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17 March 2020

My Eyelash Lift Story.

Before I go on about this experience, if you must know, I have had some other experiences before with beauty related things because seriously, every girl wants to look good (so does every boy nowadays) and feel good so if it is affordable and not dangerous - why not.

Anyways, here are some of the other stories if you may be interested to read up. 

I never knew how long short my eyelashes were until I decided to try lifting them. Heh. This is how it goes actually. 

I was scrolling through Fave for cheap-cheap full body massages because my back is starting to ache again and the last time I went for a full body massage, the ache disappeared. But obviously I got sidetracked because I ended up with a Keratin Lash Lift voucher, instead of massage related voucher. 

By the way, Fave can be so addictive. It's like before you know it, you have so many vouchers bought and stored. Heh. 

There is one thing I always do first before I purchase in Fave, and that is I will call up to the shop and make appointment first because my time is very limited (with a job and two kids whatsoever) so if they can cater me with my date/time slot, then I will go ahead and purchase. If not, then - it's onto the next potential voucher. Hah. 

If you have read on my experience with eyelash extension, you will know that I am really not a big fan of it. It's expensive and real lashes drop alongside with the fake ones. But I wanted to achieve the same outcome that eyelash extensions give so I thought, "Hey! Let's try Lash Lift!"

So appointment made on my first annual leave of the year and I was truly excited. Come and think about it, I should have combo it with their RM58 (first trial) facial massage. 

The whole process took about one and half hours and no, there is no pain at all - unless your pain tolerance is close to zero. Heh. Seriously no pain wan la this lash lifting procedure. 

And yes, you will have to close your eyes the entire time. And yes, I fell asleep a few times. That was how smooth it went. Vivian, the beautician was really good and caring. 

After Vivian greeted me and we talked for a little bit (before the start of lifting them lashes), she already said this, "Hmm, your lashes very short so may not see very obvious.."

In my head, I was in denial kuat-kuat. 

Inside me, I was talking to self - Wait till if's lifted then you will see how long it actually is. 

I truly felt and thought that the lash lift will reveal the truth of how long my lashes actually are. Joker me I know. I think I will call it positive thinking okay please. 

Then, when it was done, I told her to help me take photo. 


What are those?

Baby eyelashes is it?

Truly she was right - my eyelashes damn short and non-existent.

Of course she went on and introduced and suggested me to use eyelash serum to let it grow longer. Since I haven't done enough research and read on eyelash serum, I did not impulse buy. 

She was very honest when she said that there is actually no point for me to do this eyelash lift treatment again if my eyelashes doesn't grow because really waste money. Needless to say, I trust her la of course. Now no budget to buy eyelash serum all - unless you guys have tried and confirmed that it works. Then I will buy. Heh. 

So, I guess that is all for my eyelash lift story because it's so short there is nothing else to say.

I spent more time in the shop (Des Aesthetic Salon at Prima Tanjung) and asked her on eyebrow embroidery procedures because I really want to get it done. 

You know how it is very normal for mothers who have just given birth to lose hair? Well, it's the same for me except the hair that I lose is not for my head, they are from my eyebrows. It's just so weird. I used to never need to draw them eyebrows wan but ever since I gave birth to Alex (and now Sofia), my eyebrows are slowly disappearing from my face it's not even funny. 

Every morning, I had to like wake up earlier because it takes so long for me to draw my eyebrows and some more it is never consistent wan. So stressful with this. Hah. 

But I wanted a procedure where I don't have to leave the salon looking like a fool (heh) - with a very darkened eyebrows and takes days for it to fade la and all. I wanted an immediate natural looking eyebrows where I can actually like go shopping right after the treatment. 

And from the photos that Vivian showed me, I was impressed and ready to go for it. The price also much cheaper than others that I have asked and researched on - RM650 - can last up to 2 years. 


Because of breastfeeding - highly not recommended. 

This story to be continued when breastfeeding journey ends. 

Oh wells. 

Till next time, bye now. 

28 July 2020

My Eyebrow Embroidery Story.

So, I finally did it.

After years of thinking and almost-doing it, I finally did it.

I have tried quite a number of things in regards to my face (not cosmetic surgery la okay) because I'm vain like that. Heh.

It all began after I have given birth to Alex about 2 years ago. It was then when my eyebrow hair started falling. I know - what a tragic story really. Dahlah, hair started falling and I have obvious bald spots (back then), I had to also deal with the fact that my eyebrows were balding too! 

It was such a difficult thing to accept because how often do you hear women say that their eyebrows were balding? I didn't even know such a thing exists!

If you are reading this and your eyebrows were balding, please message me because then I know I'm not alone in this and I am not crazy! Hah. 

If you see the photo above, I was heavily pregnant with Sofia and Adrian took a photo of us chilling on the bed with no makeup at all on my face. WHERE DID MY EYEBROWS GO!?

I used to have good eyebrows okay - good means like no need to use eyebrow makeup at all. Yes, in case you were wondering, I made him delete that IG story and gave him a quick intense session on why he should check his photos/videos before posting them online because his wife is vain la okay. 

Anyway, so when your hormones go haywire, your body reacts funnily. This - I learned because both pregnancies acted differently. 

The biggest reason why I did not go ahead and do it earlier is that Adrian begged me not to do it! Yeah - begged. 

He was so determined to make sure I don't proceed with the eyebrow embroidery because he did not want me to look like some people with bad eyebrows embroidery experience in terms of how it made them looked worse. He was really sure that I will make my eyebrows looked worse if I go for it. 

His reasons were legit and he actually did put that doubt in me hence me not going for it - even though I know it could save me a lot of time and effort and money. I was spending so much time watching Youtube videos and practicing and I've had good days and bad days. Some days, I had to rush drawing the eyebrows because the kids were restless. 

I've had days when I feel like my eyebrows look so bad I just kept avoiding meeting people. It's bad for my confidence and I always believe that confidence is key. Hah. 

But after adapting to life with 2 kids for about 6-months, I decided that there is no time for me to slowly do eyebrows all in the morning. 

On weekdays, not only do we need to get ourselves ready for work, but we also had to bathe both kids and feed them milk (mostly Sofia) and by the time the kids are settled, I usually have only 5-minutes to myself to do all my finishing touches. 

That also, sometimes Alex will not leave me alone at my makeup table. He either wants to be carried or he wants to hold everything I used - if not he makes a big fuss and there goes our peaceful start to the day. Then again, who am I kidding? With two kids at home, no such thing as the peaceful morning. Hah. But I love it! Just not when I need to draw my brows. 

So, I decided enough is enough and it is time to get the brows done. It's like if I never try, I will keep asking myself what if. 

I told Adrian about it but he was still as keen and tried to persuade me. Since I didn't want to be influenced by him anymore, I took leave on a weekday and went for it - yes, without telling him. Hah. 

I found out about Des Aesthetic (Prima Tanjung) when I was searching for an eyelash lift treatment which I did and I found that the staff was very friendly and informative and gentle. I remembered being in good hands. So, I recommended to my mom and she went and did her eyebrows and she loved it! 

You know how eyebrow embroidery used to be painful and right after you do it, the colors are very obvious and when you walk out of the beauty salon, people will instantly know that you just did your brows. Not only that, I think because of the way people used to "tattoo" the brows, after years, but it will also leave like a permanent red mark which was what happened to my mom. 

She had this red mark on her brows that are permanent and when we consulted Des Aesthetic, they knew instantly what needed to be done. There are 2 types of eyebrow embroidery processes and they recommended the one suitable for my mom so that the red mark could be covered. 

Long story short, my mom came home with new and normal looking eyebrows and it didn't even look like she had just get it done hours before. I was super impressed. 

Then, I knew I had to get it done too, and only with the best I know - with Des Aesthetic! 

The first thing they did was applying some numbing cream on both brows - for about 20 minutes (I think). Then, Evonne (the lady who took care of me so well), shaved and drew the brows for me. She did 2-kinds and asked for my choice but I ended up asking her to choose for me because she's a pro. FYI - her eyebrows were so on point so, at that time, I legit felt so accomplished - like I know already she is going to do a good job. 

After that, I went to the room and lied down and I was afraid that it may hurt because if not why they need to put numbing cream right? It did not hurt la, please. Can only feel very minimal sharp pain but not painful at all - can fall asleep also. 

The entire process was very relaxing and pampering. 

Right after the process, a cool gel is put on top of the brows to cool the swelling. I had a bit of swelling because my skin is quite dry. 


It was like a 2-hours process and when I went home, no one could tell that I had just done my brows. Adrian himself also did not realize when he came to fetch us home. It was only when I stared at him and smiled a long time then only he was like, "YOU DID YOUR EYEBROWS?"

He was impressed because it looked os natural that he thought I drew them.

The next day, the eyebrows looked darker but no more swelling, and over the next few days, it peeled and then it became a lot lighter. A bit too light but natural for sure. 

No need to worry my eyebrows disappearing when I go swimming or when I accidentally scratched my eyebrows and when I sweat. 

It is so convenient please - life-changing too because I did not have to spend so much time in front of my vanity desk. Ohh if only I did this earlier. But never too late. 

So for those of you also thinking and going back and forth with yourself to whether you should go for it, my advice is GO FOR IT. 

I paid RM650 and it comes with a one-time free touch up and one facial treatment. 

Another concern Adrian has after this eyebrow embroidery was if I need to like go and touch-up every month or something because it's another "monthly" commitment right? 

The thing is I most likely will not go for any touch-up every few months because now that I have the "perfect" eyebrow shape/outline of it, I can now just use an eyebrow pencil and fill it up. I don't have to worry if one side is longer or thicker. 

No regrets whatsoever at all going for this eyebrow embroidery. 

Thank you Evonne for making me have eyebrows-confidence again! 

Till next time, bye now. 

07 September 2018

My Eyelash Extension Story.

I have always been a bit more conscious about my eyes compared to the other areas of my face. Wait, actually not true. I was more conscious of my teeth because they were all crooked and so-hard-to -keep-it-white-problem and now since, braces fixed it already, it is no longer a main concern. Go read this.

Then, it was the eyes. I am the laziest person on earth so when I found a long-term solution to no-need-to-draw-eyeliner-everyday, I obviously did it! Go read this too.

Then, the sister decided that she was going to try doing the eyelash extension and once she was hooked on it, I was slightly convinced that maybe I should go try it as well. I don't usually curl my lashes and use mascara so it wasn't like a must-try for me. And I've read on so many reviews that it would cost a bomb to the pocket because it's not like you do one time and it lasts you for 6-months or something.

In fact, I think if it lasts more than 3-weeks, that is super good already.

Anyways, there was a first-time-trial-promo at Essenzza at Tanjung Bungah (where my sister did hers) so I decided to give it a try. After all, it's less than RM100 right. So okaylah.

That morning, I asked mom to help me take the before photo so you can expect that this is no pro-photography okay. Like since when I ever post pro-photos if it were taken by myself or mom or husband or the elder sister. The youngest always take nice-pro-like-photos okay, but too bad she wasn't around that morning.

 My eyelashes is not too bad okay. Hah. Not like it needs a lot of work also *self-denial* Anyways, do you know that it is so hard to take care of the lashes?

Cannot wash your face like how normal people do. Cannot rub your eyes. Cannot sleep sideways too relax-ly. It's insane.

To be honest, I was fairly impressed with how comfortable the whole process was. It took about one and half hours but it didn't feel that long.

For the trail price RM98, they were supposed to give 150 pieces only, but the lady added and those lashes on my eyes were about 200 + per eye.

They have a 6-months package where you pay about RM1,400 for endless visits for touch-ups or to put new ones. Too expensive for me please.


I think this "hobby" only rich people can keep up la. It's really too costly, and so troublesome to take care. Not recommended for lazy people like me. Hah.

So, for me, as and when I need my lashes to be long, I shall just use the fake ones from Yubiso (RM8.40 for 5 pairs) because they looked like extension too. And no need to spend so much.

On normal days, I shall just curl them and put on the new Maybelline's mascara. Heh.

Speaking of eyes and all, I think it's time for me to go touch-up my eyeliner tattoo already. It's been like what? 2 years? 

Till then, bye now.