27 May 2013

3D2N Mad City.

Eight adults and two kids make their way down to KL and avoided all jams on highways. When we were on our way to the mad city, the jam was so bad on the opposite direction, heading towards the island. Same thing when we were heading back to the island yesterday, all the cars jammed up on the lane back to KL. Yay to us! :)

Anyways, we did not do any shopping as we've already have plans for Sunway Lagoon and also did some visiting to relatives. Feels like CNY for sure.

Not gonna talk so much on it. Just gonna post photos in random orders :)

26 May 2013


So, we are hanging out with our crazy friends and since I have my laptop with me, might as well just blog. So many days didn't update anything alreadyyy! But don't know how to title this post, 

Me: Babe, give me a ONE WORD that is totally random now. 
Koay: *confused*
Me: *explains again with the same word*
Koay: *looks at me* Hi?
Me: Your one random word is HI?
Koay: Yeah? *still a bit confused*

Thus, the title. 

Here's to NO Monday blues tomorrow. Holiday post coming up in less than 24 hours! :) STAY TUNED HOMO-SAPIENS!

24 May 2013

Good Thirty Minutes.

This morning get to spend a good half an hour with her. She was so active and awake, which is so rare because all she does now is sleep and drink milk. Haha. Love her to bits la. Not gonna be able to see her for the next three days. Gone case. Sure miss her like mad. I purposely woke up earlier this morning to play with her, just before I hit the road :)

Salaku LOVES YOU Sha Lynn!

23 May 2013

Thankful Thursday.

So, this week I only work on Monday and the rest of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I'm on medical leave. And tomorrow, holiday. 

It's been quite a while ever since I have so many days of MC and it's not that fun though I know a lot of people will say that "Wah, no need wake up early!" and stuff like that. The thing is I still wake up at the usual time which is 8 every morning! But I still get myself back to the bed as the two eyes need as much rest as it can get. Even blogging and playing Tetris Battle makes it quite painful after a while. Sad heh. But IT IS getting better. Slowly but surely! :)

Not to mention that during these few days, I've lost weight too. No appetite and therefore, didn't eat that much. Even Koay realized that my tummy also smaller d. Hah. Speaking of him, few days ago when I had this eye thing and haven't seen the doc yet, I told him, "Can you just come kiss my eye to make me feel better ah?" and kissed my eyelid he did. Then, when I went to the doctor's, he said that the infection can only be passed through contact and not by just seeing me etc. So, I told Koay and he immediately freaked out. So funnyyy! I quickly prayed for God's protection over him. Phew.. :)

It's sixteen more hours till we hit the mad city again. This time, with his whole entire family :) I've gotta say I'm very excited to be spending the weekend with him and his family, doing fun stuff like going to the zoo and hitting Sunway Lagoon. Can you believe if I told you that I have NEVER been to Sunway Lagoon before? Yeah.. NEVER. Now, it's never too late to go there :) Two eyes of mine, you better be goods.

After this KL trip, it'll be Thailand. Only one day of rest in between. Speaking of that, I haven't even pack for any of these two trips. 

Okay, time to rest my eyes for a while now. 

Have a blessed Thursday, ya'll.

22 May 2013

Nehemiah 8:10

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

(because # is just way too mainstream.)

21 May 2013

12 Years Relationship.

So, I went to the Shaik's Eye Specialist this morning to FINALLY get my already-swollen-for-4-days-left-eye checked. 

I didn't think that the nurse and the doctor would remember me but they did. The last time I was there was in 2009 for a minor eye surgery and ever since then, my eyes have been so good until today.

They even remembered both my parents. 

After he looked at my eye and scribble some notes on the records, I took it up and looked to the front page. Guess what shocks me?

The fact that my very first visit to this place was 12 years ago. 12 YEARS AGO!! That's like when I was 13 years old. And that was my first minor eye surgery. Can't remember which eye was cut first. And then throughout the years, I had like total of 7 minor surgeries accumulated on both eyes (I think the left eye has gone through more times under the knife than the eye). Not only that, my last visit before this one was dated back in 2009. Crazy man. Crazy to think that this is one place that I often go last time, like it's my "favorite"place to be. Hah. Well, when I have some annoying eye condition, it is definitely my number one place in priority. Go there sure heal eh. And heal very fast sumore :)

Hoping that this infection will heal by Thursday. Wouldn't want to be looking/feeling like this for his family trip this Friday. 

And, I have got two days of medical leave. Yay to a lot of sleep and rest and spending time a home with baby girl. 

On another note, there is absolutely no appetite now. i just drowned my bowl of rice with mom's homemade corn/wintermelon soup. I need/want my appetite back for tonight's dinner date. It's Japanese fine dine tonight yo. Actually I don't know if it's fine dine or not. I think it's not la. Though the menu is quite fancy. And we won't like spend money on fine dining because it's just not our style. Let's hope groupon/livingsocial/mydeals (can't remember where we got it from) doesn't disappoint us. 

Terrific Tuesday to you all :)

20 May 2013

Sha Lynn Turns One Month Old.

Love family dinners and love each one of them :)

19 May 2013

Swollen Sat/Sun.

A weekend with one swollen left eye is no fun at all. It's a struggle to keep the eye open most of the time, but still gotta open the eye what rightt. Hah. And after every few minutes, my vision will be blurred with some watery-pus-thingy. Because I wiped it so often, the skin that surrounds my eye hurts so bad. Appreciate it if you guys could keep me in your prayer :)

Anyways, aside from that, it has been quite a nice Saturday and Sunday (although I woke up at 6am today necause of really bad womb-cramp). It's not like those that I did a lot and stuff like that. It's more of a week where I really rested and spent some nice romantic/playful time with Koay. He bought goldmedalribbon for me just now because I was kinda like craving for it. Heh :)

And now, I'm skipping captain ball because I need to rest again before Sha Lynn's one complete month's dinner tonight. I do really miss playing captain ball, like a lot. 

So now I shall go sleep while waiting for Koay to come home from his futsal session with my brother in law's brother in law :)

Have a great Sunday, ya'll! :)

17 May 2013

14 May 2013

Sepuluh Hari.

.....to ADVENTURE.....

13 May 2013

13 Truths and 5 Lies.

Koay just told me that cockroaches are attracted to sweet things, like honey and banana.

I have a container of uncaramellized popcorn on my table.

And a box of Petron tissue.

I once fell asleep as I was driving along North-South Highway.

S02E04 The Vampire Diaries.

I'm allergic to white tomyam soup.

Got upset and scolded Koay last night over the phone for something he didn't do. Poor boy.

I still have Plants Vs Zombies in my laptop.

I am currently obsessed with Haagen Daaz ice cream.

Mother's Day this year became Grandmother's Day for us.

Sha Lynn is gonna be one month old very soon.

Currently servicing 75 corporates.

I just got rid of my S2.

It's too difficult for us both to keep on a strict healthy diet. Almost impossible.

Elena Gilbert/Katherine Petrova is so beautiful.

Loves buying electrical items.

I hate fishing.

Chewing on my chocolate chip chewy bar now.

10 May 2013

Before and Slightly After.

Just last night I was thinking back on the very reason why I've always wanted to wear braces. I mean, duhh. It's obviously because I feel/know that I don't have a nice straight set of teeth. And one of the very first things that attract my attention towards people/guys is their teeth and lips. I don't know, it sounds crazy but I love looking at guys/girls who wear braces! No kidding. So, of course, I myself want to make sure I am happy with mine, right?

I've always wanted to wear them years ago but I didn't want to do it with my parents' money, so I saved my own moolahs and finally did it. Though in the end, my dad decided to sponsor half of it. Sweet hah?

The process of it till the day they actually put the metals on my tooth one by one was quite a pain. I had to get two healthy teeth removed. that was not the painful part. The waiting time between after two teeth extracted until spending that two hours on the very slanted chair. Now that is a real pain. Glad it's over. The waiting part. No patience girl, me :)

Anyways, I looked back at some photos. Photos that made me so thankful that I did them. Did them braces. So many people told me before that it's fine and it looks good like Koay and my parents and two sisters.

Before we started dating, Koay said, "Babe, your teeth are very nice d. I never noticed that it's not straight also!"
After we started and braces were put on, he looked at me and said. "Wah! Seriously, got a lot of difference wei.."

Things that this boy will say to make you feel better. And then joked about it. He definitely has a very unique way to tell me the truth without hurting this girl :)

So anyway, I just feel like I wanna upload some photos to show you how these teeth have gradually changed over the one year since I started to eat less and suffer in pain. Worth suffering though :)

I do not remember dates very well so yeah. These photos are in order leading to today. Or wait. a few days ago. From having vampire-ish/zombie-ish ugly teeth to having quite a straight one already. I said vampire/zombie because I have been very caught up with this kind of TV series. First, The Walking Dead and now, The Vampire Diaries (which I can't believe that I'm starting to love it). Well, hot guys and drop-dead gorgeous ladies, why not?

Coming back to this. I can't believe my teeth were so UGLY! After months into wearing those metals, the "vampire-ish" teeth that I had become more obvious because they had to pull it down in order to pull back to be aligned with other teeth. So yeah... I would say the ugliest moment for me personally (to appear in photos) is the time when we went to Perhentian Island with a bunch of amazing friends! Perhentian Island is so nice that I don't mind going there again! And this time, for sure I'll snap away and be vain like no one's business! Muahaha.

Now, time to feast your eyes upon the transformation over the one amazing year.

Chapter 327: Braces.

09 May 2013

Ephesians Chapter 2 Verses Seven To Ten.

Now God has us where he wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in Christ Jesus.

Saving is all his idea, and all his work.

All we do is TRUST HIM ENOUGH to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish!

We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves.

God does BOTH the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.

08 May 2013

Job Number Two.

And yes, I have finally announced the second job of which I posted up in Facebook last week. I know, you must be like, it's not a big deal and stuff. A few people actually asked and I kinda refused to tell and make them wait? Why did I do that I also don't know.. Just for the fun I think. You can see it in my Instagram on my sidebar. Follow me there if you want to :)

So yeah, started my nanny-job last night. Went home early after date night with Koay and slept next to both of them. Woke up a few times to feed her and burp her. I've gotta admit that it was tiring as I still need to go work the next day. But it is very rewarding.

Sha Lynn is such a smiley. She smiled so many times when I burped her. Ahhh the cuteness melts. As long as she's well fed with mommy's milk and she gets enough sleep, she's a good girl. She's a good girl MOST of the time. She only cries when she's hungry actually. Other than that, she's pretending to look at us and smile again. SMILING ALL THE TIME.

It's not gonna be like I sleep with them everyday because I still need to save my energy to drive around the island for work. So, it's alternate kinda thing. That way, I can still have date nights and hangout nights with people :)

I am so thankful for this God-given-blessing right here :)

07 May 2013

Cuteness Times Eighteen.















17. RITA MILJO, a great woman who saved thousands of baboons and reintroduced them into the wild until her death in July 2012.


Last one is my favorite. How cute is that turtle. That makes me wanting to get a turtle/tortoise. Hmm..