30 September 2014

Sometime by Asian Designers.

When I hit the two years' mark being a working woman in August, I suddenly became obsessed with handbags. I am not like those girls who have the eyes of fashion or something. They see one bag and immediately got like the whole review at the back of their mind or they can already picture it with whatever clothes that they have.

I consider myself in the category of know-very-little-and-don't-really-care-of-fashion.

I don't know how to dress-me-up according to trends whatsoever.

So I buy whatever I see is nice. Simple and nice. Or maybe sometimes get weird things when I'm in the mood. Other than that, I really play it safe for fashion. Or boring in another word. As long as comfortable, I'm happy already. And most importantly, it can keep things, a lot of things. Must be user-friendly. Haha user friendly like iPhone. Kiddingsss. Please don't start the phone-debate-war here. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Okaylah, I wouldn't call myself obsessed with handbags but I find myself searching for handbags more often now when I'm in the malls. I tend to want to spend on handbags than something else. Super weird. The last thing I will ever want to look at is bags. I don't have any liking to getting handbags. Or maybe I don't have good taste lah and most bags I buy last time all not very good-looking eh. Oh well.

Last week, I stumbled upon this website through a photo that I saw in Facebook. I clicked on it and my life changed. Haha.

I saw the bags and I was in love all over again. 

I spent quite some time exploring and getting to know what this is all about.

Taken from their website:
Sometime • By Asian Designers exists to endorse and promote talented fashion designers and icons across Asia. The brand objective is to connect and build a community of established individuals across the discipline of fashion. The focus is on practical solution driven ideas, production resources and creative assistance to produce one of the most universal fashion accessories in the market – bags.

Sometime • By Asian Designers directs its own dedicated production line of 28 specialized bag makers with years of experience to produce bags that are exclusively designed and inspired by selected talents and designers across Asia. Led by a few veteran production heads, this is the very same factory that produces bags for some of the famous designer handbag labels in the market.


Machines are overrated. Our heads of production believe that every bag requires that human touch to craft and assemble, something that machines are not able to achieve entirely. This assures the intricacy and durability of the end product, with a personal touch that you will feel.
Few reasons why I love these 'brands'.

They are all designed by our very own Asian Designers and they are affordable. I cannot afford to get international brands like Louis Vuitton now or ever will since they are ridiculously so expensive. I don't know if I ever want to spend four-digits on a single bag when I can spend them on so many other bags that are also of designers level. Heh.

Of course I didn't think like that before I found Sometime. I was aiming to get few branded bags that can last long since I never really like changing bags that often. Not until this.

I didn't make a rush decision though. I was really thinking about it whether I should get the Christy Ng's bag. It's not that much of money but to spend more than a hundred on a bag is so out of my zone. 

It's not that I'm stingy. It's just sometimes I rather spend that money on food or holidays. And especially after the 'little' incident with my orange handbag. Sudah takut ni. Story is down below. Read on!

Amazing how Sometime changed my 'spending priority' now. Dangerous I tell you. Self control is needed.

Anyways, after many times of going in and out of the website, I finally gathered enough courage to click Add to Cart, then Checkout. I then proceeded to make the payment and when the order was confirmed, I was a happy girl.

Feels so gooood okay.

The first bag that I bought with my first salary was an orange bag from Charles & Keith. 

Some background on this brand. I find it important now to find out the brands you buy. Anyways, the name is so because it is founded by brothers named Charles and Keith Wong. The brand was initially focused on ladies footwear but has expanded to accessories like handbags, belts etc. Over the years, this brand has grown so much and known to many in major countries like Japan, Indonesia, Dubai, China and more. People know what Charles & Keith is. People know.

The orange bag that caught my eye that time costs around RM200 plus. Obviously I took care of the bag like it's a baby or something. Despite me being careful with the bag and make sure it's well taken care of, the color faded and came off and the bag became so ugly. I was so sad because it's just nonsense lah. It didn't even last for more than 2 years. One year also don't know got reach or not.

I concluded that Charles & Keith's bags are horrible in quality. They may be nice to look at but for sure cannot last one. Wasted my money only. I grew to really love that orange bag okay. Now, it's lying in my cupboard collecting dust. Maybe because handbag is not their main product. Then again, Christy Ng is ALSO known for making pretty shoes first. GG. 

I hope (really hope!) that this Companion II - Brown last longer than my expectation. Oh! One more thing that made me love this bag is because they have zips! The orange bag didn't have any zips and it was so difficult for me to bring along when I go travel. Go Tesco also, people can put their hands in it without me knowing, while I'm carrying the bag sumore!

 So yes. 

The bag also arrived faster than I thought. I think it took them less than 3 days and when I came home from Cameron Highlands on Sunday, it was already on my table all wrapped up.

I jumped at the sight of it, literally. Koay also terkejut I think.

Also, they don't produce these bags in bulk. They only have limited numbers to each design and when I got the brown one, the SOLD OUT status appeared for the brown one. So yeah. Not many people in the world will have this bag. Only a handful! That makes me feel special. Hah. LIMITED EDITION OKAY. 

Oh ya. Do you also know delivery is FREE of charge? Mmhmm. Poslaju from Kuala Lumpur to Pulau Pinang.

Ahh, it only gets better. My new favorite website now.

Coming soon would be bags designed by Sazzy Falak herself.

Let's all support the Asian Designers by getting their bags/shoes etc. So affordable and pretty. 

Thank you Sometime for making a girl happy today :)

29 September 2014

29 Randoms.

Suddenly craving for white coffee.

Still got all three love letters not paid. 

www.whattwoeathere.com needs to be updated at least once a week.

Rock sugar amazes me in a weird way.

Two of the love letters are nowhere to be found.

I'm beginning to not like Milo or chocolate drink.

The extension cord on my table is already spoilt.

Why most of the random things here are about food?

Thinking of kopi-o with marshmallows at Huey & Wah.

I need to go watch Equalizer really soon.

October is happening after tomorrow.

Sometimes, one baby cockroach will come crawling out from somewhere near my keyboard.

I have a beauty whitening mask on my office table.

Appreciate everything that you have.

I also have expired concentrated ribena on the table.

I have one packet of Ipoh White Coffee on my table but very reluctant to drink it.

Mom asked me to get corns from the highlands but I only came back with two small boxes of strawberries and two packets of really hot chilli.

I need new flip-flops to wear in office.

I want to do something extraordinary to my hair.

Thinking of going without meat for a week.

I won a flask from my company's lucky draw.

I prefer Starbucks over Coffee Bean.

The bag I ordered finally came.

I didn't get to eat Mamu today.

I got one more spa session that's due this month.

They extended the date for me though.

I like using lip balm now.

I should be heading home now but I'm still here trying to think of the last random point.

I'm tired.

26 September 2014

Two Downs and One Up.

I wrote in my Twitter, "Oh, I'm an angry girl now."

Everything that can go wrong went wrong today.

Okay, not really actually.

The day started pretty well I have to say.

Dad and mom got me my favorite nasi lemak from the market and we finalized the details for the trip tomorrow.

Then, I left office and went on with my appointments and everything is well. 

Until I had that hunch to just click on that DiGi app in my phone and check my phone bill. I've just made an online payment of RM100 two days ago and now they are still telling me that I still have certain amount pending. 

So, I got very curious and a bit furious. Haha.

I scrolled down and I saw this! *points below*

As far as I know, I have been using iDiGi Internet 88 with RM20 rebate when I got my goldii earlier this year.

I have been thinking of getting an upgrade on the data plan since 1gb is definitely not enough for me.

This is what happened few weeks ago:

I called the Digi helpline and got the information I needed. The lady on the phone who happens to be from the HQ in KL told me that the only upgrade that I am entitled to (since I'm still in the iPhone 5s contract till Dec 2015) is iDiGi Internet 108 with 5gb of data plan and some other benefits like free 300 minutes of calls etc.

So I asked further on the current rebate that I have and if there is any penalty that I have to pay if I wanted the 3gb one instead of 5gb.

She said yes I will still get my RM20 rebate. So, that means that I will only be paying RM88 for 5gb internet plan monthly. That I'm totally fine because it's actually quite cheap.

So, I agreed and asked her to proceed to do the upgrading through the phone. Unfortunately, I didn't get my upgrade that day due to some system upgrading in DiGi centres all across Malaysia. So fine.

One week passed and I decided to go to DiGi Centre in Pulau Tikus to get them done.

After waiting for an hour, I finally got to talk to this guy named Tim. I only knew his name today. I'll explain more. So read on.

I went to his desk and told him what I wanted etc. He did a quick check on his laptop and gave me the same reply as the lady on the phone one week ago. This time though he wasn't too sure if I will still get my rebate and he also did mentioned that there might be some penalty charges.

I was rushing for work so he suggested that I go on with my work and he will call me once the system upgrade is done and he know for sure on some of my above questions.

Till today, I did not receive any call or sms from him. None. Zero. Elek.

So, I went back to using my normal 1gb data plan for another week. I hesitated to go back since he mentioned that there might be penalty. So, I was thinking to drop this thing off my shoulder. No need think about it d. Just use more wifi or ask Andrew and Nikki to share theirs. Heh.

Today, when I saw that I'm currently using the iDiGi Internat 108, I straight ki-siau. Not literally, but emotionally.

I was like, "WHY HE UPGRADE FOR ME AND I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER AGREEING TO IT!" All this was said in the back of my mind. None was said out loud.

I was so upset that I drove like F1 from Suntech to Pulau Tikus. I just wanted this solved. 

I'm not going to pay RM108 every month for something that I didn't even agree on in the first place.

I got there, crossed my arm and stood at the corner of his desk. He saw me obviously but he was still attending to another client. So, I just stood there and waited. He's the one on the most left, attending to the guy in black.

I didn't even take a number and line up. I didn't think I have to. I felt like a VIP just because I feel used. Or lied to. Anyhow, just furious lah.

When the person in front of me left, I went to his table.

Me: Do you remember me?
Tim: Yes... Okay..*tried to explain something but I cut him off*

I went on explaining what happened like mentioned above and all.

My questions:

  • How come DiGi upgrade my data plan without my verification? I thought must show IC?
  • Why was it upgraded? I never say I want to.
  • You said you will call me back to let me know how much. You didn't call and straight upgrade?
  • Since it's already done, do I get a rebate? How about penalty?
  • It's stated in the flyer iDiGI Internet 108 is for 5gb, how come I only see 3gb on my screen?

His explanation:

  • "I thought you said directly upgrade"
  • "HQ in KL took your case as a testing platform after the system upgrade"
  • "They want to see if this case scenario can be successfully done without penalty"
  • "Check your next bill and if there's no rebate, we will manually add the rebate for you"

He didn't really answer some of my questions and there were doubt in his voice, so in the end, he wrote me his personal number and asked me to text him if my bill comes out wrong.

I walked out, feeling lost a little.

I was quite happy that now I have enough internet and don't need to beg people to share with me, but at the same time I still feel a little upset. 

I really don't like people doing things without my permission. I HATE IT. Especially things that concern me. 

I mean, excuse me DiGi, if you want me to be your guinea pig and you did without informing me, you should pay me. Hah. And I never agree to becoming your test to see if its going to be a successful thing.

What if it's not? Then I will have to go through all the hassle in and out of the centre just to deal with it.

Okay, enough of me on this subject.

Guess what I saw today also.

Another love letter.

My third love letter this year. January, April and September. Very goooood.

Really padan muka.

I was feeling really lazy to park so far and walk so might as well park at a corner where it doesn't block anyone, right?


Drove back to office and waved/smiled at the indian uncle. I could hear his "Darling!" before I came out of the car. Little things that makes everything better again, and no, calling me darling doesn't make it better. It's just his face immediately got lighted up when he saw me that made it better. Heh.

He opened my passenger side door and smiled. 

Then, he said, "Barang you sudah jatuh" I was like, "Apa benda?"

He then picked up the one thing that I thought I have lost. MY SHADES!

Boy, I became the happiest girl again! I was so sad when I couldn't find it yesterday. SO SO SAD. Good thing I never go Gurney and buy immediately. My shades are very important to me, if you don't already know that.

So yay.

24 September 2014

I'll Always Be A Student.

"You student ah?"

"You're working already? I thought you college student.."

"You look so young, like a student"

Things I hear when strangers talk to me. Nothing new. Nothing biggie also. It just hit me today that in a few months' time I will celebrate my twenty-seventh. In few months.. MONTHS. *swallows hard*

Even that, I still get these questions. 

Today in Tesco when I did the last minute stop to get Chek Hup White Coffee 2-in-1 for the company's trip to Cameron this Saturday. 

He's from the magic booth that they strategically set up in the middle of the pathway so whether you are going to Tesco or leaving Tesco, you still have to walk pass them.

Going in to get the coffee, he walked to me and asked for few minutes and I politely rejected him and smiled. Then, he paused very suddenly while taking small steps towards me and asked, "You student ah?"

I said, "No, working already!"

He gave me the no-way-i-don't-believe-you and I just shook my head and "mm-hmm" him. 

Of course I took that as a compliment. It's always nice to get "you look young" comments than "you look older than your age" comments. But it got me thinking for real. 

Needless to say when I was leaving Tesco, I purposely avoid any eye contact but failed terribly. He looked at me and gave me the widest smile and said bye. How cute.

Anyways, there are a lot of pros and cons in this kind of situation.

For work, it's not entirely bad but it leans more to that. Sometimes because I looked 'young', my clients tend to take longer time to be convinced of the things that I'm capable of doing. Thankfully, my boss doesn't see that and she really does try her best to groom me and give me experiences.

Do you know that I have been working for 2 years now and sometimes new clients look at me and they thought I've only started work? That I just left college not too long ago.. Yeah.

For everything else other than work, it's been good so far. I still get student discounts to some places. Thank you KDU College. Your student card is best student card everrr :)

At least for now, everything seems good. this young face/body that I have (thank you God!), it really doesn't bother me much. Hopefully it never will. Hopefully it will only bring goodness and more goodness.

One thing though.

I do think that people will give me their judgement when they see me in my wedding dress or when I get pregnant in the future. Maybe not so much when I kahwin but if random strangers see my pregnant belly in the streets, sure their mind will fly. All the drama stories will begin. Haha.


They will be like:

"Look at this small girl. So young only get married d. Sure accident d that's why kahwin so early.."


"Wah! So young marry d ah. Why so hurry?"


"She so young pregnant d?"


"That girl is pregnant! She's like what? 18 years old?"


"Look at that girl! She's probably still studying in college and she's pregnant!"


"Ayorr. So young only. Still student already pregnant.."

Hahaha. I can write all this because I'e done it before. As in see other people and if they look student-young and pregnant, my mind straight jumps into conclusion that.. like mentioned above. Haha. I know it's very bad but yeah.

I really did encountered some cases in college when REAL STUDENTS actually got themselves pregnant and still attending class like a boss. So, these things are real okay. Maybe not so much in Malaysia but still there are cases in local colleges. 

So yeah.

I think at some point now, I should start wearing heels. I don't know why but I guess wearing heels give me an impression of a more adult person. I feel most comfortable when I'm in flats and being short was NEVER an issue for me. 

I never want to be tall.

Now that Koay and I are at 'perfect' heights whenever we are next to each other, I see no reason why I should change that. I mean I love it that he's just taller than me at the right amount of inches. When I hug him, my face lands perfectly at his chest-shoulder area. Although I do really like looking at tall people, and animal. *points the photo above*

One of my favorite animals in zoo. The only one I care enough to take a photo with actually. Heh.

So, I might even consider wearing flats for my wedding. Hah. Please don't think that I gila kahwin since I kept talking about it. I like to think of it more of preparing for the future.

Let us all not be in that 'zone' where girls must not talk about the wedding and stuff (at least not in public like this!) when the guys hasn't even propose and stuff.

I think it's perfectly fine because we both know exactly where we are heading.

Back to this. 

So for the sake of looking like a twenty-six, I should and would do more heels than flat from now onwards. Wait.. or maybe because I'm still wearing braces? Could be that.. Hmm.


Which lady wouldn't want to be mistaken as a younger person? WHO? 

N O B O D Y.

By the way, everyone is a student till the day they say goodbye to earth, technically since we learn things everyday.. Right? Heh. 

23 September 2014

3D2N Malacca Part III.

Part I
Part II

Final part of this short getaway.

Seriously I could have just put update on one long post, don't know why so itchy go and separate into three different ones.

Anyways, spent our last night at Guli Residence with so much comfort. I remember sleeping till don't know what time. Even when the light was shining so brightly on my face through the window. Speaking of it, I'm starting to really miss that place :(

We packed and stuffed whatever we can into our bags and we were ready to leave. Not before we have our final goodbye with Mr Lai and his family. Mr Lai then recommended a chinese restaurant near Zoo Melaka (our final pit stop before heading home) for our lunch.

The only photo I have of the inside (lobby) of Guli Residence.

He even told us what to order and what NOT to order. Gotta love it when locals recommend local goodness to us. 

True enough, the char siew was super yummy and delicious and melts in your mouth like butter (okay, maybe not like butter..) and the wan tan mee than he asked us NOT to order was indeed horrible. Good thing we only ordered one bowl.

Vanessa realized that she had left a pair of shoes (the one I got for her from Japan!) back at Guli Residence and it was quite a distance to drive back again to the town area. Not to mention don't know how long it's going to take us to escape from the traffic.

So, we called Mr Lai and double checked with him if the shoes are indeed left behind, he said yes and he also volunteered to drive to Hup Huat Restaurant to pass it back to us. 


He didn't even earn that much money from us, I think. He even cooked porridge for baby girl for every meal. Not just any ordinary porridge okay. Sliced fish fillet with dried scallops. It was yums.

Seriously, if this is one of their marketing strategy, they pulled it off just fine. Sorry,w e forgot to take any photos with you, Mr Lai. Next time okay!

Now, we won't even look for other place to stay whenever we want to go down to Malacca. It's going to be Guli Residence. Thank you again Guli Residence for your kindest hospitality and your go-extra-mile service. You guys are superb!

After double ordering of the char siew and fried dumplings, we drove to Zoo Melaka and again, everyone else on earth decided to be there as well. The more the merrier. Okay.

Before we decided for sure that Zoo Melaka was going to be part of the itinerary, I googled and it says that "Zoo Melaka is one of the best zoo in Malaysia."


Let me tell you. It is NOT one of the best. It should be one of the WORSE.

I put my expectations so high only to have it crushed down at the end of the 'journey'. Wahhh. Seriously where got zoo so messy? The pathways were surrounded with tall grass. So bushy and so not well kept. 

No need to mention that the animals were either sleeping or sleeping, that one they cannot do much I guess, I don't know. It's just how does that make it to one of the best zoo in Malaysia? Seriously.. Malu betul. 

I think I should buy a zoo and make sure it's top notch or something. Wait.. that's not a bad idea huh. When I become rich.. Muahaha. 

Anyways, despite the horrible surroundings, we have our own fun here and there. We didn't stay long in the zoo obviously so after that, we left the land cencaluk and went straight to Pavilion in KL for some final shopping and dinner. 

Then, we were stuck in KL traffic jam for a while and got home at about 10-11pm. 

Despite feeling extremely tired, I was still excited and happy because the next day no work. Heh. Slept through the night like a baby except I woke up at 7am! *faints*

It seems to me that my body clock has tuned herself into waking up before the usual alarm goes off. Even when the alarm if off, the body still wakes up by her own. Story of my life.

So yeah, end of this super short getaway. Short but exactly what I needed.

22 September 2014

3D2N Malacca Part II.

Part I
Part III

Barely slept through night one, when the sun was up on day two, we quickly got up and took our turns to use the toilet. I was the last since I needed to catch up on my sleep that I didn't have at night. Heh.

First meal of course has to be chicken rice ball. We walked out from Guli Residence and it was just few streets away to the main Jonker Street where all the happenings are.

As expected, the famous original chicken rice ball shop was filled with humans and more human lining up outside along the street. What we didn't expect was the line would be THAT long and under hot sun some more. 

Now, we were very hungry because we slept passed breakfast so yeah.

After discussing, we decided to walk down the Jonker Street and eat at the other shop where they also serve assam fish. We walked there and the shop hasn't even open yet. Maybe that's why the previous shop has such a ridiculous long queue. We waited for the shop to open (in about 10 minutes since we arrived) and best thing was we were the second set of people in line. Yay to quicker makan session. We were planning to spam kau kau since we were all so hungry. 

While waiting, Rachel went to get some Malacca goodies for appetizer. This one mini Portugese egg tart is yums. Then, we had yam balls and sweet potato balls. Malacca people must be quite lazy to come out with all this ball ideas. 

Hungry souls.

The shop opens at 1030am and the rice balls were not even ready yet so we settled for un-ball-ed oily aromatic rice. In the end, the food was just okay. Penang's chicken rice could easily be better anytime. Need to buck up, Malacca!

After makan till our belly expanded to its max, we walked around and became typical tourists, taking typical shots with those beautiful ruins. Since we've been here so many times, we didn't go up. We walked around it and then spent quite some time in the shopping mall. 

We bought Gula Melaka, dodoi and all the Malacca goodness. Then, we walked some more and ended up with more shopping items. One of the best holidays ever because it was so fun to buy things without having to think for too long. 

But then again I did take quite long to decide on a 'jumpsuit' that I really like. Heh.

After shopping and sitting down at Starbucks for a while, we headed back to Guli Residence with snack food from the Taiwanese stall. Their deep friend large chicken is smaller than the ones we have in Penang. Boohoo. 

We got back to our room, rested and took a 30 minutes nap. Being a tourist is quite a tiring thing. For us at least. Mom and Vanessa continued with their shopping along Jonker Street. Like I said earlier, IT IS VERY CONVENIENT TO STAY AT GULI RESIDENCE! 

So, after resting we got ready to head out for dinner and jalan-jalan at Jonker Street. We walked to the famous Capitol Satay Celup but again, we were greeted by hundreds of people in one line. Okay, maybe not hundreds but it's seriously a lot of people. 

Perks of travelling with your better half - no need to carry any bag/handbags :) All put inside his bag can already. LOVE IT!

Tak boleh tahan so we walked back to the riverside and had Thai food for dins. It was a very yummy dinner, a bit too expensive perhaps. Also, had the best iced lemon tea everrr. You can see the photo in my Instagram :)

Before we head over to Jonker Walk, we decided to take the evening cruise. We wanted to see sunset but the haze in Malacca was so bad that all we get was gloomy sky, but still the place were packed with humans.

Then, we walked and spent the rest of our night at Jonker Street, where we shopped and shopped and just get things that were cheap and cute. 

Koay ended up getting the camping lights that we might need. Oh and one multi-knife-scissors-thing. No points for guessing who was happiest boy that night!

Oh ya, then on the way back to our residence, we saw this Satay Celup on wheels and since we weren't able to taste the famous one, why not try this one out. Indeed, it was no match. Haha. I'm sorry but it really tasted horrible and super expensive. 4 sticks of anything for RM10 is seriously too expensive.

The night was still young. So, after dropping our things, we all (except the baby and baby's parents), we went to another cafe by the riverside and hang out. We had Somersby, Blackcurrant Juice, Iced Lemon Tea, deep fried squid and cocktail sausages.

That was all it needed to end that perfect night.

We walked back and call it a night. 

Not for Koay.

Koay was determined to go somewhere and watch one Man Utd match. 

He then asked the host of Guli Residence, James. James is the owner's son who takes care of the place and lives there at night whether there are some mamak place or anywhere nearby we could watch football. James wasn't too sure so he offered to bring him around the area to check it out.

Then, James voluntarily took out 2 bicycles and brought Koay around to find a place that has TV. I was in the room waiting for his news.

Then, they came back smiling.

James then took another bicycle that isn't too big for me. He also insisted that I cycle around Guli Residence first before I follow Koay there. 

Seriously. I have never have such a nice friendly kind host before. Thank you James (if you happen to be reading this!)

Koay then quickly led the way to the place. We went through rows of heritage houses/shoplots and by the riverside. 

I didn't expect this to be a great cycling 'trip' since it was last minute and it was quite a rushed thing. But it turns out amazing. 

It was nice to have him kept looking back at me to make sure I was okay. He was ready to take the bigger route if I wasn't okay with my cycling skills. Well, obviously I didn't fall into the river and we came back in one piece.

I managed to cycle through those narrow paths with no problems okay haha.

It was such a fun night out for the both of us. If anything, it felt like we were on our honeymoon and felt like our first time going for a holiday together. It felt nice :)

Thank you James for your bicycles. For never even hesitating lending them to us and trusting that we will take good care of it or that we will run away with it. Haha. You're an amazing person. Your whole family is! :)

I was actually planning to finish off updating about the trip in this Part II, but I guess not. Stay tuned for Part III because my head is going to implode soon enough.