28 November 2021

Outdoor Steamboat at Cheang Kee Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah!

Do you love eating steamboats and do you love dining outdoor?

If your answer is yes and yes, you need to dine at this Cheang Kee Restaurant! They used to be at Chulia Street, but they decided to move to this new place due to a high rental fee. I have not tried them when they were in Chulia Street so it was our first time trying them. 

My cousin found this place when she saw her friend's IG and we immediately booked for our staycation weekend. 

They are not fully done with the outdoor dining so it's best to go in the early evening when it is still bright and dry. We were there at 6pm and it was perfect, but sadly it started to rain so we had to move the tables indoors. 

Here is the menu that they sent us through WhatsApp a week prior to our dinner week, and we pre-ordered our meals. They have ala cartes and mini steamboat sets. 

I do think that it is better to make a reservation before heading there, as they may not have the outdoor settings for you, so yeah - call first. 

Their number: 017-411 5177
Their address: 551-L, Jalan Wee Hein Tze, 11200 Tanjung Bungah. 

They have different types of soup, but their top 2 best selling ones are the Premium Chicken Soup and Shaoxing Wine Chicken Soup. We ordered the Shaoxing one, and it was truly, so good! 

I thought that the price was quite expensive. My fish set of personal steamboat was RM32.90 with just 5 thin slices of fillets. What shocked us most was paying RM10.90 for a small glass of orange juice. Hah. 

But overall, I love the soup and the environment so I will go back again. Maybe next time I will try other food on their menu. 

But yes, such a nice find :) 

Till next makan, bye now!

13 November 2021

Must Eat at Balik Pulau & It Is Not Laksa & Durian!

When people say Balik Pulau, the first few foods that come to mind are laksa and durian, and brown sugar pau. 

I always must have my lemak laksa at the Kim Seng Kopitiam, but that Saturday's spontaneous trip brought us all the way into the inner part of Balik Pulau, called Kampung Pantai Acheh. 

Yes, we have been living in Penang for like 30-years, and never have I ever been to Kampung Pantai Acheh. It is not that far from the Balik Pulau town. You can waze it and it will bring you there. 

Don't count on me to give you instructions on the directions there, because you may end up in a jungle. 

You must be like thinking about what triggered us to even know how to get into Kampung Pantai Acheh. Well, that brings us to a few years back when Covid-19 has not happened yet and Adrian and I were both enjoying our bowl of beef noodle soup along Carnavon Street when an elderly couple came and shared a table with us. 

We started talking, and before we know it, they were sharing their travel experiences with us. They lived in the mainland and would always make their way to Balik Pulau (more specifically Kampung Pantai Acheh) to eat fried oysters (oh-chien). But that was it. We didn't go and explore that part of Balik Pulau. 

Not till recently when we were there and we suddenly remembered about this local goodness! We were just looking for the fried oyster when we saw the roasted duck stall next to it and boy, they were looking fine - like finger-licking-fine. Hah. 

So, we ordered one of each and we devoured it in the car. And then we went to order some more to tapau back. 

And in the same Kopitiam, they also sell like seafood items - so we went back another time and tried all! HAHAHA.

FRIED OYSTER  (Oh Chien) - RM10
He says: Oh so good, so tasty! I like the chili sauce. 
She says: I could taste the oyster on my first bite and there wasn't any oyster in that bite. Super aromatic and need to enjoy it while it's hot. We had this in the car. It was perfect. 

He says: Best in the world!
She says: Crispy skin and tender juicy meat. So so so good! We bought it back for my grandma and she loves it so much she kept talking about it. And she is a real food critic, please. Heh. Really love this! 

This is the coffee shop where you can find the two goodies. I think if you love eating duck, you need to try this one. We are not big fan of duck meat, so we cannot really "judge" if it is really good, But as far as our tongue is, we definitely approved this duck. Hah. 

He says: Okay nia la. 
She says: Fresh mussels. Will love it more if it comes with some type of sauce. 

He says: Okay nia pun.
She says: I am not a big fan of fish head but I am a big fan of bitter gourd, so this dish is quite a win. The sauce is very yummy and old-school. 

He says: This is pretty good - fresh!
She says: Super fresh and super yummy. We love it so much we ordered it again to snack on after we finished eating everything okay. 

He says: Not as 'kau' as I thought it would be!
She says: Yummy!

He says: Not bad...
She says: If you are a fan of seafood and porridge, then this is a definite must-try! Both the fish fillets and prawns - fresh kau kau.

Their stalls are right next to each other, facing the road. I don't think you will miss them as you reach Kampung Pantai Acheh. We didn't explore anymore after eating all these! 

Was it worth the drive to go further into Balik Pulau? 


The duck stall is open only on the weekends (12pm-7pm) but the rest I think should be open on Thursday onwards - and all these stalls are in this LP Hoe Kopitiam okay! 

Go try them and let us know what you think okay! 

Till next makan, bye now!