19 September 2014

3D2N Malacca Part I.

Part II
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Malaysia Day falls on a Tuesday.

Take one day annual leave on Monday.

Problem settled.

Since August had become such a pain everywhere, I was really looking forward to this getaway. Just a short time over the weekend get things off this little mind. 

Those who know my family well enough, you would know that Malacca is our second home. No, we don't own any property there but don't know since when, we started visiting Malacca very often that it sort of became like an annual trip. Except for last year.

So, this year we were all excited since it feels like so long never go already. 

We left house early in the morning at 7am and headed towards Malacca. No, we didn't stop at Ipoh for dim sum because we stopped at somewhere better for brunch!


Since it's holiday, we didn't rush the time we had in Ikea. The lines were long in IKEA but so what right? Then, we shopped a while and made our way to Malacca. We were stuck in KL's territory for quite a while. Seriously, I can't live in KL. 

GPS led us straight to our home for the next three days. 

Guli Residence.

Earlier, we did some research and found this place called Guli Residence. It's few shop lots combined into one and made into like a home/hotel. Something like that. The location is super strategic. Located only few streets away from Jonker Street. 

Last weekend when we went down, traffic was insane. It's like everyone in Malaysia decided to just be at Malacca during those days. That's why it was good that we chose the right location.

So, Guli Residence it is. 

One thing that I really love about Guli Residence is that they have a family room. Their family room is super unique. Two storeys in a room. When we saw it, we booked them immediately. Everyone stay in one room, what can be better than that? Nothing. Heh.

The room is huge. No need to talk about their bed, pillows and blankets. It's super comfy. Love our stay! We prayed and then we explored the entire place!

On the left of the photo, you can see a steady wooden steps.

There. And this leads to Koay, Vanessa, Kelly and my bedroom for two nights. With this kind of room, two nights is so NOT enough.

Welcome to the crib. Super cool to sleep upstairs. It looks very woody and it is. Surprisingly though it was clean and no squeaky sound when we walked on it. Then, they have a little window on top where you can see outside. In the photo, you can see where the light comes in.

We stayed for just a while then went downstairs and met with the owner of Guli Residence, Mr Lai. I have never met such humble and friendly man. He's so kind that he offered to prepare porridge for Sha Lynn for all her meals, with no charges. 

We were all quite tired but hey, it's Malacca and on weekend nights, you cannot not go for the Jonker Walk. YOU JUST CANNOT no matter how tired you are. You drag your feet there. Haha.

At that time, we still haven't had our dinner so we were all pumped up and walked faster than usual since everyone was hungry. We walked all the way to the other side of the Jonker Street and found a Chinese Restaurant that serves Baba Nyonya food. PERFECT! Get to try Malacca's Nyonya's food.

We waited outside for 15 minutes, went in and found a place, ordered and waited for an hour before our food came. No photos because the moment anything came, we attacked already. We only had our dinner close to 9pm so please excuse our see-food-straight-eat-and-swallow.

The food was amazing! We had Telur Cencaluk (I LOVE CENCALUK I TELL YOU IT'S CRAZY!), Ayam Buah Keluak (buah keluak is like Chinese's caviar because it's also black), Kiam Chai Ark Th'ng (we asked if can refill the soup only for free and the lady say cannot, but few minutes later she took a big bowl of soup and put it on our table FOR FREE!), Cili Garam Ayam, Kailan Masak Lemak (this is totally new. It's like curry fish meat but instead of meat, it's just kailan. Super yummy!), Steamed Ladies Fingers with Sambal Belachan, Chap Chai and pineapple juice.

After dinner, we walked for a while, do survey on the things we want to buy first. Sha Lynn was getting really sleepy so the three of them stayed in the room, while the rest of us went to the riverside and relaxed. 

The riverside is very nice! So nice that we went back to a different shop the next night. I could sit here for hours sipping on iced lemon tea. Love this area.

By the time we settled down in the room, it was past midnight. We could hear my dad snoring from downstairs but wasn't really bothered by it. Too tired d. Oh, we asked for an extra bed for Koay and it was only RM40 for the 2 nights. Too cheap d lah. 

I have more things to say about Guli Residence and the hosts. Read on and you will find out more :)

Oh! The first night, I had no socks on and I barely slept more than 5 hours.

Fun fact!

Whenever I travel, I always need to wear a pair of clean socks to sleep. WHEREVER I GO! Anywhere other than my house, I need to wear socks to get good night sleep. Weird I know. I don't even know since when I needed to do that. So, I forgot to bring one and Koay didn't bring any and I went to bed without it. Straight no need sleep. Kept waking up because it was too cold. Apparently, Koay slept throughout the night feeling quite warm. He didn't even use the blanket. It must be my feet! They need to be covered!

So, now you know that whenever I travel, there are two things that I MUST HAVE.

A toilet roll and a pair of socks.

Stay tuned for Part II!