27 November 2018

I'm Coming Back.

Why my blog macam so dead ki?

Oh mannn.

Time to spend more time in here.

Alex is finally 6-months old and have reached that 'right' age where we should start feeding him puree and human food. Heh. We actually fed him once about a week ago and everything got so messy.

So messy that we decided to postpone his eating solids milestone a little longer hah.

Or at least we will wait until he can sit up on his own. We shall see when that is gonna happen. ot gonna rush these things since he is only gonna be a baby for such a short time nia.

Before we know it, he is gonna run everywhere and giving all the 'why' questions. So, for now we shall enjoy his baby moments.

My last day at FGA Centre is this Friday and I have the whole month of December of mommy-duty so more time for me to blog, and print photos to flood my house (and mom and grandma's house).

Till then.

19 November 2018

Malaysia's Public Holidays in 2019!

You are all welcome! :)