28 February 2013

Dinner Over The Sea.

Even on working days, you can do something fun at night. That's absolutely rightt.

And that something fun was a trip to Raja Uda for dinner.

Yes, it's really true that Penang people would travel for just one meal, as long as it's good and recommended by many. So where did we go for dinner? Here! (another way to promote our food blog hah)

Anyways, so we all gathered in my place and met up with the rest at E-Gate and convoy-ed together, using Waze. We didn't actually know that we were all talking about different Heng Heng but since we thought that no one else knew the directions there so we used Waze. And boy, can I tell you Waze really brings us through the shortcuts and got us worried at one point.

But all is well. We arrived safely and ate to our heart's content (if you follow me on my instagram, you would have seen my dinner's photo).

Fun continues when we all decided to take the ferry home. NOT because of the cracked bridge. I have to say, taking the ferry back to the island at night definitely feels a lot different than when it's in the noon. Pretty lights everywhere and Penang is such a beautiful island. Ahh, thanking God that I was born and raised here :)

And take ferry means you've gotta wait for the ferry. So while waiting, we did what everyone else would.. *scrolls down*

Pardon the quality of my photos please. Those clearer ones are obviously taken with an iPhone5. Duhh..

Ferry landed at the perfect side of the island because then we went searching for a place to hangout and coffee. We probably went to three different shops only to end up at Chinahouse.

 I don't know why I took this picture of the crayons. I think it's the colors.

Thanks to Instagram, everyone else would take pictures of anything that is colorful or black and white or a lamp post or clouds.

Nothing wrong about that but I guess I'm also being sucked into that "trend!"

Crayons on the table but no paper to let us use it on? Funny much.  

*watching Pretty Little Liars now and getting distracted*

*and doing a sales report* Talk about multitasking hah.

Next, desserts! (not a big fan of desserts, at all) but I decided to order coconut ice cream since Lovelocks have been closed for so long! Sadness overloaded.

worst coconut ice cream, ever.

Some of the bunch went up to the gallery but we stayed back. Too lazy to move our butts. So, we moved our hands and fingers, and cracked some lame jokes here and there :)

Great night out :)

Next one: FISH STEAMBOAT! (hopefully!)

27 February 2013

Ask and it will be given to you.

And that is exactly what I did.

**At drive-thru Starbucks with Benjamin Yeoh, Nicholas Choong, Nicole Linn John, and Andrew Chan last night**

Me: Anyone wants to buy me the mug? RM25 only! *points at the mug on the display counter*
All: *poker face*
Chan: Ask Koay to buy for you la.
Me: *raises eyebrows*

**30 minutes later, Joshua Tan arrived and sat down**

Me: *looks at him* You want to buy a mug for me? Only RM25. *points at the same mug*
Tan: *looks at the mug from the distance* Okay, your birthday gift lo.
Me: *smiles from one ear to the other ear* SERIOUS? *rushes to the counter and grab one*

This, my dear friends is a perfect example of ASK, AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU! :)

RM25 mug for the 25th birthday.

It makes horrible days much more bearable. Not that I have a lot of horrible days. But coming to office to this precious mug definitely gives a very nice and warm feeling :)

thank you, joshua tan sao peng :)

now, who wants to belanja me raja uda's tomyam tonight? :D

26 February 2013


A friend asked me a question today. A question related to girls and their monthly routine.

You know, questions like do you girls really get moody when it's that time of the month, are you all conscious about the moodyness, can you all control it and stuff like that. I definitely didn't find that difficult to answer because I obviously went through moody seasons like nobody's business. Hahaha. Koay can tell you stories about it too I think.

And what struck me is the question, "Can you control it?". As in control not being moody. And I kept thinking about it. I think for many times, I did not CHOOSE to control it. I just let it be because I know I have an excuse to back it up. Now that I think back, it's unfair. Unfair to my family and to Koay. It's like I get irritated at every single words they say or every thing they do. Now, I really believe that a girl can control whether to let the moodyness take over.

Guys have it a lot easier just because they don't have monthly issues to deal with. And especially the pain that comes with it, HORRIBLE. I used to have that pain every month. So painful to the point that I will scream my lungs out in the room, used hot boiling water and put it in a glass bottle and put it on my skin so that I won't feel the internal pain and take panadols. I usually want to avoid taking paracetamol but most of the time I still have to take it. Too painful. So guys, you should be thankful that this pain you don't have to go through :)

My birthday wish to God two years ago was to remove this terrible torture, and taking them away He did :)

25 February 2013

15th Night.

Chap Goh Meh.

My first time after many many years of life. His first time too actually. I have never thrown any oranges (or rubbist etc) into the sea before so this time, having the chance to throw something into the sea IN THE OPEN seems pretty fun for me. One thing though, we didn't bring any ORANGES! Epic la I tell you. So we ended up spending RM3 for just two oranges.  
 If I actually remembered, I would have brought a lot a lot of oranges to throw non-stop. I wrote the famous John 3:16 verse onto it and Koay created a "new" profile for the boys who were gonna pick them up.

There were so many people there that if you don't hold your lover's hand/shirt/shoulder/hair, you WILL lose sight of each other. They even had a kid going up on stage to find his parents. And then of course there were free food offered, like nasi melayu (rice with a piece of potato in a dhal-like curry and a piece of sambal taukua), the ever famous mee sotong (the line to this stall is beyond madness), Bamboo buffet food and some other stuff. We lined up for a few but all got sold out very quickly. We ended up DID NOT eat anything there! *pats self*

And then we went for coffee at Behind 50 and watched one of the most amazing fireworks ever. The finale of it was just four thumbs up! And you know what made it even better?

Watching it with him while being hugged :)

24 February 2013

Good Morning.

Oh how crazy it is that it's already last day of this eat non-stop festive? I could use another extension of one week being in this holiday mood!

Yesterday God revealed something to my heart. Something I didn't know that was in me all this long. And it was so reassuring, so wow, so personal and so precious. In Your promise, I stand firm and know. Nothing will shake me off this faith that wows me when I least expected it :) Trusting in You is life's most peaceful thing

So, how are you spending your last day of Chinese New Year? We are gonna run a few rounds in Youth Park, and then sessions of captain ball.Probably will head to Esplanade or Straits Quay to throw some oranges. Not that I want to do that (specially for all the single ladies) but I guess it will be fun to throw oranges into the sea. We'll see what happens.

Enjoy your last days of CNY people :)

22 February 2013

WhatTwoEatHere is One.


Quite difficult to chew on the fact that we have been food blogging for a year already. I still remember how it was like when we first started it! And who know, one year later, we are still into this thing and gonna be getting a new baby for better quality photos! I am excited to launch into this year two. Blogging like this has been fun I have to say. Though there are days where laziness kicks in and we just decided to post it up another day. Nowadays, that has been the case actually. Hah. 

Oh well, BLESSED ONE YEAR WhatTwoEatHere!

And thank you all for reading us and following us so faithfully! :)

Blessed Friday to you all :)

21 February 2013


Where got people so childish one? Say one thing, but do another thing which totally contradicts to what was said earlier! It's like you say you've let go of eating rice, but once in a while you still sneak around to get some rice. Okay, maybe not a very good example. If a person is really matured,  he/she will be able to find something, just something to forgive and let the past stay as that. I mean, you say you've let go and moved on, but at the same time you are doing something that totally shows that you have not let it go. It's still haunting you every now and then. I don't know la. And to tell your whole world about it for what? So that people would sympathize with you and "support" you? I mean, even by doing that you can't let it go. It will always be there unless you decide for yourself like you really want to let it go. Keep saying that to yourself and people around you isn't gonna help you to actually let go. 

I'm a bit upset because never in my whole entire life, will I ever expect to see this coming my way. Never. I always thought you are a person who knows how to handle these kind of situations, especially after almost two years since the incident. For you to tell me what you told me just proves to me otherwise. 

Sad and disappointed can't even describe how I really feel, at all. 

20 February 2013

Twenty Today.

Describe today.

Lack of sleep.
Happy tummy.

twenty words because it is the twentieth of february today.

18 February 2013

Oat Krunch.


I don't know what happened.

So many things that I know, that I have to pretend I don't know. Sometimes, it's true that the lesser you know, the better it is. Or at least that applies for people's life stories.

The first two sentence is NOT related to the third one.

I'm just not in the mood to work, hence the babbling and randomness.

One year already since I put my braces on.

I count the hours to when I can continue watching Pretty Little Liars again.

"I fetch you home k, cos my baby girl gotta work tomorrow"

I stared at the AirAsia ZERO Promo screen for about 10 minutes. Krabi or Cambodia or Vietnam? I wouldn't mind going back to Vietnam and hentam all the noodles I can.

My angpow moolahs this year is STRICTLY for the new baby I'm gonna get. MUST GET before Sha Lynn pops out.

It's 3 more days to both of us celebrating our first anniversary of WhatTwoEatHere.

The title of this update is because that's the first thing I saw on my desk.

One week left to Chinese New Year. More angpows needed :)

Koay about to launch into the working world, and I can tell that he's very excited for this chapter to begin. Such a weirdo I tell you. Heh.

I did not see my favorite twins yesterday. It's like something of Sunday Church is missing.

I love attending weddings. Just like Joshua and Rebecca's on Saturday. Short, simple and sweet. Beautiful and smart bride + Handsome and talented groom = THE BOMB.

I just realized recently that I really like to eat taukua (beancurd) in spicy/sambal/curry. I mean I've liked eating them for a while now but never know that I actually really like them! (thanks to Mr Choo's open house taukua sambal!) Haha.

I think I can never be able to leave Penang and go somewhere else to work. How to leave the family? The food? The friends? The church? The fireBRANDS? The room?

I will forever be at 44kilograms. I kid you not. It's been years that I have always stayed at the double digit.

Okay, mood got better after writing some nonsense out.

Jesus, You are above all wealth, treasures of the earth, all authorities and You, I love :)

16 February 2013

Challenge #1: Stairs.

Before 2012 ended, I had in mind that I would do something different in 2013. Something that I have never done before. Something that will challenge me, whether mentally, physically or emotionally or in any way.

I took a 6 months break from any physical activities due to some health issues back in 2012, and it is now decided that I want back in into exercise and sports and some running. One major problem, that's all. My stamina is now in negative. Like really negative, and I'm becoming more lazy that I have ever been. Don't know if its because age is catching up, but whatever it is, it has got to stop.

I actually miss playing floorball. Like a lot. So, before I resume my weekly training every Saturday, I thought perhaps I need to do certain things to slowly gain back the stamina that I've lost (yes, I'd like to think that last time my stamina quite good. Heh :P).

And so.. I came up with this challenge.


A very simple challenge, but with the level of my laziness now, it's gonna be a tough one. But if I did it, it increases my mental strength, stamina and probably would help firm my behind :) 

So, everyday (with no day off) I will have to WALK UP the stairs whether it's at home or going to the office. One thing about this challenge is that I don't have to walk down using stairs. Just the going UP part. Cool huh.

The challenge supposed to start the day after my birthday but it got delayed because I was not "ready"! Finally, decided to focus and put my mind into it and started on the 15th. So far, so good. We (Koay decided to join in when he's with me) wanted to climb 23 floors up to Julian and Yee Ling's amazing home last night but couldn't cos their stairs are locked up for security purposes. Another plus points to getting a house at Surin. 

There is no limit to any challenge I'm gonna give myself. You know, like one week don't use Twitter and stuff like that. Anything of my challenge will have to be an ongoing one. So, I am being very careful when I create one for myself. I want to make sure I can do it and at the same time, it challenges me.

I'm actually in the midst of going into Challenge #2! To be revealed real soon..

15 February 2013

Laugh and Cry.

My emotions in two extreme mode in the span of few hours.

How? Why?

Watched these videos la. 

Both also MUST WATCH!

If you watch all three and didn't laugh and then shed tears, you not a human and there's something wrong with youuuu!

14 February 2013

CNY Convoy 2013.

On the third day of Chinese New Year...

Nine dudes.
Five dudettes.
Three cars.
Nine houses.
Thirty-six oranges.
Twelve hours.
Eleven green tops.
Three green bottoms.
Nine prayers.
Endless laughters.

Priceless moments made.


13 February 2013

Hari Jadi Best.

Because birthdays get harder each year, I decided that this year I would embrace every moment of it. Started at twelve am sharp at home after reunion dinner. Got home, feeling even more hyper and awake and celebrated in my own way. Koay came over and handed me THE thing.

Yes, THE thing that I had already seen and used once. THE thing that he took home and re-wrap it. THE thing that came with a handmade written card. He's a kind. Definitely a kind. 

all written in bahasa melayu :)

A sweet and memorable way to accept the fact that I'm now in my mid twenties *swallows hard* 

At this point of my life, I thank God that this verse *points to the top header* is a promise from Him to me, and to all of you :)


12 February 2013

Two 5.

No updates because I have been so busy enjoying every bit of this season and embracing the hard truth. 

 *tells myself* it's just a number, it's just a number.. one year wiser, me! :)

This festive = non-stop eating. 

09 February 2013

Manual Off.

Eve of Chinese New Year.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, you would have already known that I did quite a lot this morning. Washed two cars, vacuumed one and polished glass windows of one. And I woke up earlier than my working days. *pats self*

Anyways, after that we went to shop at Queens for a while cos I forgot that I needed a black tube for my dress. Haha. And then this happened. So spontaneous.

Driving lesson for free for Van. But Koay insisted that I try first. And I did. And all I can say is that NO MANUAL CAR FOR ME. Not now. Not ever. He wanted me to know learn so that I can be behind his wheels when he's tired, like today when he had only 3 hours of sleep. He tries to take as many small sleeps when he can as it's going to be a long day today. Poor thing. And Van behind, she sleeps everytime she's in a moving vehicle. NO KIDDING! So yeah, manual car drivers are insanely hardworking. *salutes*

So, Van's turn. I almost puked when I was inside. So, I stood by the roadside and watched them. So smart me :) beginner semua mesti macam ni. I pun sama. 

Vanessa: How to let down the hand brek ah?
Koay and Me: *looks at each other*

Master of manual car giving lessons to don't-know-anything-about-driving girl.

Mati enjin tak tau berapa kali tapi normal la tu. Got progress d! :)

ON ANOTHER NOTE! I got my early birthday gift from Koay! I love love love love itt! :))

steamboatandbabyniecesin2hours :)