28 October 2015

Wedding Update 1.

So, I thought of doing this update to take away all kind of stress that's on my plate now. I don't even care about those pimples on my forehead anymore. If they are gone this week, confirm with you next week sure come back.

We're very blessed because people around us have been giving us advice on things to do, things not to do, the right time to get started and recommendations of places for honeymoon. 

We haven't got the time to sit down and discuss properly but every now and then, we will have good conversations on it. Good because sometimes we can discuss until people outside our car also can hear what we say. Hah. 

So, what did we talk about for the past 1 month and 1 week?


I kid you not that Thailand was one of our my option for wedding ceremony. It has always been our favorite country to go to for quick getaway, so why not. 

Will all our guests be able to afford to pay for their own flight tickets and hotel?
How to invite 500 people to a wedding that's outside the country?
How much money will the whole thing cost?
Should we do a small wedding if have to travel outside?
What about the ceremony?

With many more of these questions, we gave up and decided to do it in Malaysia.

For now, it is in Penang. Who knows we might change it to somewhere else nicer, unique-er if its outside of the island. Who knows. 


Even before we got engaged, we have been doing everything (most if not everything) we can to get a house. Be it, a low cost and affordable housing by the Government, but obviously we have not seen anything so far. No house for us. We have a plan in mind, so when it's finalized then only will share la okay?


Glad this one is settled because that's probably the first most important thing. This took us quite a while considering that all we need to decide on is a date.

I tell you something. Not that simple lah okay. The date that I want, he doesn't want. The date he wants, I don't want. The funny thing is as long as one disagrees on whatever reason, the date is out of the picture. No need to say long long. Heh. 

The few dates that came out were:

20 January - The day we started as a couple. It's not possible to do it in 2016 because that means we only have a few months left. Madness. The only choice is 2017. Nope. This uterus will not stay young forever, so nope. Not 2017.

29 September - This one super cheesy style okay and yes I came up with the idea eh. His birthday is 19/7 and mine 10/2. Since marriage = union, our birth-dates should be merge/added. Hence, ta-dahhh. Heh. His immediate response was, "NOPE"

20 September - This one was simple. He proposed on this date. That was all it takes for both of us to agree on a date. BUT IT'S A TUESDAY AND NOT A HOLIDAY! MACAM MANA NI? In the end, we decided that our legal date and wedding breakfast/lunch/dinner shall be on another date. Jeng jeng jeng. 

So yes, we are legally getting married on the 20th September 2016, if you would like to know :) As for the wedding ceremony and stuff, it will posted soon enough :)


I wish. Mut probably almost had a heart attack when he heard this. Although it's a question, it's actually a statement that needs him to just nod his head. Heh. 

This is a major topic. Where do we draw the line? What is considered too expensive? All these questions, not discussed yet. Not in details at least. 


I opted for western, and he opted for eastern. 

5 course western meal vs 8 course chinese meal.

Must know what guests eat vs come means eat everything correct d.

Eastern wins, obviously.


This one will probably be the most challenging. If not most, then it will top second. We have yet to have a fix amount of tables because we really don't know. 

Mut has already started listing down names of invitees so he roughly knows how many he wants. For me, nothing started yet. 

List all the names then only decide OR decide how many tables first then do the listing.

That is the question now. Can do listing without budget okay? 


Least of our worries at this moment. Parents have got some ideas already tho.


My sister was the one who brought up the question and she was also the one who sent us many photos of Maldives-lookalike. Look who's more excited now. We did not talk about going to Maldives or anywhere actually. 

Hello, I work in one of Malaysia's Top Travel Agency, with more than 200 corporate profiles. I'm not very worried about this topic. Mut probably will be because of budget. Heh.


Actually, this question has not really been finalized. I cannot. I really want to have it in Thailand. That would be my dream wedding already! Wahhh, why everything has to be so expensive now! Susah ni.

I refused to close this chapter because we still haven't decide on the wedding location right? Heh. Okay, this remains open first. 


Girl gets a diamond ring and a wedding band. Nice to be a girl hah. A month ago, I have sent in my engagement ring to get it downsized because too loose on the ring finger. We went back few weeks later to check if it was done but no, so we stayed in the shop a while and started looking at wedding bands.

No, I'm not talking about music band kind of band okay. Wedding ring is another term you can use I guess. 

We look-see-look-see and left the shop with this question in our heads. 85% leaning towards rose gold because the boy likes. 


Yes, this is the real wedding band that makes beautiful noise that we're talking about. Mut recently went to a friend's wedding and fell in love with the band that was playing. So, most likely we will be using that but bear in mind, we don't know how much all these things cost yet okay. Dream big now nia. Heh.

So, that's pretty much it on what we have talked about for a month and a week. Quite a lot actually. Oh myyy. Please don't be a groom-zilla and bride-zilla, Adrian Koay and Sarah Khoo! Not that please. Stay tuned errrbody for more. 


17 October 2015

Will You Marry Me : His Side (Part I)

Everyone, let's all stand up (okay, not literally!) and applause please, for the boy has stepped into the blogging world on the personal side. That also not very voluntarily. Heh. 

Please read many many times because he wrote all of this by himself, and since he left college, it's been real pain to get him to write an essay longer than a paragraph. So please please appreciate this post. Hah. 

If you did not already know, I posted up on my side about the entire proposal, which is obviously not going to be as detailed as his. I hope he will not leave out any details because I would like to re-read them whenever I want to here. For sure he's not going to tell me the same story three times or more or whenever I want to hear right. Heh.

Click here if you would like to read on my part too! (YOU BETTER CLICK AND GO READ ALSO OKAY!)

Over to you now, Mut. 

Adrian Koay signing in..

So, I have decided to "ring" her. Not the phone call ring but the proposal ring. After a long time of surveying on which ring to buy with her from one shopping mall to another, I realized that her taste on ring is a bit weird. Good thing is that I always tell her that I can only afford to get her a RM300 worth of a ring and she was always OK with it! How blessed I am!

Of course, every time Sarah and I went to see the ring, we didn’t buy. Tengok jer. Nevertheless, I planned with Rachel secretly to get the ring because I thought Rachel’s taste will be a lot better? Hehehe! 

It was on the weekend when Sarah had to work at the MITM Fair or something, Rachel the tester, Kah Wei the diamond pro, aneh Nehemiah, princess Sha Lynn and I, went to hunt for THE ring for this lady. Had dinner with them at Queensbay Food Market before starting to hunt for the ring. 

We went to many many of the jewelry shops from one end to another, and finally we found the one! My type of ring and Rachel liked it too! The guy showed us how good the diamond is and there is even a very tiny code on the diamond itself! 

After buying, the problem is who was going to keep it? Rachel or myself? As you know, Sarah Khoo suspects a lot. Simple things also can suspect.  At the end, we've decided that I will keep it somewhere in the mountain top far far away, two feet underground.  Yes, I kept it in my room. Somewhere =)

Told Jack and Andrew that I was planning to propose during the trip. Two quite different reactions actually. 

Jack was like “Serious ah??” during supper after training and Andrew kinda predicted it when I jio-ed him out for sushi! 

Told both of them that die die also have to keep it as a secret even from their gfs, Carmen and Beverly.  You know, to reduce the risk of “pua kang tao”.

Also, I invited Sarah’s family for lunch one weekday when she was away in KL for training. It was a good lunch and I told them about the plan to propose to Sarah but I didn’t tell them when. Rachel suggested that I propose to Sarah during her house warming. 

I was like… “No way!” 

Where got people propose during other people’s house warming one. At least she offered lah.

To be continued.. 

To SARAH KHOO: Massage dulu ya.

Adrian Koay signing out..

08 October 2015

Will You Marry Me? : Her Side.

Oh yes everyone, I am now promoted to another status. No longer in a relationship according to Facebook, but is now engaged with my best friend. *smiles widely*

I thought that it will be fun to know from both sides in regards to this engagement thing. I will share first since he's going to take forever to write it out, and please please appreciate his post more because the deal for him to tell all  the details is for me to give him a massage. ONE HOUR MASSAGE. If you don't know, one hour of massage is super long when you are the person massaging, not if you're the one being massaged.

So, please do read many many times because it comes with a price. Heh. 

I can't say entirely that I did not see it coming because we did talked about getting married and stuff so I kinda know that it will happen, but it didn't occur to me that it was going to be this year! If you remember not too long ago, I blogged about The Perfect Proposal Ring, where I share about the openness we both have when it comes to getting that 'perfect ring'. 

I never knew that he had already bought the ring in July because in August and September, actually right up to days before our backpack trip begins, he was still bringing me to shops to look for rings. Sneakily showing me different designs of diamond rings to see which one I would prefer more when all this while, he had already gotten the perfect rock. Hah. Sneaky ah Muthu.

Many people asked me if I had any suspicion that he would pop the question during this backpack trip, and honestly, the answer is no. 

120% no. 

It had NEVER occur to me that there is any chance at all that he would be proposing during this trip, well since I thought he still hasn't buy the ring and we have friends travelling together and my ring is still probably lying around in one of the shops at Queensbay Mall. Mainly because of the ring.

And probably because he also 'accidentally' showed me a Whatsapp message to a very good friend of his, saying things like 'he would most likely only propose next year'. So, okay lah. 

Now that I'm writing down this, I realized what a sneaky boy he is. Dropping these kind of hints so that I do not suspect anything. He's good. 

So, I was ready to face the question at the end of the year to next year. NOT IN SEPTEMBER! AND DEFINITELY NOT WHEN WE ARE TRAVELLING!

Some people said to me, "For sure you suspect or expect a little bit since it's all girls' dream to get proposal during travels.."

Errr. Not for this case. Seriously not for this case. I don't know why it never crossed my mind that he MAY ask during the trip. I think its best to say that if he had not shown me all that sneaky hints, I probably would have suspected big time. So, he did really good in covering up I have to admit.

I used to tell him to plan the proposal with my sisters because if he did it on his own, I probably would be able to predict when he was gonna ask. Heh. Wrong me. SNEAKY!

Ohh and I think maybe also because he purposely asked me to pack his bags with him to maybe like show me that there is no ring in there! Hah. Not that I was aware of it, because I really thought he was only gonna get it end of the year. Wahhh, feel so cheated wei. HAHAHA! Luckily I never choose a ring that I like, if not he sure sad that he got the different design for me. To be honest, at every visit we did to the ring shop, I never found any that I like and it's most likely because I'm not a diamond ring kind-of person (well, I am now! Heh). 

So, when he finally gave me the ring, it was instant love. I have never seen such ring before. Okay, I will share on the ring on next post. 

Anyways, we were travelling to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat is one of the must-visit but it costs 20USD per person. We thought it was quite pricey but in the end, we went for it because hello, we went all the way to Siem Reap already okay. 

It was quite funny because when we walked into Angkor Wat, there were hundreds of tourist flooding the front of the lake, waiting for the sun to rise, while the rest of us just roamed around the ruins and thinking to ourselves if we should ave joined the majority. Heh. We did. 

I shall not give the details (or show the video) because he wants to keep them for the wedding day. Even photos also I'm not allowed to share okay. So the very sad punya case. Our parents also hasn't got the chance to watch the proposal video. 

Maybe I can just say that when my name was called a few times, I didn't smell anything fishy and that turn-behind moment was really a crazy one. I looked at Andrew, Beverly, Jack and Carmen to confirm if this was really happening. They all stood there, along with the hundreds of tourists (some obviously have no reason to care about the proposal since the sunrise was too beautiful to not look at) with their phones and cameras at us. It was insane. 

I turned and my life, changed.

There he was, right in front of me but shorter than me because well, he was already on his knees.

I looked at Adrian and realized that my smile became so permanent on my face that no matter what I do, my face is still smiling. It was the craziest most shocking moment of life. I was so shocked that my whole body was shaking, according to Koay when he was holding me. 

It was insane. 

Will you marry me?

Me: Yeah!

HAHAHA! I know right., WHO SAYS YEAH TO THIS KIND OF QUESTION WEI?! It's like the most common sense answer to the question that changes your life and I said, "Yeah!" instead of "Yes!"

Girls, if I may share this with you is that no matter how ready you are to face a wedding proposal, you really cannot control the words you say when you are at your most vulnerable-out-of-your-control-situation. You just can't. No time to think eh. 

He did not hear my "Yeah!", so we kinda stood/kneel there not knowing what to do next. Hah.

Me: Should I wear the ring?
Him: Yeah!
Me: You must wear for me I thought?
Him: Oh isit? 

He stood up, took the ring and before he put it on my ring finger, he said,

You must say yes first!


Turns out, he actually did not hear the first part of "Yeah!" to his question so after that I said three times of "Yes!"

And we're happily engaged! 

Then, the crowd cheered a little bit, and we both couldn't stop smiling since then. As much as I want to show it to you guys, I just gotta tahan now and show you all laterrrr. 

I felt so shy at that time because I really thought that he was only going to propose in a very private environment, probably only the two of us or with some close friends and family. THIS WAS WITH HUNDREDS OF TOURIST FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

So yes, I was super shy. So not me please and my emotions at that time was not controlled by me obviously. 

Thank you guys for your well wishes and your congratulations' notes to the both of us. We are very blessed to be surrounded by you all :) 

Stay tuned for his side of the story, he sneaky sneaky boy. 
No longer calls him the boyfriend can. 

05 October 2015

Koay's Love Language #10.

*we went fishing at Pulau Betong on Saturday when he suddenly realized something*
Him: Babe! Why you bring such an expensive bag to the beach?
Me: *being super defensive because he asked that question* This bag where got expensive! It's the two piece for RM200 only wor.
Him: Whatt? That's expensive lah!
Me: *ignores him for a while since got other people around*

*later when on our way home in the car*
Me: Haiz. So sad lah. Just now my fiance scolded me! *drama a bit*
Him: *obviously shocked* WHAT! I where got scold you. 
Me: Just now the way you question me and my bags lah. Haiz. *still drama-ing*
Him: Aww baby. I wasn't scolding you lah. I thought it's a very expensive bag ma.
Me: I where can afford to buy branded bags now. *day-dreaming about my desired Coach handbag*
Him: When I can afford, I will buy for you okay? I will buy branded bags for you. Any brand you want. LV okay?
Me: Hurhhh? Did I hear correctly ahh? LV? 
Him: Yeah, I will buy for you okay.
Me: *looking at him so suspiciously* Oh! You mean made in Bangkok one ahh! HAHA!
Him: No no no. I mean the really branded one lah, the one that you have always wanted. next time I sure buy for you.
Me: *speechless literally*

If this is what being engaged does to him, I cannot wait till when we get married! Hah.