30 August 2012

My Third Home.

The first month is over. How crazy is that?

I still remember very clearly when I first started in this company. I wasn't in the sales team as I didn't want to get into sales (like I mentioned in the what's next? post). I was assigned to Tour Department where we handle all the travelling details from getting air tickets, booking hotel rooms and plan out itineraries according to clients' preference. All the little details la. And then two weeks into that, I realized that I really want to do something more 'difficult' or challenging. So what did I do? I went for a heart-to-heart talk with my manager (the nice lady who interviewed me), and then she offered me a switch to the sales department if I really want to. She gave me a week to think about it, but guess what. The very next day, I decided and the day after that, I'm where I am right now. Happy and thankful.

Truthfully, I never see myself being a salesperson. First, I don't like the feeling of having to convince people to buy something from me. Second, I thought that most salespeople have quite stressful life (yes, I really don't like stressful lifestyle! - that's why I'm not in the banking line). Third, I have quite a bad experience being in sales before (I realized now that its a totally different thing, phew!).

So yea, but I really thank God that so far, I'm loving what I do. Sports Travel and Student Travel (one of the things I'm in charge of). Other than that, it's corporate sales. So far so good :)

I still remember Adrian's expression when I told him I decided to switch to sales. Because he has always been that person to tell me that I will do well in sales as I have what it takes. You know, like not being afraid to talk to strangers and have a very thick-face-skin! haha. I kept telling him that I will 'NEVER' go into sales. So, you can imagine how he reacted. With the words "I TOLD YOU SO!" written everywhere on his thicker-face! :) There was a bit of anger also la cos he kept telling me that I will like it and convincing me to give it a try and I turned his idea down every time! Sorry, Koay! I'm listening to you now.. *eyes open wide* :)

This is really like how when I chose to study Finance and Management. I didn't even like Maths or Accounts or Finance! In fact, I hate Maths. Then, later on, I fell in love with Finance (still shocking news till today). And I thought I would feel miserable too being in sales, but no. I fell in love with my current position. God is very good at surprising people. And I have to say that I love it every time he does that to me.

That is why people, it is important to have that childlike faith, believing in the smallest and most impossible things in life, and then witnessing God does His wonders. It's mindblowing, really. I can tell you my stories, but it's really different when you go through it yourself. Like I said, it's mindblowing and it makes you smile just thinking about it.

Anyways, enough with words. Time for some photos! :)

A very big table for such a petite girl, I would say.
(not complaining though)

Such a great computer, but has no access to Facebook 
(yes, right now I'm believing in the impossible - which is KL headquarters would allow it, soon!)

I am still searching for a really nice attractive unique holder/things to beautify my table.

My favorite drawer. Apa pun ada.

My third home.

29 August 2012

What's Next?

So, last night after watching TV and snacking away with Kelly, we both went to the toilet and brushed our teeth together. All of a sudden, she asked me a question that left me thinking. Actually two questions.
Her: Salaku ah, how old are you ah?
Me: Twenty-four lo. Why?
Her: Hah! You studied in KDU for one year d ah?
Me: *looks at her* No.. three years d okay!
Her: *raises one eyebrow*

Then, it hit me that it has been 3 years and now I've left college.

It has been really a ride. A crazy ride, for sure. And it's no surprise because we spent so much time with each other. I miss those times where we would just watch some Chinese comedy-dramas in class, teased each other, decided to skip class to watch a movie in Gurney, sleepover parties in that super awesome bungalow, the short road trips and simply matchmake our friends just cause they looked so cute together! 

Yes, we did have a lot of great times! But what is a ride if it only has its ups, right? Despite all the great times I had, there were also some really bad times where I honestly wished it never happened. But it did and it taught me lessons. Lots of tears and heartaches, but worth it because I've learnt. Special thanks to my newly married sister and ever-loving boyfriend.

In three years, my life has changed one hundred and eighty degrees. College is now a part of me that I will remember for a very long time. Why? Because I never expected to do this well (academically) here. I've always either slept in class or talking or watching Cougar Town with my Blackberry Bold. Okay, not that teruk la. I did study and do my work. 

It's just I never thought that I would ever be in that category. The 'First Class Honors' Category. No, I'm not trying to boast about it here. It really came to me as a shock. I was, of course, happy till no words, literally! And God has been so good because I would never be able to do whatever I did with all the dramas in college. And I am so not the typically studying type of girl. Heh. And I am beyond excited to go up that stage during convocation next month. I did my grandparents and parents proud :)

So, now college is over. What's next?

Ideal 'next' would be half a year or a year's break from everything and just enjoy. Go holidays and do nothing. But no, that's not what happened to me, sadly. I worked part-time at Dream Catcher (love this company to bits!) to earn some ka-ching ka-ching and then go for short trip holidays here and there. No major holidays, YET! This went on for like around 3-4 months. And then, with people asking me my plans for the future and stuff, I realized I would need to start sending out resumes and really think of where I wanna work. So, what I did was THINK. and no actions. No sending resumes. No asking around for vacancy. No nothing. Till Adrian also pek-chek with me. 

Then one day in Dream Catcher's office, I received a call from a lady. The lady explained where she was calling from and offered me a job. A 'sales-related' job. I politely asked if there was another vacancy as I wasn't really keen to go into sales. She said yes and asked if I could go in for an interview. Now, at the beginning when she was telling me where she called from, the moment she said Holiday Tours and Travel, my heart skipped a beat. Why?

Because I have always like tourism. Even before my 3 years degree started. God really do fulfil the deep desires of our hearts as long as we wait for Him. To cut the story short, I went to the interview and it was a good interview. She's such a great lady (btw, she's my manager now). I asked who gave her my contact details and she refused to tell me. Geram much. So now, here I am, a Sales Representative of Holiday Tours and Travel. A dream job, check! :)

Many people sure don't understand why I chose to work for this company when I can earn so much more if I work in investment banks, commercial banks or even other finance-related companies since I am a First Class Honors Student in a Finance degree. Very simple. It's because I choose to do what I love than to earn lots of money that can buy me many things and in the end hate what I do. Get it? :)

So, that's my 'next'! :)

28 August 2012

The Web-Life Story.

The decision to start a personal blog came into mind probably as random and as impulsive as the recent haircut! Have no idea what's with the random doings these days. At all.

So, just a brief history of the web-life. This is not my first personal blog. If I remember correctly, my first blog's grand name was "Anti-Papaya Community'! I know, I know. What a name right. Looking back, I had no idea what I was thinking when I decided to put that name up (prob cos at that time my dad would make all her 3 daughters eat papaya, and I really hate papaya!)

Then, there was the second blog after I deleted the first 'grand' one. This time, the whole blog was green. Like the whole thing. I was really obsessed with green and have no sense of good design whatsoever! And I still remember quite clearly of the picture that was on the main page! A really big ferris-wheel-like-thing that says 'Take Me Up On The Wheel'! I love that blog. It's very pretty. And then, also deleted after a while. Girls and their ever-changing hormones, I guess. And after that, I decided that I wanted a Tumblr where I can just post up pictures from other Tumblr-ers. That, also I deleted it yesterday. Since I've abandoned it for quite a while now.

And then, this happens.

I texted the boy to tell him about this sudden want of mine. And he suggested a name, 'My Road Trip of Life'. I raised my eyebrow and let out a short laugh. Of course he didn't see it cos the whole conversation took place in Whatsapp. HAHA. At first it sounded so hmm.. and normal. But now that Im typing this, it actually kinda describes what life has been to me. All the little bumps and big bumps along this 'road trip' aka life. But I'm sticking to the plain 'Just Sarah'. A friend, Justin came up with that name. Oh, that was my Tumblr's name btw. And I decided that I want to put a bible verse that really speaks of what I truly believe.

So here it is.

The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The random and spontaneous.

All right here.