28 February 2014


Boys, if you can't find anything else to be thankful of for the day, BE GRATEFUL that you don't experience menstrual cramps once every month.

I used to be tortured once every month by this stupid cramps. Not mild one mind you. I would call them severe kind of pain because not only do I need to curl myself up on the bed for a good 30-40 minutes, I had to let out mild screams. Mild painful screams. To one point, I had to put hot boiling water into a glass bottle and put the bottle on my tummy/womb area. 

You know why? 

The pain of the hot water burning my skin is even more tolerable than the cramps itself. Just imagine that. Seriously imagine that. I was also told that giving birth is ten times worse. The cramps only go away after I swallow the bitter melted panadol. That also doesn't work its magic like instantly. By the time the pain is gone, there is absolutely no more energy left in the physical body. Once, I was sweating so much because of the intense pain and constant rolling on the bed, my sweat started dripping to the floor. I ended up having my head hanging by the bed.

Now, it isn't that bad already. I don't have to curl on the bed or burn my skin with hot water just to let the cramps go away. It becomes more bearable now.

So boys, serious. If you really don't know what to be thankful of, bear this in mind. It's probably like the pain you feel when you are kicked right there and having to go through them every month :)

Other than cramps, my mood swings pretty randomly, both in good ways and bad? Oh, and this is the only time I lose my appetite. I can go whole day without eating anything. Of course I will feel hungry but it's like I just force myself to swallow. The only time I lose some fats.

One thing that girls have in common. I have a friend who was born without a womb and the whole biological set that comes with it. So, that means she doesn't have period and she won't be able to have her own baby too. It's quite sad really. 

I'm just going to remain thankful for all this. Plus, Koay is super nice when I have these cramps. Super nice. LOVE IT! :)

27 February 2014

Itchy Hand.

I don't know why I decided to try on a new facial product when the previous one suits me just nicely and keeps my face so clean and smooth.

Now, ever since I use this new one, my face is like pimples habitat or something. FROM WHERE THEY COME FROM?

Or is it because of my stress lately? Or the weather? 

Okay, now I'm confused..

Anyways, have to waste money and get the previous one and this current one cannot use d lo. Sad case.

Maybe because the previous one has this on the front of the tube/bottle, ANTI AGEING.

MUST BE BECAUSE OF THIS that makes me want to change brand. Haha. 

It is a sign of me getting old when I start using this kind of product and loving it sumore.

Olay, here's one loyal customer in your list. Anything anti ageing eh, just send me an email about it. I will probably give it a try. 

Okay, I'm not actually that desperate to try on products that can make me look younger. I AM ALREADY NOT LOOKING LIKE MY AGE, which is totally 150% fine with me :)

Seven more days to Kim Chi Land.

25 February 2014

One Of Those Days.

We went over to Dream Catcher office in the morning to give the bags and just a quick briefing on the Korea trip, that's happening in NINE DAYS! NINE DAYS!

Everyone straight no mood to work okay. So difficult to focus on work now because it's like so near d you know. Nine days. 

I hope the nine days come quick and the 5D3N in Korea will be slow and nice. 

Right now, I don't really feel like I want to blog about anything also. I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE WINTER WONDERLAND!

I think if I can point out a down-part to this trip is the preparation to face the winter season. I don't think packing will be a problem because my colleague has got those vacuum-bag thing. The winter coat.. You know there's always some of the things in life that you just gotta own it by yourself eh.. 

Like a house.. a luggage bag (which I already got!).. A winter coat.. an iguana.. 

The thing is getting one winter coat here cost a bomb to the pocket. I'm thinking of maybe getting one when I'm at Korea since their winter season is ending in March and for sure got sales or something.. 

So now, I'm just borrowing from people. Hopefully can find one that isn't too puffy and IS NOT PINK! 

Fingers crossed. Prayer prayed.

Yes.. I actually pray for little things like that. Even before I cut my hair, I pray. After cut, also pray. Hahaha. 

Oh dear Korea, please don't be too cold. 

24 February 2014

Say Something I'm Giving Up On You.

Photo courtesy of Indy Benjamin Toh.

22 February 2014

WhatTwoEatHere Turns Two!

I have few minutes left before 23 Feb happens so this is a special shoutout to WhatTwoEatHere for turning two today!!

And yes, the two co-bloggers actually forgot about it until like one hour ago when I felt that today's date was rather familiar. HAHA.

The journey of eating, taking photos, and putting our opinion down on the blog has been a very unpredictable one. It's not always easy trying to keep two blogs alive (for me) but doing it with Koay makes it all better.

After all, it is called whatTWOeathere ma, right? 

Since we totally forgotten about it until the very last two hours and we were at different place tonight, I celebrated it with a bowl of tomyam noodles! Yummms.


21 February 2014

Curry Mee Party in Office.

Friday is the best day in weekdays. The most waited for. The fun-nest. The favorite. 

For my company, there's two sessions of lunch break. The 12pm and 1pm break. Mine is at 1pm. 

The 1pm bunch decided to have curry mee feast in the office. Not just any curry mee. They specifically cooks the everyone's-talking-about-it-curry-mee! Of course with so many married women with children working in the same office, it is a sure thing that the curry mee sure comes with a lot of "liau"! *slurps*

It's finger licking good okay. We started cooking at 1pm and only able to eat at 1:30pm. Twelve people. Twelve very hungry people. It was quite fun la actually.

You can see a lot of personality in the kitchen. All with their own ideas of making the soup better or how you want to cook the taugeh quicker or if the soup was too much. Noises everywhere. Definitely a noisy loud fun lunch. 

Then another colleague bought a whole watermelon and that was quite a dessert. Too bad I hate fruits. Days like this, I look forward to. 

Six more months and it'll be my two years with this company already. Crazy how time goes by.


19 February 2014

Total Reds For 2014.



By far, the most I've collected of all these years. Even the total amount in it. 

It's crazyyy!

Koay got about 75 packets but his amount exceeded mine by few ringgits.


It's so nice to have received so much from people in the span of fifteen days. The money inside wasn't what I was focusing on. The fact that I have 85 packets in total is madness. I don't know where these people come from.

Just my family and Koay's also quite a lot d. Hooray to those who have big family! Haha.

18 February 2014


The moon must be blue last night.
No idea what struck me to wake up at 7:30am to prepare breakfast.

No idea at all.

17 February 2014

The Journey With Family.

It's a very rare occasion when mom is the one who suggested watching a movie in the cinema.


She doesn't like going to cinema in general. I think in one year, she probably goes like one or two times only. 

So, this time she wanted to watch The Journey with the whole family and watching the movie in the cinema we did. The actual plan was with the Shas too, but because there were very limited and front seat tickets left for the evening show, we opted for the 10:20pm one and since we have got a baby who gets cranky after 10-11pm, the Shas did not join us this time. Boohoo.

So, we planned a whole evening with the Shas until our movie time. We had yummy choo-char for dinner. A peaceful one because now Sha Lynn knows how to sit quietly at her baby chair and munch on her apple favored soft cookies.

Then, we went back home and played mahjong. The parents didn't play because there were already five of us taking turns. The biggest loser have to swap of course. It's always nice playing mahjong for fun, especially with our next door neighbour :) Literally, door next to each other. Haha.

Our super not healthy supper. I don't remember anytime that I don't buy food while watching a movie in the cinema. Always sure must have something to munch. Always.

Family is number two because God is number one
God will forever be the center of our lives :)

Sneakily take a photo in the cinema, check.

I remembered feeling so sleepy when the movie ended at 12:10am. Only hit the bed at 1:00am. Gahhh. I miss watching midnight movies but.. maybe now I prefer non-midnight ones. Hah.

Such a fun evening/night spent with them :)

15 February 2014


Young Adult's Encounter Weekend for around 30 students from AIMST University. 

This is my third time attending the Encounter Weekend. The first two as participants and this time, a helper! 

I took turns with Hooi San though because she needs to rest. The momma needs rest!! 


14 February 2014

Celebrate Love.

This time last year, we were not celebrating Valentine's Day. Actually, we never celebrate Valentine's Day. Just not our kind of thing. Why spend money on a day where most if not all restaurants hike up their price? Why buy gifts for each other when it's just a universal day where everyone celebrates love? 

I think buying gifts for your other half when it's least expected is the best d. Haha.

Anyways, last year at the same time, we were all on CNY Convoy to houses. So, we kinda celebrated this love day with everyone :)

This year, so ngam ngam this love day falls on the same day as the last day of CNY, Chap Goh Meh. This year's last day doesn't feel very special. It doesn't make me wanna go Esplanade and join in the fun of throwing oranges into the sea. I only did it once last year and that was my first and would probably be last. I don't know.. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. It was kinda hot and everyone that touches you as you walked past them leaves bits of their sweat with you too. 

But it was very happening and bright and colorful. Quite an experience really.

To those who does celebrate Valentine's Day, 


*He was finishing up the last piece of apom during dinner*
Me: Babe, leave some for me. I want to eat a bit of that. *points to the last piece of apom*
Him: Okay okay.
Me: *continues eating my dinner*
Him: *holds my portion of apom until I finish dinner and then handed it over*
Me: Whoaaa. Aww baby..

13 February 2014

13 Randoms.

I am going to need a new set of TV series to watch soon, real soon. I'm already at Season 4 of Fringe.

Throughout the entire time of visiting people, I found out that there are only 2 houses that I went that serves winter-melon juice box drink. One is Shaun Teng's and another will be my own house. Winter-melon, best!

I enjoy parking at any yellow box now because no need to use the scratchies and no parking man. FREE PARKING IS NICE. Not after 15 Feb. Blehh.

Twenty one days to Korea. Three weeks. Ohhh. I can't wait!

I'm starting to love eating cheesecake and cheese tarts. One box of good yummy cheese tarts. 25 pieces. If you want to buy some, CALL/TEXT/FB/TWEET me! :)

Sha Lynn turning one in two months time. That's fasttt.

I've collected a total of 81 red packets this year. No doubt the most I have collected all of my years that I can remember. 

Floorball Division One is starting this week. This only means our Saturdays are by default gone. Oh well, I'm excited to watch the games. Go fireBRANDS! :)

I'm starting to really like Kurt from Glee.

I spent about RM600++ on my car's aircond two months ago and whenever the car is not moving, it doesn't stay cold. So sad. It's very hard to earn money, and very easy to finish them all. Money is evil. Hah.

Some of the things that we love doing is having me stop by at his office during the day and have a glass of cold Chrysanthemum tea. Simple yet meaningful :)

"We are the champions, my friends.."

I just made a man-pedi appointment on the Feb 25th. 

11 February 2014

24 Hours of Being Officially 26.

I think I can say that this year's birthday is the simplest and the one that i enjoyed most by far. I realized now the more simple it is, the better. No, age is NOT catching up. That's NOT the reason obviously :)

He kept looking at his watch on the 9th Feb so that he will be the first one to wish me. Baby girl who was sleeping next to me was already sleeping soundly. The moment the clock hits 12:01am, I mentally tell myself, "That's it. You're now 26. No turning back man, no turning back!" Before I went to bed, he prayed a birthday prayer over me. The first 5 hours of being 26 was spent two times in between carrying Sha Lynn and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until she falls asleep again. 

The next eighteen hours..

So, if you have read the post where I mention about what koay got for me, you probably could figured out where he brought me on my special day. 

TO THE BEACH! Okay, wait.. More like to the ROCK! I woke at 510am (partly because Sha Lynn was sleeping next to me and she was crying that time) and got myself ready. I asked him before why we needed to go so early for fishing. His reply was, "The fish all just wake up and they sure very hungry!" 

First stop at 7am! Who drinks iced caramel macchiato early in the morning? WHO!?

Drove to the market to get our baits. Sardines and prawns.

Then, we parked and waited in the car for a while because it was too dark to go down still. While waiting, Koay prayed for me, us and the entire day. Then, it was time. TIME TO GET THOSE FISHES!

The rock that we were on for a good four hours! Big and strong :) It became my favorite place immediately. 

The rock is so high up that it's so beautiful from up there. Beautiful and very dangerous! Hahaha. Threw in my first bait of the day and...

WALAA! That's less than a minute okay! Maybe he's right about the fishes waking up and feeling hungry! Heh.

He also got one almost immediately he threw them in. I'm not exaggerating! Seriously it was that fast!

One of the things I really love about fishing is getting the hook off the fish. It can feel pretty cruel but then again, people say fish don't feel pain eh. So yeah. Top left is the bait sardine. Then the right one is another one that I just caught :)

 Total catch of the day: 13! We both caught one really big one each. He let go of his biggest catch because he didn't want to unhook it so he left the hook inside the fish. It's a poisonous one that's why. At least that's what he said la. Mine leh, when I got it, I was so happy, literally cheering loud and then the fish just slipped away while hanging on the rod that I was holding. I should have immediately put it down and get it into the bag. SHOULD HAVE! Gahhh. Nevermind, 13 is still very good. I caught most of it! *proud*  Oh! Did I mention that he killed two black huge round bees becuase they were invading our romantic fishing getaway! Haha. He was just too scared of them la so best way is to face them and kill! Hahaha.

Thanks babe for the amazing start of the day. I love fishing now. Super love!

After fishing, we drove back home to get nice clean shower. Then, we went to Gurney for my birthday lunch. One thing I love about today is that he has everything planned out already. So, when I suggest something else, he's like, "Excuse me miss. Please follow the itinerary that I made." 

It was so funny. We went to Nandos, because he just need to follow the footstep of Adnandos. The footballer who went to Nandos for his first date despite of the millions that he's making in playing football. So yeah. I love Nandos so no problem for me :)

After lunch, we bought yee sang from Sakae Sushi and headed home. It was such a torture to drive home. We were both trying our best to keep our eyes open. SO DIFFICULT! We were so sleepy. So so sleepy. The moment we got home, we washed our feet and that's it. I wanted to help my mom with steamboat preparation but no, can't do. TOOO TIRED. It must be because I only sleep for 2-3 hours the night before.

When my mom woke us up in the evening, it was time for our CNY reunion dinner/birthday dinner. Two in one bestnya!

Lots of photos me and people coming up. I have to take photos with mom's cake of course. IT'S THE BEST CHEESECAKE I'VE EVER TASTED! Not being bias at all! Have you guys even tasted the cheese tarts that she makes? Boy, you are all missing outt! Order through me! For sure you will love it!

Loving your hair, Koay :)

We ended the night with this. So I thought.. 

I was feeling pretty tired and my sister convinced me to go bathe. So I did. I also changed to my pajamas, and be at my most comfortable state. 


They came in singing the birthday song. 

TOTALLY NEVER EXPECTED IT! Earlier, I asked Koay if got surprises all because I wanna wear pajamas and all. He confidently said, "Of course don't have! You check my msg and see!" 

So I believed him and nothing seem suspicious at all ma. I thought I'm quite good at revealing surprises all. Apparently not good enough. Haha.

Fun Fact 03: I only wear pajamas to sleep on special occasions.

Thanks guys for coming! Love you all :)

Also, thank you all to those who wished me in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages and whatsapp! Thank you so much! You all made the day even better. Turning twenty six isn't as bad/miserable as I thought it would be. I hope I can say the same when three zero hits me. 

Special thanks to Andrew for my second's Manchester United's jersey, Leroy and Eulene for the comfy blue sweater, and lastly, Adrian Koay for my first fishing rod! :)

It was a great 10th February!

"10 February 1988 is 
both your happiest/proudest moment of life 
because the best thing that ever happens in your life happened!" 

So I told my parents last night. 


08 February 2014

After 2 Weeks.

Baby girl reached Penang at 4:30am and we were all fast asleep. Mom woke up at about 7ish to wait for baby girl to come over. She was still sleeping of course. So we waited till about like 11am when my sister brought her over!

We were like soooo happy to finally see that familiar face again! Goshhh. We're all too attached to her. Seriously too attached!

So glad she's finally home. Although that 2 weeks was good holiday and resting time for my mom.

My life is back to normal again :)

07 February 2014

The Unexpected Present.

As I mentioned before, the boy surprised me with a birthday gift that's not like any that anyone would give to a girl. 

Do I love it? Of course.
Did I expect it? Obviously not at all.
Was I surprised? Definitely yes.

Ladies and gentleman, he got for me a FISHING ROD.

Now you see, getting my very own first fishing rod was quite an exciting thing. Just when I thought that he's going to have a hard time getting me a gift this year, this turns out to be the best. I don't need diamonds or rings or necklaces or clothes or heels or any girly stuff like that.

Being in the Fishing Equipment Shop for less than 3o minutes and I can conclude that fishing is not a cheap hobby. In fact, it's super expensive. After you get the rod, you have to get the turn-the-wheel-line-thing, weights, hooks, and who knows what else. There are just so many things that you need to get before you can go for a proper fishing trip. For him, it wasn't a hassle at all. He has always loved fishing. He's always out fishing with his buddies back in college years and even though we've been together for two years now, I have never once joined him. Never. Sad heh.

Not because I don't like fishing. As a matter of fact, I love fishing too. Just not that in love. When I was a kid, I always follow my dad for fishing trips by the seasides. My dad taught us, three girls, how to fish using sardines, squids, and worms. I never touched those worms, never! Eeeyeeer. 

Anyways, back to this one. I think I will plan more go-to-the-beach-and-fishing trips now that I sudah ada wa punya fishing rod. Muahahaha. It really gives a very nice feeling. I don't know how to express it.

Let's fish guyssss :)

06 February 2014

That Birthday Gift.

As I grow older, I find it less exciting to celebrate the day I was born. 

After hitting the big two five last year, I feel even more reluctant to welcome that day to come. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful (super!) that I was born and my life is as how God would have want it. I just didn't like the idea of me getting a year older and before I realize it, it's going to be my 30th birthday. That would be a real nightmare.

I'm thankful that I look way younger than my age. It's a gift not everybody has :)

I remembered when I was growing up, most girls always tend to wear/look older than they do, but never for my case. I think even now, if I have a choice to dress like a young girl, I definitely would. 

Anyways, it's like what.. like four more days to my birthday and I feel normal. No hoohaa inside whatsoever.

Then, few days ago, he skyped me and asked that I take a day off on my birthday, which is a Monday (yay! no monday bluess!) and I did, though I didn't wanna like "celebrate" my birthday. 

Then, today, he surprised me with the birthday gift. Definitely not those typical kind of gifts you give to a girl. Actually, he tried to surprise me lah. He tried. Hahaha. 

I love the gift, hun.

Can't wait to use it on Monday :)

05 February 2014

Tired Is An Understatement.







04 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014.

So many days didn't even bother coming in here to look-see look-see.

I think for my entire life, Chinese New Year has always been the number 1 occasion in the list. I seriously think that even Christmas or my birthday comes in second and third. 

Number 1 because:

  • My family will always get new clothes. A bunch of new clothes. Last time, I even made sure my bed sheet, pajamas set, toothbrush and handbags also must be brand new. Now, I don't do that anymore of course. 
  • Spending the money on new clothes/shoes/bag doesn't make me feel guilty at all. Can just spam since CNY is like fifteen days all together. Wait, I still have 11 days to shop without guilt! :))))
  • Occasion like this calls for mani-pedi sessions and no one *coughsKOAYcoughs* can lecture me.
  • I love the tradition of receiving angpows. Not for the money (believe it or not. Okay, maybe pasrtly lah. Just a small part lah) but just the receiving angpows from people. Also, I don't think I will be receiving them for many more years. So these few years must really treasure receiving! 
  • Relatives all get together for few days straight. It's always nice to be at a home where it's filled with people, especially family people. I love that my grandparents (dad's side) has like 6 children and so many more grandchildren. Love big families.
  • It's a fifteen days occasion. Not just one or two days kind. Long stretched holiday mood.
  • Gaining weight during these few days is okay. It's perfectly fine. 
  • Missing it entirely for one year made me appreciate it even more now.
So yeah, I conclude now that CNY is actually my top favorite occasion. Then, Christmas. 

Today is the FIFTH DAY and the mood is still very much active though work also starts today. 

I wanted to snap more photos for the whole 4 days but I think I was either too caught up with food things or I just kinda didn't bother. Maybe a pinch of lazy too. Haha.

My family's tradition to have a bowl of mee suah on the first day before we start the celebration. It has always been five of us. This year, only four because the sister is out of town. Boohoo. Haha.

 Is Koay really taller than my dad? 

Ladies on the first day :)

Family is a six letter word.

Thank you Skype for making it possible to let us see our cute baby girl, who's now in Bali. 
Indeed, it has been quite torturing to not see our baby girl for about a week already. Three more days till I get to see her face again! THREE MORE DAYS!

Thank you Abigail for inviting us to your lovely house over a lovely meal :)

 Hehemiah buat apa tu? Yes, HEHEmiah.. not NEHEmiah.. 

People close to my heart.

Notice how all four of us are wearing green? 
Great minds always think the same :))

God have blessed me tremendously with this close knitted family.
Thank You Jesus for this family of mine :)

Notice how everyone else is walking in the shade and he's not? I'm not too. 
BECAUSE WE less than three THE SUN!

Visit to Uncle Lim/Mickey/Noonday Sun's house :)

Thank you Aunty Mee Thiew and Uncle Thean Kee for cooking lunch and having us over to your house. LOVE THE FOOD AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY! :)

 With Uncle Heok Hooi and Aunty Phaik Lean. The fourth house of the day:)

Our spontaneous visit to Uncle Heok Hee and Aunty Guek Chan's house.

All the unique people unite. 

First day of work and I'm slowly warming up to it. Slowly.. :)

Chinese New Year isn't over yet, guys.