27 June 2015

2D1N Singapore (Surprise My Boyfriend's Trip!)

with Vanessa.
on the 13-14 June 2015.


The first time ever I try to plan a surprise trip out of Malaysia! Earlier I told the lover that I will not be able to join his family to go Singapore watch him play in the SEA Games because I cannot take so many days annual leave, which is completely so true. 

So, the other option is to go in during the weekends. Spend just one night at a cheap hostel nearby the hotel that the national team is staying. Maybe, just maybe we could hang out at night together. Not putting high hopes though because apparently ACCORDING TO GARY LEE, they must stay focus and stay with the team all the time. Heh. 

Initially, the plan was for me to go down alone since it's cheaper and also because I couldn't find anyone else to go down with me. In the end, my lovely parents decided to get Vanessa to go with me to accompany me. Heh. 

Holiday with my maid, nice. KIDDINGGG! 


Finally, gave green light to my colleague to issue the tickets for both of us. First flight there and last flight back. Gotta take the opportunity to grab as much time as we can while in the Merlion City since we're only going to be there for a night. 

Since the national team staying at Park Royal Hotel on Kitchener Road, so I went and searched on Expedia for hostels nearby and found one that has really good reviews from past travelers. 

Pine Hostel by Just Inn.

153A Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207566 Singapore (0377 249 556)

Only 10 minutes walk from each other okay! So syiokk. Heh. So close yet so far. I'm starting to sound like the #obsessivegirlfriend! I'm so not! I just want to surprise him real good this time. Hopefully he doesn't suspect anything before that. IT'S SUCH A HUGE SECRET FOR ME TO KEEP!

Back to the hostel that we're staying. Got ourselves two bunk beds in a 10-bedded female dormitory, comes with complimentary continental breakfast and free wifi! 


I lost count on the number of times I was so tempted to tell him about the trip! I'm not sure if he already knew about the plan but I have my suspicions on good reasons okay.

So, earlier I printed our itinerary and placed it on the cabinet in front of my TV. When I realized that he was in my house, at the living room, watching TV, it then suddenly occurs to me that he might have seen the flight itinerary. I walked very steadily towards him and took the paper. So, I have no idea if he saw the paper or not.

Then, few days later, he asked me if I was gonna go down Singapore to watch him play and I gave the 'no money' excuse and continue persuading him to buy the flight ticket for me to which he obviously declined because he and I, same same. Really no money. Heh.


He's already in KL, going to Merlion City tomorrow. That's when we will have very limited communication. Gotta admit that I already miss having him around. Ahh. He has no more fever and feeling a lot better thanks to all those who prayed for him. Seeing that this is one of the biggest event in his life, he now only needs to concentrate on getting his strength back and not lose his stamina. He has less than a week to get where his peak is, before he was suspected to have dengue. Bleh.

I can't wait to surprise him on the 13th! 


My dad and sister had just sponsored us some money for the trip. So, for the both of us, we have RM400 (144.40 SGD) to spend for this 2D1N. I went to the money changer this afternoon and got it changed. Now the mood is starting to kick in. 

The rate as of today is 2.77 SGD. So the very painful ah to spend money there.

Just found out that Jaryn is flying to Singapore today, which was decided today itself. Can never miss the chance to support her baby brother! SEA GAMES OKAY! And her KL-SINGAPORE one way ticket only costs her RM70! Mad cheap!

How to work like that. I'm super excited for this already. CAN'T WAIT TILL I SEE MUTHU'S FACE BECAUSE IT'S BEEN TOO LONG. Yes, eight days away seems really long.


The day is finally here. My heart is still pumping normally. We woke up super early to catch the first flight to Merlion City. That is after we have toast and egg breakfast with the parents at that very-famous-kopitiam-near-airport-that-I-seriously-don't-know-what-all-the-fuss-is-about because it's not that special and great, the toast and egg and iced coffee. Normal ni.

I've never been to the International Departure Hall at Penang Airport because well, all my flights usually connects via KL. This is my first going direct. This side of the hall is very nice.

Singapore, ready or not, the Khoo sisters are on the way.

Usually when I travel, I made sure I have a type of sugar in my bag since I'm so prone to having not enough sugar inside of the body. 

The whole exterior of the plane is LINE and inside also LINE. I wonder how much this costs to LINE for such a marketing strategy.

Cabin crew will give arrival cards to those who needs them. If you're a foreigner/Malaysian visiting the city, then yes you have to fill them up. 

Thank you to everyone who send in their lovely notes to our national athletes. I believe they all loved it! :)

Anyways, I have only been to that country once for work so that time I didn't really have much time to explore the city and do tourist-y stuff. This time, we are hoping to do some. 

Upon arrival, Vanessa was amazed at the size of the airport. Her first time to this country. It's a beautiful airport I'll give them that. Clean obviously. 

One of the most smooth landing ever and we arrived at Changi Airport, Terminal 1, which I believe is for Low Cost Carriers like Airasia. Not too sure on that. Anyways, we just follow the ARRIVAL sign till we don't know where to go d then only ask people. Heh.

Ah Boys to Men spotted at Changi Airport, Terminal 1! 

One of my favorite airports.

The cards where we need to fill in earlier on board? This is where you need to give to the officer. Your passport too.

The first thing we wanted to do was text our family back home but no wifi so how. 


Prior to the trip, I googled and realized that in order to have wifi on the go, I need to purchase their sim card. So, when I asked the lady about it, she recommended me instead of this Huawei wifi on the go that was much better for me since I don't want to use the calls. Just want the internet.

They charge this wifi-on-the-go on a daily basis so we got it for two days rental. So, that's 18$ for two days. Best thing about this portable wifi is that it can connect up to 8 people at one time. So, if you're with your friends, it's even cheaper cos you can share the cost.

Normal price per day is 10$. That month they got promotion, discount 1$. Heh. 

So, this thing comes in a small bag. So sad I forgot to take photo of it, but it's okay. I shall try to list them down. If any of the Huawei  component is missing, then they will charge you accordingly. How they charge?

A deposit of 200$ must first be paid through your credit card and it will be canceled off when you return the whole Huawei set as originally given.

Here are the items included in the Huawei bag:
  • A wifi router (portable) with sim card
  • One (1) USB cable
  • One (1) AC 3-pins socket plug
  • Bag holder for all components
Then, we also got our MRT cards at 12$ for one card. The card costs 5$ and the other 7$ in the card are credits for our usage when travelling. This card can also be used in buses and certain taxis.

Once we got outside at the Arrival Hall, we started looking out for the train?MRT signage. We want to head to the city so we followed the Train to City sign. Similar with going to Terminal 3.

From Terminal 1, we have to take a skytrain to Terminal 3, as shown. No charge of course. It's within Changi Airport. 

This has got to be the longest/highest escalator that we have ever seen.

It's very simple to take the MRT actually. 
  1. Well, first you obviously need to be at the MRT Station. Heh.
  2. You need to make sure that your card's value/credit is more than 2$!
  3. Scan the card at their automated machine before entering the MRT Zone. 
  4. Your remaining value will be shown on the screen and the light will turn green, then you can enter.
  5. Check your map/apps (read on I will tell you which apps I used that was super helpful) to find out where you need to change train to go to your destinations.
  6. Once you arrive at your destination, you have to scan the card again and this time, they will deduct accordingly, depending to where you stop.
Simple right?


Okay back to the apps that I was saying just now. 

So, we tried using the physical map (hard copy style) to try figure out how to go from one place to another place. Let me tell you, it's darn difficult. I know Singapore is just an island, but in the map, there has got to be like ten thousand names of streets, lanes and places. It's madness. 

Plus both of us are not like experts in direction. Our sense of directions is not as good as the eldest one. Then, Yan recommended this apps called gothere.sg.lite and obviously immediately I downloaded it with that Huawei wifi I just rented. Super fast and good lah. Singapore: 1, Malaysia: 0.

It's so easy to use the app okay.

Just type in your from and to and there will be 4 options of transportation for you to see. They have estimated travel time and estimated fare. Then if you click on any of them right, they will show you the ways to get there either by TAKING A TAXI or BUS or MRT or DRIVE ON YOUR OWN.

Taxi is too expensive for us so our choice at all times is MRT lah. Oh oh! One more thing about this is THE APPS SHOWS YOU THE TIME THAT THE BUS/MRT WILL BE ARRIVING! Like how many more minutes for its arrival at the bus stop/station. Siau right?
Singapore: 2, Malaysia: still 0.

So yeah, one of my favorite travel apps now. Since I've downloaded it, I think should make full use of it by going down more often. Yes, Adrian Koay? :))))

Little sister first time take MRT started taking photos like a real tourist. Heh.

It was already past lunch time and we were both so hungry but cannot eat yet because must check in first. Sometimes travelling is like that. Just tahan. 

But then our first time traveler cannot tahan so she took a packet of Twisties (mini sized) out and started munching away in the MRT. Guess what happened next?

The train was quite empty but we were sitting opposite a young man who was pretty tuned into his mobile. So, we were just talking, snapping photos and eating the Twisties. Then, this young man called up to us.

"Excuse me. You're not supposed to eat in here"


"It's against the rules. Cannot eat inside MRT"

Thank you, Mr Young Man. You are a good citizen for sure because you (and many more of you Singaporeans out there I'm sure) are doing a good job in keeping this city absolutely clean. Malaysia kinda need more of you-kind yes.

But I thought the only food-related-restriction is no eating chewing gum? This is totally new to my ears that eating is not allowed in the train. Hmm. Sad lah like that. What if sit in the train so long from one end of Singapore to the other end and people either become really hungry or bored leh? I know! Google food photos and look at them in your phones until you leave the MRT! HAHA. Since everyone always look into their phones in the train ma right. Heh.

Okay, since so strict cannot eat all and eating is my favorite thing to do some more, Singapore: 2, Malaysia: 1

Malaysia, you're getting there! Need one more point to be even. Hah.

Reasons for the photo below:
  1. Ah Boys to Men spotted again! 
  2. If you see carefully, you can see a freaky doll looking at us. Te doll was just sitting on a woman's shoulder. It's obviously just a doll (or is ittt? Hmm) but she has the weirdest freakiest look ever. 

Arrived in one piece to Lavender Station where we now begin the search of Pine Hostel.

After 10 minutes of walking, we finally saw the PINE HOSTEL sign. Such a big relief okay. Who could've guessed that taking the MRT and walking can be this exhausting. Who.

So, from Lavender Station, you just got to go to Horne Road (which I initially thought it was Home Road and caused the both of us to look aimlessly for minutes! Hah) and from Horne Road, you just got to walk ALL THE WAY STRAIGHT till the end where you have to either turn left or right, TURN RIGHT. There, you'll be able to see PINE HOSTEL.

I thought that I will elaborate more on my experience with this hostel because sharing is caring. Like the other time when I shared with you guys on the Capri by Fraser in KL.

Check-in was easy and fast.

We booked two beds in a 10-bedded female dormitory. A man then escorted us to our dormitory which is just behind the common area. 

A man okay. Fine, they put on a sign that says, "Only female guest allowed beyond this point" but how is allowing male host/worker beyond this point okay? I wasn't okay with that actually.

Then, when we were in, there was ANOTHER MAN in the room, doing the cleaning. Umm, since it's all female dormitory, shouldn't the person cleaning the room be a lady too? The two man were in the room for quite some time you know. They were cleaning, but still!

Other beds were occupied by four other woman from Philippines, but they were out. So, after the two mean left, we settled down and got freshen up.

Our 10-bedded dormitory at Pine Hostel. It was really dirty and messy. I don't know if its because of the four ladies, but the table that's next to our bed also has like food and drinks on them. For me, it was disgusting! I cannot have this kind of sleeping environment, but since only 1 night, then just tahan lah.

One more thing that I want to point out is that I feel they should have the girls dorm locked at all times. Then, give each girl key so not everyone can go in right?

The rooms (there's 2 female dorms next to each other) was unlocked the entire time. Some more outside of our room is the common hall d where everyone hangs out. So, anyone can just walk into our dorms. Yes, there's a CCTV installed outside our room but isn't prevention better than cure?

Very unsafe.

The 'breakfast' area.

The common area for people to hang out and watch TV and stuff.

I forgot to take photo of the toilet. IT WAS ANOTHER YUCK MOMENT.

There's TWO shower cubicle and only ONE drainage hole. ONE. That's still okay actually right? But that only one drainage is at the first shower cubicle. So, that means that if there is anyone who's taking a shower at the same time as me and using the second cubicle, all the 'dirt' and shower 'water' will come to my cubicle. 

So, what if that person is on her period!? HAS ANYONE NOT THOUGHT OF THAT!? I'm sorry boys if you got disgusted at this point, but seriously. This is too unhygienic d I cannot.
Then, if you have business to make, either number 1 or 2, you have to wait in line okay because there is only ONE toilet. ONE TOILET FOR 20 GIRLS TO SHARE!

I consider myself quite an-okay-not-too-obsessed-with-cleanliness-person. Obviously for me, sleeping place and toilet has to be clean lah. So, personally for me, I will not go back there to stay. I.am.sorry.I.will.not.
Okay, back to the trip. So, after we settled down and stuff, we decided to surprise Koay at his hotel instead of at the stadium because their game is not going to be that early and we still have quite a lot of time. 

Only 10 minutes walk and we were at Park Royal already. Of course this whole surprise plan thing wouldn't be a success if its not for the 3 national athletes: Gary, Indy and Termin! Thank you guys! So, we took the room key from Termin and went straight to the room.

The plan was to scan the card and go in as if I'm Termin. He obviously won't get up everytime Termin enters the room right. So, we scanned the room and I walked in really slowly. I was ready to scream SURPRISE so loud only to find out that there was no one in the room. No one greeted us, except underwears hanging everywhere. Hah. 

I was surprised to not see him there actually. At one point, I even checked on the curtains to make sure the prank is not on me back. HAHA. Nope, still not there. 

I quickly texted the gang and remained in the room until they came up. So, we waited in the room and then we were told that he went swimming with Linken! Ayoo what a timing but also good cos he would never had guessed that we were in the room already. Since he's at the swimming pool and there is no way to get the boys to ask him come up, we then decided to surprise him at the pool.

We were leaving the room when Gary suddenly ran back and said, "He's here d! He's here d!" Straight panicked like what only! Gary also smart to cover his backside because why would Gary be near his room right!

"Adrian, I want to change the grip for you!"

Pheww. So, Koay leisurely scanned his card and came in. 

His reaction was.... POKER FACE ALL THE WAY. Whatlah.

We got you real good, Mister! :)

We didn't stay in the room long because well, we need to eat our lunch! Gary recommended this place and Mister-Poker-Face took us there. 

All its dishes are cut by scissors hence the name. I was quite surprised with the taste actually. Very unique and yummy. I love it so much that I wanted to have this for lunch the next day but lazy walk so far d. Hah. One plate like this about 4$. Cheap.

After lunch, Uncle William (Adrian's very close family friend) came and fetched us to ITE College Central. Where got people so nice wan! He offered to fetch us anytime when we need! The nicest people everrrr. 

ITE College Central is madly huge, and equipped and perfect.

They have a commercial plane, fighter jet, a helicopter and food outlets in there! Whattt? Well, parking is obviously not an issue. Heh.

Singapore:3Malaysia: 1

We spent the entire day watching SEA Games Floorball and even skipped dinner. Hah. So nice lah to watch SEA Games sports like that.

My favorite game has to be the women's gold match of Singapore vs Thailand. Both teams were so good! Every minute of the match was so intense okay. I don't get how the Thailand players can never get tired wei! It's insane and they were good!

We supported Thailand of course since Singapore fans were everywhere. That's not the main reason why we Team Thailand lah. Come on. Thailand has the best food ever d okay. 
Singapore:3, Malaysia: 1, Thailand: 1.

It was such an honor to be able to watch and support Malaysia team all the way! No matter how good and efficient their system is here in Singapore, I will always choose Malaysia because inilah Tanah Airku. 

I love you Malaysia, and for that, you shall get extra 3 points. Yes, I'm biased. Suka hati I :)

Singapore:3Malaysia: 4


Congratulations Malaysia Men's team for winning bronze for your country. THIRD PLACE IS STILL A PLACE yes.

As for the women's team, you guys did great! It was awesome to see that you all played with all you've got and eventho no placing, know that you guys came this far! SEA Games okay!

You all are already champions in our hearts for representing the country and going this far. Here's to hoping that floorball will be recognized even more and people will know about this sport better!

 We did not stay on to watch the Men's Final between Singapore and Thailand because the sister wanted to do some touristy thing before boarding that flight home at 1030pm. Since we've only got few hours, we decided to go to Fullerton's Hotel where you can see the ever majestic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the Merlion statue.

We didn't go down and take photos with the statue lah because too many people and too far to walk down already. We did a lot of walking on this trip okay. 

Samyan's Korean Fire Noodle. READ IT HERE!

Remember earlier I mentioned about the MRT card where you must have minimum of 2$ inside in order for you to use it on your MRT trips?

Mine was just slightly less than 2$ and I couldn't go through the system. To reload it, I must pay at least 10$ and since I only need a few dollars, the cashier suggested that I purchase the one time use card. 

Very simple also.

Just click on the destinations and follow the instructions given and wala, the card is born. Heh.

By that time in the MRT, we were so exhausted and hungry. So, I told Vanessa that we should spend a bit more on the food since it's our last dinner in the city. We walked around and we finally settled for KFC. 

You know why?

All the other foods are crazy expensive when converted. Yes, I know people always say don't convert when you travel but how not to? Unless I also earn in Singapore dollars, then different case. 

A set of nasi lemak and a drink is about RM50. What? Err, okay never mind.

It was quick needed getaway. Actually all getaways are needed. Heh.

Proud of you, babe. I hope you love the surprise and the letters from your fans :)))

My boyfriend is a national athlete yo. I sangat bangga and yes, I can show-off lah. Let me be! :)

TOTAL MONEY SPENT for one (1) person
For 2 days and 1 night at Singapore

PEN-SIN-PEN airfares via Airasia : RM261
Pine Hostel by Just Inn (1 night stay) : RM72.72
MRT card : RM33.24
Food : RM181.7
Portable Huawei Wifi (usage for 2 days) : RM49.86

[Note: RM1 = 2.77 SGD (as of 11th June 2015)]