30 April 2014

Public Holiday Best Gilerr.

*dances around while humming a random song*

Just because it's a Public Holiday tomorrow. 

Public Holiday usually means roadtrip or doing fun things with a lot of people or with just the two of us. But usually, spend holidays with a bunch of people a lot nicer, don't know why.

Oh! And also can sleep until the sun comes up. No need to set alarm clock.

I think that moment when you turn off the alarm clock in your phone is probably one of the best feeling. Serious.

Then again, tomorrow still have to set alarm clock because got breakfast session with all the relatives before our Annual Family Badminton 2014 kickoff. 

After that, it's Bowling Competition with Koay's side of the family. I think it's going to be Girls vs Boys. Hmm.. 

Such an eventful day tomorrow. What is rest guys?

I'm quite excited lah actually. Confirm lose d since my team all can't really play eh, although Koay is our team captain. I myself play like what only. Haha.

Oh wellz.

Thank God it's Labour Day tomorrow! 

Last year's Labor Day quite happening also actually. I'm totally enjoying to the fullest this day that is created for all those who works. 

29 April 2014

Youth Wave Challenge 2014.

There will be NO youth service for two weeks due to this Wave Challenge. 
26th April and 3rd May.

A bunch of us went to the Balik Pulau Sports Complex early in the morning. Goodness, no more sleep late on weekends. So sad okay.

Anyways, Ben and I was supposed to the helpers but Ben could only be there for a few hours. I saw Baxster doing nothing and he obviously couldn't play any sports, so I got him to be my partner for secretariat stuff. We're a very effective team because he willingly did the score keeping and I was the timekeeper. At least not so stressed out.

Officials of the day :)

There were other helpers from other churches. Initially, they needed more but on that day, we actually had too many. We both actually spent quite some time doing nothing. Oh and officials get free drinks and lunch. Yay! :)

My favorite all-time. The Yeo's were selling them one bottle for RM1 only! 

This Saturday got another round of Dodgeball and Floorball. Imma going to spam and stock up at home. SO CHEAP OKAY!

Koay said got a lot of calories but less sugar d ma so shouldn't be that bad. Haha.

And doctor did mention that I have to constantly take in sugar. The body needs it. Maybe that explains the face expanding and the kgs increasing. Hah.

I shall keep trying to eat healthily and go for more hiking session.

It was such a long day but for the people who were playing, I guess time passed pretty quickly for them. There were a lot of teams for captain ball, both for men and women. For frisbee, only 4 teams that was from 2 churches. 

Frisbee not easy leh. I've tried it once and boy, if you don't have stamina or have very little, you can't survive. Speaking from experience here. But it is quite a nice game. Just have to run a lot and learn how to throw them frisbee.

Captain ball was indoor so yay to not getting a sunburn, but then the place that fireBRANDS sat was wind-less and fan-less. 

WE WERE SWEATING LIKE MAD DOGS! And we weren't even playing. We were just watching. Don't know if some kgs were shed or not that time since so much sweat came out. Hahaha.

All in all, it was a good Saturday spent with buddies. We did not win any placing but we all had fun. Is fourth considered as a placing also ah? Hmm..

Anyways, I think compared to other Wave Challenge, this was prolly one of the smallest. I remembered my first Youth Wave Challenge back in those years and the whole places was packed with sweaty humans. 

Actually, also because we used to have all four sports in one day and now they split them into 2 days. Yeah, that's probably why it felt small this time. 

And I used to be one of the players. Now, I will give any excuses not to be playing. WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME!? I loved sweating after playing sports. LOVED. Now, I'm so lazy its not even funny anymore. Heh.

New in my list: Hiking.

28 April 2014

Padan Muka I.

This is first time ever going through such thing.

Having my car towed away. 

The best part? 

I didn't even know it was gone. Only until my friend and a stranger came and told me.

In 2013, I've got two love letters. One in January and the other one in April. So, having my car towed away by the MPPP was quite a huge thing.

When I found out, I didn't know how to react. The first question popped in my head was, "Where to claim back my car?" Then only, "How much the penalty wei?"

Such a laugh-able moment. 

Yes, I've parked at a yellow line area at a lorong. It's the place where I park everyday from Monday to Friday. However, someone decided to complain to the MPPP and they bring the tow car machine thingy.

Apparently, when they were there, they sounded the siren and those cars that were not supposed to be there moved and I was the only one who didn't move my car. THAT'S BECAUSE I DIDN'T HEAR ANY SIREN! My colleagues all also didn't hear anything.

Supposedly if MPPP notices that your car is going against the rule, they will clamp it for 4 hours. After 4 hours still never move your car then they will tow it already. Not if someone make a complaint. 

My friend told me that there were so many people on the road looking while my car was being towed away.

I called my dad and we went to Lebuh McNair (seventh street) to pay the fine and get back the car.

It was then only they told us that someone lodges a complaint and they had to tow it away. The officer asked me why I never go move my car. Obviously I didn't hear the siren lah!

I was supposed to pay RM300 but they gave me 50% discount. When everything was settled, the officer said sorry to me. I was like, "U tak payah sorry to me lah. Not your fault pun!" 

We exchanged smiles and I said thank you to him again. 

It was a lesson for me to learn. A very expensive one, but it could have been worse. If it's police love letter, it could cost me RM300 with NO DISCOUNT. 

So, I am grateful that this happened. Afterall, who ask me to park along yellow line. Who? Haha.

Thank You Jesus.

25 April 2014

What Weekend?

Family night happening in less than three hours!

Wave Challenge tomorrow morning.

Mission Trip Fundraising on Sunday.

Wahhh this week so many things to do. 

Weekends that doesn't feel like one.

24 April 2014

Sha Lynn's One Year and Guan You's One Month.

Since Guan You's (my cousin's newly born baby boy) is celebrating his full moon on the 19th (which is the day Sha Lynn was born a year ago) at Homes Chef Garden, we decided that Sha Lynn's 'party' would be held there as well. Nothing huge really. 

It was just family gathering over these two precious babies special occasion.

Of course, the Shas and Khoos had a proper dinner celebration for baby girl the day after over peking duck and roasted little piglet and other yummy stuff. Not that the birthday girl will remember any of it. Hah.

Anyways, it was a simple night with lots of laughter and talks in the air. All the relatives unite, really. 

We ended the night with a birthday song and God bless the birthday girl song. Then, we let her eat her mini cake by herself. Too bad there wasn't enough cream on it if not sure super cute.

Photos are not in order because I'm feeling extremely lazy today and I would like to keep my energy for the final rehearsal tonight. 

So, feast away your eyes. Some photos might be too orange. I don't know lah. I lazy and I don't like to edit. I like original. Hahaha. 

Don't know why speaking of original, immediately I thought of the green tea ice cream wafer that we had and blogged about here. CRAVING FOR IT NOW but Koay is in Ipoh no one can bring me go buy or buy for me. No, I'm not that spoilt. Hah.

One year old.

23 April 2014

22 April 2014

Who's Going to Japan?

Yours truly :)

This is such an exciting news.

Six days and five nights to Osaka.

Fully paid holiday, along with other travel agencies.

It's like work but it's not work.

Thank You Jesus, really.

You keep blowing my mind away like that, it's crazy.

Another crazy thing is apparently colleagues who have been with this company for almost 10 years still have never  been selected to go for famil trips overseas like that, and I have yet to complete my second year.

Not that I'm saying I'm doing exceptionally well here. 

God's blessings are just beyond measures. 

Totally wow-ed.

21 April 2014

Totally Random.

So, this weekend flew by pretty quickly.

We had Good Friday, Sha Lynn's 1st and then Easter Day and Sha Lynn's 1st Dinner again at night.

Pretty packed weekend, but I did managed to steal some good naps in between.

Naps like these are the best already. Also, because I'M GOING TO JAPAN IN JUNE! More on that later! :)

Gonna post more photos on Sha Lynn's 1st tomorrow or something.

Just randomly wanna talk about this here.

19 April 2014

Sha Lynn Turns One.

Be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Blogger, Imma spam all with baby girl's photos and happy birthdays. 

Just because I can.

Notice how in every photo here, Goldie is always nearby her. One time, she wanted Goldie to be with her IN her bath tub and cried all the way during bath time because all Goldie did was sit nearby and watched her, not bathe with her. This baby I tell you. Love you still :)

The joy I get when I see her being so attached to Goldie. Ahhh. Best feeling ever.

Blessed One, Sha Lynn.

18 April 2014


My neck feels so stiff right now.

I need a good long sleep with a pillow worth at least RM200!


Can invest money on good bed, pillows and blanket. Other things no need.


16 April 2014

John 14:27

"Peace I leave with you.
My peace I give to you.  
I do not give to you as the world gives.  
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid"

thank you Jesus.

15 April 2014

2D1N Kuala Lumpur.

The whole family woke up at 4am and got ready to hit the road. Left the house at 5am and stopped by Ipoh for a nice warm breakfast. Nope, not at Foh San. 

He has always like driving to KL (or anywhere outside of Penang) either very early in the morning or early in the evening. So that we can always see sunrise or sunset. 

Go see sunrise, come back see sunset. He's quite romantic la in the way. 

We spent a night at Jaryn & Joe's place. LOVE THEIR STUDIO APARTMENT! Everything also got okay! Clean and new gymnasium, reading room, indoor playground, garden overlooking the city, barbeque place and infinity pool. 

INFINITY POOL! Okay, any apartments with this for sure win liau. FOR SURE!

First shopping place: IKEA.

Got a few stuff there for the parents and baby girl since her birthday is in 4 days time :)

Boys assembling a multi-tray-to-keep-documents-thing. At this moment I can't think of what it's called. Hmm..

We came back after IKEA and headed to the pool. The boys wanted to go gym first so the ladies decided that we shall just go to the pool. The sky was getting dark okay. Let's not waste anymore time. The pool is calling already. This shot was taken from the gym. I didn't bring my swimsuit also don't care. Shorts and t-shirts will do. 

Working out and looking at the city from the 6th floor, yes.

It started drizzling and then we saw purple lighning zapped at a distance and we straight came out. It became really dark in the span of few minutes. It's crazy. Quite scary really.

While waiting for the storm to pass, we selfied :)

Poor boy came down to swim but it started pouring really heavily. Then, it kinda stopped. But the lightning and thunder was like everywhere. So, he just stood there and daydream. He was so ready to make a jump for it. Too bad Koay. Too bad.

Just one night away from my family and I started missing them terribly. Just that weekend, don't know why. 

Thank God for video calls. 

April no more holiday.

May, you come faster.

14 April 2014

Moodless Monday.


DON'T EVEN FEEL LIKE EATING can you imagine that.

Kept feeding myself with chocolate to take away the headache.

13 April 2014

Coming Home!

We are on our way home after spending a night in the mad city! 

Definitely not enough but I'll still take it! 
Good times spent with him and his family ! :) 

11 April 2014

Keep Swallowing.

One of the worse things to happen during a good night's sleep is when you swallow your saliva and the pain wakes you up. 

Then, you try to swallow more and the pain gets even worse.

Immediately, you switch sleeping mode to praying mode because the pain is just too unbearable. Somehow, you fell asleep and it was a smooth sleep again.

Until you wake up in the morning, no more saliva to swallow.

The pain seemed to be gone after you brush your teeth and you thought it's gone!

After make-up, you swallow again to final check and wala, it's back again.

You walked into the office feeling pretty worn out with all the swallowing saliva going on and then you started sneezing non-stop.

You got your materials ready and heading towards Prai to meet some corporate clients. You decided that on the way, you'll stop by at Klinik Huang and buy some medicines.

I lazy to say the rest already.

Yeah, one day in the life of Sarah Khoo. 
April 11th, Friday.

It's going to be okay by tomorrow morning because we going to the city of madness!

10 April 2014

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

A fine super good looking man. Oh, he's super. 

Where got people so good looking eh? Josh Duhamel will still be top in my list, but this guy, this guy is good looking seriously. I just kinda realized that.

Don't worry Koay. These guys are just a list of names.. Actors that are such eye candies. You are the best and you know it :)

Moving on.. I just found out that he got married to his co-star in Step Up! I like this kind of love story. Very sweet lah. Their baby girl is almost one year old (same age with Sha Lynn!) and they both are like the cutest parents.

I hope this isn't another Hollywood love story which ends up with the D word. 

His wife, Jenna Dewan is such a beautiful lady. Gosh, when two beautiful people are together, the whole world celebrates. Just like when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got together and then I dislike Brad Pitt because he cheated on her. Pfft. Not that I'm very pro in Hollywood stuff. 

No idea why I can want to blog about this. Probably because I just found out that he got married to his co-star? And I find it quite cute? And I suddenly want to watch Step Up all over again? And I did?


09 April 2014

Michael Alexander Siow.

Michael Alexander Siow.
Second son of Sarah Khor and Howard Siow. 
Five months old. 

So, Lachlan was in hospital for few days already due to some throat infection and mommy siow have got to make a quick run to the hospital to drop off a few things.

So, I left work earlier and Koay fetched me to her place. We played, laughed and talked to Michael for about one and half hours.

All we did was just let him lie down on his baby-rocking-chair/bed thing and he would crack a smile everytime we calls his name or when we do ugly silly faces to him. 

He's such an easy baby. So handsome.

At one point, we stopped playing with him and watched Knife Fight on Astro. He started baby-talking while watching the TV as well. Wahhh, extreme cuteness I tell you! 

After talking a while, he got tired so he started biting his toys and eyes still focused on TV. 

I bet he's going to be a major food lover when he grows older.

Whole day's stress at work gone. Just because someone looked at me and kept smiling.

Unbelievable what a smile can do to people. 

Keep smiling everyone. Keep smiling :)

It's Wednesday already, guys. More reason to smile bigger and laugh louder. 

08 April 2014

A Quick Week.

Actually, this two days passed by very fast. 

I didn't even realized it's mid-week tomorrow already. 

Few more days and I get to have my-much-needed-break.

I can't wait.

07 April 2014

What Hiking?

Saturday is the kind of day that people will sleep in till brunch time. Or at least for me it is.

I don't know why I go and agree with Koay that I will join them to hike to Kerachut. No idea why. 

That morning when I had to wake up at 6am, I regretted it so badly that when Koay called, I kinda wanted to tell him that I was going to ppk him. Then, it rained! *cheers silently inside*

Then, the rain stopped. So, after breakfast, we made our way to Teluk Bahang and there it was. THE BLACK BIG PIECE OF RAINING CLOUD. I was the happiest girl that morning. 

We ended up going to a hidden waterfall that my family used to go. Still so pretty. 

Standing at this waterfall brings so many wonderful memories. All those fun times with my relatives. We would pack nasi lemak/nasi kandar and makan there while being soaked in those iced cold fresh water. Those were the days. So fun! 

He wanted to make sure the it's not too slippery for me to go there since I was holding my Goldii. Or maybe the inner boy in him got too excited and wants to go play first. Haha.

Because I was so sleepy and reluctant to leave my bed in the morning, I didn't bring anything extra. So, cannot play water although Koay did brought a few t-shirts. Still, no extra pants. 

But since we were already there, we spent some time just soaking our feet in those cold water. SOOOO NICE OKAY! 

That waterfall place now looks like it's being guarded or something. There were like 2 houses in front, so I'm not sure if we're allowed to go there next time, with our packed nasi kandar. Next time means I sure get myself all wet and play water like I was 10 years old again. 

Hopefully can.

Time to go makan :)

Till next time, you pretty waterfall.

Lunch, we decided to tapau Malay rice and eat it at the beach behind Lone Pine Resort. Double date on a budget :)

Things he like to do.. quite cute. At the end of it, he like very proud nia. It's just chasing away the birds, bro.. 

After that, we wanted to watch a movie at TGV Paragon Mall since they have promo for only RM5 for movies before 12pm.. Manatua, for new movies, it's RM13 so we decided do something else. Haha. 


But not all of us. Only Jack went up on different kind of surface eh. Got barrel one sumore. Before that, we went to Shojikiya and got this green tea wafer ice cream first. 


It was quite a good Saturday despite the lack of sleep.