Fun Facts

My favourite meat to eat is pork.
 Adrian proposed in 2015 at Angkor Wat during our first backpacking trip with friends.
⇝ I am closer to my maternal side's family.
⇝ Ice-water > warm water
⇝ Adrian and I met through Floorball (sort of).
⇝ We have a food-blog called, Whattwoeathere.
⇝ No to fruits, except mango and durian.
⇝ I prefer Starbucks over Coffee Beans.
⇝ Won third place in a story-telling competition at age 9.
⇝ Blackberry first, then Apple.
⇝ I am my parents' favourite child now.
⇝ I super hate eating raw taugeh.
⇝ My husband is 2-years younger than me (but he looks older).
⇝ I love ironing but hates doing laundry.
⇝ I can be (quite) a bossy person.
⇝ Dark chocolate > milk chocolate.
⇝ There is a 13-cm long scar across my belly (vertically) due to perforated appendicitis.
⇝ I failed History in my STPM (it was my favourite subject so I don't get it too).
⇝ Red is my favourite colour. It used to be green.
⇝ I have two dimples on my cheeks.
⇝ I wore braces before.
⇝ I have 3-tangled knots in my lungs (no ongoing issues) - should be completely disappeared I think. 
⇝ 2-years younger than Rachel and 7-years older than Vanessa.
⇝ I love, love to travel.
⇝ Dress > pants
⇝ Nickname: Kutu because of surname Khoo and second child. Get it?
⇝ Successfully finished an 8-hours'-hike at Gunung Irau shoeless.
⇝ South Africa is my travel-dream-come-true.
⇝ I have a deep desire to collect unique unused plasters.
⇝ My dream cars are Honda Jazz and Hummer.
⇝ Alex was birthed via a caesarean procedure and Sofia, via my cha-cha with no epidural.
⇝ I can be very random.