30 July 2013

SAM's Scan System.

Whole family decided to go Gurney Paragon to get some stuff at Harvey Norman. Lil baby came too. I actually thought I wanted to wait till Koay is free then can go together since we both never go before. This time also I didn't really get a good look at the whole place. Only went to few places and the food court. Very pretty food court indeed.

So, we were at the Lower Ground floor and walked into Sam's Groceria. Vanessa kept asking me to walk to the counter where they have these unique scanning thing. Rachel and I at first were like lost and confused, and didn't understand what she was trying to tell us also. Anyways, we walked over to this counter at the side, where you can see quite a lot of scanner thing on the wall and a man sitting beside it behind a desk. Approached him and he patiently explained it all to us.

So right, I wrote down my details etc and the moment he saw my details or to be more precise, my email address, he said this:

Him: Your email is sarah..?
Me: Oh, it's sarahkutu@.. *smiles*
Him: *looks at me* Oh! *burst out laughing* I whole day work here, no laughing. See you make me laugh. Very good.
Me: Oh that's good. Now you are happy boy! Hahaha.
Him: *nods and smiles even more*

Ahhh. That feeling when you make a stranger happy. Even better when you know that he hasn't been smilling the whole day. Probably because he puasa too hungry. Or not. Hmmm..

Okay. so back to this thing. It's basically a scanner that allows you to scan the barcode of your items as you shop along in the premises. This will enable you to keep track on how much you are spending and if you don't want the item after you scan, you just need to re-scan the barcode and it's cancelled from your electronic device. So coool heh. And using this, we can straight use the Express Lane to pay. With all these scanning of barcodes and stuff, the amount of money you spend will be converted into points which you can then trade it as cash vouchers in the future.

Signing up for the card is now free. Soon they will charge. So, I of course signed up. WHILE IT"S STILL FREE! Hahaha. And we immediately start scanning almost every item that we see! Okay, maybe that's a lil too dramatic.

My first item that I chose to scan was FROZEN BUFFALO MEAT! I didn't even know that it was buffalo meat until I actually scanned it. WHO EATS BUFFALO!??!?! That's like so sad okayy. Or not. Since pig is cuter and pork happens to be my favorite meat. Hah.

Then, we went around holding that scanner and scan other things and then un-scanned them again. Pretty fun.

When I was younger, I always wanted to work as the cashier in supermarkets because it's like so fun scanning barcodes and take people's money and all. I think I still kinda want to have this kind of experience lo. Working at Tesco for a day or something.

We didn't have the time to walk around and buy a lot of stuff because we needed to go Harvey Norman to get a vacuum cleaner. Boy, sales in the whole store. And the vacuum cleaner that we got is so powerful and convenient. Now my mom doesn't need to bend down and vacuum. My new favorite shop to buy electrical stuff is now Harvey Norman.

I shall spend a whole day one of these days to explore Gurney Paragon at my own pace. Padini got two storeys okayy! Madness! And must try Zanmai!

That's all for now :)

29 July 2013


I have been playing floorball for almost 5 years now, I think.

It all started when we were having our monthly committee meeting at the Central Zone Hosting Room. Alex was asking around if anyone would help out in becoming one of the secretariats, and he looked at me. So, i said yes since I was kinda free in the afternoon on weekends (that time).

Then, I went to the Gateway City Church at E-Gate for my first secretariat meeting since I know nothing about floorball and things that's to do with it. So yeahh. Oh ya, that's the first time Koay noticed me (according to him) but I was just like any ordinary girl. Haha. Fair enough.

After that, I went to dalat and secretariat-ed my first floorball game. I think I was doing the timer thing. And as I was doing that, I watched the game and went to every game ever since, even when I wasn't on duty.

Of course there were many more interesting stories along the way, in the span of that five years.

After playing in the fireBRANDS team for few years, Gary decided to throw me away. Haha. Pushed me to join SWAT. SWAT is an all-girls team from both Frontliners and fireBRANDS girls. So yes. I was with SWAT (Sportswomen With An aTtitude) for the rest of the years.

We won the first All-Girls-League three years ago and then, we got second placing the year after that and this year, we got third. It has been such a journey with this team. A lot of nonsense that we go through together. It's been really fun.

And so, on Saturday when the whole Div 1 ended, I too ended this chapter: Floorball. It was just a matter of time that I will stop playing them. I don't know if its age catching up, but it's no surprise that somehow, the liking towards this sport has been dying. Kind of. Having to go for training on a weekend morning is also getting pretty burdensome, considering that saturdays are the only day that I get to sleep in.

But the last time that i'm going to play will be for the upcoming charity thing. After that, i would retire from floorball then? Retire? Hmmm.. Okay, too dramatic..

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS on the winning of Division 1 Penang Floorball League, fireBRANDS! you make me so proud! So glad that I'm a part of fireBRANDS. I am honored to be able to walk down the memory lane and proudly said that I have played amongst the men before. All boys and only me one girl. Crazy because boys will always be like 100times faster and stronger. Me, I'm like the only one that slows them down. Special thanks to Lee Kah Yoon for always letting me try out new things.

It's been amazing :)

Oh yeah. Now fireBRANDS have an all-girls team too. And no, I did not quit SWAT to join them because I just cannot do that. No one should ever do that. Be faithful to your club and that's important. And boy, the girls team of fireBRANDS is strong. Though they didn't win this time, they were definitely stronger than what I expected. Good job ladies! 

And also this year, Koay played for fireBRANDS. And it was sweet to see him celebrating it with the whole bunch.

People have been asking me about Ztec. Koay's floorball team. I guess they are at the phase of something. I don't know. And yes, koay is still part of Ztec :)

That's all for this little story of floorball. And now, I don't even have to worry about training and getting too nervous when tournament is around the corner.

Signing off now.

28 July 2013

Last Sunday of July.

Pretty packed.

seven am  Hit snooze three times. Took a quick shower. Made sure Kelly bathed. Went over next door to bring Shakulynn (shaKHOOlynn because calling her in three words is a lot easier and nicer!) over and bathed her as well. 

eight am Koay arrived and picked us up.

eight thirty am Bought a piece of bang chang koay and ordered two bowls of koay chiap, roti tisu, roti bom and nasi kandar.
nine fifteen am Rushed to Central Zone because both Mr and Mrs Sha were on duty and their Thai maid need to be on duty. Played with lil baby to make sure she doesn't fall asleep just before the worship starts.

ten am Held baby till she fell asleep.

twelve thirty pm Drove to Evergreen Hotel to fetch seven of Koay's family friends from Singapore.

one thirty pm Lunched at Koay's home. HOME COOKED FOOD IS ALWAYS AMAZING!

two thirty pm Durian party feast at the garden area.

four pm Rested the mind and body while the rest were outside bonding. Too tired, sorry.

five thirty pm Koay left to go for football tournament.

seven fifteen pm Koay came home after first half of the match. Left for dinner at Ben's. Aunty Mee Thiew cooks amazing food. and AGAIN HOME COOKED FOOD IS ALWAYS BEST! Ever!

nine thirty pm Left Ben's house to Logan Road. 

ten zero five pm Quietly stayed outside Sharon's house to light up the RM7 candles. Love the balloon candles. Haha. 

ten twenty pm Rang the door and SURPRISE SHAUN! His FIRST ever birthday surprise. And we needed to do it before twelve am because our big boy sleeps at ten thirty :) 

eleven pm Walked into my house, only to find both my parents pak-tor-ing with durians. AND MY ROOM DOOR WAS NOT CLOSED! :S

eleven fifteen pm Typing all of the above.

Packed Sunday is packed.

Excited for August to come already :)

27 July 2013

A Great Friday.

So, today I woke up really early. Earlier than normal working days even. And I did not sleep until it was like about 3 in the noon. 

It was quite a nice slow and easy yet kinda productive day. Went for family lunch and some grocery shopping with grandma. Dinner was simple and easy paced before Young Adults at Hui Jen's. Then, supper at Koay Teow Basah, and ending the day with a quick post and an episode of Lost. 

Baby girl is already asleep on her own bed next to mine. She's been a good girl today when we were out and stuff. 

So yeah, loving the every moment of this public holiday. So gooood that I don't have to wake up so early on a Saturday for the first time after so long :)

Oh, and finally the Floorball League is coming to the end. FINALLY.


25 July 2013

Really Thanked God It's Friday Tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that I'm totally too way over the top happy and glad that it's holiday for my office tomorrow?

Have I also mentioned that the holiday is already planned and I'm so excited though it's a simple spending time with people who matters?

Have I?


24 July 2013

Two Years Anniversary.

Two years already.

It gets easier a little this year. It's not like we all have a choice not to get okay as time passes. I mean, all we can do is keep those memories close and never forgetting them even if 10 years have passed.

For me, each time I visit him now, it's more bearable. Not all the time, there's tears involved. And that doesn't mean I don't miss him. I just get better at keeping control of the emotions.

Speaking of that, I haven't been going to see him as often as before anymore. Since Friday is a public holiday for most of us, we shall bring his lover and spend some time there.

One of the sad thing is Koay never got the chance to get to know him. Someone who is too close to my heart. Growing up with him being one of my grandparent makes me very blessed. Very very blessed.

Okay, enough of me getting too emotional here. Definitely not helping that I'm in office now.

Have a great movie day you all :)

23 July 2013

Sabrina Is One Year Old.

Guess who got the special invitation to a lil girl's special first?

Guess who gotta wear pink?


Now, I'm guessing most of the people know that pink is not my color. Far from it actually. I hated pink all these years but it actually got better as I age. Sad news. I don't hate it as much as I did before. So yeah, for this birthday party, all the ladies are required to wear pink or at least have something pink on them. I do not have no pink top or pants. Actually I do have one, but it's too tight. If I have wore them, I would be like "walking bakchang".

When we got there, most if not everything was in pink. Pink balloons, pink cookies, pink jelly. pink sweets. pink everything. Good thing I was not too disturbed by all that color. My attention was pretty focused that evening. Babies. Lots and lots of adorable-i-want-to-bite-them-babies! First one that I carried was baby Lucas! Oh my goodness. I have never seen such a baby who smiles so easily. All I did was look at him and call his name, and a smile killed me instantly. Baby Lucas is toooooooo charming! You can see him in one of my Insta photo.

Sha Lynn was sleeping for the first half and hour, while the rest of the adults chit-chatted and kids running around playing with balloons. Oh oh and we had Thai Food for dinner! Yums. No tomyam though but still quite nice :) We left after they sang birthday song because lil girl was getting a bit restless and sleepy. That's why never get to try the Minnie Mouse's cupcakes. Pink cupcakes if you realized. Hahaha.

Photos are placed in random orders and taken from the two Tan boys. Joshua Tan and Leroy Tan and Jay (Lucas's daddy) and Damien (birthday girls's daddy).

That night was also the first night Sha Lynn sat so quietly in the car seat and enjoyed herself the whole way :) Can't wait to see her crawl, walk and talk.

22 July 2013


Also spelled hypoglycemia or hypoglycæmia.

It is a medical emergency that involves an abnormally diminished content of glucose in the blood. The term literally means "low sugar blood"

It can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose to the brain, resulting in impairment of function (neuroglycopenia). Effects can range from mild dysphoria to more serious issues such as seizures, unconsciousness, and (rarely) permanent brain damage or death.

  Less common in non-diabetic persons, but can occur at any age. Among the causes are excessive insulin produced in the body (hyperinsulinemia), inborn error of metabolism, medications and poisons, alcohol, hormone deficiencies, prolonged starvation (THIS IS LESS LIKELY THE CAUSE SINCE I ALWAYS EAT!), alterations of metabolism associated with infection, and organ failure.

It is often self-diagnosed and self-medicated orally by the ingestion of balanced meals.

And that is the definition copied from Wiki. I have no clue whatsoever to how this can even happen to me. It's so weird. I know I have been having low blood pressure since the appendicitis surgery, but what happened last Thursday was something I've never gotten for a very long time already.

So, I was looking into my desktop at work, when suddenly I couldn't breathe properly and my heart started beating really fast. I leaned back on my chair and took a few deep breaths. Didn't work, in fact it got harder to breathe. So, I swallowed big gulps of water thinking that it might help. Nope. I leaned back immediately after that because my vision started to blur and within seconds, blackout happened. I couldn't open my eyes because the pain on my head was so intense and my whole body sort of just jelly-ed. I couldn't even pick up my phone from the table. I remembered feeling SUCH DISCOMFORT that's beyond words all over my body that few minutes. Cold sweat all over me. My office is a very cold place (you would kinda know if you follow me on Twitter) and my sweat was dripping to my back from my short hair.

It's crazy because my colleague turned to me and saw that my face was pale white including my lips. I called Koay 7 times after I got the strength to dial. 7 times because he wasn't with this phone. Wahh. Stress okayy. I thought that I couldn't even walk to his car, that he had to come up and actually carry me. But, thank God I regained back some strength to walk to the lif and to his car. It's crazy. I thank god with my whole being that I'm feeling better now and that it happened. But there is no way that I want that to happen again. NO WAY.

Thank God for chairs. If not, I would have fallen on the ground and it would seem like a big drama thing. And thank God I wasn't out on sales call. I was supposed to drive to Prai but decided to go on Friday instead. In the end didn't go also because I was on MC and couldn't drive for the next couple of days. It's mad crazy.

Now, I'm taking Sangobion, to increase iron due to the low blood pressure and stuff. Other than that, I have to take breakfast. Now, this is the difficult part. I only eat breakfast on weekends or holidays usually. I'm just not a breakfast person. So far, i find it still torturing having to swallow food down my throst early in the morning. DIFFICULT.

So, that's roughly what kinda happened last week towards the weekend. Other than celebrating Koay's birthday. I wonder if he's starting to feel as old as I am.. I remembered when I celebrated my 23rd, I didn't want to celebrate my other upcoming birthdays. It feels so horrible. Makes me feel so old. Goodness. But still, I'm thanking God that I'm still a breathing creation today.

Gonna continue writing the bible now. Peace out :)

21 July 2013

Quick Sunday.


Just came back from little girl, Sabrina's first pink-polkadot-themed-birthday-party! Feeling a little woozy after coming home. Hmmm. Well, this week has been a very packed one. Hardly get any good sleep due to activities and plans here and there. The boy is definitely KO-ed at this moment. For me, the body is acting very weird. It feels horrible that you know you don't really have control to what the body is doing. Sucky feeling. Oh wellz, prayer always made me feel better if not okay 100%. 

Goodnight ya'll. 

19 July 2013

Adrian, 23 years old and Sha Lynn, 3 months old.

So, today is two person's big day!

Baby girl is chun chun 3months to this date. Can't believe that it was 3 months ago that she came to this earth and we saw her pretty face for the first time. 

And then we have Koay who hits 23 today. Blessed Birthday Bangla! 
Here's a triple B for you! 


18 July 2013

Handwritten Bible.

So, in one of my previous post, I mentioned very briefly that I was gonna plan to write the Bible, message version.

And write the Bible, I did.

Yep, I actually decided to re-write the Bible, no matter how long it shall take. A man in the US took 4 years to finish the whole Bible, by writing it all by himself. King James version.

And I got inspired after reading that at a small corner of a magazine. Crazy huh? At least, it kinda gives me "something" sort of "feeling"! A good kind of feeling. A very therapeutic feeling. This feels even better than shopping.

So, to prepare for the first day to launch this writing Bible, I went and get a specific blue pen, and specific kind of A4 papers (which in the end I just took a new stack from Van's because I've got no time to buy).

So far, I've written till Genesis chapter nine and verse 29. This is the beginning and though I just realized that there's so much more to write and though I'm nowhere near the second book, I will still try to finish the whole holy book in three years.

A bible verse/chapter a day, will keep this heart in tune everyday. Okay, maybe it's not very rhythm-ic.

Oh wellz.

17 July 2013

Ben Can Really Cook.

We called for a council meeting without the pastors to re-align certain things in fireBRANDS, and because Ben offered to do it in his house, he of course offered to cook his ever-famous-aglio-olio for us. For us, it's OF COURSE WHY NOT! Initially, I only expected for his signature spaghetti for dinner, but when we got there, it was way more than just a pasta dish.

IT WAS A FINE DINING Ben's style. No kidding! When we arrived, we could smell all those

wonderful herbs smell and he didn't want us to do anything, so we just sat and watched Masterchef Australia Season 4, which by the way did not help to make our hunger less. Imagine looking at those yummy food on the TV and smelling the aroma from Ben's kitchen.

Special thanks to Aunty Mee Thiew and Ben for blessing us with this amazing spread of lovely food!

We had Ben's amazing aglio olio spaghetti, roasted pork fillet with special Ben's sauce, squashed sweet potatoes, the ever amazing green salad and crispy garlic bread. THERE WERE NO LEFTOVER! NONE! ZERO!

It was that gooooood! So blessed.

Last night's council meeting was one of the longest that I've had. We talked about what we really feel, no filter. But whatever was spoken between those walls stays there. I'm thankful for this team.

Anyways, Ben should really start a catering service. Or a cafe. Or a Pasta Corner. Or just anything! You're an amazing cook, Mr Song Min. First time, I had three servings of spaghetti which is like so rare.


The tummy was happy last night.

16 July 2013

PTPTN Loan Turned Scholarship.

I mentioned once in Saturday Youth Service how God had blessed me way beyond my expectation in regards to my studies and college stuff. So, I have just received the official letter from the government turning my RM48,000 PTPTN loan into a full 100% scholarship. It is insane. I mean, all this while I knew I didn't have to pay it back since my graduation days, but to get the official letter is just a very rewarding moment and a reminder of how crazy God is. He is able to do anything.

A week before I got this letter, a friend told me that he was asked to pay back the "extra" that we got throughout our whole 3 years course. Because my course fee was only RM40,000 and I was given RM48,000 I had to pay back RM8,000. That was according to the government-person that spoke to my friend. And he did actually pay back the extra RM8,000. He was a first-class honor student too. But when I heard that, I knew God is in charge. So, I wasn't bothered by that info. A week later, a letter that clarified otherwise. Whoa. Crazy huh. 

It gets easier like 0.1% each time I go through this kind of thing with the Big Man. It always gets easier trusting that He is in FULL control. His ways are the most rewarding. His timing is chun-nest of all. I'm grateful. Very grateful.

Two years already since we parted ways. College people, appreciate every moment you spend with your collegemates. Those times are precious. You may not see/feel/know it now. But once you leave and graduate, every part of your being wishes that you could turn back time once again. Maybe except for those assignments due dates and exams. But the hanging out and road trips and the group study till midnight and sleepover parties, boy do I miss them madly. Not to forget, all the unnecessary dramas. Now, to plan for a dinner together with the full clan also takes forever. I miss being crazy and loud in classes. You really do not know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. It's really true.

12 July 2013

Thank God It's Friday.

Weekend is finally here. I'm nervous, just thinking of the match tomorrow.. First one we are going against fireBRANDS girls. Stress. This old girl long time no play sudah berkarat sini sana. And though I've played in quite a number of match, I still feel the adrenalin rush a day before. In short, today I feel nervous. Howz?

11 July 2013

10 July 2013

Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God.
(Romans chapter eight verse twenty-eight)

09 July 2013

Travel Fair Et Cetera.

My Saturday and Sunday. 6-7 July 2013. Oh and maybe my Monday too since it was a holiday.

Just so you know, I actually had to refresh this page ten thousand million times in order for me to start typing what I wanted to say here. Juts imagine the geramness. Anyways, I am here now so yay.

My first time working on a travel fair and I have to say, in the beginning of it I was so excited. And surprisingly, I was still excited about it when it ended on Sunday night. So yeah. Koay kept calling me workaholic and stuff, but I know I'm not. I just really like my company a lot and it's so fun trying to get people to plan and book their holidays. It kinda makes me happy when I see people book and sign away for a good deal like Club Med's! :)

It's nice that I've made a few new friends from KL's team sent by Club Med too. So yeah, in summary, I actually really enjoyed myself working on the past weekend. The only sad thing thing is I had to skip Youth Service and Sunday Church. Felt funny not spending time with some good friends.

On another note, I decided to handwrite the Bible. Jeng jeng jeng. As in copy them and write them on a nice paper and I shall compile it, whether it's gonna take many many years. I shall try doing this thing. What inspire me? I saw in a magazine last night that a man did that and finished it all in 4 years. King James version somemore. I shall do it in three years. Kidding! But yeah, I think it's pretty fun!

The connection in my office is driving me crazy. It's not only slow. It's super pathetic. It makes me so angry and annoyed! But I shall keep smiling and stay thankful :)

I have finally finish watching Vampire Diaries. Now, moving onto New Girl. Next would be Lost, I think. Like I mentioned in my tweets, I like how Klaus loves Caroline. He knows he's not her first love, but he's gonna stay and wait to be her last. That also because they are both vampires and they don't get old, while Caroline's current first love is a werewolf. Wait, or is he a hybrid? I don't know.. Now, I'm confused.. Oh well. VD has a lot of gorgeous ladies. Elena, Caroline and Lexi! My three fav girls :)

You know people always type something and then adds "etc" behind them because they too lazy to type all? Yeah, that stands for Et Cetera. If you didn't know, you're welcome! :)

Koay walked to my office on another street and then we both held hands and walked to one of his ever favorite chicken rice place. Shweeet. Since we weren't able to spend time last week, the long walk there actually got us some catch-up sessions. Gotta love long walks with coconut boy. 

Also, that two days of working in the weekend, I spent my two nights with baby girl. Loved every moment of it though have to wake up in the middle of the night. Loved spending time with her. Though most of the time it's quite time. Hahaha. But there were so many times that she smiled a lot of times when I talked to her. Everytime she does that, I melted even more. How to not love her even more every passing minute?! HOW!?

Pastor Cowan called and asked about the campsite. And I immediately went crazy! Faster called the lady and booked the date for youth camp. Phew.. Good thing he called. If not, say bye bye to our favorite place for camps. Very close. Very very close.

So, it's all random and stuff. I DID mention ET CETERA in the title so yep. All the random things I'm rambling here. 

Second half of 2013. Crazy fast time flew by. And that's alright. That's because I'm embracing each part of it. Every part of life. The truth is I feel old. But when I look into the mirror, I feel young. Speaking of identity crisis. Okay, I'm just joking. I don't have identity issues. Hah.

I cannot wait to go for our "Complimentary One Night Cruise to Nowhere!" And the boy and his family are going for PEN-PHUKET-KRABI-PEN in a month's time! SO SYIOKKK! It sucks that my annual leave is zero numbered now. DOWNZ. Gotta save the last 5 unpaid leave for AYC. This is indeed a very sad thing. oh wellz..

Actually, all these ramblings are like my last week's update. Oh oh! I went for another medical check-up yesterday for some insurans thingy stuff. So, normally a simple medical check-up consists just urine test, eye test and check body and stuff. Yesterday, the doctor who was doing the chek was an old man. Usually young adults' kind of doctor are the ones I see but this one is different. So yeah. Let's just say that it's definitely gonna be a woman doctor who's gonna be delivering my baby! FOR SURE! NO MALE DOCTOR FOR ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH! No offence and not being sexist but it's just so so uncomfortable! 

Told Koay and the response on his face was hilarious! Hah.

Alright, enough of these ramblings :)

Signing off.

07 July 2013

Quick One.

Just decided to post something up real quick!

I feel so empty somehow not going to church on Saturday and Sunday. SO SO EMPTY! I MISS YOU ALL CRAZY PEOPLE THAT MAKES MY LIFE SO MUCH MORE FUN!

Thank God Monday is a HOLIDAY! Actually,  not much difference because I still need to wake up early for a medical check-up. Praying and hoping that nothing weird will be found in this body. NOTHING.

Okay. It's time I start work now. Blessed Sunday all :)

04 July 2013

I Prefer.

A4 and A3.
blue pen and black pen.
ice cream and frozen yogurt.
tanned and fair skinned.
cold weather and hot weather.
white wine and red wine.
flats and high heels.
pants and dresses.
tea and coffee.
vegetables and fruits.
desktop and laptop.
livingsocial.com and groupon.com
orange light and white light.
instagram and facebook.
swatch and rolex.
credit card and cash.
starbucks and coffee bean.
puppy and iguana.
haagen daaz and baskin robin.
gurney and queensbay.
georgia and arial.
kayu and pelita.
white house down and olympus has fallen.
orange and red.
beach and hill.
salmon and tuna.
the walking dead and pretty little liars.
lunch and dinner.
wongfu and jinnyboytv.
scissors and penknife.
square and circle.
caramel popcorns and kimchi popcorns.
gsc and tgv.
contact lens and glasses.
banana and mango.
peanut butter and peanut butter with strawberry jam.
old town and papparich.
22nd floor and 2nd floor.
laughing and smiling.
honda and toyota.
mcdonalds and kfc.
airasia and firefly.
straight hair and curly hair.
segi and kdu.
kenny rogers and nandos.
whatsapp and line.
blogspot and tumblr.
chicken and pork.
blonde and brunette.
mixfm and hitzfm.
james foo and sunny side up.
God and money.

03 July 2013

One Month To One Year.





I still feel like a newbie here. My 365 days here cannot be compared to those I work with. 90% of them have two digits in their years of experience with this company. So yeah.. One year so what? Haha.

Though so busy, I still somehow will find time to blog. It's therapeutic. Sort of. It's like what shopping can do to most stressed out ladies. Or eating their hearts out to the boys. I don't know.. This is definitely one of the way I make myself feel slightly better and not so stressed out. This or eating steamboat. Ahhh.. Steamboat. It's been so long since I makan steamboat. So longg..

Oh well. Signing off now. Another meeting starting in 30 minutes time. The first time, I'm having  Strawberry & Blackcurrant Oat Krunch for dinner. And I've gotta save the energy as baby girl is having a sleepover with her favourite ee ee! *wide smile*

Happy Movie Day! 

02 July 2013

Apple-Eye, Beat-Heart and Toe-Leg.

A person can only get so weird, but you.. your weirdess is out of this world babe.

01 July 2013


Sore everywhere.
Lil cough-ey.

I'm tired, physically.

I'm lost, mentally.

I don't know what I feel. Mixture of everything. Mabuk in all kinds of emotions. Hah.

The green one shall overwrites all the red ones.

On another note, MAS (Malaysia Airlines) having Business Class promo to Denpasar, Bali. Only RM585, inclusive of all surcharges and taxes and 30kg luggage allowance. MUST GET THIS PROMO!
Bali, I'm coming for you soooon! :)