28 September 2012

I Don't.

- understand why people think that going for manicure and pedicure is a waste of time and money.
I get what's the whole big issue is about. Why pay so much when you can just do it yourself, right? The thing is it's different. I know how to paint my nails nicely and stuff but I have no idea how to clean off the sides and massaging your own hand is no fun. And it's pampering. VERY PAMPERING! It's like how other girls would rather go shopping. Mine is definitely manipedi session :)

- like coffee.
Most people around me are addicted/inlove/obsessed with coffee. but somehow I find myself go 'yerr..' It's not like I never try. In fact, I've tried so many times but its just no way. Plus I worked in Starbucks TWICE (few months each time) and that is not enough to even convert me to a coffeeperson. But I do have cravings for coffee (rarely) sometimes (very very rare)

- sleep with the lights on.
Not even with one small lamplight at a corner. Somehow it just irritates me, a lot. I like it dark and cold.

- want to know whether the jellybean is a he or a she.

- know most of the songs title that's in this whole universe.
Maybe just those which I really like or it just happens that someone mentioned it. But I can never answer you if you ask me of a song's name. Never!

- like to eat char hor fun.

- drink a lot of water, naturally.
I can go on one whole day without taking a sip of H20. It's weird, I know. And very bad for health. That's why now I'm 'forcing' myself to drink and cultivate this habit (having a boyfriend who drinks like a cow definitely helps too, in a way)

- know how to download youtube videos.
I've googled it many times, and in the middle of reading/watching the steps, I give up. It's too deep. Haha.

- get obsessed with celebrities.
Those pretty and handsome superstars, of cos I like to see. but not to the point of having their photos on my phone screen saver or desktop. And I have always been having this one thing to one man. JOSH DUHAMEL. How can anyone not like this dude? He's like too good looking for anyone.

- like carbonated drinks, anymore.

- really like sushi.
Just sashimi. Okay, just salmon. Raw salmon with wasabii! *drools*

- complain as much as I did before.

- understand why people want to dye their hair.
Don't you think that the color of hair that you came to this world with suits you best? I just don't really understand la. I know my grandma dyes her hair black cos most of it are becoming white. Haha.

- want to have less than 4 kids next time.

- want to wear contact lens, forever.
Yes, laser is definitely considered. Later on perhaps.

- have an apendiks.
It exploded inside my system. I have a very high tolerance towards pain. True Story! :)

think I am addicted to Facebook.
(i think.) Once, Koay asked me if I would pay RM1/year if one day Facebook decided to charge at that rate. I think I answered no. Hmm.. Wait, I don't know if it's RM1 or RM100. Oh well, I can live without Facebook (actually, I'm not so sure) But I can definitely live happily without logging into it for few days! Achievement, yes.

- like bread/bun/flour-made-food.
Except bang chang koay.

- like to think and have deep thoughts.
Most of the times cos I'm so lazy.

- usually think properly when I see something really unique especially stationeries.
I would just get it. Like recently, I bought a notebook that costs me RM30 from Popular. And I regretted it when I got home. Kena nagging session from him sumore. Down.

- want to work in the finance line though I have a degree in it.
It's common, right? People usually study one thing and work another thing. Haha. But I do see myself using my finance degree in the future. There must be a reason why I studied it what right? So far, I'm enjoying my travel line.

- have a camera.
Which ranks one of the top must-get-list.

- think it's a sad thing to be short.
I like being short. Or maybe cos I'm already like that so I grew to like being short. Haha. As long as my boyfriend is taller than me, I'm fine :)

- like talking when I'm in a car/bus/van on a long journey/roadtrip.
Its funny how I just want to look outside the window and be quiet. It's like my thinking/personal time sort of. But it's impossible especially when I travel with friends. And it doesn't seem to bother me as much now anymore. It's the talking/laughing/talkingcrap in the car that makes it all so fun! :)

- like to eat fruits.
But I love vegetables. So it kinda balances my eating habits :)

- know why people don't think that I'm a shy person.
I am, in some ways. Get to know me and you'll realized deep inside this girl, there's some shyness.    

- why I'm so loud.   

- want to have a big wedding.
It's never my dream of having a wedding that's so big and grand. People always want that because they always say 'you only get married once!' But what for? You spend all that kachings on one night with great food and great companies of friends and the next day, all gone. Sumore whole day event, sure tired like mad. My ideal (if must have) would be ceremonies in the morning and then a good (4 course Western) luncheon with close ones. Then off we fly to our honeymoon! :) Yes, I do think of some details already, for the fun of it :)

so, here's my 28 of i don'ts since its today's date.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone.

27 September 2012

Sun and Rain.

Getting some sun in Kulim! 

Totally missing the 'vacation' sun!

Rain should only happen at night when people are snoozing away!

Love and hate relationship I have of this two :)

26 September 2012

One HEART brings one SMILE.

AKI's Mooncake Festival 2012.

AKI stands for Alumni of Keele-ers International
(consists of all the amazing people, like *coughsMEcoughs*)

We have been working on this project/event for many months now. It's a night where children from different kindergardens would come together and enjoy the night with planned programme for them to enjoy. Also, to celebrate Mooncake Festival with them. The whole idea is to raise funds for charity (by selling mooncakes and on donations). 

We did the same thing 2 years back and the response was great, that's why we decided to do it again this year. All our donations are given to Nasom Penang (National Autism Society of Malaysia) and Ruyi Home (for the underpriviledged children with single parent). Both of these amazing NGOs also participated in our event that night (no kindergardens this year which I think was good seeing that we didn't have a lot of manpower, heh)

So, the last day that we could still raise funds was Saturday itself and we have a team who went to Chung Ling on Friday and I joined them on Saturday. Students don't really buy mooncakes cos it's pretty expensive for students and we didn't think that they would carry at least RM15 in the pocket to school so we decided to open it up for donations, at any amount! There are students who even donated 50 cents (such kind souls to really wanna help these children even with their last few cents!)

after spending 45 minutes of saying loudly "Donation for the autistic children" to every students who walked pass by us to go to the canteen (the only way to canteen), I decided to write it on the board (why didn't I figured this earlier. Hmm)

drank this once years ago. Saw it in the canteen and a happy girl, I was indeed.

the team behind all the raising funds (they were at KDU almost everyday) You guys, best!

the two boys decided that they would sit down and let the pretty girls 'attract' the boys'! So, I gave them work to do! Haha. Cut out the decorations, which they happily did.
we ladies memang powerr! We collected around RM300 on cash donations and RM200 plus on mooncake sales. All that happened within the two and half hours in Chung Ling. Wow :)

After Chung Ling, we went back to college to meet up with the rest of the team and head for lunch at New World Park, where Koay and I had probably the worst bak kut teh, ever! And while the rest went back to college to prepare other materials (for lantern making), Koay and I went to APT for our RM5's hair cut and hair wash! Afterall, the emcee needs to relax first before the night starts, heh!

stage and deco.

 foyer (notice the not-alligned-red-lanterns-behind-the-banner)

 buffet area (p.s I did the printed colored words. Nice, yes?)

food catering from Homes Chef Garden (partly sponsored by them as its a charity event)

yummy chocolate cake sponsored by mommy :)

sunquick orange drink with lots of ice.

After all the setting up and months of hard work, it's finally the time to kick start the night. The helpers were all dressed in either blue or white. All the handsome boys and drop-dead-gorgeous girls were ready to rock the night and making sure those kids will go home with smiles and lots of goodies! :)

oh! and we've got some supports from the home yo!

speech by the Head of Business Department, Mr. Prakash and Vice President of AKI, Vernon. 

our supporters. Not many in numbers but it was great!

first up: Mikael's stroytelling session on how Mooncake Festival existed. All the kids laughed, all the helpers laughed and all the teachers laughed! Mikael oh Mikael, such joker.

 then, it was coloring timeee! All kids' favorite time (okay, maybe not all. I never really liked coloring when I was young)

they gave their 100% because it's a contest! Three winners to walk away with three amazing prizes! (I had no idea what the prizes were, btw)

the boy on the right is cutenessss overload wei.

dinner after that.

all the hungry people in the world unite.

the next activity is making lanterns! This, the kids love.


Mikael guiding the kids step by step.

the emcee also jaga kids. syiok betuii!

After making lanterns, we also gave away ready made cartonned lanterns. I was actually telling them that there's only one lantern left and who wants it, and their happy reactions were priceless.

of course they were more happy when they found out that they each get one with lighted candles too!

so, we took them out for few rounds in college, to the darker areas. emcee jadi lantern-guide.

seeing pretty lighted up lanterns held by wonderful kids and the joy on each their faces, really priceless.

and we sang 'twinkle twinkle' (don't know other songs d. haha)

oh, I'm so happy looking back at the pictures la.

they also blew the candles to the count of 3. Oh how I love kids when they are this obedient! :)

PRIZE GIVING! (at this point, most of the helpers were quite tired d and I was pretty much losing the voice but the kids, they were more jumpy than ever!) They all left the place with goody bags each!

the group picture.

and because we had so much fun and it was a great night, here's another photo of us :)
one HEART brings one SMILE.

25 September 2012

Homes Chef Garden Restaurant.


It's like FINALLY that my aunt and her daughters are in this line of business!

They have always been the best cook in the entire family!

I still remember the taste of the apple soup that my aunt made when I was 7-8 years old! It was insanely delicious that I still remember it till now. Imagine how good it was! :)

When we were told the news that they were gonna open a restaurant, we were all so overjoyed! Cooking is in their blood!

My aunt (Kelly's grandma) and her eldest daughter (Kelly's mom) are the two main cooks! Her youngest daughter is the one running the business up front! And my uncle handles the PR, and he's sooo good in it! :))

And did I mention that the interior of the restaurant is elegantly simple? Love the lightings! :)

LIKE their facebook page to see more photos and details and latest promotions! :)

the map to the restaurant.

You've got to try it first then you'll know that it's really that good!

My personal favorites so far are the sambal petai and ju hu char! :)

24 September 2012

MRC Heritage Walk 2012.

It's so weird that I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning today and not feel sleepy at all. VERY VERY WEIRD. Called the babe but he sounds soo sleepy so didn't want to bother him and tried so hard to fall back asleep again, but it didn't happen! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?

I want my sleep. I need to sleep. I was taking my shower at 7:30am! Even mom was shocked to why I bathe so early! this.needs.to.not.continue.

Anyways, one of the things that happened this week (the busiest/most packed Saturday and Sunday, by far).

Sunday, 22 September 2012.
MRC Heritage Walk (MRC stands for Malaysian Red Crescent)

It's a lot like Star Walk, except that this one we walked around the Heritage sites in Georgetown. Knowing myself, i would never sign up for this kind of walk-walk thing. It was just one day that he told me that we're going on a heritage walk on Sunday. I was like "Are you telling me that we're part of it or you asking me to join?" He's like "No, you are already part of it. It's RM30 per pax and paid d sumore." Hahaha. To cut the story short, this is a charity event and his mom bought two tickets for us.

So, being charitable and supportive as we already are, we were at Esplanade one hour before the event starts. WE WERE SOOO SLEEPY, goodness.

Overall, it was pretty fun. I remember collapsing onto the bed when we got home. Not that it was a very long distance also. It's just Sunday and Sunday morning cannot exercise so much ehh laaa. Heh.

The 5km walk covered heritage sites such as the Yeah Kongsi (Khoo Kongsi more famous leh!) Dr Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, the Penang Islamic Museum and the Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh. The route also covers the ‘Street of Harmony’ where St George’s Church, Kuan Im Teng Temple, Sri Mahamariamman Temple and Masjid Kapitan Keling are located.

More than 60 prizes to win in the lucky draw including a Honda motorcycle, China Airlines air ticket and hotel vouchers. AND WE GOT NOTHING! Oh well, we aimed for the motorcycle so that we could sell if off and use the money to fund our trip to London! But all hopes, crushed. Heh.

very sleepy us.

the sea water, super clear.

watched the sun rise a lil.

satu manusia pun tak ada.

packed within 15 minutes.

ready to rock the heritage sites.

four 'wristbands' (it's colored hair band!!) to collect along the way to join the lucky draw.

free drinks (which is totally sucky)

kita memang boleh.

found a great spot at the field, while waiting patiently for lucky draw to start.

the numbers that were never called. pfft.

one of the performance: Oppa Gangnam Style with the rest of the crowd.

We were so tired, but we didn't want to just stay home and sleep or play games *coughs*koaynolife*coughs* so we decided to go to the mall (since I had to collect my shades also) and watched Resident Evil.

I only managed to sleep for one hour after coming back from the walk. *moodswings alert*
But he made it better when he lets me have my Thai Tomyam at Queens food market (just 15 minutes before movie begins)

And now, college has started (him back to being a disciplined nerd) and 'real work' (meeting clients on my own) will be starting soon! *woots*