13 June 2019

Random Things - Again.

Overspent in May, so have to budget-budget all in June.

Alex is starting to show so much of emotions and we just cannot handle the cuteness. 

Adrian is going back to the busy-floorball-training-routines this year because of Sea Games.Too bad I would be too pregnant to travel to Philippines to watch them play. 

Six months have passed since I started working with HTT - loving it. 

Current cravings: fruits, deep-fried goodies and nasi ayam. 

I am not looking forward to doing that pregnancy-diabetes test, at all. 

Daryl is starting to talk - a lot and we love it! We can now have proper conversations with full sentences although sometimes still need to decode what he tries to say. 

We actually really need to clear the third room to convert it to Alex's room (before baby number two comes) but we have been putting a pause on it for way too long. Help. Too many things to get rid of.

Recently, I re-watched Vampire Diaries and now I am already at Season 3 - #teamdamonalways

Alex now understands when I do my stern 'Ah' and 'No' - his reaction is always stop to read my stern face and then burst out crying for 3-seconds. Usually after few times on the same thing, he will stop doing it. For example, he had always wanted to stand on our bed-board-head-area and pull the photos on the frame. So, after few times of 'disciplining' him, he stopped. Adrian tested him one day but he wouldn't even put his hands near the frame now. #proudmamymoment

Four months ago, I purchased a business card reader on App Store and now regretting it #saynotocompulsiveshopping 

I still have Australia and Europe holidays to blog about #procrastinationatitspeak

This pregnancy is making me eat more food more times in a day. I get hungry 4-hours after having like a complete meal. Confirm baby girl hah. 

Yes, we already have names for both boy and girl. No idea which one yet because still in early second trimester. 

I wonder when Alex will start walking. 

The whole family goes to bed by 9PM usually when we don't go out - the parents usually just netflix - and chill. Kidding. Heh. 

It's been 2-weeks since the flu bug attacked Alex, and now Daryl and Sha Lynn having them too. There is absolutely no way that when one of the three falls sick, the other two will not fall sick. Confirm all three sick together wan. 

I am quite determined to try breastfeeding our second born for at least 6-months. I try. 

Funny how I feel excited whenever I need to work at a travel fair - especially if discounts are really attractive.

We already have names for both girl and boy but we have not found out about the gender - next doctor's visit should be able to know d I think.

I'm in the mood of planning for a quick getaway with my two boys during our anniversary season. Got destination also already hah. Adrian is gonna be like zzz. We shall call it babymoon part 2 since I had a horrible one in Perth. Heh.

I am starting to be annoyed with all the brown sugar boba marketing everywhere - even Family Mart's. Oh my.

Okay signing off because gotta run to the toilet to do number two - at G Hotel.