31 October 2012

Over and Out.

*after a tiny argument this morning*

*calls me in the office*

A: Hi babe.
S: Hi.
A: Do you love me?
S: Yeah.
A: How much?
S: Ten million.

Un-tension the conversation, tick :)

Probably not very funny. Anyways, yesterday was probably one of the busiest time that I had in office after three months of working here. It's good in a way. I like busy.

Sister is in her second trimester. It's so soon and everyone is getting more excited to find out if it's gonna be a boy or a girl. Ahhh. My family needs to keep expanding. My cousins need to start tying knots and get busy.

I'm trying to shape-it-up for the upcoming holiday on the cruise in three days time. It seems impossible. Can you believe that we have been practicing Waltz dance for the night? (okay, maybe not 'have been'. I've only been once and it's not THE REAL WALTZ cos we're not pro like that) :)

This is goodbye October twenty twelve. Hello November.

Will be watching Skyfall with the major corporate clients tomorrow. It's so nicee. Free movie and free popcorns! With some bonding time with clients. Pretty cool.

Green Tea Kit Kat is the best thing ever. No kidding. BEST. THING. EVER.

Randomming is over and out.

26 October 2012

Good Day.

It feels so good to be able to go back to sleep after nice breakfast with the family this morning. 

I love public holidays even more now that I'm in the working zone. IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!

Oh ya. We have finally launched the Facebook page for our food blog! 

So, go LIKE it at www.facebook.com/WhatTwoEatHere!

Cheers to an awesome weekend ahead! :)

25 October 2012

Impossible Not.


God just blew me away, AGAIN!

I am so speechless (in the happiest and in awe kinda way)

So now I am in charge of the set-up of my company's soon-to-come Facebook page. And I will soon have access to the social media on my desktop. Only me in the office *eyes opened wide* (maybe some of you will be like 'huh?' what's the big deal)

Well, the big deal is that the whole computer system in Penang is controlled by the head office in KL and Facebook is blocked completely in every computer here for many years. And when I found out about it, I was immediately sad and within seconds prayed cos I knew only God can do the impossible things. That was 3 months ago and ever since then, God opened so many doors for me and never will I expect this to happen so quickly.

And when my manager utters these words "I will ask KL office to allow Facebook access in your desktop only", the whole meeting room froze. My heart probably skipped a beat, I don't know. It's not the fact that now I can feel normal again by being able to go Facebook (for work purposes!!! :P) anytime now that makes me so happy. It's just again God did His thing and it wows me like crazy.

There were some people who asked me why is it that it's so easy for me to keep on believing though in our human minds we know it's impossible. I remembered answering them, "why not? It doesn't hurt to keep believing also." and it's when you continue to believe God in the toughest/impossible/crazy/weird/awful/horrible times that you experience the reality of the Big Man, and at the same time thanking Him for the 'bad' incidents that happened.

And ever since I gave my life to Jesus in 2004, I have never stopped believing the Big Man.

For sure there were so many road bumps here and there, but it's faith that keeps one going strong. It definitely kept me strong through the years.

Ahhh, He's just so awesome :)

Matthew 7:7
"Ask, and you will get what you ask for.
Look, and you will find what you look for.
Knock, and the door will be opened for you"


24 October 2012

Ringgit Malaysia.

I saw a smart camera that I really liked and with that amount of money, i could have gotten myself a laptop (which I desperately need). On top of that, I'm already getting myself a Coach as a reward for entering the adult zone. Yes, i like to reward myself in things that doesn't really matter to other people. It feels pretty good. Too bad I'm earning in RM, if not syiok betul!

Not to forget, a big machine that's entering the family soon too! I AM IN A DILEMMA. Suddenly I just want so many things. This is what happens when you start earning your own moolahs. Not so fun afterall.

On another note, to welcome into the family a giant gold-ish brown-ish machine. It's been a great ride with you, mini white Kelisa. Your time in the Khoos/Shas is finally over. Oh gosh, it's like writing an essay on the title "Saya Sebuah Kereta". Haha.

The pregnant lady changed her car. Changed the size, the brand, the color, the style and the everything. I mean, it's totally different in every way. Now, when you see her in her new baby, she looked so tiny! Not that she looked huge when she was in her kelisa. Haha. Definitely not! You're still in a very good shape, che! :)

Presenting to you the giant robot (if only can really change to a robot that I can be friends with..)

Little one haven't come out, small car changed to big car. Once baby is out, straight buy 7-seaters MPV! :P

Till the next update peeps. Have a great Wednesday! :)

22 October 2012


Three more days till my third sales meeting of which I was given the opportunity to lead (when God closes one door, He definitely for sure will open another one)

Four more days to a publicholiday after so long of no holidays on weekdays. Haha. Super nice.

Nine more days until I have finally completed my probationary period in this company and become a confirmed employee (that means entitled for annual leaves! and first thing I'm gonna do is apply for the five days of AYC 2012!)

Twelve days to ‘Enchantée au Clair de Lune’(Enchanted Moonlight). KDU's first annual ball and it's gonna be on the Superstar Libra. let's all cruise away :)

Fourteen more days to a briefing plus lunch with the Marriott peeps. When I can afford to, I will stay in any of the Marriott's hotels (at least once). It's so gorgeous and luxurious. Either that, or they are very convincing in their pervious briefing. Haha.

Twenty days till I can finally wite a tick on my to-do-list before I say byebye to humans. WHITE WATER RAFTING BABEHH!

Twenty eight days Junior Youth Retreat 2012. Nibong Tebal ftw! :)

Thirty seven days to my next appointment at Looi's. I have about a month to swallow as many burgers as I can! :)

Fifty eight days to the long-awaited AYC 2012.

21 October 2012

Benjamin Yeoh.

To my number one fan. Yes, he is number one cos he KNOWS and READS everything! So coool!

So blessed to have known you for so many years now. From a very naughty boy to a God-loving young man.

It's so encouraging to see the passion that's in you towards serving God and His people in fireBRANDS! Keep on rocking for Jesus yo! :)

Love you a long time, ben! :)

19 October 2012

The 2401 Surprise.

Many many years ago, a young lady was born on this date, 15th October. The lady fell in love with a tall, dark and handsome young man. After a few years of marriage, pops out three beautiful daughters. And now, the eldest is married to an extreme-good-looking-badminton-kaki, the middle child has just entered the working chapter and is happily attached (also with an extreme-badminton-kaki) and the youngest girl is about to sit for her major exam in few weeks' time.

The little girl (not so little anymore) did not know what awaits her on her birthday this year. NO IDEA AT ALL. Dad had already planned out everything. In fact, already purchased the 'surprise'! So, we asked Mom what she wanted to eat on her birthday. She just wanted to have a nice small steamboat at home. So steamboat at home it is (my fav!!)

Surprise to be told at the end of the night! (after all the photo-taking and eating to our hearts' content!) For now, let's feast our eyes on this gorgeous family's photos *paiseh*

HERE COMES THE BEST PART! We made her sit down in the middle of the living room at the couch (sort of) and then Kah Wei and Rachel stood in front of her with the surprise in their hands. It comes in a card-like-shape (100% handmade by Rachel) and we opened slowly one by one for her to read and to see the pictures!

So here's what she thought was gonna happen on the 17th December (when Vanessa and I will be in KL for our youth camp). My dad told her that they should go down KL too for a short holiday since her two daughters are there and they could go IKEA (I tell you, my whole family is obsessed with IKEA!) That will explain why IKEA is in the card! Now, go ahead and see! :)

She refused to believe that the surprise was real! She actually thought that it was just a prank/joke. Not serious eh. Haha. She took quite a while to let it all sink down that SHE IS REALLY GOING TO HONG KONG! (Title is 'The 2401 Surprise' because that's how far Hong Kong is from Penang!) And Kelly at that point thought she's going with them too and jumped in excitement. Should have looked at her face when we told her that she wasn't going anywhere! Poor thing la. Anyways...

You totally rock all our world.

Love you both longest time.

17 October 2012

At This Moment.

I am chewing and swallowing the mom's packed spaghetti from home (which was our lunch today) ...

I am thinking if I will really get fat in a few months time (at this rate that I'm going in the office, it's highly
likely that it will happen) ...

I will love it if I could just go home and sleep (not because I don't have enough sleep, more to because I want to be lazy) ...

I can feel that it's about time to see Dr. Loo ...

I'm smiling while looking at the Twitter (for no reason, at all) ...

I am definitely mumbling ...

I really want to just get that Coach handbag (afterall all my 3 months hardwork, yes? for sure koay will nag me till i die. Haha) ...

I can't wait to go home and rest a while and flood the cinema like everyone else on a Wednesday night ...

I'm not wearing contact lens and no makeup is on ...

My food drawer is becoming very empty ...

I am watching the tutorial on the "dance" that we all have to practice for the annual ball. ...

I am figuring a way to escape form having to dance on November the third...

I'm just being totally random...

Oh well, have a great mind-blowing awesome yummy superb Wednesday you peeps.

15 October 2012

Koo-ahh-laa Luum-puur!

I remembered aiming for this to come and when it finally did, boy was I super happy! The only sad thing is that it's throughout the weekend only (since most of us are working adults and have work on Monday! Note on the ADULTS! Hahaha) But still out of the island means holiday d! :)

That Friday, my body was in office (and Bayan lepas since I followed my HOD there) but the soul and mind was focusing on the trip d! Rushed home immediately to take a quick shower and off to fetch Marianne Tan's dreamy boyfriend. yes, I'm talking about you , Indy benjamin Toh! (I just googled her and she's so sweeeeeet!)

ready to rock and roll babeh!

dinner on the go (that mineral water costs me RM2.50!)
The moment I walked in, he immediately said "No Subway Melt!" And I'm like "What?!!Why nott!?" (actually i understood why he insisted that we just get the sub of the day cos it's alot cheaper and I was already planning to get cookies also) but still, it's a holiday okay! :P

meeting point: E-Gate. Kuan Yang, the maskot of our tour bus (just right behind him)

and we left the island at around 7:30pm!

always hungry and always want to find food eat la this boy! kacang kuda ftw! :)

we used Waze (my fav app) to find our way to the hotel, and we got lost due to some missing route in the app. Nevertheless, I still like Waze, a lot! :)

finally, we reached the destination at around 1:30am!

semua pun sudah tired and sleepy and hungry. good thing got mamak beside the hotel.

roti sardin. first time trying it and love it instantly. and the next day when i wanted to order, the person say finish d. *angryyy* 

next, I shall show you our room!
When you have 3 girls with braces staying together, you'll see three same kind of toothbrush.

for a budget hotel, their toilet is very nicely done.

our messy beds.

our mini entertainment on the yellow painted walls.

and me vaining before heading out for the first match. I love the T-shirt! (and eyebags thanks to very few hours of sleep night before)

everyone excited to play some balls yo!

so, everyone who came for this trip has a role in each of their line, whether it's center, defense or forward or coach. Me, went there as a tourist. Haha. I was there as the person who's in charge of the first aid kit and also photographer.
Ice packs, check.

pain relief sprays, check.

I'm now a pro in handling cramps and bruises and small cuts *proud*

before the game begins, I've still got some time to snap some photos here and there. 

girls team up first. 

Boys up next.

gary cho siau. that's yen yen and ling ling's bed btw. and gary haven't bathe?

his mega man pills. apparently can give him more energy or power? so hugeee!

and Gary told me on the second day that it's impossible that we will be able to go Ikea on this trip due to time constraint. And yes, I was sooo sad but I prayed (no joke, I was that desperate to get my hands on those meatballs!) and that prayer was answered! The last match finished earlier than expected and we made our way to the happy placee!

last shot of the trip with my two roomies, fireBRANDS girls! :)

Ending this post with three pictures that I took that looked so niceeee!

next holiday (cruise): nineteen days to go.

12 October 2012

A Day In Her Shoe.

Here's a peek to what some part of my working life is like. Being a sales person, I definitely get to travel a lot. That also within the island and probably the furthest is Nibong Tebal. It's quite fun I would say. It's not like those full 8 hours stay in office. Sure sien like what only. So, here we go.

first thing that I do when I get into the car. Heels off, thongs on. facebook slippers ftw!

my faithful 'passenger' when I hit the road.

yesterday, my appointments were around Bayan Lepas area (and I was lost!) So, something about driving to Bayan lepas is that it's pretty impossible to find parking space. Actually, can find but it's reallly far! See the white building right at the end center of the picture? That's where I walked to, in my heels (good thing, I bought a not-so-high-heels few days ago).

the sun was burning hot, but as usual I'm happy to be under the sunlight! Me heart the sun long long time! :)

On the way to my last client and feeling very exhausted, I saw this. And I thought poor chickens, waiting for their time/turn to be killed and then eaten by the humans. Godo thing my favorite meat is pork. Hahaha.

So ya, pretty much how my days are like when I'm behind the wheels with one hand holding my S2 (looking at Waze and hoping it will always lead me to the right destination!) and another holding the steering. Quite an adventure being in this line. Loving it so far :)

Oh! Guess who's name card is ready?! First time getting a name card with my name on it feels super awesome. As awesome as having own phone line and own office direct number! Holiday Tours, founded in 1972 and have 4 branches in Malaysia (Penang, Kuantan, Johor, PJ and KL-head office). Saja want to tell abit of the history. Haha. You should google the KL office and see. It's sooo nice. Different shades and tones of colors. And it's huge! Definitely a place for youth I would say. Office here is probably very similar to the one there! That's why me love itt! :) This will show you how my third home looks like! :)

Alright, I shall write no more. (time is passing so slow on purpose today, knowing that we leave at 7pm tonight! grrr)

Have a blessed weekend and be a blessing to others! :)

10 October 2012

They Make, We Sell and You Eat.

A BIG THANK YOU to all fireBRANDS who came at 4:59pm to help with the set-up and selling the makanan!

A BIGGER THANK YOU to all who came and supported our fund raising event!

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to all parents/adults/kind souls whom cooked those awesome meals for us to sell!

Good news is that we managed to raise around three thousand and five hundred ringgit malaysia that night with the sales from food and also kind donations from those who enjoyed the movie, Blind Side (my first time watching this movie, didn't even know it's based on a true story!)

Cupcakes/Sandwiches : RM150.00 (roughly)

Popcorn Chicken : RM125.00 (roughly)

Pork Burger : 215.00 (roughly)

Pizza Bread : RM400.00 (roughly)

Drinks : RM200.00 (roughly)

Hotdogs/Corn/Waffle : RM275.00 (rougly)

Spaghetti : RM 440.00 (roughly)

Nasi Lemak : RM750.00 (roughly)

It was such a happy night. Thank you again to everyone who made it happen!

Countdown to AYC 2012: 1632 hours.