31 March 2013

Sunday Blue.


Back to normal means no more holidays to expect in a short period of time. I think my next getaway is in May. END OF MAY. But good thing Sha Lynn is coming in one month's time. So that I will look forward too. Very excited about that for sure. 

Sister's wedding makes me emotional. So, for sure Sha Lynn being born would make me even more emotional. WAY MORE FOR SURE. Ahhh! Praying hard that her doctor will allow me to enter the delivery room with Kah Wei as well. He didn't say no when she asked so that means still got hope. 

I do not look forward to waking up at eight tomorrow. Monday blue started today. It is indeed sad. 

Oh ya! Blessed Easter everyone. 

So in awe that Jesus the perfect Son took our fall and died on that wondrous cross for each one of us. Mind blowing, yes. Indescribable love for us, yes. My forever Love, hundred percent yes.

I should now go chill and have my Iced Mocha to painfully accept the fact that I HAVE TO GO WORK TOMORROW.

30 March 2013


Sometimes, it's really difficult not to be racist or not to say something that immediately reflects how each one of us are racist in one sense or another. I mean, it's usually them that would do all this. Desperate enough to ruin someone else's day. In tonight's case, there were probably 6 people that were affected. AT LEAST 6.

What happened was a man (believed to be an Indian as Victor chased him till he jumped into a river to escape) came into the church car park using the back door and started smashing on the driver's side window. He started with one and continued attacking others until two man saw him and chased him down the street. There was nothing much for him to steal as most cars that he broke into were empty. He tried attacking a few other cars but didn't manage to because their windows are tougher and protected with tints, I think.

We all had no idea that this was happening until youth service ended. Crazy hah?

Well, whatever it is, we are still celebrating because tomorrow is Easter's Day! 
The day Jesus rose again.


29 March 2013

Star Education Fair 2013.

So, the company put me in charge of Student Travel and it only makes sense that I work when it was Star Edu Fair at PISA. Even if it was on a Saturday and Sunday. Good thing I only had to work on a Saturday!  

So, because no one else was able to make it on Saturday with me, I asked Vanessa to help me out. Initial plan was I would pay her half of my allowance, but then when my boss heard that I was paying for my sister, she suggested that the company would pay her, even higher than what I offered her. Good news is good :)

Saturday comes and we had to skipped floorball training AGAIN. There were quite a lot of things to carry like banners and flyers and laptops, so you can imagine the both of us struggling to carry all up at one go, but we managed :)

Pay her to sit and watch Pretty Little Liars.

There were many students walked pass us but hardly anyone stopped by our booth. I can understand because they just want to know details of colleges and what to study and stuff. But what we were giving them was very informative okay. Like a list of airlines that have special student fares to certain places.

It was my first time working at a booth like that and I foresee many more to come. Pretty fun la when they have a lot of people. I made some new friends and met some old ones. Good times, really good times.

11am to 7pm, RM120. Not that bad whatt. Heh.


28 March 2013

Three Days.


BACK TO CIVILIZATION! Not that the place I went was very ulu. Hah. But it was high up on the hill and was probably the only mansion around in that area.

Anyways, it's good to be back. Though i miss the weather already, home is still always best. Close to my family and Koay and hawker food. 

I am happy to go back to work tomorrow because the day after that is Saturday. How awesome is that hah?! SUPAB!


25 March 2013

Dua Puluh Lima.

Let's be random again. I like doing this once in a while when I don't really know what to write about. Heh. And since today's date is 25th and also because I'm in my sweet 25th this year. LET'S DO IT!

---> VANESSAKHOOYOONGMAY! What's with the "Went with the crazy sister and her crazier boyf, and grumpy bestf." Mau mati ka you ni? But at least you know how to mention that he's crazier! :)

---> After getting ready for work this morning, I went and lie down next to Kelly and just hear her breathe while she's sleeping. I closed my eyes and remembered that time when she was wheeled out from the delivery room and I knew she's an angel God sent to us. I hear her breathe and almost got me into tears because it made me realize that I love her to bits and pieces. This baby rocked my world since eight years ago :)

---> Every morning after getting settled in at the table, I will and I mean WILL go into Groupon/LivingSocial/MyDeals and you know the rest. And I just did for two different makan place. Ahhh. Can't resist those great deals leh. Haha.

---> It's five hours to go until I land my backside on top of the hill. PLEASE BE VERY COLD UP THERE! PLEASEEE.

---> I miss eating at Yuzu. I have never liked Jap food until I ate at Yuzu. Occasionally I crave for Jap but ever since the Yuzu experience, I want to eat Japanese food almost everydayy! Ahh the craving madness.

---> I finally found time to cut my too-long-dirty-disgusting-nails. Okay, not disgusting maybe. It's just way too long and I can never find time to cut it and properly shape it. It's true. I really got no time to sit down and use the nail clipper. Sad heh.

---> It's one month away to meeting Sha Lynn. Oh that fat cheeks, I can't wait to kiss and hold her tight the lil angel of ours!

---> When I was playing Tetris on Saturday at the Star Edu Fair, I keep losing. Out of 10 times that I hit "Start", the "YOU LOSE"  that pops out after 2 minutes comes out nine times. But everytime after I lose, I kept wanting to hit "Start" all over again! That's right. Lose nine times, win one time. Still success. Haha. ---> I miss my old house at Tanjung Bungah. I preferred the current house but I really do miss that place. All the random time on swimming and going to the gym with kelly or even "practice" our floorball downstairs. Heh.

--->Just started on Episode 1 of The Walking Dead. Looks very very interesting. Zombies and mysterios scenarios. So far so good.

---> Koay helped me with my leg hair last night. Just before I go off on my retreat :) My boyfriend is the best because he never complains having to help me do it. In fact, when I first got this mean machine, he was more excited than me to use it. Of course he couldn't wait to use them on me. MAD PAINFUL! But it helps. So yeah, no pain, really no gain la. It's a machine (Epilator) that plucks your hair, but this one, it plucks A LOT of hair at one go. Instead of using the old way and pluck one by one. Or shave which is a big no-no to me cos your skin also got shaved along. Sometimes, I use the Veet cream because we too lazy. Sweet hair adventure we've got there :)

---> I haven't seen my favorite twins for more than 2 weeks now. SO SAD!


---> I still waiting with so much hope that Blackberry will have Instagram. PLEASEE. And praying hard Andrew will give me the Blackberry when he wins the video competition of which WE HELPED him with! :) HAHA.

---> I have tons of papers on my table but I have no motivation to clean and manage them. HOW? It's so messyy!

--->I haven't eaten a good bak kut teh for the longest time already.

---> I would like to experience 4 seasons. The only way is probably staying overseas for at least a year :) How does honeymoon for a year sounds like? Hmm.. HAHAHA.

---> I just realized that I don't have any torch lights to bring to the retreat this week. Arghh.

---> People always regard me as "too in love" due to the fact that I love posting up photos of us together. I can't help it I guess. I just found that one person, that one person that never fails to change my D: to :D At times, it's so annoying because I can never have a day to emo. he just won't let me to. Once, I got emo for the most stupid reason and he would just laughed at it in front of me and make me laugh too. It's been one year and it's been amazing :)

---> I have too many food vouchers in my files that I have yet to use. Hopefully none expired yet. One of which is a Japanese fine dine :)

---> I have two boxes of Nerds in my drawer that's been there for a long time. Still not empty.

---> Went home for lunch and mom has already re-moved everything in the house. Feels like I'm going back to a new house entirely. SO HOMEEYY!

---> That day, Koay found a bottle of yogurt drink in my fridge that have already expired 4 days and while he was telling me about it, he was drinking it at the same time. I was like, "WHY ARE YOU STILL DRINKING THEM?" and he's like, "Expired d ma, faster finish it la." Speechless moment I had with the mad.

---> I'm popping Euphon pastilles everytime I finish sucking on one. I'm gonna get diabetes like that, but I've got no choice. My cough won't go away :(

---> Walking Dead is starting to freak me out. Good sign that it's going to be my another new favorite TV series.

23 March 2013

Triple One.

ONE ONE ONE and we are more than 30,000 viewers! 

21 March 2013

It's A Wrap!

SPM RESULTS ARE OUT! Excited because the lil sister of ours took SPM last year. She's finally 18 this year. Soon she's going to be driving the car around town or getting married. Okay, maybe I'm going too fast but hey, she is the lil sister/baby/daughter all this while and she will continue to be till the end.

Anyways, just want to say we are so proud of you. I am proud of you. You gave your best in all the papers and now TIME TO CELEBRATE! :)

Results aside, I miss Alvan! I miss carryinghim and just looking at his cute face. I can just stare him all day long. The way he smiles without anyone even trying to make him is just too adorable. How can anyone be so cute? HOW!?

He's a half half baby. Half Malay and half Chinese. Mixed blood really make cuter and more gorgeous babies eh lo. Too late for me to do anything now.. Hahaha :P

Watching his videos can make my day better. Funny heh. Arghh ALVANN!!

I'm just being a bit random today because I don't feel well. I have horrible sore throat and blocked nose and it doesn't help that on top of all that, I had to drive to Prai today and meet some clients. But oh well, give thanks in any kind of circumstances. That I can do for sure.

One more day till weekend.

IT'S A WRAP YO! Done with all scenes. Fingers all crossed for the final product. Can't wait to watch it! Beautiful sunset is beautiful.

19 March 2013


So, my boss approved my leave. Seven days of annual leave, gone.

But it's okay because this is for a good cause.

We are going to Thailand!! SAWADEEEKAPP..

Passport also belum buat lagi. Stress. Passport photo pun tak ada.

18 March 2013


Even if it's acting for the video sake, it definitely felt pretty real to me at one point.

I can imagine the question being asked and without us having to rehearse on it.
I can imagine not focusing on the details and people around us when he ask.
I can imagine my tears.
I can imagine his nodding-question--half-smiling-face.
I can imagine all that, even without the roses and candles and photographs under the beautiful lights.
I can imagine...

15 March 2013

End Week.

It's weekend already?

Everybody shout WOOOOAHHHH!

We started on a new "adventure" today and boy, was it so funny!

At one point, he thought I was laughing at me and immediately stopped recording and pushed my head!!!

I straight got shocked and we couldn't stop laughing then. Imagine tomorrow and Sunday.

Sure fun :)

Okay. Everyone shout WOOOOAHHHH again!!!

13 March 2013

Kelly SMS.

*received an SMS from Jenny Kang at 4:19pm*

Kelly: *using my mom's hp* sarakhoo are you done a not
(I know it's kelly because my mom usually calls me straight)

Me: Huh? I finish work at 6pm. Whyy

Kelly: *still using mom's hp* Because i want to buy ice-cream.

Me: But I cannot give you my car now

*then no reply*



On another note, I googled and comapred all four Blackberry Bold that ever existed. I so badly want it.

It will come true. It will definitely come true. Praying hard on this one :)

Blackberry please get the Instagram app! PLEASEE! :)

Such a beauty you know.

People who have used BB before will for sure say that it's a very nice phone to use. I used it for only like less than a year and I'm like so obsessed over it d.


12 March 2013

11 March 2013

Mixed Emotions.

...because now I really want to get a Blackberry Bold, but they don't have the Instagram app, which I really like.

...because Koay is spending his short holidays in one of the most haunted place in Malaysia, but in the end he decided that he is gonna sleep in First World's lobby. Better to be safe than sorry. He asked me to google Amber Apartment and boy, all the horror stories are top in the page. I read some, and goosebumps happen. Even people who has their rooms in First World Hotel that face the apartment experience weird things and demanded to change room. GELI BETUL. The other four boys mad eh lo.

...because there are chances that Sha Lynn might come out when I will be at Penang Hill for the Leaders' Retreat.

...because period cramp sucks.

...because I realized now that I'm complaning way too much in a day.

...because I am spending quite a lot in online shopping. Deals like massages and fine dine in restaurants and baby washable diaper and so many more things, how to resist like that. HOW?

...because Glee Season 4 totally knocks me off my feet.

...because I want to eat at Yuzu again so badly.

...because I am gonna let my hair down completely (some kind of metapohore) and enjoy to the core at Penang Hill in three more weeks time.

...because Spencer is such a gorgeous looking lady.

...because it's thirty minutes till I eat again and be at my sweet home.

10 March 2013

Hunt For Charity.

Charis Hospice Hunt For Charity. Six hours. Four heads. 

Registration per team  is RM400. I saw this earlier in Facebook but did not join because it was too expensive, but in the end because two people from Dream Catcher last minute couldn't make it so we ganti them.

We knew there were gonna be puzzles and codes to solve but we didn't expect it to be so difficult. In summary of the event, everything was hard. The only thing which I thought was the easiest is the roti canai making. That also Koay made it seem so hard. Kidding. Hah. 

Shall say no more and let you view the photos. All in random order because I'm too lazy.. 

Our brekkie.

The chef and his masterpiece :)

sepak bulu tangkis which I suck so bad in it.

Everyone taking the wrong picture.

The correct one.

The girl can write some chinese letters. Not bad hah.

Wrap bak chang with sand.

Our pet, Froggie.

Ways to wear saree. Me, pro okayy. 


09 March 2013


Today, I almost hit a mother and son along Penang Road. Like few centimeters away almost. It's crazy.

I was driving as usual and make a right turning at the main traffic light. I thought it was green, so I just turn. As soon as I turn, Koay suddenly yelled "STOPPP!" like really so loudly and caused me to step on my brake pedal instantly. Stopped directly in front of the baby in the stroller. I turned back and saw that traffic light became red. And everyone was looking at me as if I purposely go against the red light, but I really remembered it being green. I don't know.. :(

Good thing Koay got his head up and saw them in time to shout so loudly that made me stop immediately. If not, both of them would be hit and probably be thrown at a distance because my car was not in the slow speed. IT WAS SO SCARYYY!

Just few more cm and I would have hit the poor baby.

I was trying to get some sleep when I got home after the hunt but could not sleep. Kept replaying that moment in my head. All the what ifs keep playing in my head. I'm just beyond thankful that nothing serious happened. I feel very very bad for making the mother so upset and probably traumatized a bit. 

Thank You God for a miracle today!

08 March 2013

Ryan Higa.

Most Annoying Person On Earth

The Worst Boyfriend

Why Selena Broke Up with Justin

Best Super Bowl Commercial

Expectation VS Reality: Romance

So, I liked his videos so much that I just followed him on Instagram and Youtube :)

07 March 2013

One Day Drive to KL.

First time, we had to force ourselves to sleep at 9pm! Literally. I was so tempted to continue watching my PLL but couldn't because we need to drive ma. And I needed to sleep early also because I thought we would take turns to drive. In the end also he drove all the way to and fro. *thumbs up*

So, I got up at 4am, feeling so awake and strong and then we hit the road at about 430am. Not long after that, I was snoozing away d untill he woke me up to take a picture of the clouds. Go see my instagram and you'll see what happened there. Hah.

We of course stopped at Ipoh for breakfast and this time, we didn't want to just have the typical dim sum so we headed to the ever famous beef noodles. Yes, we used Waze and Waze needs to be awarded as best app ever invented to mankind :) No pictures of the food here cos we are gonna be posting them at our food blog.

Then, when the sun was up and it was bright enough and also because I shouldn't sleep anymore (cos it makes him sleepy seeing me sleep), we decided to cho siau, with the GPS holder. I even secretly change the mode to video so he wouldn't realize and I can film all his nonsense-out-of-tune-singing-and-dancing. And the start of the video, I just looked into the camera and smiled like for 40 seconds or so, to make him think I was posing for the camera. It doesn't sound funny here but we definitely had lots of laughter going on in the car that time. What a weird couple we make, really.

Oh and we stopped at Sungai Buloh to shower. Never in my entire life when I travel, I would take a bath at a rest stop or things like that. The boy really brings adventure and it was pretty fun.

For him, it's a drive down for interview and make Sarah happy trip.
For me, it's a drive down for holiday and shopping and eat good food and bonding time.

So, it's pretty expected that he would get a bit restless when we got into the hotel and waited like 3 hours for the whole thing to be over.

At one point as I was talking to him, he says to me, "Shhh you don't talk to me now. I very stress. You watch your series!" I straight burst out laughing, only to have other people who are also waiting to be interviewed looked at me.

I don't even know how to pray for him, I told him. Cos if he works in KL, that means we're hundreds of kilometres away from each other. Me and LDR, doesn't exactly go hand in hand.

But I told him that if that's what he really wanted and if that's a part of God's plan, of course i will have no choice but to work things out.

When it was all over, I could see a wide smile from his left ear to his right as he was walking towards me. And it's not because he was super happy with how it went. It was because he was "escaping" from a talk that they supposed to attend after the interview. So, if you were at the lobby, you would see two people "running" to the car park, looking all suspicious with giggles here and there.

Only KL slaughter people with their parking fees lo. Mad eh. Lose the ticket and penalty is RM25. Supposedly our fee was RM22, but hotel gave discount :)

After that, we went to meet up with his cousin and had dim sum. We had the most amazing delicious char siew pau. No kidding. It was so yummy! Oh and that was lunch for us.

We then decided to go KLCC since it's nearby and the moment we went into the underground car park, we knew that parking fees will for sure be two digits AGAIN.

Me: Never mind la. I don't want to walk too far. Not safe.
Him: True la.
Me: We're on holiday whatt. Money is not a problem. Hahaha.
Him: *straight poker face*

After walking around and having lots and lots of discussion, we decided to go up the Twin Tower. I have never been up there and I thought that it would be nice to be at such a place of great heights. For him not so much. He's afraid of heights. But he went in the end.

Many moments where I had to hold his hand tight. SO FUNNNY! Got one time I scared him from behind, and his face straight turned green.

 For RM25, I think it was a bit too pricey. And considering that it was pretty hazy, it wasn't awesome wow view. I wouldn't pay to go up there again. For non Mykad holders, it's RM80! Mad expensive wei. But the Twin Tower very iconic and pretty la, especially when they are lighted up at night!

We wanted to go PetroSains but closed just 10 minutes before we arrived. Geram much. We did tried other things like what it really felt like being in a real earthquake and the boy speaking to a screen about nuclear power. More like scolding the screen. How can one person be more silly than this that I'm with?

Success. The face shows no fear. Very good very good.

This part reminds me of the movie "The Tower" or something. The one about a Korean tower collapsed and killed many people.

We took quite a qhile to decide on what to have for dinner cos KLCC have quite limited of reataurants I would say. I think Pavillion has more. Anyways, we walked up and down, left and right and finally settled for Yuzu. The Amazing Japanese Restaurant. I think it became our favorite Japanese Restaurant, immediately. Too bad our hps died when we wanted to take pictures and stuff. It was such a great time together, having an almost perfect meal.

We drove back to the island and made many stops. Too sleepy. We actually slept in Bukit/Batu Gantang's rest stop for like 30 minutes before pushing ourselves to finish the final lap. HORRIBLE. Next time, we take bus or we fly! Hahaha.

Definitely a day well spent with the boy :)