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03 November 2014

The Big G.

It's been like what, 2-3 years since my batch graduated?

I started working after I finished college, just as a part timer at Dream Catcher Consulting. I was a part timer because there wasn't any vacancy for full timer, so I chose to just be a part timer while waiting for an available slot to open up. 

All that before I had my graduation ceremony, before I receive the scroll on stage. 

It was one of the most memorable day on my graduation day. It matters big time. What was missing was my grandfather being there to witness my scroll receiving, but it's okay because my grandmother was there. 

It was an emotional event because a part of me knew that this graduation ceremony also means that now we can go our separate ways officially. Chances of not meeting up often is sky high. That saddens me somehow.

I've always loved the life I had during my college years. So, when graduation happened, it was bye-bye to everyone and we then move on to another phase of life.

Change, the only constant thing in the world, right? 

But this kind of change freaks me. People leaving, people changing.. All that sucks all my happiness away. 

I'd like to think of myself as someone who embraces change quite easily. I don't mind changing my phone's wallpaper, change my hairstyle suddenly, the way I do certain things.. I don't. In fact, change sometimes makes me happy. 

But this kind of change is a total opposite of how I would normally love to have. I don't like to have LDR with my friends. I don't like the fact that now we are grown up and out of college, we have our own life now.

I hate it.

Anyways, thankfully we still managed to hang out once in a while, just catching up each other's life. Most of the time, we tend to talk about our jobs and money and that's just so normal because people grow up. Heh. 

I don't even want 2015 to happen because I know more of this kind of change will happen, and my life will once again hit the 'reset' button. I hate it.

But yeah, it's times like tho that I truly appreciate. 

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS NIKKI! You're now an adult! Welcome to the working world, where everything is a lot more fun except for the part when you have to wake up at 8am every morning! Heh.

Cherish your school/college years because those are the times where you will make the most memorable memories, as long as you allow them to be made :)

As for me, it's about time to finally face my reality. Or maybe I'll just forever stay at 22. That works fine for me :)


23 May 2014

Oh Well.

I wanted to update Part II of Thailand but seems like time sort of flew away.

Oh well.

One thing I need to do by this week is.. REMOVE ALL THE PLASTIC COVERS IN HIS CAR!

15 January 2014


I don't know what went wrong.

Woke up this morning at 4am-5am feeling all weird out.

A feeling that's just there. 

It's so uncomfortable kind of feeling and it creeps all over my body making me having such a difficult time to close my eyes and rest. 

I remembered myself holding onto my pillow so tightly and praying till I fall asleep. IT WAS SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

I don't know what that is or how it happened but it better stop tonight. It's too uncomfortable I don't even know how to begin explaining it. Although I kinda explain quite a lot on top d. Haha.

Tuesday has gone by pretty quickly don't you think? I did some shopping with the ladies and spent the while evening at home. Cooked my ramen with some cabbages and watched Total Blackout

Boyce Avenue, please make a tour to Malaysia. Anywhere in Malaysia also can. I go find you!

Okay guys, one more day then it's a longer weekend that I desperately need. DESPERATELY!

12 November 2013

No Time.

From Monday till today and I foresee for the next few days, I will not that extra time to breathe.

Not in office.

Not outside of office at night.

However it is, I am super excited to start filming our food-blog adventure tomorrow.

Just a little preview: there will be roughly 10 series that's coming out. Yeah, something like Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan kind..


26 August 2013

Tumblr Not.

I almost created a Tumblr AGAIN. Wait, not almost. I actually did. 

Just that feeling of needing to do something totally our of the blue and then the next thing I know I was typing T U M B L R onto google tab. 

Then, key-ed in the email and password and start searching for people to follow. After finding so few, I went to the Settings and Delete Tumblr Permanently.

Like that also syiok. Heh.

What is wrong with me? I had two tumblr accounts before. No idea why I deleted them twice three times counting this one too. 

All the spontaneous things that makes me feel happy again. Speaking of that, now I'm craving for butter cookies. Wah, super random and unrelated wei. 

This is Monday madness.

A small part of me is glad that August is going to be over soon. It has been pretty rough month. I think in just this month, we argued quite a lot. Some really small ones and some really huge ones. But then again, what is a relationship without arguments, right? Glad to know it's him I'm arguing with and not someone else. Gotta be thankful for hard-annoying-times too :)

10 August 2013

Quick Write.

Finally, I could have some me-time to sit down and do nothing watch tv and blog a little, since the father is futsal-ing with the bangla and his buddies.

The past two days have been busy and packed with fun stuff/outings. Two nights in a row slept at 2-3am! No wonder pimples all are here to visit :)

Not to mention how much I miss the sister and her baby. Gahh. Separation like this is torturing. Two more days and I'm gonna just stay home and play with baby girl.

All wrapped up like a little cute thing! Ishhh. *cubits*

Also, I have been to most, if not all the shopping malls in Penang because Koay wants to get a pair of shades for the upcoming cruise to Singapore and Phuket. 

And he still haven't bought them yet. 

Raya holiday means a lot of makan sessions. We went to a friend's place on Friday, but even in my own house, there's always that holiday mood. Mom's yummy chocolate cake covered with melted-peanut-butter-choc-cream. I don't know what that is really called la. But it's sweet and thumbs up :)

And we have been eating so much lately I have no idea why. So stressful okay. Not only the tummy, but every other area is expanding also. A lot of things doesn't fit anymore. This is really sad. Time to REALLY do something. REALLY!

 Oh, and tonight we got another makan-makan celebration for his mom's early birthday! Eat again. What's new right?

I was sleeping in my room while he left for football, only to find him home after 5 minutes he left my house and talking to my mom outside my room. My door not closed so I can hear them. I didn't bother la. I sleeping so nicely, conquering the whole center part of my bed d whatt. He came in, and lied down at the small side next to me and..

He: Babe..
Me: *mumbles* Hmm..
He: Later we go eat that one la okay?
Me: *no answer* *cos I was waiting for him to say where*
He: Hello? Attitude lo you. People talking to you.
Me: *very softly* You never finish your sentence also.. *I was very sleepy that time*
Me: *straights jumps up and looked at him* SERIOUSLYY!? YAY!!!

Imagine I was so happy to be able to eat fish steamboat that I even agreed to go Paragon after that to continue searching for his shades, but ended up carrying Cotton On's shopping bag home and ALMOST got myself a nice comfy women's coat. CRAZYY. Then, I had four glasses of red wine with his buddies at Precinct 10 till 2am and supper at Jiao Sai. Long night but so good catching up with his friends after so long :)

Alright. Till next time.

05 August 2013

Panaroma Week.

Monday blue so what?

Blogging always helps it become better.

So, this week I have been so obsessed with taking panaroma photos I have no idea why. Just some of the usual activities over the weekend every now and then. Sometimes, it feels like my weekends make me more tired than the usual working weekdays.

Oh wellz.

27 July 2013

A Great Friday.

So, today I woke up really early. Earlier than normal working days even. And I did not sleep until it was like about 3 in the noon. 

It was quite a nice slow and easy yet kinda productive day. Went for family lunch and some grocery shopping with grandma. Dinner was simple and easy paced before Young Adults at Hui Jen's. Then, supper at Koay Teow Basah, and ending the day with a quick post and an episode of Lost. 

Baby girl is already asleep on her own bed next to mine. She's been a good girl today when we were out and stuff. 

So yeah, loving the every moment of this public holiday. So gooood that I don't have to wake up so early on a Saturday for the first time after so long :)

Oh, and finally the Floorball League is coming to the end. FINALLY.


26 June 2013

Annual Thing.

Last night we discussed about Youth Camp 2013.

Yep, another less than six months to go, with so much lesser number of camp staffs.

We can do this. We will do this.

Let's do this.

05 June 2013

Back After Nine Days.

Oh wow. I never realized that it has been nine days since I last post anything! We had internet at the place we were staying in Chiang Rai but then, koko's laptop cannot detect the connection so yeah. 

I'm not gonna post anything on the trip today as I must/will spend time with my precious girls first. 

Is it possible to feel jetlagged even if it was only 1 hour of time difference? Heh. 

It's quite nice that we came home last night to a new flat screen TV and Astro Beyond. Haha. Speaking of being blessed beyond measure. 

It's gonna take some time for me to get use to working mode again. Ahhh. No more annual leave this year. I shall not worry. I shall not be sad. I shall continue be glad :)

I is beginning to feel sleepy again though I is wake up at 10am this morning. 

Oh dear.. 

Spent the last eight days with the crazy bunch and now, not seeing their face in the morning kinda sucks. Ahhh. 

Till then. Stay tuned for tomorrow! :)

04 May 2013




29 January 2013

Monday Blues NOT.

Such great feeling going to bed on Sunday knowing that the next day get to sleep till lunch time. Not just any normal lunch.

The Mod-Em Hangout Lunch and Movie!

So, what Monday and what Monday blues?

We waited, walked down the escalator, ate McD, vained with the brand new iPhone5, teared in The Impossible, laughed hysterically, shopped, i love yoo-ed, "spretzel-ed", stalked half japanese hald angmo babies, choo char-ed, starbucks-ed, and monopoly dealed :)

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Food tastes better when you're having them with people you love and genuinely care about. 

28 January 2013

Social Media.

So I opened up the food blog and saw that we have past 20,000 viewers! And we're just days away from the first date ever since we started it. A W E S O M E.

I have to say that the experience of food blogging is one of a kind. It's pretty fun but there are also days when you just want to eat and relax the minute you reach a new place. But no, being one you'll have to take pictures and stuff like that. It's not that it's so annoying that it's a drag. It's not. It's okay for us cos there's two of us doing it. For other food bloggers who goes solo, *salutes*. I don't know where you find your hardworking-ness! :)

Anyways, I did not access into any social media in the weekends because I was away in an encounter weekend with the Big Man. Boy, was it great! And last night a friend popped the question if we can survive not using social media for a week. And without having to think so long, I nodded. I think it's because of the encounter weekend. If not, I would have answered no. 

So yay to me for not being a socialmediaaddict. Haha. 

Last day of my long holiday is about to end. So sad. Gotta start working tomorrow. WHY SO FAST?

Can't wait for Chinese New Year to come. I have missed that time of the season for so long. 


31 December 2012

New Year's Eve of 2012.

2012 's New Year's Eve is finally here.

Don't know why this year's end feels more significant than any other years that I can remember. 

Even before the year ends, there were so many bonds formed and sacrifices made. Cannot believe I've actually lived 24 years of life. And many more years to go. Many more stories to be told. 

I'm definitely looking forward to see Sha Lynn for the first time. That will probably be the highlight of 2013 as for now. Few more months baby girl! :)

I hope you all will be having great time with the great people to being in 2013. 


08 December 2012

12th Month.

December is finally here. And I finally found some time to update this blog (while waiting for Koay to fetch me)

Today is in fact, the only one full day that we get to spend some time together. Past week was madly busy with work, youth camp's preparation and his assignment's due date and we just couldn't find time to see each other. Sadness.. Imagine next week lagi teruk. For two weeks straight, I will only see him once or twice, I think. Haha. Oh well.. 

So far, December has been.. December. It has always been the busiest month in my year. In a good way of course. Everyone loves December. I mean, come on it's the birth month of the Special One! :) The Reason to celebrate in all circumstances :)

Alright, I need to go off and get me some shorts for the upcoming holidays :)

26 September 2012

One HEART brings one SMILE.

AKI's Mooncake Festival 2012.

AKI stands for Alumni of Keele-ers International
(consists of all the amazing people, like *coughsMEcoughs*)

We have been working on this project/event for many months now. It's a night where children from different kindergardens would come together and enjoy the night with planned programme for them to enjoy. Also, to celebrate Mooncake Festival with them. The whole idea is to raise funds for charity (by selling mooncakes and on donations). 

We did the same thing 2 years back and the response was great, that's why we decided to do it again this year. All our donations are given to Nasom Penang (National Autism Society of Malaysia) and Ruyi Home (for the underpriviledged children with single parent). Both of these amazing NGOs also participated in our event that night (no kindergardens this year which I think was good seeing that we didn't have a lot of manpower, heh)

So, the last day that we could still raise funds was Saturday itself and we have a team who went to Chung Ling on Friday and I joined them on Saturday. Students don't really buy mooncakes cos it's pretty expensive for students and we didn't think that they would carry at least RM15 in the pocket to school so we decided to open it up for donations, at any amount! There are students who even donated 50 cents (such kind souls to really wanna help these children even with their last few cents!)

after spending 45 minutes of saying loudly "Donation for the autistic children" to every students who walked pass by us to go to the canteen (the only way to canteen), I decided to write it on the board (why didn't I figured this earlier. Hmm)

drank this once years ago. Saw it in the canteen and a happy girl, I was indeed.

the team behind all the raising funds (they were at KDU almost everyday) You guys, best!

the two boys decided that they would sit down and let the pretty girls 'attract' the boys'! So, I gave them work to do! Haha. Cut out the decorations, which they happily did.
we ladies memang powerr! We collected around RM300 on cash donations and RM200 plus on mooncake sales. All that happened within the two and half hours in Chung Ling. Wow :)

After Chung Ling, we went back to college to meet up with the rest of the team and head for lunch at New World Park, where Koay and I had probably the worst bak kut teh, ever! And while the rest went back to college to prepare other materials (for lantern making), Koay and I went to APT for our RM5's hair cut and hair wash! Afterall, the emcee needs to relax first before the night starts, heh!

stage and deco.

 foyer (notice the not-alligned-red-lanterns-behind-the-banner)

 buffet area (p.s I did the printed colored words. Nice, yes?)

food catering from Homes Chef Garden (partly sponsored by them as its a charity event)

yummy chocolate cake sponsored by mommy :)

sunquick orange drink with lots of ice.

After all the setting up and months of hard work, it's finally the time to kick start the night. The helpers were all dressed in either blue or white. All the handsome boys and drop-dead-gorgeous girls were ready to rock the night and making sure those kids will go home with smiles and lots of goodies! :)

oh! and we've got some supports from the home yo!

speech by the Head of Business Department, Mr. Prakash and Vice President of AKI, Vernon. 

our supporters. Not many in numbers but it was great!

first up: Mikael's stroytelling session on how Mooncake Festival existed. All the kids laughed, all the helpers laughed and all the teachers laughed! Mikael oh Mikael, such joker.

 then, it was coloring timeee! All kids' favorite time (okay, maybe not all. I never really liked coloring when I was young)

they gave their 100% because it's a contest! Three winners to walk away with three amazing prizes! (I had no idea what the prizes were, btw)

the boy on the right is cutenessss overload wei.

dinner after that.

all the hungry people in the world unite.

the next activity is making lanterns! This, the kids love.


Mikael guiding the kids step by step.

the emcee also jaga kids. syiok betuii!

After making lanterns, we also gave away ready made cartonned lanterns. I was actually telling them that there's only one lantern left and who wants it, and their happy reactions were priceless.

of course they were more happy when they found out that they each get one with lighted candles too!

so, we took them out for few rounds in college, to the darker areas. emcee jadi lantern-guide.

seeing pretty lighted up lanterns held by wonderful kids and the joy on each their faces, really priceless.

and we sang 'twinkle twinkle' (don't know other songs d. haha)

oh, I'm so happy looking back at the pictures la.

they also blew the candles to the count of 3. Oh how I love kids when they are this obedient! :)

PRIZE GIVING! (at this point, most of the helpers were quite tired d and I was pretty much losing the voice but the kids, they were more jumpy than ever!) They all left the place with goody bags each!

the group picture.

and because we had so much fun and it was a great night, here's another photo of us :)
one HEART brings one SMILE.