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15 January 2015

Computer Games.

I used to play Left 4 Dead once or twice weekly with a group of geeks many many years ago. I'm not going to blow my own trumpet and say that I was good at it because I believe I wasn't. Probably for a girl's standard, also not good.

Friendly fire, check. 
Always solo either in the front or back, check.

Honestly, I enjoyed becoming the Infected more than the other. Not much pressure. That I think I do well. BOOOMERRRR!

You know some games after playing so often for such a long time, soon you will be bored of it or in some cases, people never get bored of it like Dota. I've known of people who's been playing Dota since high school time till now when they are already a doctor and working, all also still super active in it.

Anyways, for me, after playing so often once upon a time, I stopped for so many years. I actually never intend to let the 'hobby' come back. 

Then, one Sunday just randomly someone suggested and the next thing I know, we were sitting in front of each other, ready to re-live that moment.


As usual, I did quite badly and I got nauseous after that. After all these years, tak boleh main dah.

We played L4D for a while then we played Counter Strike to which I hated so much for the first ten rounds because I always get killed 10 seconds into the game and I didn't get to kill anyone.

Once I started killing the first person, the gungho feeling came and I was on fire! Okay, not really. I still did quite a noob job in it but at least I killed more people after that so it was good.

We stayed in Netcity for a good 2 hours plus. 

Good fellowship time with them peeps :)

01 October 2013

Youth Camp 2013.


25 September 2013

fireBRANDS Movie Night 2013.

KEEP YOUR 27th September, FRIDAY FREE! 

Because MOVIE NIGHT is happening!

You already made dinner plans elsewhere? 
No problem. You can always come at 8:30pm and join us as we watch Ramona and Beezus! And you don't have to pay for the movie :)

You have this movie in your hard disk d?
Come on! Where's the fun in watching alone or with your laptop/computer screen? We have here a full amazing big huge screen and comfy chairs and so many people to accompany you AND it's FRIDAY NIGHT! JUST COME!

Totally excited for Friday to come. Only two more days people. See you all there :)

05 September 2013

05 August 2013

Panaroma Week.

Monday blue so what?

Blogging always helps it become better.

So, this week I have been so obsessed with taking panaroma photos I have no idea why. Just some of the usual activities over the weekend every now and then. Sometimes, it feels like my weekends make me more tired than the usual working weekdays.

Oh wellz.

26 June 2013

Annual Thing.

Last night we discussed about Youth Camp 2013.

Yep, another less than six months to go, with so much lesser number of camp staffs.

We can do this. We will do this.

Let's do this.

26 May 2013


So, we are hanging out with our crazy friends and since I have my laptop with me, might as well just blog. So many days didn't update anything alreadyyy! But don't know how to title this post, 

Me: Babe, give me a ONE WORD that is totally random now. 
Koay: *confused*
Me: *explains again with the same word*
Koay: *looks at me* Hi?
Me: Your one random word is HI?
Koay: Yeah? *still a bit confused*

Thus, the title. 

Here's to NO Monday blues tomorrow. Holiday post coming up in less than 24 hours! :) STAY TUNED HOMO-SAPIENS!

01 April 2013

fireBRANDS' Leadership Retreat 2013.

Date: 25th - 28th March 2013.
Venue: Bethel House of Prayer, Penang Hill.
People: Current committee of fireBRANDS' team.

best retreat so far.
blessed beyond measure :)

30 March 2013


Sometimes, it's really difficult not to be racist or not to say something that immediately reflects how each one of us are racist in one sense or another. I mean, it's usually them that would do all this. Desperate enough to ruin someone else's day. In tonight's case, there were probably 6 people that were affected. AT LEAST 6.

What happened was a man (believed to be an Indian as Victor chased him till he jumped into a river to escape) came into the church car park using the back door and started smashing on the driver's side window. He started with one and continued attacking others until two man saw him and chased him down the street. There was nothing much for him to steal as most cars that he broke into were empty. He tried attacking a few other cars but didn't manage to because their windows are tougher and protected with tints, I think.

We all had no idea that this was happening until youth service ended. Crazy hah?

Well, whatever it is, we are still celebrating because tomorrow is Easter's Day! 
The day Jesus rose again.


01 March 2013

Up, Up Here We Go.

Me: Give me a topic so I can blog about it :)
Vanessa: Me.
Me: Okay. Great idea! I'm gonna dig out all your photos and blog about it! :P
Van: *straight panic*

and for that, give me some time to find photos that will make your day :)

Pastor called me just now and I'm blogging about it because it's like one of the most thank-God-I-answered-the-phone moment! He called and said, "We are not going Sri Sayang d. We finally booked the Penang Hill one!"


Everyone loves the Bethel House of Prayer! Three nights up in that cold weather, BEST THING EVER!

27 December 2012

Moments in AYC 2012.

I was reminded of the reason why I'm still serving in fireBRANDS. Reminded of the passion that burns in me for each one of the youth. Reminded how seeing them re-dedicating their lives to Jesus gives me such joy. Reminded of how Jesus has blessed me through all the circumstances in my life that I now can share with them. Reminded that this battle was not fought alone by me, from the beginning of time. Reminded that as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Reminded that it's not all about physical-award-victory, but of making sure our peers are encouraged. Reminded that it is very important to live life through God's view. God reminded me a lot of things in those five days. I will see an increase in every aspect of this life God has given. The only focus/target/goal/resolution for the new year. INcrease. 

Memories made, irreplaceable.
God is, indescribable.