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20 January 2016

Fourth Love.


His reaction when I texted him this morning. He obviously forgot. Heh. It's okay because I also forgot until Facebook reminded me, sort of lah. 

Too many dates to remember. This is a serious matter people, so please don't have too many special occasions on different dates. Madness. 

It's pretty surreal to let that 'it's-been-four-years' thought sink in. It did not feel like it's been 4 years. It felt as though we just started not too long ago. That's about 1460 days spent with this boy, although not like we see each other everyday lah. Heh.

Four years ago, when we started this thing, I remembered it was a struggle for me as he is quite a different person compared to the only one person that I have dated last time for so many years. It was pretty difficult at the beginning for me to adjust the way relationship is to me to complement with this husband-to-be, but of course, we managed. Duh. 

This year's anniversary doesn't feel like a special one and I know exactly why that is so. 


I cannot imagine how my story will be like, without this man and I do not ever want to imagine that. All I know now is that before the year ends, I am going to marry my best friend and he will be stuck with me for the rest of his life. 


Do you also know that today marks our fourth month of being engaged! I only realized when I looked at the side ticker. HAHA! That's funny. 

Okaylah, thumbs up to Koay for proposing the chun punya date. So easier to remember most of our dates. It all happened on the 20th. WIN!

So, actually tonight we should go eat good food right since it's a double celebration? Heh. 

To many more exciting-God-filled-days with you, Mut :)

19 July 2015

Blessed Two-Five, Adrian Koay.

Since the boy is at a futsal game and I have nothing else better to do at home, I thought I shall just update something here.

Okay, just a quick and short one for the boy who celebrates being twenty-five today.

You have shown me so many things through your life and seeing your journey from someone who was once upon a time so sure that Jesus was just another person/story to someone who has encountered Him and walking this path with Him being in the center of your life wows me. 

Your kindness is mind-blowing and your humility teaches me to be one every day. 

I'm thankful that I get to spend many more birthdays with you and my prayer for you is that you will never give up on going after Him and fulfilling His will in your life.

Thank you for always being that bigger person okay. Thank you for always trying to make me smile when that's the last thing I want to do. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself when you're with me. Thank you for letting me be part of your humble life.

Lastly, thank you for loving me with all my imperfections and weaknesses.

I hope you had a great time today and I love you :)

Blessed two-five, Adrian Koay :)

02 January 2015

First Friday of 2015.

He leaves the office at 5:30pm. 

He heads over to Subway and buys two Sub of the day, a piece of chocolate chip cookie, and one drink. 

He drives to my house and waits in the car. 

He didn't mind if my meeting was going to be longer and ends later than 6pm. 

He waits a bit more for me to change into comfortable shorts and a t-shirt even though he knows that he's going to be late for his friendly match with the guys from Finland. 

He smiles at me as I enter his white Ferrari and passes me my surprise dinner. 

He stopped at the place where we are going to have our year three dating time. 

He parks the car. 

He joins his team and he plays with his new sports shoes on. 

My first Friday of the year is great!  

I'm thanking God for every moment. 

Blessed beyond words. 

23 July 2014

Koay's 24th.

Weeks before his birthday, I had already planned to bring him to Miraku Restaurant at G Hotel where they serve authentic Japanese food (so they said). I wanted to blindfold him and just drive him there, but obviously, that didn't happen.

I kinda was too excited and tongue slipped mentioning the restaurant. So, in the end, I told him and he didn't look as excited as I thought he would be. 

The conclusion is that he didn't want to eat so fancily because it's JUST a birthday. Pfft. See this boy. One whole year, this is the only time can use as a reason to eat fancy food but he doesn't want to. 

So, since he didn't want, I asked him to tell me where he would like to makan and since we couldn't do it on his actual birthday, we did it a day earlier. 

It was already decided that his birthday dinner will be at Mizi. Yes, Mizi New World Park. His most favorite place to have western food. 

Then, Friday came and I asked him again if he's sure he wants to go to Mizi since we can always go to Mizi any other time. Without hesitating, he said, "Let's buka puasa by the beach!"

Now, it's really not a random thing because ever since when we got together as a couple, there is one thing that we do annually.

Buka puasa by the beach at our favorite spot. 

This year would be our third time already. This annual thing is more important than celebrating our anniversary. No kidding. We have the tendency to forget our anniversary date but not this buka puasa thing. Sure won't forget one. 

So, yeah, we went to Tanjung Tokong's Pasar Ramadhan and kept to our budget. This year, I told him I would pay for all since this is his birthday dinner. I love to see him being at Pasar Ramadhan because his face just lights up, especially when he sees trays of kuihs on the table. SERIOUS!

We drove to Tanjung Bungah and walked to our corner. There we set up Kelly's portable table and arrange the food nicely. Take a photo first. Heh. 

It was funny in the beginning because the tides were high that time which was odd btw and we kept worrying that the waves would get to us. We both had that feeling to move the table up the rocky place just in case. Good thing we did because after that the waves came in right to our feet. Haha.

We ate, talked, looked at the sea to see if dolphins jump out of the water (nope, didn't happen!), stared at the rocky areas where the waves kept crashing on to see if got mermaid comes out (obviously not!) and laughed to jokes that aren't even funny.

Then, we headed back home and joined the Sha family for a quick durian feast. Koay's favorite. After that, he wanted to try the nitrogen-made-ice-cream at Safe Room and so we went. So crowded on a Friday night. It was only after one of the Directors found out that we were food-bloggers that she arranged for a table for both of us. More on that at WhatTwoEatHere

We didn't stay long there because it was really noisy. Koay suggested going 'picnic' at Esplanade.

By that, he means to lie down in the middle of the field on a cloth. 


It was calm and cool.

It was probably too quiet and calm. I was quite paranoid in the beginning. Scared people come to attack us then we sure die. 

Oh my. I'm actually scared of being in the middle of the field in Penang at night. Scared of bad people. This is sad.

Anyways, there was another group of family doing the same thing on the other side of the field so I thought it was alright. Another man came to practice his juggling skills, which must be for the Bon Odori event.

He only wanted to stay there for a while, but at that time I thought that it would be perfect if I could get some people to come to surprise him here so I texted some people. I tell you it's so difficult to text at that time because he was just next to me. 

He was starting to get frustrated with me because he wanted to leave already and I kept telling him I want to do his birthday countdown here. Haha. I think he was close to getting mad at me already.

In the end, no one could make it. Too last minute for me also to plan like that. Spontaneous surprise a bit susah la ya. Heh.

Well, it was such a simple night spent with the world's simplest dude. 

Blessed twenty-four, Adrian. My prayer for you is that in every corner of your life, you will always allow Jesus to be the center of it all. That you will see who you are through His eyes and how He has plans for you that you will soon discover.

Thank you for being an angel.

16 July 2014

Beach With Koay.

We didn't have anything specific planned for the Public Holiday (Nuzul Al-Quran) yesterday Tuesday and at first, it was driving me crazy because I just need to know what's going on and stuff. Of course I switched that off and just decided to do something totally not planned and spontaneous or not do anything at all.

I had to send a set of documents to a client at Bayan Lepas area so I decided to drive and picked Koay up on the way. After sending the documents, we headed towards the airport to pick up my luggage. 

But before that, we stopped at the famous toast & egg coffee-shop on the road leading to the airport and have ourselves some light breakfast. I think we've tasted better ones and this one quite expensive. Just bread and half boiled eggs and a glass of iced coffee, it's about RM10.

Then, to the airport to pick the blue baby. So happy to see four wheels and no cracked areas. Things you buy with own money, you sure jaga elok-elok eh. Heh. Time to plan for the next holiday. Or maybe the next big one will be in December to Harvard?

We didn't want to go home straight and since we were already at that part of the island, I thought why not we go see the beach that we're going to be picnic-ing in less than two weeks' time. I don't exactly remember how to go but from few snapshots of my memories, we arrived! 

It was such a sight okay. Feels so good to be smelling the sea-sand smell. We walked around and I showed Koay of the place I used to come very often with my family. I showed him every area. Showing him a side of my childhood times. It was fun. 

If we brought along change of clothes, we would have both jumped into the waters. I CAN'T WAIT FOR RAYA TO COME! QUICKLY!

Then, he wanted to show me where he used to go with his friends for fishing. I tell you, this boy is the biggest fan of fishing. Okay maybe not the biggest but definitely a big one. 

We drove to the end of the road where there is no more road. He pointed at a lorong and so chun two bikes drove in and he got all excited and said, "There! There! SEE! SEE! That's how we went in. Then after that must hike for 10 minutes sumore. The place is very secluded ehh!"

He was super excited.

We drove back slowly while exchanging more childhood stories. I got to know my boyfriend a little more that day. It was nice. 

Although Gertak Sanggul is very far but I think it became one of our favorite beach. Knowing us, we probably won't visit it as often as we would like it to be. Petrol very expensive nowadays. Hah.

21 May 2014

His First Car.

I said FIRST and not NEW because for sure in the future when he can afford it, he will get Audi for himself or Honda for me. Haha. 

It took quite some time for him to finally get his car because of all the additional things that he wants to have. Actually, the decision to get the car itself took quite long. After all, this is his most expensive buy to date. So, must take a longer time to think. Next time buy house doesn't know what to take how many years d. Hah kidding kidding.

The old car never goes, new car susah mau come. Haha. It was quite a sad farewell to this car. Not for me because he hardly uses this car when we go out, don't know why. For him and his family, it was such a tiny bit sad thing to do. I think for Jaryn it's a lot sadder. She drives this car everywhere when she was in Penang.

Oh well, time to get a bigger car since the family is expanding :)

The man told us he will reach in 10 minutes. We waited for 20-30 minutes. Pfft. When he finally came with the white baby, all pfft gone. Both straight was so happy till smiling from ear to ear. Don't know why I so happy also ah. As if it's my car like that. Hahaha.

Although he did tell me that one of the reasons he got it in auto mode instead of manual is so that I can drive too. So sweet hor? But he meant it as in I drive and he relaxes in the car. My turn to be the driver. Hahaha. I'm pretty sure for the first 6 months, he sure doesn't dare let me drive his new baby. Scared later I'm the first person to scratch it. Heh.

Oh ya! One more reason why he took so long to get the car after all the paperwork is choosing the number plate. He was given three numbers and he has to arrange them according to preference in case somebody else got the number already. After doing that which took don't know how many days, the man told us all the numbers that he wanted no more. Take so long sumore lah. Hahaha. Then, he was given another set of numbers and finally chose one that I thought was pretty nice. My favorite number three times leh. 

They went through everything that he needs to know of the car and I was just staring at the white beauty. He even sent the car to have some areas custom painted with white because although it's white, not all areas are white. He wanted ALL white, so I think he paid extra to get that done. 

The first car, oh so precious.

After all the talking, we drove this car to dinner. Unknowingly, a bug followed me into the car after dinner.

Me: *hits the bug in darkness on my hand* Yerrrr. WHAT IS THATTT!! 
Him: *looked at me with an eyebrow raised*
Him: Wei! Why you bring insects into my car!!?
Me: Ohhhhhh! New car d so action hor. Sayang this car more hor. 
Him: *keeps quiet and steal some glances at me*
Me: Before the car, you would say something like this, "Babe, are you okay?" Now straight say I purposely bring it in. *claps hands*
Him: *smiles* Nolahhhh. Just testing you ni. 
Me: Hahahaha. Don't test me ah later I show some 'love' to your car only you know *grins*

This is only day one. 

04 March 2014

Two Capital City.

*discussing the details of the Korea trip*

Me: I'm leaving on Thursday night, but have to be at the airport by 5pm d..

Koay: Ohh.. So nice lehhh.. *sad tone voice*

Me: Mien kesi la you. Abo you take leave also la on Thursday and friday. Since I not around, you sure no mood to work d ma *tak tau malu*

Koay: Ehhh. Good idea wei. Then I go KL few nights, can stay with my sister sumore.

Me: Yeah lo.. Sounds good cos you can teman her go shopping all, or you can go somewhere else la. Backpack solo style.

Koay: Don't want la.. I want KL.. You know why ahh?

Me: Why hahhh?

Koay: Cos you going to the capital of Korea, so I go capital of Malaysia. Like that got good connection.

Me: Wuuut? Like that also can.. HAHAHA!

07 February 2014

The Unexpected Present.

As I mentioned before, the boy surprised me with a birthday gift that's not like any that anyone would give to a girl. 

Do I love it? Of course.
Did I expect it? Obviously not at all.
Was I surprised? Definitely yes.

Ladies and gentleman, he got for me a FISHING ROD.

Now you see, getting my very own first fishing rod was quite an exciting thing. Just when I thought that he's going to have a hard time getting me a gift this year, this turns out to be the best. I don't need diamonds or rings or necklaces or clothes or heels or any girly stuff like that.

Being in the Fishing Equipment Shop for less than 3o minutes and I can conclude that fishing is not a cheap hobby. In fact, it's super expensive. After you get the rod, you have to get the turn-the-wheel-line-thing, weights, hooks, and who knows what else. There are just so many things that you need to get before you can go for a proper fishing trip. For him, it wasn't a hassle at all. He has always loved fishing. He's always out fishing with his buddies back in college years and even though we've been together for two years now, I have never once joined him. Never. Sad heh.

Not because I don't like fishing. As a matter of fact, I love fishing too. Just not that in love. When I was a kid, I always follow my dad for fishing trips by the seasides. My dad taught us, three girls, how to fish using sardines, squids, and worms. I never touched those worms, never! Eeeyeeer. 

Anyways, back to this one. I think I will plan more go-to-the-beach-and-fishing trips now that I sudah ada wa punya fishing rod. Muahahaha. It really gives a very nice feeling. I don't know how to express it.

Let's fish guyssss :)

09 January 2014

The Ugly Truth.

Slowly getting more comfortable with 2014. 

The past few months haven't been easy with so many things on the plate. What makes it even tougher is the boy is still going through his quarter life crisis. What suck about this is that there is not much that I can help him with except to make sure he smiles everyday, whether one time or more. Everyday must at least be silly once to make him smile. I guess it will help him go through it better. I guess. 

I went through it and hated it. I don't think anyone can escape it, I think. However, mine isn't as worse as the boy's. Either that, or he's just really sucked into it and stuff. I don't know.. 

Nine days into it and I can now say that it's going to be a long year. It's going to feel forever to reach to the last month of 2014. Here I am in January, hoping that December is already here. Hmm.

Two nights ago, Koay and I had a long conversation about the now and the future. Boy, its one of those conversations that we enjoy, although there were mini arguments here and there. We did however ended the talk with smiles and hugs :)

It leaves me thinking about how impossible it is for couples to never argue at all. For one person to always give in and thus avoid all arguments, that's impossible. Seriously.

It doesn't matter how similar you both are, you will still argue. Big things or small, sure argue. 

When I look at the both of us, I can safely say that there are more similar things than there are not. We see eye to eye in almost anything, but then sure somewhere got something that we don't. 

We've been friends for about 5 years now. Okay, more like 3 years of great friendship and 2 years of amazing relationship. Even when we were just buddies, we already started arguing on certain things. To the point people used to think that we were a couple or something. 

But no. Not that time. I guess that's kinda the thing that brought us closer and then we became best friends. If we didn't argue 4-5 years ago, I don't think we could ever be best friends like that. 

Come and think about it. How Josh and I became really close at one point from just being childhood buddies was something similar. We started arguing first. Not those couple kind but still, we've had our days of not-talking-to-each-other kind. 

So yeah. 

Healthy arguments bring two people further together, I believe. 

It is always better to talk things out than to keep it in there somewhere.

I don't know why I'm talking about this but I guess, stepping into a new year and going to celebrate our two years together made me realize one important thing. 

It's no secret that I am a bossy person and sometimes I do tend to want things go my way. I'm quite a kiasu person. For years, I have offended people unknowingly and not many people actually dare to come up to me and tell me and guide me (sort of). Very very few actually. Or probably none, if you don't count my family.

And then there's Koay. 

The first person who is not afraid to tell me off when I needed an attitude adjustment. For the first few times, I didn't take it well. I mean, obviously right? 

But over the years as a best friend (even before we have feelings for each other), he never fails to be that one person who constantly became my 'alarm clock'. 'Alarm clock' because everytime I said something that I shouldn't have or how I react to a person/scenario, he will tell me. Of course after we got together, the 'alarm tone' became "I love you babe".

So when he says that to me out of a sudden, I knew I had to re-think of what I did/say. Often I will give my explanation, but it usually smack me back on my own face. Hahaha.

I like how he doesn't care if I was going to get angry or hurt or something, but hey, someone has got to be the one, right. 

Thankful for this strict but sweet angel :)

Okaylah. This could be the post for him for our second year anni coming up so soon :) Lazy to write another post for Koay d. Haha. 


28 October 2013

Partners In Prayer.

We hold hands and we take turns to pray.

Not every night because we don't get to see each other every day, but when we can, when we do see each other and get to give each other goodnight hugs and I get to get my favorite forehead kisses, we pray.

If the previous time he prayed then it's my turn next.

Last night was my turn.

When I'm really tired, sometimes I just forgot to pray.

He reminded, "Eh, let's pray!"

I looked at him and nodded.

He held my hand and there was quite a long silent. Yeah, I actually thought it was his turn, and he was waiting for me to start. Ohh so silly and laugh-able moment.

I prayed for his family, my family, his work, my work, our friends, our future and our relationship.

Nights like these, I'm very thankful for.

thank You, Jesus :)

20 January 2013

Blessed One Year.

The best boyfriend isn't the best-looking, the funniest, the strongest or the richest. It's the one that makes sure you know he loves you.

I never knew you would become someone this important in my life. Someone who changed my world, literally. Someone whom when I'm with, I do things that I never thought I would ever do, ever! 

It's crazy. It's weird.
It's funny. It's extreme.
It's insane. It's strange.
It's unpredictable.
It's madness.
It's out of the world.
It's loud. It's full of surprises.
It's you and me.

And I think that kinda describes us and this adventure that we got ourselves into. From the beginning when we first became friends, I thought you were the 'guy best friend' that I'll have for a long long time.

You know that kind where I teach you how to"properly" go after girls (not that you don't know how) and checking girls/boys our together in college's canteen, hear your stories after each dating sessions, cheer loudly in your floorball matches, eat with you when you had no one else to eat with, fill you in on your curiosity of Christianity, bring you to go church and introduce you to all my friends and say that you're

actually gay, like my gay best friend kind-of-gay.Then one day, everything changed. My life changed forever. Billion of thank yous won't do it. All those midnight phone calls I made to you when I couldn't sleep, you being a driver and drive me around the whole day, teaching me how to play gin rummy and got me hooked on it, letting me bite on you when I was upset, pressured me to study for exams, cooked (sort of) for me, go for a last-minute trip together to Hatyai, taught me be-more-tough-in floorball (I was in a skirt!), introduced Mee Kuah at Abu, and being super patient with me the whole entire time.

 And all that before you even asked the question (this is the part where you will tell people "you forced me to ask one!)! I'm just very grateful for you being you and being that one dude that I can rely on completely. Love all that bang chang koay moments, love all your forehead kisses, love it when you snore (NOT!), love it when you play with Kelly, love it when you satisfy my food cravings, love it when you would come into my house like it's your own, love it when you put that extra effort to coming church even if you just slept for few hours the night before, love it when you sing (out of tune) out loud and confidently in the car, love it when you dance like no one is around you, love it that you have such a good heart and love it (a lil) when you passionately tells me about your love towards Manchester United. And today marks our one year as a couple. It's only one year? It feels like years already to me! :) 

Cheers to many many many more years to come and the many more roller-coaster ride that we will conquer.

Blessed 1st, babe.