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08 August 2015

Saturday Feels.

Sitting on my couch at 11:30am watching Pacific Rim with wet hair and empty stomach.

Such is my Saturday.

The boy called at 8:05am and thus, my plan to wake up at anytime later than 9 fails! The brain was awake since then and I just kinda forced my entire body to sleep on until I feel satisfied.

Needless to say, that also failed because now my body feels sore. It feels like I shouldn't have forced myself to stay on the bed till the sun rises.

I guess there is no changing into sleep patterns now that I wake up automatically at 8 every single morning! Heh.

In a while, I will be going to Tesco with the boy and he's going to try cooking for his floorball gathering tonight. Oh boy. I hope no one gets diarrhea after tonight. Hah. Okaylah, actually he's a very good cook. He's just that 'I-like-to-experiment-kind-of-cook' so sometimes his food will taste super good, sometimes it's just ermm disgusting! Haha. Love you lah okay.

On another news, I finished my 5gb of data already. Yeah, I know how you gonna react to that. How can anyone finish 5gb of data? I don't know lah. I've been watching Youtube on my phone because too lazy to use laptop. Oh and since I downloaded Periscope to follow other bloggers, it's been crazy usage wei. Its cray cray.

On another another news, it seems like I don't have enough annual leave to do the things that I really want to do this second half of the year. Boohoo. One thing I know is prayer works! Hah.

Okay now I'm feeling so hungry I think a whole pig will not be an issue. Where art thou, Mut?

I shall get going now. Thanks for reading this :)

05 October 2014

Sunday Fun Day.

What an eventful today it has been. 

Started at 7:24am and doubt the night will end early tonight. 

It's going to be "ALL NIGHT LONGGGG!"

Because tomorrow PUBLIC HOLIDAY YEAH!

The Khoo clan had planned out a cycling trip around Georgetown but seems like weather is going to win this time. Hopefully not though. 

I've been looking forward to this for weeks!


Alright, off I go now.

See you sooooon!


02 March 2014

Fast Week.

Well, this weekend goes by really quickly. 

I didn't even have time to blink.

Good and bad.

Good cos Korea is happening in four days time.

Bad cos I need more relaxing time before Monday hits me, in like 12 hours.

Okay bye.

15 February 2014


Young Adult's Encounter Weekend for around 30 students from AIMST University. 

This is my third time attending the Encounter Weekend. The first two as participants and this time, a helper! 

I took turns with Hooi San though because she needs to rest. The momma needs rest!!