

I enjoyed myself completely, especially the cold weather. I realized now that I kinda like putting on winter clothes. I can literally feel that I will be getting some winter clothes soon.. or maybe not that soon.. buy for the future. Hah.

Ahhh. Feels good to finally finish all the parts of this chapter.

Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow! :)

19 March 2014

Friends No?

One thing I never expect at this point of life. Quarter life crisis also over long time ago d. Hah.

Both my sister and I. 

We have never done any wrongdoings to anyone. In fact, we cherish all the friendships that we have gained over the years.

It made both of us sit down and think back if we have done anything, just anything that could bring us to this point.

We all used to get along so well. We laughed, we joked, we teased, we ate and we worked together for a period of time. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I always look forward to go work everyday.

Even after I stopped working there, we somehow managed to always remain friends whom are pretty comfortable with each other.At least for me that is.

Then, you changed? Both of you.. 

What happened? Seriously?

It even broke me one night when I thought about it. A part in me is angry but most parts were just hurt and a bit broken. There goes another friendship. Or maybe two. 

The way you talk to me became so formal. Even when I ignored that formality and insist talking to you like how a friend will, you still kept it formal. 

Then another you. You completely stop talking to me. I noticed that and I kept getting myself go up to you to start a conversation and you just turn your back on me, literally. Whattt? We even went on a holiday together once and totally enjoyed our time. You won't even look at me or smile or just anything!

Sorry if I sound like an obsessive-emotional person/friend or whatever you all wanna call it.

We also thought that me being a part of the Korea trip would be like good news to you both since we get to have fun and party all night together. Wrong. It was probably the reason that you hated us both now. 

Okay, maybe hate is a very strong word, but that is really what I feel now from you two.

I don't know if I sounded like so emo with this post but I just had to let it out somewhere and that somewhere has got to be here.

I don't know if you are reading this, but if you really are, do know that there isn't anything that I would do ever to put this friendship into a mess.

I don't even know how and why and what happened! 

So, I'm going to stop doing it, because it's heart-breaking. I will stop starting conversations so that I won't get rejected in the face again and again. But if I see you both of the road or in the malls, I will wave at you and I will smile. I will.

Till then, my two lovely friends. 

I am closing this chapter.

18 March 2014

5D3N Korea Part III.

Part I & II
Part IV & V

Day Three (8th March 2014)

The first thing I did when I woke up on day two was straight to the balcony. Opened the sliding door and immediately regretted it. Immediately closed the sliding door and went to wash my face, brush my teeth, put on layers of clothes, gloves and socks, then only went to the balcony again. 

Spent a good less than 5 minutes just looking at the view and breathing in the fresh air.

Then, time for breakfast at Mont Blanc Restaurant. I remembered not eating a lot because I don't want to have tummy ache and have to go toilet all. Very susah since I'm already so comfy in those layers. Hah.

Right after breakfast, some of us who wanted to go for skiing gathered at the lobby. Put on the ski boots and ski blade (not really sure what you call them) and carry our ski sticks to the ski area. I tell you ah, the ski boots are crazy heavy and tight (for me). 

If zombies attack when you're skiing halfway and in this boots, you confirm die. Walking in this takes more energy than running around a football field.

Can you tell that we're very excited to start?

Everyone rushing to put on their boots, I still slowly take photo all. I don't know how to wear them seriously. Let me just say this again, walking on a normal floor with the boots is madness.

The view is amazingg! Seriously, it's super different when you're actually there looking at it. SUPER BEAUTIFUL!

All the noobs beginners unite.

Every photo that was taken within the ski area is taken with much pain and perseverance, please know that. I have to take out the gloves and with gloves on also our fingers were freezing like no one's business already. So yeah.

If you must, please get the kind of gloves that has special sensory thing on the index finger eh. Very useful. No need to suffer like me. This one compulsory vain shot since selfie is like suicide in the middle of snow mountain.

But we tried anyways with a selfie. My hair! Hahaha. After one click, we were like putting on our gloves so fast as if our life were dependent

The organizer having a fun time skiing although missing the lil baby at home.

We ski-ed for about one hour plus and then we went outside and have ourselves a little snow fight!

Mommy of two boys and mommy of one baby girl :)

It wasn't snowing so Gabriel thew some snow in the air and we all just pretend lah that it's snowing.

After all that snow and stuff, it was time to wash up and check out. Before we hit the highway back to Seoul, we had lunch at a restaurant with the most amazing view. Too bad I had no time to capture them.

I now know why Korean eats so much soup stuff. It's really very comforting to have soup in cold winter. It's very homey and gives you that really nice warm feeling.

After makan-makan, we surprised the Dreamers with a birthday cake for the March babies. Then, we took off to Seoul. 3 hours bus ride journey. I didn't sleep immediately despite the lack of sleep the night before because the view so breathtaking, really cannot resist leh. We stopped once at their rest stop. Of course their rest stop nicer than ours. Cleaner for sure. 

The sun was super bright that time and I thought sure not that cold d ma right. WRONG! Came down without gloves, straight suffer. Quickly went to get a cup of coffee which Leroy chia and Andrew got the spiral potato thing which Leroy chia also. Hahaha. Ehhh the potato thing very yummmy!

First place we went was to the Korean Ginseng shop. Wahh I didn't know Korean ginseng is really famous and good and pricey. Really only rich people can afford to put ginseng into their daily diet. One medium sized box also few thousands already. *faints* Bob the tour guide gave me a small box :)

The two boys and one super adorable baby girl on the entire trip.

Other than ginseng, we also went to cosmetics and liver supplement place. Good thing we adjusted the itinerary and shifted the making kimchi/wear Hanbok a day earlier if not sure rush like mad. 

Eunice, apa lu buat?

Last stop for the night, Myeongdong!
No doubt one of my favorite place to shop in Korea. Both for eating and shopping.

 Though tired, still pretty excited to try the street food :)

Egg pancake something. It didn't look that appetizing so I told Mr Choo that I was just going to share with Andrew. REGRET! It's sooooo good!

Another cabbage like pancake something. This time got bacon.

Cousin with her bestie :)

Actually before the trip I told myself that it was going to be okay if I were to spam makan there and gain some kgs, but then when I was physically there, it didn't felt like I wanted to spam their street food. Quite regret I didn't la. Partly also cos their food is very expensive. Haiz sad lahh.

The streets in Myeongdong very happening at night. So many things to see. People also. Walked halfways can see ladies with bruises around their nose. Yes, that shows that they have just underwent a nose job. Very common there. VERY COMMON. 
Apparently, when they reach their 15th birthday, they demand for a plastic surgery. NOT CHEAP OKAY!


Dinner don't know where to eat so we ended up eating at McDonalds. Uncle Tony sick of korean food d. Haha. Tried the beef bulgogi burger. Not bad. Not bad.

I thought this was such a pretty stall to look at and since I could use some vitamin c in the body, why not?

Straight paid RM10 for a packet of orange juice. 

Everyone's tired but never too tired to crack a smile for the camera :)

After whole day of shopping, we checked into Together Hotel and rested a while, until someone texted saying that it was snowing. We quickly put on our coats and gloves and boots and ran outside. Ohhhhh such joy when I first look at them snow. So perfect and magical. Ahh love that moment.

It snowed really lightly and got very heavy at one point and then light again and then no more. We just stood under it and snap photos and dance around and just basically gong gong stand under it. 

 Day two was special in its own ways because it just was. It was a tiring day, but it was also a really fun and got a lot of new experience kind of day. 

Truly memorable :)