29 December 2021

Sofia Turned Two!

I remembered vividly when she was latching onto me in the middle of many nights in the span of that 6-months, I had silently wished that she would grow quicker so that she can start to sleep through the night and no need for few-hours-feeding time. I regretted that now. At that time, I was sleep-deprived, but now I miss it. 

I miss her being a baby and so dependent on us then. But I also like that she is independent now. I CAN NEVER WIN WAN SERIOUSLY! Everything also I want. Hah. 

But yeah, we celebrated Sofia turning two last week and I got all mushy inside because I realized how fast time can fly us by, and now I miss her. 

She is still a baby (for us), and it has been such a journey watching her grow. Her personality is so different than Alex's and she is such a drama queen, please. She surprises us every day with her patterns and guess what. We have not been really able to "discipline" her for the past 2 years because she just has her ways of turning our frowns the other way. 

It was quite a tough decision when I was planning for a "small" party - whether to have it or not. I obviously decided to go for it and invited family and close friends only. For Adrian, he would probably prefer to have like just us. But he lets me decide on this so, a party it is. Hah. 

Choosing the venue was a tough one. It was the toughest for me. It took a long time. I wanted a space that is only for us, some sort like a private room in a restaurant but must be large enough to cater to our guests and not feel like we are sardined together. I also did not want to spend a lot of money "renting" the space and cater food separately. I wanted a place where I can do both together, safely with SOP in place. I wouldn't want abang polis come visit. Heh.

I had many suggestions but they were all above Adrian's budget and I also did not have the excitement to go for it. It didn't feel like it is. 

So, no choice right? I went to Adrian and told him I needed his help. Hah. I told him he needs to help me with the venue. 

Within 10 minutes, he said, "How about McDonald's?" 

And then it clicked! I was like yes, yes, and yes. 

I did some research and made a few calls to both McD Greenlane and Birch House, and decided to go for Birch House, because:
  • They will reserve the entire second floor for the party
  • Walk-in customers are not allowed to go upstairs
  • The second-floor space is huge and there are plenty of spaces for everyone to move around
Spend a minimum of RM500 and you can have the entire space for 3-hours - decorations included. Okay so much win, please. Their decorations include those small and big balloons that kids love. It's really impressive, to be honest. 

There are also 3 games included with this Party @ McD thing where the assigned staff will organize everything. We gau-gau added some games for the adults because the kids just need balloons and they will have fun already. 

We played musical chairs and charades and then we chit-chatted till it was time to go home. 

It was so good to be able to have this small gathering with each other, after being deprived for close to 2-years. I am thankful for each and everyone who came to celebrate with us. You guys are not only close to us (parents), but the fact that you are in Sofia's life is just a blessing really to Adrian and me. I always say this and I will say it again. Thank you (so much) for loving Sofia and Alex like they are your own. They are so blessed really. 

Also, special thanks to all our friends, and families, and Sofia's fans (strangers become friends) who wished us on social media and WhatsApp. I wished we could invite all of you but obviously cannot la right. I have received many messages about how little snippets of Sofia's video can make you smile, and really many times, I told myself that I got to try to post at least a video of her every day. 

She is our little influencer, for sure. 

So yes, thank you, thank you again for being a part of Sofia's journey. 

Here are some photos to remember this day. Thank you to those who helped us take these photos! So much love for you guys :) 

Big shout out to Sofia's daddy for being so supportive and agreeing to have this party. If you did not already know, Adrian has a very big soft spot for Sofia. And it is not like he loves her more than Alex. The dynamic that he has with Alex is so different than with Sofia, and both are equally so strong and magnetic. 

Surely, they both come to me when they need comfort. No wait, actually Sofia is starting to go to Adrian a lot now when she seeks comfort but the point is, the relationship, the bond, the connection that Adrian has with his daughter is such a magical, lovable, and unbreakable tie. I know in my heart, body, and soul that no matter what/who life brings, Sofia will always be Adrian's precious little one. It's just a little something that I cannot describe to you. It's an everyday interaction thing. It's how their faces light up when they see each other. Err, I don't think Adrian's face got ever so lighted up when he sees me also. Hah. But yeah. 

And Alex is not jealous of their closeness, because when Adrian is with Alex, it's another different set of dynamics. It's a father and son thing - a lot of teaching moments and Alex always seems to not listen to him, but deep inside, we can tell that Alex is always waiting for Adrian to play and spend time with him. It's a strong boys' bond thing. 

I do get jealous at times, not because I want Adrian to "sayang" me the same way he does with them. But I get jealous of their relationships because they are so magnetic to each other, in a very different way from me. But it's not like a bad jealous la. It's a good jealous (if there is such a thing heh). It's the kind that makes my ovaries burst ten million times and I want to have more kids kind. Hah. 

So yeah, thank you baby for being such a good supporter. Behind every happy wife, is a very supportive husband. So, thank you. Heh. 

Till next time, bye now.