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10 July 2017

Koay's Love Language #34.

Recently, my Honda Accord broke down when we were coming home from Ipoh, and since then, many people have been telling us to say sayonara to this Japanese car and get another one that doesn't drink petrol like water.

After few times of discussing, he seemed to be against the idea of selling the car (market rate about RM40,000) to get a new one (smaller perhaps). So, I let that go as it's just not too big of a deal.

Then, few days ago..

Me: Ohhh, look at that! *One of our neighbours got a white Honda Jazz*
He: How much ah?
Me:  About RM80k! *I knew this because this is my dream car okay so of course I secretly got do research all hah*
He: Ooh, why don't we sell off your Accord and get this one for yourself?
Me: *looked at him with the craziest eyes* WHATTT? But you said you want to keep the Accord?
He: Well, if you really like the Jazz, then we can just sell off that to get this.
Me:  Are you seriousss?! *In my mind, I went crazy excited!* Err, I think we'll just relax now and think about it again next few weeks when the Accord is finally fixed and all.

I've always dreamed of owning a Honda Jazz but it is really just Power of Dreams that kept me going. Hah. Get it? Honda's tagline - Power of Dreams. Cannot get too excited because later this dream cannot come true sure sad sial.

Anyways, I will be posting on the next update on our Australia trip soooon!

Stay tuned!

29 March 2016

Cash Rebate at

Last Friday, a very good friend shared with us about this website whereby you can earn cash as you shop. So difficult to believe seriously. 

It means that when you spend money on Groupon, Zalora, Expedia, Agoda, AirasiaGo, Taobao, Foodpanda, eBay, Forever 21, Sephora and Cotton On (just to name a few - the list goes on seriously), you will earn some cash back/rebate/money. So, basically it works some sort like a discount for you later on. 

It's called and it works as a third party website some sort I don't know the details of it. 

My first thought on this was this could be another those direct marketing kinda thing, but I decided to give it a try anyways. 

After-all, I was gonna book a few hotels for a few upcoming holidays anyways so might as well give this a try. They some more ask me to enjoy the best travel deals and me with travel deals are inseparable I tell you. 

So, I clicked on the link that Hui Jen sent to my email and from there, I just register (under him and immediately got a RM10 cash inside my account!) and shop via and they redirected me to the original website. Our honeymoon was still not finalized so I decided to give this ShopBack a try on Expedia. The process is super simple. I clicked on Expedia and they re-directed me to the website and then it's all the same as any hotel bookings. 

So, this means that I earn cashback even when using Expedia coupons, as long as I go to Expedia via ShopBack. Simple okay. 

One thing you MUST do is to go to your desired websites through ShopBack, then only the link can track and you can earn your rebates yeah. 

Remember to go into whatever online websites that you want THROUGH ShopBack so you can earn back your rebates! 

The next day, I went into the website and checked again, and the cash rebate works from what they have claimed to be!

Apparently, it will take up to 48 hours for the cash-back to happen. I really like the website because I feel it's very easy to navigate around. They also have like series of FAQs where you can go read to know more, and I seriously think there is no losing in going through this website to do all the online shopping. Hah. 

It feels super fun because it feels like I'm helping myself to save. Hah. So I tell myself. Muthu, if you are reading this, don't worry. I don't do a lot of online shopping anymore okay. I sudah bertaubat. 

This is for sharing purposes. 

To help you get started, you can click HERE and get started with a ShopBack account. 

You will probably think that, "Aiya, this one sure she can earn money eh".

Yes, that is entirely true. I will earn RM5 for every friend that register through my link and RM400 if 40 of you decided to do so. Oh and you also get RM5 on your first purchase! Win!

However, in my most honest being, I actually find this website really work-able and really can earn cash-back okay so I am actually sharing this mainly because I would like you guys to be able to feel as happy as I was when I saw the rebate in my account. 

Another best thing is there are so many brands with ShopBack that you can now get your rebates from! SO THE VERY AMAZING!

Hello, you can get cashback even on internet plans such as TIME or TMNet or MAXIS also have and you also can get back your cash. 

get cashback even on internet plans I don't know about you, but this has officially became my new website other than my Just Sarah. Hah. 

Thank you Hui Jen! 

To those of you who just found out, YOU ARE MOST WELCOME! :)

And for those who already knew about this long time ago, SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT SHARING WITH ME! Heh. Kidding! Maybe not. Better late than never lah. 

Bye now. 

25 February 2016

2016's CNY.

Chinese New Year is over, guys. It's overrrrrrr.

That's it. 

I have managed to collect about 90 packets of those red goodies and total of about RM871. Yeah, that's pretty a lot compared to other years. 

I remember that in my early youth days, it's always less than RM200. Oh goodness. 

This is one of the rare years for sure, but still okaylah. Not too bad for a final grand exit to the other side. Heh. 

First time my table so clean and proper because the lions came to visit. Apparently my table too clean already that's why raw vegetable thrown onto my table. CAN YOU SEE THAT?

But but I, I just clean the whole table? Hah. 

Toodles now. 

04 September 2015

Friyay: Google Adsense Yes!

This is a good Friday because I have finally gotten the permission to display Google Adsense's ads here and earn in something that is not in Ringgit.

The happiness is not entirely because it's the US Dollar that I will earn, but more to the fact that I finally got it. 

When I first apply for it, I was rejected. Boohoo. So, I keep trying and finally with more readings and clicking here and there, it finally happened.

Have you ever like hope and do something only to be turned down a few times and when you finally achieve it, its like you're on top of the world.

One of the best feeling ever I have to admit.

I'm just glad this chapter is over.

Thank you Google Adsense for this opportunity.

My dream of becoming a full-time blogger seems really achievable now. Heh.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh and you can follow my snapchat: sarahkhooyw if you want to! It's really fun I promise you :)

04 May 2015

House Tours.

This could be one of the most first-adult-thing we do together as a couple. Something that
is leading us to a future together I believe. Heh. I don't even know how to explain it. 

It's quite an exciting thing to do okay.

To buy a house!


We do want to get a house (obviously!) but we have plans. Heh.

So it was Labour Day and this means no work day on a Friday! Syiokness. No alarm clock whatsoever to disturb my precious sleep. We send the car to the Uncle Soon for a makeover and had a slow-paced lunch at Perak Road. 

Then, spontaneously we decided that we shall go hunt for showrooms around Penang since we didn't plan to do anything specific. 

It was fun actually and quite tiring to be honest. Who would ever thought that checking out houses can be so tiring. Heh.

We went to a few developers at south area and then today, we went to three more at north/town area. 

Tropicana Bay Residences by Penang Worldcity.
  • 400 sqft studio-style RM390,000.
  • 550 sqft one-bedroom RM520,000.

Skycube Residences by GSD Land. (which we both like!)
  • 1153 sqft 3-bedrooms RM733,000.
  • Completion by 2016.

  • 2980 sqft 4-bedrooms 3-floors (maybe 5, I can't remember) RM1,500,000 onwards (I think).

SP Setia. 
  • 1153 sqft 3-bedrooms RM700,000 onwards.

Andaman by E&O.
  • They have a few different layout and because it's obviously way above our budget, I didn't really bother remembering them. Heh.

Middleton by BSG Property (definitely my favorite!)
  • 1409 sqft 3-bedrooms RM1,200,000.
  • Completion in 2019.
  • I must say that Kaydence (the sales lady who hosted us) had both our attention when she showed us where the house is. We fell in love with the house even more after more details and having a look at their showrooms. AMAZING. Too bad it's so expensive.

  • 1,400/1,600 sqft 3-bedrooms RM1,200,000 onwards.
  • The cheaper ones has lousy views and it's too far north. Heh.

Eco Terraces by Eco World.
  • Around 1,000 sqft 3-bedrooms RM850 per sqft.
  • No showroom was available so we looked at photos and illustrations. The whole idea seems really nice but it's located at Paya Terubong. Not a big fan of that area to be honest. We enjoyed our 'sales talk' here because they even served us with a glass of orange juice and a squared-slice of green tea cake to celebrate Mother's Day. Well, I will be one in the future so yes please for the cake and juice :)

At first, we had a few more showrooms to see in the south area on Friday but he suddenly decided for us that we should just head home. I think I know what he was trying to do. 

I was getting a bit sad after the third showroom on Friday because reality hits and we both know it's going to be impossible for us to get a house with this kind of price although we know very clearly that our God is bigger than all this. I knew that but somehow still sad lah okay. So, I think when he saw how I was in the car, he drove to Genting Coffeeshop and we had a wrap-up talk on the showrooms tour and went home to rest. Heh.

I love you, Adrian. You're too sweet. 

I think it's very important to have like a closure-talk after every umm effort or making huge decisions. That post talk on Friday helped both of us a lot in terms of the reality and the main reason why we wanted to go for these house tours. 

To get ideas for house designs! Heh.

Then today we decided again to explore the town ones and it went well I have to say. We realized we have so many disagreements in our house preferences, house designs et cetera but it was a lot more fun to talk about it now. Not so intense anymore. Hah.

This shall be the one thing that we will not worry of because the Big Man has plans. He always have plans :)

Monday has been kind.

Okay, goodnight now. 

01 March 2015

First Day of Third Month.

It's really March already?

My favorite month is gone? So fast?

It's okay. I had fun in the 28 days that I had. 

That also means that Chinese New Year is going to be officially over in five days time, right? 

No more collecting angpow. No more CNY cookies. No more going to people's house. No more. 

I was supposed to be patient and will till the last day to open all the angpows but I kinda opened it already? And counted it also d?

No idea why this year don't feel like waiting till the end only do it. 

Last year I managed to collect about RM900+.

This year only RM700+. 


Somehow, this year's CNY felt a bit more toned down. Like there wasn't anything major that we do this year as to compared to last year's and the year before. Even for my family, it was a bit more relaxed and boring if I may say on certain days of the new year.

I didn't even get any new clothes for myself. My first and second day's dresses are from my mom's. I was okay to be just wearing some dress from my closet but mom insisted that I wear something new. 

Hence, the first day's dress which I thought at first was just a type of dress that I will never buy. The color and pattern. Yes, I don't really have good fashion sense. Sometimes, not at all. Just wear whatever that's comfortable. Heh.

Anyways, I guess I'm gonna take a quick nap while waiting for Muthu to come home from KL. 

Sunday = compulsory afternoon nap.

15 January 2015

Computer Games.

I used to play Left 4 Dead once or twice weekly with a group of geeks many many years ago. I'm not going to blow my own trumpet and say that I was good at it because I believe I wasn't. Probably for a girl's standard, also not good.

Friendly fire, check. 
Always solo either in the front or back, check.

Honestly, I enjoyed becoming the Infected more than the other. Not much pressure. That I think I do well. BOOOMERRRR!

You know some games after playing so often for such a long time, soon you will be bored of it or in some cases, people never get bored of it like Dota. I've known of people who's been playing Dota since high school time till now when they are already a doctor and working, all also still super active in it.

Anyways, for me, after playing so often once upon a time, I stopped for so many years. I actually never intend to let the 'hobby' come back. 

Then, one Sunday just randomly someone suggested and the next thing I know, we were sitting in front of each other, ready to re-live that moment.


As usual, I did quite badly and I got nauseous after that. After all these years, tak boleh main dah.

We played L4D for a while then we played Counter Strike to which I hated so much for the first ten rounds because I always get killed 10 seconds into the game and I didn't get to kill anyone.

Once I started killing the first person, the gungho feeling came and I was on fire! Okay, not really. I still did quite a noob job in it but at least I killed more people after that so it was good.

We stayed in Netcity for a good 2 hours plus. 

Good fellowship time with them peeps :)

31 October 2014

Be Professional Please.

Weeks ago, I attended my very first garden/beach wedding at ParkRoyal Hotel, Penang.

It was so beautiful and it has always been how I would want my to be held. Probably not in the garden but by the beach. 

I 've mentioned many times before that I love attending weddings. All kinds of weddings, I just love watching people get married and the details of the decorations spread throughout the hall.

When I was at the garden, I looked at everything carefully as if it was my own's. I observed and I love how things are so simple and pretty.

However, there is this one thing that is actually quite common in weddings or any formal banquet style events.

The chairs.

Let me show you a photo of the wedding chairs at the garden.

My goodness. I was so angry when I saw this. So angry that I pointed out to Koay and that also not enough. I kinda continued telling him that it's very unacceptable okay. All that complaining during the ceremony. He also quite okaylah since he never shhhh me. 

It's not just this last row okay. I went and see the rest after the ceremony and all also this teruk. So difficult to tie a ribbon nicely? It's just like 50 chairs.. Not 500! Even if it's 500 chairs, I think the hotel should make sure it's properly done. 

People spend like what 5-6 figures on having you to be part of their big day okay, and you can give your client this kind of thing.


People pay a lot a lot a lot of money for this okay. And this is the type of 'end product' that you give to your client, ParkRoyal Hotel? I TAK BOLEH TAHAN.

Furthermore, it's a garden wedding and it was bright daylight. 

Maybe if in ballroom, people can't really tell because most of the time the lights are dimmed, but this one?

Where is your QC?

Even if your staffs are the ones being lazy and all, someone should do the one last check, no? Go through every chair and make sure it's properly done?

This is a very disappointing case.

If it was on my event, any event at all and I see these things, I sure flip a table. Maybe few tables. It's not cheap some more to do events in hotels, let alone by the garden.

ParkRoyal, I think you should buck up. This is just so unacceptable.

I won't describe myself as a perfectionist (maybe in certain things) but this is really an eyesore. 

The whole set-up was amazing near to perfect. NEAR. CLOSE TO. 

Bleh, I decided to post it here to remind myself of this thing. Who knows in the future I might need to plan events for people and it's this kind of details that also counts.

End of blabbering. 

18 April 2014


My neck feels so stiff right now.

I need a good long sleep with a pillow worth at least RM200!


Can invest money on good bed, pillows and blanket. Other things no need.


27 February 2014

Itchy Hand.

I don't know why I decided to try on a new facial product when the previous one suits me just nicely and keeps my face so clean and smooth.

Now, ever since I use this new one, my face is like pimples habitat or something. FROM WHERE THEY COME FROM?

Or is it because of my stress lately? Or the weather? 

Okay, now I'm confused..

Anyways, have to waste money and get the previous one and this current one cannot use d lo. Sad case.

Maybe because the previous one has this on the front of the tube/bottle, ANTI AGEING.

MUST BE BECAUSE OF THIS that makes me want to change brand. Haha. 

It is a sign of me getting old when I start using this kind of product and loving it sumore.

Olay, here's one loyal customer in your list. Anything anti ageing eh, just send me an email about it. I will probably give it a try. 

Okay, I'm not actually that desperate to try on products that can make me look younger. I AM ALREADY NOT LOOKING LIKE MY AGE, which is totally 150% fine with me :)

Seven more days to Kim Chi Land.

27 November 2013

Girlie Goal.

So, we are now in the process of sending our Art Director's hardwork to get it printed and then we could start distributing them :)

I wish I have a personal assistant that can do all this things for me. Not only for WhatTwoEatHere, but for my work too. Like when they want me to call up cafes or hotels to do conference and all this. Though I kinda enjoy them, I think I would enjoy having a personal assistant more. Bossy me. Hah.

Maybe next time, in the future, my rank will entitle me to a personal assistant. I sure will demand high pay for her, because working for me must be quite tough. Hahaha. And it'll definitely be a girl because girl can multitask better than guys. Oh, and she can become my fashion person too since I don't really have a very good sense of clothing and up to trend kinda thing. Personal shopper. Hmm.. All that sounds so good lah!

I shall work hard to get to my goal. Hahaha.

What a goal huh.

two more sleeps till mad city.

07 November 2013

Alone Time.

Tonight is my kind of night. 

Everyone needs that once in a while.


It's about time to get the twenty nails done.

Then maybe nasi tomato after that? 


12 October 2013


I realized that I already made certain plans to get that Sony that can go underwater (since we both love snorkelling quite a lot) and I've totally forgotten about it till today.

That makes me question myself if I really do need to get them now/soon.

I also realized that I ALSO made certain plans to get the luggage sets of 3 different sizes and I'm just waiting for the right time/brand/color to get them.

So, I basically need to sacrifice one.

I don't know which one.

I need both.

Oh, and not to mention the BIG holiday that I'm saving up for early next year.

I just realized that there are too many thing that I suddenly "need" ever since I started working a year ago. This is bad, guys. 

Such is the life.

29 August 2013

Luggage Talk.

So we both just had one of the most intense debate-almost-argument about luggage sets.

I found them in Groupon, and they are like RM389 for three sets of hardcase luggages.

So  intense that we ended up laughing and he calling me on the phone to verify if I understood some of the things that he said in Skype. SO FUNNY!

And first time ever, he typed the longest comment/explanation/story ever in my whole entire of 4-5 years of knowing him! *claps* And seriously, that clap is not sarcastic. It's just good to know that luggage makes you talk, or money, or just me buying something online. Hah.

Oh, how I love you so :)

01 August 2013

Bag Organizer.

Having a big handbag is what I've always wanted. I'm the kind of girl that likes to just dump everything into the bag and off I go jalan-jalan. Things from purse, handphones to sweets, name cards and just other paper junk stuff.

And one thing I really hate is when I need to find my keys in the ocean of things! Goodness. Especially if it's at night and there's no light OR when Koay decided to dump his everything inside and then I have to find them. Lazy to do all that. Oh and when it gets heavy, it's even more crazy.

So, as I was online browsing through, I saw this bag-organizer thing and immediately I knew I have gotta get this and get my stuff organized. It finally arrived last night and boy, was I a happy lil girl.

This morning, I decided to re-arrange everything accordingly. So therapeutic la. Ladies, if you are stressed out, JUST THROW EVERYTHING THAT'S IN YOUR BAG AND RE-ORGANIZE IT! It will make you feel better. Like a feeling that you've achieved something. No kidding. Seriously! GO TRY IT NOW! Haha :)

So yeah, bought two colors so Rachel Khoo can use it also. Since now she have so many things to bring/carry whenever she's out. I think she's using a purple one. Not sure heh.

So for now, I'm loving this, a lot.  

10 July 2013

Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God.
(Romans chapter eight verse twenty-eight)

18 June 2013

Cockroach Trap Testing.

It's quite a long story why I decided to give this a try. There has been few occasions where these little disgusting things are caught crawling in my room. What i don't understand is that I never eat in my room or even drink. I won't let anyone do it as well. So, why are they still found in my cozy place? Must be Koay. The reason I say it's him because there was a few times he ate in my room and leave half full cup with water in them on my table. And yes, cockroach is kinda attraced to water too. Or maybe not. Hmm.

Anyways, did some googling and this is what I found: (apparently they really like sweet stuff like honey..)

"Cockroaches are one of the oldest groups of insects, indicating how successful they have been in adapting to changes in their environments. One reason for this success may be related to diet--they are scavengers and will eat anything organic. They prefer food sources such as starches, sweets, grease and meat products, but other items may include cheese, beer, leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter (plant or animal)."


I was so pissed with the whole situation till I almost went into tears okayy. It's too frustrating. Then, after I calmed down, I managed to thank God for the whole "situation"!

I remembered my sister used this at her in law's place before and theymanaged to catch the "queen" of it all. It's really huge! Not only one, a lot went into the trap actually. So, I thought I wanna try and catch them too. Beware: if you look closely, it's seriously disgusting!

Let's see how we did with it this time.

Yed, we only manage to get 4 small ones. And all that were from Koay's car. Nothing in my house. NOTHING. We caught a baby lizard when my dad put a part of a cupcake on it. DOWNS LA.

I know they are there but why they no like my trap! But ever since then, there is no more crawlies that I see. If you happen to come to my house, you might see all these red triangular boxes at some hidden places. Haha. I am determined to get the queen out. Arghh.

For now, I am gonna keep praying no more all weird crawlies in my room. It's so mentally disturbing okayy!

I is signing off now.

21 May 2013

12 Years Relationship.

So, I went to the Shaik's Eye Specialist this morning to FINALLY get my already-swollen-for-4-days-left-eye checked. 

I didn't think that the nurse and the doctor would remember me but they did. The last time I was there was in 2009 for a minor eye surgery and ever since then, my eyes have been so good until today.

They even remembered both my parents. 

After he looked at my eye and scribble some notes on the records, I took it up and looked to the front page. Guess what shocks me?

The fact that my very first visit to this place was 12 years ago. 12 YEARS AGO!! That's like when I was 13 years old. And that was my first minor eye surgery. Can't remember which eye was cut first. And then throughout the years, I had like total of 7 minor surgeries accumulated on both eyes (I think the left eye has gone through more times under the knife than the eye). Not only that, my last visit before this one was dated back in 2009. Crazy man. Crazy to think that this is one place that I often go last time, like it's my "favorite"place to be. Hah. Well, when I have some annoying eye condition, it is definitely my number one place in priority. Go there sure heal eh. And heal very fast sumore :)

Hoping that this infection will heal by Thursday. Wouldn't want to be looking/feeling like this for his family trip this Friday. 

And, I have got two days of medical leave. Yay to a lot of sleep and rest and spending time a home with baby girl. 

On another note, there is absolutely no appetite now. i just drowned my bowl of rice with mom's homemade corn/wintermelon soup. I need/want my appetite back for tonight's dinner date. It's Japanese fine dine tonight yo. Actually I don't know if it's fine dine or not. I think it's not la. Though the menu is quite fancy. And we won't like spend money on fine dining because it's just not our style. Let's hope groupon/livingsocial/mydeals (can't remember where we got it from) doesn't disappoint us. 

Terrific Tuesday to you all :)

30 April 2013

Two Noobs Go Spa.

About a month or so ago, we decided to help Andrew make a video. A video on L.O.V.E. and death and proposal and stuff. I still remember when he first asked me through Facebook, I said no immediately and then he continued saying that he needs us because we are already a couple. So, I went to ask Koay and suprisingly he said, "OK!" without thinking deeply. Haha. I was a bit reluctant cos I do not act or want to be in video shooting stuff. I'm more like a watch-the-video-kind. Well, Koay is also like that but he mentioned to me that it would be a new adventure that we get to explore and do it together. And afterall, it's not really acting because we are really together.

So yeah.. we did the video and crossing our fingers that we would win first place or at least top three, so that we would get the spa and *coughs*MYBLACKBERRY*coughs*


There goes my hope of getting the Blackberry from Andrew. Gah..

Yeap, after all participating members submit their videos and they just gave them this.


Can you believe it? Andrew then emailed them to let them know how disappointed and they cannot do this and bla bla. They just replied, "Sorry for any inconvenience caused!" It's like WHAT? Poor Andrew. He was very into this whole shoot and spent quite a lot of moolahs in it. So, when Andrew got this spa thing, he didn't want to go so he gave it to both of us! Nah, ANDREW CHAN WEI KIN! Here's your credit! Hahaha! THANK YOUUU! :)

The voucher also hold terbalik. We were looking forward to the massage after a long working week.

Anyways, after Koay reminded me, we made an appointment on Saturday noon and I went googling to see what was included in this package worth RM660.

Ultimate Spa Packages (2 hours)
- 45mins massage (done by two Filipino women)
- Body Scrub/ Body Mask (did not manage to see the product used)
- Jacuzzi with European Herbal Bath (I cannot believe they actually say EUROPEAN HERBAL BATH! Hello, we saw a bottle of Tesco Body Shampoo or something okay. Green color and looked like a dishwashing soap!)
- Footbath (Definitely nothing near a bath! Just put in hot water for few minutes and scrub here and there..)

We were supposed to be completely nude for the massage and jacuzzi dipping. But no thanks. So, we asked them for towels. Haha. This kind of spa is perfect for married couples. NOT US for sure! Anyways, we sat in the jacuzzi for a good 40 minutes WITH TOWELS, sipping away carbonated papaya juice (yuck much!) and talked and laughed and relaxed. The massage was okay. We went home feeling hmm.. feeling that our body was gonna ache the next day. And true enough when we woke up next day, manyak sakit.

Will we go back there for this kind of spa?
Nope. Totally not worth the money.
RM330 per person.
Take that money go Hatyai for shopping and full body massage and eat non-stop better.

And that was our Saturday noon. Quite fun experiencing new things like that together. And we love love love love LOVE their garden themed restaurant. *grins*

16 January 2013

Ze Ring.

You must be wondering, this one also want to blog ah. Yes, I blog anout anything that excites me, sort of.

So, I finally got the ring.

Nothing big la. It's just I saw it few weeks ago, dropped it and took a while to find it back and return to the grumpy seller. Went home and kept thinking about it. Returned to the shop few weeks later, straight buy it and gave my widest smile to the grumpy man. LIKE A BOSS!

This is the perfect example of love at the first sight.

I kid you not.