11 September 2015

5D4N The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios, Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur has always been the only-go-there-for-shopping/holiday-kind-of destination since long long time ago. Even when both my dad and sister were staying there for few years, it has never occurred to me that one day I will be staying in KL (regardless of how many days) for work purposes. 

I have always known for sure what I really want in life and staying in KL is never on the list. Well, to be honest, anywhere else other than Penang or wherever my family is not at, will never be an option to me. Never. #tooattached

I know what is in your mind now. Confirm you're thinking, "This girl is crazy. Few days in KL only want to complain so much!"

Well, in my defense, it's not complaining also? Hah. Okaylah, maybe it was lah. Heh.

Anyways, I wanted and needed this training that can only happen in my HQ which is well obviously in Kuala Lumpur. I was very excited for this training because this only means that I'm improving in my career and going up another level, which actually can be stressful and fun. Hah.

The only thing was the staying alone part. No, I'm not scared of staying in a hotel room all by myself. I actually love having own space sometimes. It's just none of my family members could come down to KL to stay and spend time with me after office hours. So, that's the only thing that makes training difficult. 

Seriously too attached for a 2* years old. What's happening to me? Hah. I am a very independent person okay. Many might disagree because of my too attached-ness to my family but in general, I really am.

So, I was feeling reluctant to go KL but of course no choice lah. 

What made me feel good throughout the entire week was this place that I stayed at. I googled for a lot of photos prior to the trip and was already in love with the whole simple-modern design on each rooms. 

This is currently my favorite hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It's situated at Desa Sri Hartamas. I think I said before that Capri by Fraser, KL was my favorite hotel and it still is but The Signature is like a cheaper, smaller version of Capri by Fraser. 

You need to read on both to see which one you like better. Actually if you got the chance, go stay okay! Very hard to choose because both very similar. 

When I arrived at The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios in the evening, I was mind-blown.

Let me make your eyes happy no need to read so much. 

The grand entrance of The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios.

The security of this hotel is amazing. Not everyone can just walk into the lobby and even that, their lobby is not at ground floor. To enter the building, the security guard will have to open for you if its your first time going in for check-in.

Then, the guard will walk with you to the elevator and use his card to scan and then press the lobby's floor button for you. The lobby is situated at the Level SL (Sky Lobby).

Cool heh.

Only 1 reception desk at the lobby with refillable guava juice for you :)

I have earlier booked for a queen size bed studio room (Studio A) and prior to the trip, I wanted to change to a bigger studio at the same price but was not allowed to unless I pay a certain penalty fee, to which I didn't want lah. 

Initially, my parents could come ma so try for bigger room lo. On internet, they declined my request so okaylah. Small room it is.

Then, when I was there to check-in, I requested if it was possible for me to change to a bigger room with no extra charges, and the man said, "Sure!"

I was happy lah, duhh. 

So, I got a Superior Studio (2 single beds, with a bigger living room) and told my family about it when I got into the room, feeling excited all.

That excitement was short-lived okay. My dad told me he fell sick so won't be driving down to KL anymore. Boohoo. 

Superior Studio (2 single beds)

Then, I tried using their roll-up curtain and the string was already broken and I didn't want to have 2 single beds and such a big room to myself. Single bed too small for me to roll around. Heh.

So, I called the man at the Reception Desk and asked if he could give me back the Studio Room that I have booked. He said, "Sure!"


So, I checked out and checked into my new room, Studio A.

Studio A (1 queen sized bed all for myself)

Kitchen area, fully equipped with bowls, plates, utensils, fridge and a microwave oven. They even have dish-washing soap and sponge in the cabinet. Good job, The Signature people. 

Toilet very big and clean. Everyday I get fresh towels to use. 

View from my room :) This is Sri Hartamas, people. 

My wonderful bed for 4 nights. One of the best sleeps ever.

Remember earlier I said that their security is really good?

Everytime anyone uses the elevator, they will have to scan their room key card first before they can click on any level, even to Sky Lobby where all their facilities are located at.

Infinity pool, gymnasium, cafe, sauna room and a multi-purpose mini hall. All at Sky Lobby.

Before you enter the facilities area, you have to scan the room key card again. Feels very exclusive okay.

Gym with a view.

My second favorite part of the entire building. It's quite a loooong pool.

I cannot believe just how a simple infinity pool makes all the difference okay. Haze or no haze, masuk air juga.

I wanted to swim at night (pool opens till 11pm, BEST!) but the haze was really bad. Boo.

Overall, it was one of the greatest hotel experience that I have encountered. The room is clean and new and easy on the eyes. The only reason to that is The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios is still very new. They were officially opened for business in March 2015 so that's like few months into business nia. 

So far so good okay.

Ohhh and it's about 10 minutes away from IKEA! :)

Seriously, go give it a try. Normal days they charge about RM200-ish for a night but on good promotional times, you can probably get RM170 per night, which was what I got for 4 nights.

Go stay and let me know if you are on the same page as me!

Miss you already, The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios! :) Shall see you soon.