05 December 2017

Pregnancy Update: Week 12.

"We need to celebrate because it's the end of the first trimester!"

I was definitely counting down to second trimester. Praying all the while that as I say bye to the first 3 months, I would also say bye to nausea and dizziness and high risk of losing this one.

And indeed, prayer answered.


We finally saw the baby and good news is that the fibroid that grew from 3 cm to 5.4 cm within a month has finally stopped growing. It is also quite far from where tiny human is so that's a yay.

Tiny human is about 6 cm now and we could see very clearly the hands and feet on the 3D ultrasound. One of the thing that wows me was how tiny human was moving left and right the entire time we were watching the ultrasound.

Too surreal to actually see a human that tiny somewhere behind my belly button. It's really amazing.


My 'need' of curry on a daily basis has seemed to decrease as the day goes by. I don't really need to have my banana leaf curry rice that badly anymore. Heh.

Good news for Koay.

Instead, my cravings have turned to sweeter-not-so-healthy things, like ice-cream (particularly Magnum heh) and potato chips!

And bananas!

And chocolates.

Oh no.


To my surprise, I now can poop once every two days (give and take). Few weeks ago, I only poop once a week (with a lot of pain some more).

So, this I am very thankful of.

Maybe it's because of the bananas.


This is also getting better. I realized I didn't need to rest as much throughout the day and I don't feel s exhausted as I was before. Getting better seriously.


Still as dry as the Sahara Desert thank you.


One of the best feeling of not having to experience period for the past 3 months! Looking forward to 6 more months of no menstrual whatsoever.. Muahahah.


It's getting bigger in a faster mode.

I went to register at the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak and the nurse commented that my bump actually looked like I'm in 4-months term. Then, she pressed more and realized about the fibroid - highly likely because of fibroid because it's at the bottom of the womb (something like that).

Nah some ultrasound photos to see a three-month old tiny human inside me.

Can see hands and feet so cute I cannot take it.

How can there be another living human growing inside of me? It is the weirdest yet the best feeling ever.

Okay, so earlier I did mentioned about a fibroid in my uterus and here's a photo of it.

Tiny human was about 2 months plus so still a bit small compared to the fibroid. Now, tiny human is bigger already yass.

There are two dotted lines on each other and you can see pretty clearly the big black thingy underneath the baby sac. So yeah.

Normally, fibroid does not grow in size, however for my case, it is growing. It was about 3cm when we saw tiny human's heartbeat on the monitor and now it's about 5cm.

It should not harm the baby in any way so yeah. As of the last check-up, it was quite far away from tiny human so Dr. Soon reassured us that all looking fine now.

He will continue to monitor this fibroid.


I am currently using two pillows for my head so that my backbones don't hurt throughout the night. It has already started and it's no surprise because my backbones apparently are a little too curved to the right (or is it to the left?).

Wakes up at least 3 times or more at night to pee, definitely a yes.


I think I am now beginning to enjoy this pregnancy a lot more compared to the first trimester. Guys may not realize this but a slight of nausea can really ruin your entire day/mood.

So, I am beyond thankful that nausea is no more and my mood seems to be a whole lot better. Heh.