30 September 2014

Sometime by Asian Designers.

When I hit the two years' mark being a working woman in August, I suddenly became obsessed with handbags. I am not like those girls who have the eyes of fashion or something. They see one bag and immediately got like the whole review at the back of their mind or they can already picture it with whatever clothes that they have.

I consider myself in the category of know-very-little-and-don't-really-care-of-fashion.

I don't know how to dress-me-up according to trends whatsoever.

So I buy whatever I see is nice. Simple and nice. Or maybe sometimes get weird things when I'm in the mood. Other than that, I really play it safe for fashion. Or boring in another word. As long as comfortable, I'm happy already. And most importantly, it can keep things, a lot of things. Must be user-friendly. Haha user friendly like iPhone. Kiddingsss. Please don't start the phone-debate-war here. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Okaylah, I wouldn't call myself obsessed with handbags but I find myself searching for handbags more often now when I'm in the malls. I tend to want to spend on handbags than something else. Super weird. The last thing I will ever want to look at is bags. I don't have any liking to getting handbags. Or maybe I don't have good taste lah and most bags I buy last time all not very good-looking eh. Oh well.

Last week, I stumbled upon this website through a photo that I saw in Facebook. I clicked on it and my life changed. Haha.

I saw the bags and I was in love all over again. 

I spent quite some time exploring and getting to know what this is all about.

Taken from their website:
Sometime • By Asian Designers exists to endorse and promote talented fashion designers and icons across Asia. The brand objective is to connect and build a community of established individuals across the discipline of fashion. The focus is on practical solution driven ideas, production resources and creative assistance to produce one of the most universal fashion accessories in the market – bags.

Sometime • By Asian Designers directs its own dedicated production line of 28 specialized bag makers with years of experience to produce bags that are exclusively designed and inspired by selected talents and designers across Asia. Led by a few veteran production heads, this is the very same factory that produces bags for some of the famous designer handbag labels in the market.


Machines are overrated. Our heads of production believe that every bag requires that human touch to craft and assemble, something that machines are not able to achieve entirely. This assures the intricacy and durability of the end product, with a personal touch that you will feel.
Few reasons why I love these 'brands'.

They are all designed by our very own Asian Designers and they are affordable. I cannot afford to get international brands like Louis Vuitton now or ever will since they are ridiculously so expensive. I don't know if I ever want to spend four-digits on a single bag when I can spend them on so many other bags that are also of designers level. Heh.

Of course I didn't think like that before I found Sometime. I was aiming to get few branded bags that can last long since I never really like changing bags that often. Not until this.

I didn't make a rush decision though. I was really thinking about it whether I should get the Christy Ng's bag. It's not that much of money but to spend more than a hundred on a bag is so out of my zone. 

It's not that I'm stingy. It's just sometimes I rather spend that money on food or holidays. And especially after the 'little' incident with my orange handbag. Sudah takut ni. Story is down below. Read on!

Amazing how Sometime changed my 'spending priority' now. Dangerous I tell you. Self control is needed.

Anyways, after many times of going in and out of the website, I finally gathered enough courage to click Add to Cart, then Checkout. I then proceeded to make the payment and when the order was confirmed, I was a happy girl.

Feels so gooood okay.

The first bag that I bought with my first salary was an orange bag from Charles & Keith. 

Some background on this brand. I find it important now to find out the brands you buy. Anyways, the name is so because it is founded by brothers named Charles and Keith Wong. The brand was initially focused on ladies footwear but has expanded to accessories like handbags, belts etc. Over the years, this brand has grown so much and known to many in major countries like Japan, Indonesia, Dubai, China and more. People know what Charles & Keith is. People know.

The orange bag that caught my eye that time costs around RM200 plus. Obviously I took care of the bag like it's a baby or something. Despite me being careful with the bag and make sure it's well taken care of, the color faded and came off and the bag became so ugly. I was so sad because it's just nonsense lah. It didn't even last for more than 2 years. One year also don't know got reach or not.

I concluded that Charles & Keith's bags are horrible in quality. They may be nice to look at but for sure cannot last one. Wasted my money only. I grew to really love that orange bag okay. Now, it's lying in my cupboard collecting dust. Maybe because handbag is not their main product. Then again, Christy Ng is ALSO known for making pretty shoes first. GG. 

I hope (really hope!) that this Companion II - Brown last longer than my expectation. Oh! One more thing that made me love this bag is because they have zips! The orange bag didn't have any zips and it was so difficult for me to bring along when I go travel. Go Tesco also, people can put their hands in it without me knowing, while I'm carrying the bag sumore!

 So yes. 

The bag also arrived faster than I thought. I think it took them less than 3 days and when I came home from Cameron Highlands on Sunday, it was already on my table all wrapped up.

I jumped at the sight of it, literally. Koay also terkejut I think.

Also, they don't produce these bags in bulk. They only have limited numbers to each design and when I got the brown one, the SOLD OUT status appeared for the brown one. So yeah. Not many people in the world will have this bag. Only a handful! That makes me feel special. Hah. LIMITED EDITION OKAY. 

Oh ya. Do you also know delivery is FREE of charge? Mmhmm. Poslaju from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Pinang.

Ahh, it only gets better. My new favorite website now.

Coming soon would be bags designed by Sazzy Falak herself.

Let's all support the Asian Designers by getting their bags/shoes etc. So affordable and pretty. 

Thank you Sometime for making a girl happy today :)