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09 April 2014

Michael Alexander Siow.

Michael Alexander Siow.
Second son of Sarah Khor and Howard Siow. 
Five months old. 

So, Lachlan was in hospital for few days already due to some throat infection and mommy siow have got to make a quick run to the hospital to drop off a few things.

So, I left work earlier and Koay fetched me to her place. We played, laughed and talked to Michael for about one and half hours.

All we did was just let him lie down on his baby-rocking-chair/bed thing and he would crack a smile everytime we calls his name or when we do ugly silly faces to him. 

He's such an easy baby. So handsome.

At one point, we stopped playing with him and watched Knife Fight on Astro. He started baby-talking while watching the TV as well. Wahhh, extreme cuteness I tell you! 

After talking a while, he got tired so he started biting his toys and eyes still focused on TV. 

I bet he's going to be a major food lover when he grows older.

Whole day's stress at work gone. Just because someone looked at me and kept smiling.

Unbelievable what a smile can do to people. 

Keep smiling everyone. Keep smiling :)

It's Wednesday already, guys. More reason to smile bigger and laugh louder. 

06 November 2013

My Public-Holiday Tuesday.

Let's start from the night before since Monday night was the start of the holiday mode. 

Barbeque by the beach was happening at around 6.30pm and after setting up almost everything and finally get some stuff cooking, it started to pour like no one's business. Run for our lives to a landed property/home-schooled house. We ended up cooking all the raw stuff with oven and gas. Stir fry, deep fry, grill, baked. You named it. We prolly did it. 

It's times like these that makes people remember of the night, although I would still prefer if we could have spent the entire night by the salt water. Oh wellz. 

So, Monday night was pretty fun, wet, messy and filled with lots of laughter.


Woke up near lunch time. BOY THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD!

We helped our friends from KDU College to do some "Need or Need Not" video. Let me tell you something. Acting is not tough. Acting is VERYYYY tough! I don't know how the pros do it but for me, it sure felt like torture to turn myself into another mode, which in this case was an angry annoyed mom shouting at her daughter for being annoyingly noisy and stuff. Yeah, scolding loudly in the public. Hence, the video's theme, "Need or Need Not"

After that, we went all touristy to The History Museum. Photos are all in random orders. Then, went for some coffee chocolate iced cube milk and japonaise cake. Got back home and managed to close our eyes for a good 30 minutes, then off we went to the other side of the island for dinner! Last minute movie since we don't know what else to do in the mall.

Such a long drive home and got so tired that I almost didn't want to bathe before I jumped onto my bed. Of course I bathed in the end! 

Waking up this morning was err..

Oh well, few more days to the weekend again. Still got 2 days before this person re-adjust the working mode :)


04 November 2013

Painful Massage.

Oh what a weekend it has been.

The highlight of this one would be the trip to Rejeune with my sister on Saturday. I actually had to forgo a training in church because she had to bring someone and this isn't like any normal massage.

It's called Deep Meridian Full Body Therapy.

Effects: Deep penetration through full body dredging of meridians to unblock blood vessels, nourishes internal organ cells, to achieve skin rejuvenation from the inside out and strengthen immune system.

This is not a relaxing-kind-of-massage where you fall asleep halfway. This is torture.

Yep, from the start till the end, i remembered being in my most intense self-defensive mode, though most of the times I tried my best to not let out any "Ouch!" or "Please go softer!"

And this massage covers EVERY part of the body. Quite comfortable right after it ended, but not one day later. Now I can still feel some soreness here and there.

Basically, it helps in smoothen out the blood flow in the body and stuff. A lot of pain everywhere just means that the blood flow in that area has been not so good hence the pain. Some people even have bruises, like my sister. No thanks for me :)

So yeah, painful weekend.

Working today was pretty tough but then tomorrow holiday again. Syiokk!

Tonight barbeque by the beach sumore. Double syiokk!


05 August 2013

Panaroma Week.

Monday blue so what?

Blogging always helps it become better.

So, this week I have been so obsessed with taking panaroma photos I have no idea why. Just some of the usual activities over the weekend every now and then. Sometimes, it feels like my weekends make me more tired than the usual working weekdays.

Oh wellz.

23 July 2013

Sabrina Is One Year Old.

Guess who got the special invitation to a lil girl's special first?

Guess who gotta wear pink?


Now, I'm guessing most of the people know that pink is not my color. Far from it actually. I hated pink all these years but it actually got better as I age. Sad news. I don't hate it as much as I did before. So yeah, for this birthday party, all the ladies are required to wear pink or at least have something pink on them. I do not have no pink top or pants. Actually I do have one, but it's too tight. If I have wore them, I would be like "walking bakchang".

When we got there, most if not everything was in pink. Pink balloons, pink cookies, pink jelly. pink sweets. pink everything. Good thing I was not too disturbed by all that color. My attention was pretty focused that evening. Babies. Lots and lots of adorable-i-want-to-bite-them-babies! First one that I carried was baby Lucas! Oh my goodness. I have never seen such a baby who smiles so easily. All I did was look at him and call his name, and a smile killed me instantly. Baby Lucas is toooooooo charming! You can see him in one of my Insta photo.

Sha Lynn was sleeping for the first half and hour, while the rest of the adults chit-chatted and kids running around playing with balloons. Oh oh and we had Thai Food for dinner! Yums. No tomyam though but still quite nice :) We left after they sang birthday song because lil girl was getting a bit restless and sleepy. That's why never get to try the Minnie Mouse's cupcakes. Pink cupcakes if you realized. Hahaha.

Photos are placed in random orders and taken from the two Tan boys. Joshua Tan and Leroy Tan and Jay (Lucas's daddy) and Damien (birthday girls's daddy).

That night was also the first night Sha Lynn sat so quietly in the car seat and enjoyed herself the whole way :) Can't wait to see her crawl, walk and talk.

04 May 2013




30 April 2013

Two Noobs Go Spa.

About a month or so ago, we decided to help Andrew make a video. A video on L.O.V.E. and death and proposal and stuff. I still remember when he first asked me through Facebook, I said no immediately and then he continued saying that he needs us because we are already a couple. So, I went to ask Koay and suprisingly he said, "OK!" without thinking deeply. Haha. I was a bit reluctant cos I do not act or want to be in video shooting stuff. I'm more like a watch-the-video-kind. Well, Koay is also like that but he mentioned to me that it would be a new adventure that we get to explore and do it together. And afterall, it's not really acting because we are really together.

So yeah.. we did the video and crossing our fingers that we would win first place or at least top three, so that we would get the spa and *coughs*MYBLACKBERRY*coughs*


There goes my hope of getting the Blackberry from Andrew. Gah..

Yeap, after all participating members submit their videos and they just gave them this.


Can you believe it? Andrew then emailed them to let them know how disappointed and they cannot do this and bla bla. They just replied, "Sorry for any inconvenience caused!" It's like WHAT? Poor Andrew. He was very into this whole shoot and spent quite a lot of moolahs in it. So, when Andrew got this spa thing, he didn't want to go so he gave it to both of us! Nah, ANDREW CHAN WEI KIN! Here's your credit! Hahaha! THANK YOUUU! :)

The voucher also hold terbalik. We were looking forward to the massage after a long working week.

Anyways, after Koay reminded me, we made an appointment on Saturday noon and I went googling to see what was included in this package worth RM660.

Ultimate Spa Packages (2 hours)
- 45mins massage (done by two Filipino women)
- Body Scrub/ Body Mask (did not manage to see the product used)
- Jacuzzi with European Herbal Bath (I cannot believe they actually say EUROPEAN HERBAL BATH! Hello, we saw a bottle of Tesco Body Shampoo or something okay. Green color and looked like a dishwashing soap!)
- Footbath (Definitely nothing near a bath! Just put in hot water for few minutes and scrub here and there..)

We were supposed to be completely nude for the massage and jacuzzi dipping. But no thanks. So, we asked them for towels. Haha. This kind of spa is perfect for married couples. NOT US for sure! Anyways, we sat in the jacuzzi for a good 40 minutes WITH TOWELS, sipping away carbonated papaya juice (yuck much!) and talked and laughed and relaxed. The massage was okay. We went home feeling hmm.. feeling that our body was gonna ache the next day. And true enough when we woke up next day, manyak sakit.

Will we go back there for this kind of spa?
Nope. Totally not worth the money.
RM330 per person.
Take that money go Hatyai for shopping and full body massage and eat non-stop better.

And that was our Saturday noon. Quite fun experiencing new things like that together. And we love love love love LOVE their garden themed restaurant. *grins*

25 February 2013

15th Night.

Chap Goh Meh.

My first time after many many years of life. His first time too actually. I have never thrown any oranges (or rubbist etc) into the sea before so this time, having the chance to throw something into the sea IN THE OPEN seems pretty fun for me. One thing though, we didn't bring any ORANGES! Epic la I tell you. So we ended up spending RM3 for just two oranges.  
 If I actually remembered, I would have brought a lot a lot of oranges to throw non-stop. I wrote the famous John 3:16 verse onto it and Koay created a "new" profile for the boys who were gonna pick them up.

There were so many people there that if you don't hold your lover's hand/shirt/shoulder/hair, you WILL lose sight of each other. They even had a kid going up on stage to find his parents. And then of course there were free food offered, like nasi melayu (rice with a piece of potato in a dhal-like curry and a piece of sambal taukua), the ever famous mee sotong (the line to this stall is beyond madness), Bamboo buffet food and some other stuff. We lined up for a few but all got sold out very quickly. We ended up DID NOT eat anything there! *pats self*

And then we went for coffee at Behind 50 and watched one of the most amazing fireworks ever. The finale of it was just four thumbs up! And you know what made it even better?

Watching it with him while being hugged :)

24 September 2012

MRC Heritage Walk 2012.

It's so weird that I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning today and not feel sleepy at all. VERY VERY WEIRD. Called the babe but he sounds soo sleepy so didn't want to bother him and tried so hard to fall back asleep again, but it didn't happen! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?

I want my sleep. I need to sleep. I was taking my shower at 7:30am! Even mom was shocked to why I bathe so early!

Anyways, one of the things that happened this week (the busiest/most packed Saturday and Sunday, by far).

Sunday, 22 September 2012.
MRC Heritage Walk (MRC stands for Malaysian Red Crescent)

It's a lot like Star Walk, except that this one we walked around the Heritage sites in Georgetown. Knowing myself, i would never sign up for this kind of walk-walk thing. It was just one day that he told me that we're going on a heritage walk on Sunday. I was like "Are you telling me that we're part of it or you asking me to join?" He's like "No, you are already part of it. It's RM30 per pax and paid d sumore." Hahaha. To cut the story short, this is a charity event and his mom bought two tickets for us.

So, being charitable and supportive as we already are, we were at Esplanade one hour before the event starts. WE WERE SOOO SLEEPY, goodness.

Overall, it was pretty fun. I remember collapsing onto the bed when we got home. Not that it was a very long distance also. It's just Sunday and Sunday morning cannot exercise so much ehh laaa. Heh.

The 5km walk covered heritage sites such as the Yeah Kongsi (Khoo Kongsi more famous leh!) Dr Sun Yat Sen Penang Base, the Penang Islamic Museum and the Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh. The route also covers the ‘Street of Harmony’ where St George’s Church, Kuan Im Teng Temple, Sri Mahamariamman Temple and Masjid Kapitan Keling are located.

More than 60 prizes to win in the lucky draw including a Honda motorcycle, China Airlines air ticket and hotel vouchers. AND WE GOT NOTHING! Oh well, we aimed for the motorcycle so that we could sell if off and use the money to fund our trip to London! But all hopes, crushed. Heh.

very sleepy us.

the sea water, super clear.

watched the sun rise a lil.

satu manusia pun tak ada.

packed within 15 minutes.

ready to rock the heritage sites.

four 'wristbands' (it's colored hair band!!) to collect along the way to join the lucky draw.

free drinks (which is totally sucky)

kita memang boleh.

found a great spot at the field, while waiting patiently for lucky draw to start.

the numbers that were never called. pfft.

one of the performance: Oppa Gangnam Style with the rest of the crowd.

We were so tired, but we didn't want to just stay home and sleep or play games *coughs*koaynolife*coughs* so we decided to go to the mall (since I had to collect my shades also) and watched Resident Evil.

I only managed to sleep for one hour after coming back from the walk. *moodswings alert*
But he made it better when he lets me have my Thai Tomyam at Queens food market (just 15 minutes before movie begins)

And now, college has started (him back to being a disciplined nerd) and 'real work' (meeting clients on my own) will be starting soon! *woots*