29 September 2015

Angkor Whattttt?

Oh myyyyyyy.

Who would ever thought that this would be the first post I'm updating as someone's fiance?

It has been the wildest craziest most exciting month and it's so sad it's coming to an end already.

So many NEW things happened to the both of us and no, I'm not talking just on the fact that WE'RE ENGAGED okay! During this trip, we realized that we did take many steps outside of our comfort zone and do things that we probably won't do twice and some many more times in the future. Heh. You gotta just keep following me to know what other crazy things we all did! Heh.

So yeah. 

This is just a very quick summarized update on what has been happening. 

I have so many things I want to blog about and yes, mainly on the engagement (LET ME BE! Hah) because it is a very huge part of my life to be at this stage right now. You may not feel the same way as me but I hope some of our joy will be transferred to you as both Adrian and I celebrate this big moment. 

One of the nights, he was talking about kids in a general sense and excuse me, that's not very normal, coming from him. Not that he doesn't like kids, it's just not him to start talking about children. I guess the future for us is going to be an exciting one! #ggdotcom

People who is engaged currently or already married will know what I mean, I hope. I still go to bed smiling since twentieth of September two zero one five. I'm excited :)

If you are still wondering (because you never follow us on Instagram or we're not friends on Facebook - SHAME ON YOU! :)), he proposed at Angkor Wat (please tell me you know where Angkor Wat is located!) at sunrise, hence our #angkorwhattttt is created. 

Also, very ngam because WHATTTTT was the first thing I said when I found out that I was going through the proposal. More on that laterrrr. There are FIVE t(s) because we want five kids. MUAHAHA! 

Okay, enough of this. 

Enjoy few more days of this awesome month okay. 

18 September 2015

How We Got Our Trip's Name.

As of right now, we are all on our way to Phnom Penh, should be arriving in an hour or so. It has been 5 hours in this VIP van and we actually only found out about the wifi on board on the third hour. Hah. 
Anyways, since I have slept enough and there isn't anything to see outside other than trees and wet road, I shall share on how we have finally gotten a name/hashtag for our trip this time. 

It happened today earlier in the noon while we were walking down Ho Chi Minh's busy street when I saw a Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich - also my current obsession) stall and signalled to Koay that I wanted to get one! 

Since Andrew and Beverly had just arrived and only have few hours to experience Vietnam, I convinced them to try it and they did. 

So, while waiting for our Banh Mi, I placed Koay's bag on the chair (heavy okay!). 

When my Banh Mi was ready, I took it and then we walked off! Yes, without Koay's bag. Funny thing was no one realized anything, not even Koay himself since he also was eating the sandwich. 

We continued walking until Koay saw a Vietnamese economy rice shop and we decided to rest and let him eat first. It was right after we pay for the meal that Koay suddenly said, "Guys! Where is my bag?!"

I remembered feeling so shocked because we looked around and did not see anything! We tried to think and trace back but we could not and it's probably because we panicked like mad d. 

Koay insisted that we go back towards the route that we took earlier and we did. We ran and think and ran and all of a sudden, Jack said, "IT'S WITH THE BANH MI LADY! I think I saw Sarah put there!"

We straight sprinted to the stall and before we reach the stall, the lady was already looking at us with her left arm over the bag, what looks like she was guarding it. 

A rough total of RM2,000 and my favorite portable raincoat is now back to us safely and never again leaving our sight. Hah. 

Thank God Koay got hungry and thank God we sat down to rest! 

This is by far, the most adrenalin rushed kind of incident since we started this backpack trip! I will share more when I get back cos if I continue, I might puke on the sleeping Koay next to me anytime now. Heh. 

So, ladies and gentleman, we now have a hashtag/group's name and it's called TIOKCHEHKIA BACKPACKERS 😅 

Have a great werkend, everyone! 

15 September 2015

First Backpack Trip.

It has always been in our checklist to backpack travel across few countries. Of course our ultimate place to go backpack is Europe but for now, we will just start with the neighboring countries, since budget and time is a factor. A BIG FACTOR. 

Usually, the planning-post will come together with the travel-post itself but I supposed that travel-post is going to be a long one since we will be gone for so many days. I cannot even imagine the number of photos that we're going to take. Heh.


We started talking about this backpack trip a year ago but never really set a date on doing so. We finally agreed on a date and decided to really make this happen. Today, I created a Whatsapp group called 'Backpack (1-10 May 2015)'. The route that we were going for was also decided, sort of.

Eveything from then on went quiet for a while because we were still waiting for confirmation from Jack and Carmen. In the end, we had to postpone the trip because Carmen has her internship during the mid year season. 


Carmen confirmed that our new date which is 16-25 September is good for her. No college and no more internship! Jack however, still unable to give a 100% yes so we're just keeping our fingers crossed! 


Initially, it was BANGKOK-SIEM REAP-PHNOM PENH-HO CHI MINH-PENANG. We decided to change the route because it's more pricey to fly back from Ho Chi Minh to Penang. 

So, now our new route is HO CHI MINH-PHNOM PENH-SIEM REAP-BANGKOK-PENANG, since flying to Ho Chi Minh is a lot cheaper. 

We met up for supper to discussed on the final planning. This meet-up was important because if we were to go ahead with this trip, then we have to quickly get the flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh from Penang, which will be our first stop and from there, we will travel by foot backpack style all the way to Penang. 

Everything looks great but Jack still need more time to confirm if he could take 6 days leave from work. For the rest of us, we're a-okay with leave application. 

Since Malaysia Airlines is having special promotion for the KL Matta Fair 2015, one way ticket from PENANG-HO CHI MINH costs only RM284, which is what we would like to get instead of their normal price at about RM400 for one way. Roughly about there.


Received a "YES!" from the other three humans to proceed with the Malaysia Airlines' one way ticket to Ho Chi Minh. So happy I was ready with the deets to purchase them! Then, turns out we needed the passport details too which I totally forgotten even thought I just got the flight tickets to Hanoi, like 5 months ago! Heh. So, it shall wait another day then. Price please don't increase okay?


It was a spontaneous-declared Public Holiday by the CM in conjunction of an election happening at Permatang Pauh so we went out to Queensbay with the grandmother. While walking past Country Hide store, mom noticed that there were sales going on, right up to 70% and then I saw a few selections of backpacks under that category. 

We went in and immediately got the details and walked out. I texted Carmen to ask if it's going to be a good brand to invest on and if the price is okay. She asked her mom and gave me the green light. Her mom actually thinks that it's super cheap for a 55 litres backpack, so I got mine at RM158.40.

Koay will be heading towards Country Hide store tonight to get his. Better for him to see which color and size he wants. 

One of the most important thing we need for our backpack trip is finally off the list. Feels good. Such a win lah really. LOVE IT!


We had a quick dinner and decided to build our temporary fort at Nois Cafe at Sungai Dua. One Iced Caramel Latte and one glass of hot Rose tea, accompanied with two laptops and the night has begun.

Lots of Googling and wow moments as we both searched for places to stay and things to do on our upcoming backpacking trip. Since there are 6 of us and there are 3 countries, it was decided that each couple takes up 1.

Oh ya! Forgot to mention that Andrew and Beverly will be joining us on the trip too! SO HAPPY OKAY.

Adrian / Sarah Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Andrew / Beverly Phnom Penh & Siem Reap, Cambodia
Jack / Carmen Bangkok & islands (still in progress), Thailand

We were at the cafe for a good 3 hours and finally when Jack and Carmen came, we looked into getting a place to stay at Ho Chi Minh which will be our first stop.

We got a very cheap deal at Expedia!

Thanh Long Hotel
Deluxe Twin Room - RM240 (for two nights and 4 adults). 
  • Breakfast included
  • Wireless internet access
So that's RM60 per person for 2 nights. I'd say this is super cheap considering the location being right where Ben Thanh Market is. Another win!


One month to go and we decided to meet when everyone can. We are going on Malaysia Day but Andrew/Beverly will only come on the third day.

We sat down, ordered our drinks/food and went through country by country. Googling the entire time for information on bus options and places to stay et cetera. Overall, everything seemed really cheap. Ohh and then we saw that USD is now 4.0 to RM1. MADNESS SIAL.

How la like that?


While waiting for Koay to get back to his hotel in Sabah, I just thought maybe I will come in here and update something related to this trip.

10 more days. I cannot believe that it's less than 2 weeks to go before we do this. It seemed like it was just few days ago that we still struggle to find people to go with! Now, there's 6 of us. Oh myyy. I know it's going to be amazing, and tiring and hopefully homesickness doesn't hit me. I know right, I'm such a big baby. Bleh.

I actually just got my annual leave officially approved yesterday. Talk about living a risky life huh. Worse case is I don't get to go and have to burn the RM284 PEN-SGN ticket nia ma and probably sulk and emo at home for the whole 10 days when they gang is there. Heh. 

You know till now, I'm still not quite sure if we have to check-in our backpack or we can carry it up to the plane as hand carry. By right, must check-in because very big leh. But then again I've seen backpackers bring their equally-big=backpack-as-ours up to the cabin eh. So, this part I'm still unsure.

Then, if I check-in, how to secure the backpack wor? Cannot be putting mini locks on every zip right? Go plastic-wrap ah? Or just risk it and not do anything since when people see backpack, people will usually think its just clothes inside which is true. Hah.

Aiya, I'll just be flexible and see how it goes.

Ahh, sleepy already. Going to bed now. 



A week to go guys. We met up again to finalize on money exchange stuff. Just in matter of days, the rates went up so much. Thai Baht used to be equal to our money okay. Blehh. Anyways, we didn't do a lot of research or whatsoever today because all too excited already. That and we have 3 travelling members currently down on fever, flu, cough and headache. We're praying that their germs don't spread to the rest of us, not just a week before the trip.

I am definitely staying away from Koay for a while. Cannot afford to fall sick now. Need to be in the best of health this week onwards. 

Sorry hun.

90% decided on the route! Yay!


Can you tell that we are very excited already? 

I am 70% super excited for this loooong getaway. No need to check emails and see clients. The sad thing is today I have another conference call/training before I can pack my laptop and not see it for the next 2 weeks. 

Hah but I'm not complaining okay. 

So difficult to focus on work today. 

I haven't start packing my backpack yet. Honestly, I don't know how to start. Usually when I go for a holiday, I will basically bring anything that I see in my closet because I can never plan ahead on what to wear. So, just bring anything and decide later right. 

The thing is now I have to carry the backpack, no roller wheels and boyfriend obviously not gonna carry my backpack, so tonight is gonna be a long night of packing. 


Okaylah, I better get going now. 

11 September 2015

5D4N The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios, Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur has always been the only-go-there-for-shopping/holiday-kind-of destination since long long time ago. Even when both my dad and sister were staying there for few years, it has never occurred to me that one day I will be staying in KL (regardless of how many days) for work purposes. 

I have always known for sure what I really want in life and staying in KL is never on the list. Well, to be honest, anywhere else other than Penang or wherever my family is not at, will never be an option to me. Never. #tooattached

I know what is in your mind now. Confirm you're thinking, "This girl is crazy. Few days in KL only want to complain so much!"

Well, in my defense, it's not complaining also? Hah. Okaylah, maybe it was lah. Heh.

Anyways, I wanted and needed this training that can only happen in my HQ which is well obviously in Kuala Lumpur. I was very excited for this training because this only means that I'm improving in my career and going up another level, which actually can be stressful and fun. Hah.

The only thing was the staying alone part. No, I'm not scared of staying in a hotel room all by myself. I actually love having own space sometimes. It's just none of my family members could come down to KL to stay and spend time with me after office hours. So, that's the only thing that makes training difficult. 

Seriously too attached for a 2* years old. What's happening to me? Hah. I am a very independent person okay. Many might disagree because of my too attached-ness to my family but in general, I really am.

So, I was feeling reluctant to go KL but of course no choice lah. 

What made me feel good throughout the entire week was this place that I stayed at. I googled for a lot of photos prior to the trip and was already in love with the whole simple-modern design on each rooms. 

This is currently my favorite hotel in Kuala Lumpur. It's situated at Desa Sri Hartamas. I think I said before that Capri by Fraser, KL was my favorite hotel and it still is but The Signature is like a cheaper, smaller version of Capri by Fraser. 

You need to read on both to see which one you like better. Actually if you got the chance, go stay okay! Very hard to choose because both very similar. 

When I arrived at The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios in the evening, I was mind-blown.

Let me make your eyes happy no need to read so much. 

The grand entrance of The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios.

The security of this hotel is amazing. Not everyone can just walk into the lobby and even that, their lobby is not at ground floor. To enter the building, the security guard will have to open for you if its your first time going in for check-in.

Then, the guard will walk with you to the elevator and use his card to scan and then press the lobby's floor button for you. The lobby is situated at the Level SL (Sky Lobby).

Cool heh.

Only 1 reception desk at the lobby with refillable guava juice for you :)

I have earlier booked for a queen size bed studio room (Studio A) and prior to the trip, I wanted to change to a bigger studio at the same price but was not allowed to unless I pay a certain penalty fee, to which I didn't want lah. 

Initially, my parents could come ma so try for bigger room lo. On internet, they declined my request so okaylah. Small room it is.

Then, when I was there to check-in, I requested if it was possible for me to change to a bigger room with no extra charges, and the man said, "Sure!"

I was happy lah, duhh. 

So, I got a Superior Studio (2 single beds, with a bigger living room) and told my family about it when I got into the room, feeling excited all.

That excitement was short-lived okay. My dad told me he fell sick so won't be driving down to KL anymore. Boohoo. 

Superior Studio (2 single beds)

Then, I tried using their roll-up curtain and the string was already broken and I didn't want to have 2 single beds and such a big room to myself. Single bed too small for me to roll around. Heh.

So, I called the man at the Reception Desk and asked if he could give me back the Studio Room that I have booked. He said, "Sure!"


So, I checked out and checked into my new room, Studio A.

Studio A (1 queen sized bed all for myself)

Kitchen area, fully equipped with bowls, plates, utensils, fridge and a microwave oven. They even have dish-washing soap and sponge in the cabinet. Good job, The Signature people. 

Toilet very big and clean. Everyday I get fresh towels to use. 

View from my room :) This is Sri Hartamas, people. 

My wonderful bed for 4 nights. One of the best sleeps ever.

Remember earlier I said that their security is really good?

Everytime anyone uses the elevator, they will have to scan their room key card first before they can click on any level, even to Sky Lobby where all their facilities are located at.

Infinity pool, gymnasium, cafe, sauna room and a multi-purpose mini hall. All at Sky Lobby.

Before you enter the facilities area, you have to scan the room key card again. Feels very exclusive okay.

Gym with a view.

My second favorite part of the entire building. It's quite a loooong pool.

I cannot believe just how a simple infinity pool makes all the difference okay. Haze or no haze, masuk air juga.

I wanted to swim at night (pool opens till 11pm, BEST!) but the haze was really bad. Boo.

Overall, it was one of the greatest hotel experience that I have encountered. The room is clean and new and easy on the eyes. The only reason to that is The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios is still very new. They were officially opened for business in March 2015 so that's like few months into business nia. 

So far so good okay.

Ohhh and it's about 10 minutes away from IKEA! :)

Seriously, go give it a try. Normal days they charge about RM200-ish for a night but on good promotional times, you can probably get RM170 per night, which was what I got for 4 nights.

Go stay and let me know if you are on the same page as me!

Miss you already, The Signature Serviced Suites & Studios! :) Shall see you soon.

04 September 2015

Friyay: Google Adsense Yes!

This is a good Friday because I have finally gotten the permission to display Google Adsense's ads here and earn in something that is not in Ringgit.

The happiness is not entirely because it's the US Dollar that I will earn, but more to the fact that I finally got it. 

When I first apply for it, I was rejected. Boohoo. So, I keep trying and finally with more readings and clicking here and there, it finally happened.

Have you ever like hope and do something only to be turned down a few times and when you finally achieve it, its like you're on top of the world.

One of the best feeling ever I have to admit.

I'm just glad this chapter is over.

Thank you Google Adsense for this opportunity.

My dream of becoming a full-time blogger seems really achievable now. Heh.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh and you can follow my snapchat: sarahkhooyw if you want to! It's really fun I promise you :)

02 September 2015

My Eyeliner Embroidery Story.

Some may have heard of this, some may have not.

I only found out about this 'invention' or 'process' or 'treatment' or whatever you want to call it one day when I woke up late and was rushing to work. Since I over-slept that day, so I quickly just draw my eyeliner accordingly but realized later in the office that it's obviously not the same thickness (you will know what I mean if you draw your eyeliner sometimes).

It's a double disaster for me because both my eyelids are different in its thickness, in the way it folds against my eyes (see photo below!). So, I have always been watching Youtube videos on how to draw in a way that both eyeliners will seem like its same thickness. CANNOT ONE I TELL YOU!

It's so impossible that I just try to do my best on a daily make-up basis. If it's nice, great. If not, then just suck it up. Also, I am the laziest person I know. You see on the photo below right, one side thin and another side thicker. Stress or not you tell me. 

So, that leads me to do more research on how I can settle this problem. Problem because it takes a lot of time and patience to draw nicely okay. Both also I lack of so yeah.

Then, I saw the word.

Eyeliner Embroidery.

What? I obviously know of eyebrow embroidery but this? Those words definitely caught my attention! So, I read more on it and most of the articles are from overseas. Photos also all not Asian. If Asian means confirm they are photos of plastic surgeries, mostly Korean. Heh.

You can also call it Eye Define Treatment. There's so many names out there to describe this one thing okay. It all roughly means the same thing.

Do you know there's such thing as Lip Embroidery as well? Uh-huh. Crazy right.

That was a few years ago when I knew of this process. Then, I let it go because I don't know anyone who personally went through this and I'm not going to take any risk right. My eyes you know. 


It was just a normal conversation with my cousin in my dining room at 730am. I was getting ready for work and I had just finished drawing my eyeliner. She saw what I was doing and said, "Ehh you very  good at drawing also ah. I'm never good that's why mine is permanent already!"

AGAIN, I WAS SHOCKED! I turned to her and looked at her as if she was my answer to a life crisis! 

Then, she explained further and showed me her eyeliner that was done by Blaze in Penang. I got even more curious because to be honest, I really wanted to have this permanently on my eyelids because I was that lazy but scrap the idea because no one I know did it, or at least it seems no one talks about it lah!

She gave me details of the place where she went to have this done up. I googled even more the next few days, and within two weeks I made up my mind to go for it. 

It says Eyeliner Embroidery so it never crosses my mind that it could be tattoo kind. Well, I think it is a tattoo because the machine that was used looks like one and also because the Director of Blaze, Tony said it is. Hmm. My cousin also said it won't hurt so much, just a little.


Okay, I need to calm down and write this post out nicely so for those of you who wants to do will know what it's like and if it's worth it.

So, what is this thing exactly?

It's like a semi-permanent eyeliner drawn onto your eyelids along the lash-line. If not mistaken, it can last up to 4 years. I don't know what it will look like after 4 years obviously because it's still so new on my eyelids. Remind me again 4 years later and I will tell you. Hah.

When I had finally decided to do it, it was quite difficult to find the right time because Tony is a very busy man. According to my source, he also does all these beauty treatments for Datins in Singapore, hence his frequent visits to the Merlion City. 

I was still looking around at other places where they offer eyebrow embroidery to see if they also have this Eye Define Treatment and I came to know about Empro.

Empro is located at Gurney Plaza but from the way the salesperson says it, it looks like Eye Define Treatment isn't their strength. They only have ONE sample photo of before and after. Errr. 

And they charge like RM700++ for the Senior/Director to do for you. That is really expensive okay.

With that, I went to Blaze and make my appointment. One thing I really love about Blaze is that, no matter what kind of treatments you want to take, the Director/Founder will do it for you. He won't like send his interns (if he has) to do for you. All hands on by himself. Best.

The day finally came and I went in like a warrior and came out like a..


I shall let the photos speak now.

 You enter the room also you feel beautiful already. 

First thing to do is to apply A LOT OF numbing cream. Put as many rounds pun takpa.

HAHAHA to those pimples on the forehead.

The numbing cream process takes about 30 minutes - give and take.

Brother cho siau with my face. 

Then, Tony came in and there's no more turning back people.

It's like taking a black ink pen and drawing on my eyelids. Except this one, HURTS LIKE CRAZY.

Seriously, braces is what man? This one is a whole new definition of pain. In the beginning, I only felt like there was pressure on my eyelids and then before you know it, the numbing cream works 0% and I can feel every needle. I think it's needle lah. 

This is what NO PAIN NO GAIN means. 

Yes, more numbing cream please. KEEP THEM COMING.

According to Koay, my tears kept flowing out the entire time he was doing it but I didn't feel no tears or watery eyes also. That I think the numbing cream is blocking lah. Not the actual pain. Heh. 

So, this is his way of telling me, "I'm here babe and it's all going to finish soon!" 

That or more like, "Hah! See! Told you no need to go for this already! HAH!"

Either way, he's very supportive lah okay. Afterall, it's not like this is a plastic surgery or something.

Tony is a very detailed person and that's why he's so good at what he does. It was really painful but I didn't wanted him to rush it through because I obviously want to have a good outcome. At one point, I think he drew the line longer than the other eye and he used the 'tattoo removal laser' to remove the extra line. 

It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to prepare myself to take the pain. It felt like an electric shock but not really also. No idea how to explain the pain. It lasted like few seconds only tho.

The machine.

Finishto! A bit swollen heh.

Tony noticed that I have never done anything to my eyebrow and he decided that it's time to beautify it FOR FREE. Talk about good customer service people.

Everyone, meet Tony :)

So, eyelids were little bit swollen on the same day but nothing too obvious. I went to a meeting after the treatment okay. So, no problemo.

It's the next day that the eyelids decided to kembang sikit banyak. It was quite painful to open my eyes too. So, it is recommended that you spend more time sleeping to let the swell reduce a bit. 

My eyebrows now so in place! HAHAHA!

Over the next few days, I apply this cream on my eyelids that helps to reduce the swellings. One thing to take notice if you were to go through this amazing process.

Because I apply this cream 3 times a day, I tend to wipe my eyelids once in a while because it can get too oily and even when I bathe I wash my eyes carefully. So, whenever I wipe my eyes with a soft towel, I can see a bit of black skin came out with it so at first I panicked lah. 

I thought the color fake one and already coming off on the second day! Turns out, there will be a layer of the tattoo color that will come out and then you will be able to see the real deal. 

Scare me only okay. I thought there goes my $$$!

The swelling goes off quite fast for me. Must be because I put the cream like 6 times a day instead of 3. Kiasu. 

Freedom tasted bestttttt after no more swelling!

Freedom from having to wake up earlier. Yes, extra 10 minutes to sleep is precious.

Freedom from needing to keep trying on different brands to see which one is really sweat-proof and tears-proof.
Freedom from drawing two different sizes on two different eyelids.
Freedom from people asking, "Eh why both your eyeliners bo siang size eh?"

So, now when you see me, you know that I have the perfect eyeliner on. #taktaumalu

I don't have a lot of photos that shows very obvious of the eyeliner but if you see on the photo below, I think can see a bit. Heh.

No regrets in doing this. The pain is worth it lah I guess. How often can you say that your eyeliner today looks really good wor? I can say that everytime I wake up and after getting out from the pool. No need to worry that it will smear or gone missing. Hah.

Considering that's the only thing I do when I make-up, I feel its one of my best investment so far.

It's not that expensive. 

Only RM371 plus GST and one time free touch-up within a year! 

Okay what! 

Next time you see me, come check it out okay? For ladies out there, if you have anything you want to ask/know more on this treatment, feel free to ask me! :)

Bye now.