17 March 2020

My Eyelash Lift Story.

Before I go on about this experience, if you must know, I have had some other experiences before with beauty related things because seriously, every girl wants to look good (so does every boy nowadays) and feel good so if it is affordable and not dangerous - why not.

Anyways, here are some of the other stories if you may be interested to read up. 

I never knew how long short my eyelashes were until I decided to try lifting them. Heh. This is how it goes actually. 

I was scrolling through Fave for cheap-cheap full body massages because my back is starting to ache again and the last time I went for a full body massage, the ache disappeared. But obviously I got sidetracked because I ended up with a Keratin Lash Lift voucher, instead of massage related voucher. 

By the way, Fave can be so addictive. It's like before you know it, you have so many vouchers bought and stored. Heh. 

There is one thing I always do first before I purchase in Fave, and that is I will call up to the shop and make appointment first because my time is very limited (with a job and two kids whatsoever) so if they can cater me with my date/time slot, then I will go ahead and purchase. If not, then - it's onto the next potential voucher. Hah. 

If you have read on my experience with eyelash extension, you will know that I am really not a big fan of it. It's expensive and real lashes drop alongside with the fake ones. But I wanted to achieve the same outcome that eyelash extensions give so I thought, "Hey! Let's try Lash Lift!"

So appointment made on my first annual leave of the year and I was truly excited. Come and think about it, I should have combo it with their RM58 (first trial) facial massage. 

The whole process took about one and half hours and no, there is no pain at all - unless your pain tolerance is close to zero. Heh. Seriously no pain wan la this lash lifting procedure. 

And yes, you will have to close your eyes the entire time. And yes, I fell asleep a few times. That was how smooth it went. Vivian, the beautician was really good and caring. 

After Vivian greeted me and we talked for a little bit (before the start of lifting them lashes), she already said this, "Hmm, your lashes very short so may not see very obvious.."

In my head, I was in denial kuat-kuat. 

Inside me, I was talking to self - Wait till if's lifted then you will see how long it actually is. 

I truly felt and thought that the lash lift will reveal the truth of how long my lashes actually are. Joker me I know. I think I will call it positive thinking okay please. 

Then, when it was done, I told her to help me take photo. 


What are those?

Baby eyelashes is it?

Truly she was right - my eyelashes damn short and non-existent.

Of course she went on and introduced and suggested me to use eyelash serum to let it grow longer. Since I haven't done enough research and read on eyelash serum, I did not impulse buy. 

She was very honest when she said that there is actually no point for me to do this eyelash lift treatment again if my eyelashes doesn't grow because really waste money. Needless to say, I trust her la of course. Now no budget to buy eyelash serum all - unless you guys have tried and confirmed that it works. Then I will buy. Heh. 

So, I guess that is all for my eyelash lift story because it's so short there is nothing else to say.

I spent more time in the shop (Des Aesthetic Salon at Prima Tanjung) and asked her on eyebrow embroidery procedures because I really want to get it done. 

You know how it is very normal for mothers who have just given birth to lose hair? Well, it's the same for me except the hair that I lose is not for my head, they are from my eyebrows. It's just so weird. I used to never need to draw them eyebrows wan but ever since I gave birth to Alex (and now Sofia), my eyebrows are slowly disappearing from my face it's not even funny. 

Every morning, I had to like wake up earlier because it takes so long for me to draw my eyebrows and some more it is never consistent wan. So stressful with this. Hah. 

But I wanted a procedure where I don't have to leave the salon looking like a fool (heh) - with a very darkened eyebrows and takes days for it to fade la and all. I wanted an immediate natural looking eyebrows where I can actually like go shopping right after the treatment. 

And from the photos that Vivian showed me, I was impressed and ready to go for it. The price also much cheaper than others that I have asked and researched on - RM650 - can last up to 2 years. 


Because of breastfeeding - highly not recommended. 

This story to be continued when breastfeeding journey ends. 

Oh wells. 

Till next time, bye now.