Monday, June 18, 2018

Coming Back Soon.

Oh hello comfortable space of mine.

It does feel good to be typing and staring at this white blank space.

I have been away for 3-weeks plus because well, I've been busy making life works. Heh. Life now, is different and demanding (in baby-sense) and boy, when there is a free time, even an hour - I would very much like to use them to shut these eyes for a while.

I will leave all that experience-story-telling for the next post when I actually have a little more time and focus for it.

I thought this little piece would take my mind off things for a while and it did. Oh how I miss blogging.

As we approach the 1-month's mark since the birth, this whole experience is still quite surreal because I have no idea how we (both Adrian and myself) survived the night routines with maximum 3-hours of sleep at one-go. Seriously.

I remembered it being so tough the first week - oh so tough. Then now, it's almost a month since. Next thing we know, it's probably going to be 3-months then 6-months, then Alex is going to be 1-year old. Hmm.

Oh wells.

I cannot wait to share with you guys on the next few posts on the birth and things. I hope I won't delay long on that.

Till then, bye now. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Koay's Love Language #40 - #41.

Him: Ayo, started raining heavy again (while getting ready for work).
Me: Why? Your car no roof ah?
Him: Nolah, scared later my wife cannot fit under the umbrella!

Him:Baby, I cheated on you.
Me: What? You ate Kayu's nasi kandar, didn't you?
Him: HAHAHA yeah I cannot resist.
Me: Tsk tsk tsk.
Him: Jack is my cheat-mate (or mistress)! HAHAHA. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Pregnancy Update: Week 36.

And we are finally here - the ninth month's mark.

As I am typing this, we are already at the 37th week so that means that should Alex decided to come out anytime now, it will be alright because he's already a full term baby. Every part of him is fully formed and healthy and ready to face this world.

Are we ready though?

Some days we feel like we're not, but on some other days, we would get all hyped up to hold him already. So it's really a mix of everything for us.

As we reached 37-weeks, I realized that there were 2 main things that bothered me - a lot.

First, it's eating. It has to be the gestational diabetes that has been going on inside me. It is really hard to stay away from food items that can help me stay full (for a longer time) such as rice but I really had to stay away from it because it's sugar.

Even when I eat a normal portion of white rice with dishes, my blood sugar would increase so I've been advised (many times) to stay away from white rice and take more protein things. The problem is if I don't take rice, I won't feel the full-satisfied-kind of feeling so I tend to keep finding other things to eat - which is also not advisable.

And I crave so much for soya bean but the only time I can have them is with really little brown sugar or none at all. This is torture.

I know you may think that it's only food, but try be a pregnant person and try to ignore these cravings. TRY.

My blood sugar profile readings have been increasing - suggested by the doctors at Klinik Kesihatan to take insulin shots, but still they would like to monitor me for another week. The thing is I have been pretty disciplined (in my opinion of course) in my food taking but still these readings are not showing that.

So, if that's the case, maybe I really need to take insulin shots in the end - I don't know.

What we know is that we would do whatever is needed to make sure Alex does not get this diabetes thing from me - even if it means getting him out early. Hm.

So yeah. Less than a month to go before I can sink my teeth into a slice of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence cake.

Second thing is sleep.

I am already prepared for motherhood please with all the sleepless nights I get on a daily basis.

I try to make sure I have at least 8-hours of sleep every night because in the span of that 8-hours, I actually only sleep for like 4-hours. I kid you not.

Alex weighs about 2.7kg now, and with the water and bag weight inside, it has to be like at least 7kg that surrounds my torso.

That means, at this moment, no matter what kind of position I do, I will still have difficulty in breathing - all the time. Sleeping on my right side used to be the comfiest position ever, but no longer, sadly.

No need to mention about lying on my back or left side because it's worse.

This is a real struggle and I find myself (sometimes) have tears in my eyes thinking of going to bed because I can get so frustrated middle of the night trying to sleep. It's just insane.

I get so tired by the time the clock hits 1:00pm.

So, basically the main struggles now are mainly my eating and sleeping - which are two big parts of life please.

If you don't eat well or sleep well, things go haywire okay - and with the raging hormones, it's a nightmare. Thank God for understanding husband who gives massages without complaining.

Here's to 'anytime' and 'anywhere' now. Hopefully no drama water break in public all please.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Prenatal Class with Adventist Hospital Penang.

I am so sorry if most of my posts are now related to baby, pregnancy or baby. Heh. It's the season now you know. Heh.

Okaylah, I not very sorry la. I enjoy these things now. Next thing could be cooking or something I don't know. Hah.

Anyways, we signed up for Adventist Hospital's Prenatal Class and paid RM159 per couple for 4 sessions in the span of a week. It was all his idea to attend these classes as he had no experience whatsoever in taking charge of a tiny human being. Neither do I actually, but I did helped my sister with her two kids when they were born and I sort of know what to do and stuff. Hah.

Here are the sessions and what they are about:

Session 1 (5-hours with light lunch provided)
  • Healthy pre and postnatal diet
  • Breastfeeding benefits and techniques
  • Baby bath demonstration
  • Tour of maternity ward (3-bedded, 2-bedded, private room and VIP room - under renovation)
Session 2 (2-hours with a cinnamon roll and a box of organic soya bean juice)
  • Care of baby at birth
  • Pain relief methods in labor
Session 3 (2-hours with a red bean bun and a box of organic soya bean juice)
  • Antenatal care
  • Development of baby
  • Screening of fetal abnormalities
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Labor and delivery
Session 4 (2-hours with no refreshments - bring own pillow day)
  • Prenatal and relaxation exercises
  • Breathing techniques in labor

Also, one thing that excites us and we so look forward to everytime we have a class is the freebies they gave out. We will always try to guess what they will give us because it's different everytime. Once, they gave us a bag with a green-box-thing missing in there - we know because Koay was eyeing on other couples and they were all taking photos of it and then we realized we need to ask for it also! #kiasuparentslailiau

I told him that since I am carrying his child, he should take that walk to the registration table and asked for the missing 'gift'. Haha and he did with his face being all shy and red. Heh.

We received so many types of diapers from various brands, food items that are good for mothers-to-be and some baby items like bibs and mittens.

Most mothers-to-be in our classes are in their second trimester and onwards - only a few in their third trimester and probably one 1 couple who is very near to their due date.

I would recommend mothers-to-be to go during their second trimester so you know these useful information much earlier. For example, like the correct techniques for your husband to learn to massage you every night before bedtime or the kind of food that you should take that is good for you and the baby.

Of course you can get these information online, but it's somehow different when you and your partner hears it in person from the pro themselves.

Highly recommended.

Some couples registered for this Prenatal Class although their usual check-ups are not in this hospital so I guess Adventist Hospital must be quite famous for their Prenatal Class. Heh.

Till then, bye now. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Bumpfit Maternity Fitness Leggings.

I am currently eight months plus pregnant (35-weeks to be exact) and one thing that is not a friend of mine, is the hot weather.

No matter where I go or what I do, sweating is inevitable.

Once I start sweating, my cranky mood will soon follow, so I really try my best to do whatever it takes to avoid me from sweating.

The pregnancy hot flashes happen even in a very well air-conditioned restaurant okay so it's just super unavoidable.

Because of that, I rarely wear leggings or pregnancy jeans out. VERY RARELY. I prefer to wear dress.

Then, I got this leggings from Bumpfit Maternity Fitness Leggings and upon touching it's fabric, I was pretty convinced that this will be the kind that does not keep the heat in - if that makes sense to you. I needed to find a suitable occasion to try it on. I said find occasion because like I mentioned earlier, I really don't wear pants out to avoid sweating. Heh.

There were 2 events that were coming up which I thought was going to be good to try this legging out - full day 9am-6pm Pastors' Prayer Gathering and Pre & Post Pregnancy Exercise Session by our Adventist Hospital's Antenatal Class.

Even though I sweat easily now, I was still afraid that it may get too cold for me in the church settings since we would be in there the whole entire time, and FGA NZ is known to have the coldest air conditioning - and it did. It kept me fairly warm the entire day.

Also, I was hoping that this leggings would allow me to move around everywhere comfortably - not that I was going to do a split and big movements but I do want to feel like it doesn't limit me in my moving around.

I do have a number of pregnancy leggings that are not so stretchy and becomes super uncomfortable and sticky after a while.

Also, one thing I like about this Bumpfit Maternity Fitness leggings is that its length is very chun-chun. The one I got from H&M was so long that I had to fold it every time I put them on - so that's not really my favorite.

So, I wore it again to our Antenatal Class and no regrets whatsoever.

Super stretchy and I feel that it enables my legs to breathe. Serious. I hate it when leggings start to get wet (because of sweat) and then it just sticks to the skin - super annoying.

This one does not give me that - at all - surprisingly.

When I first heard of the price, I was shocked to be honest.

I felt that this price is really too expensive for a pair of leggings, but after trying them out (two times), I think I would recommend it to mommies-to-be because if you are someone who really gets annoyed with the hot weather and always only wear dresses because of that, you should give this a try.

Throughout my pregnancy, I always try to find ways to make it a comfortable one so I feel this money is worth spending okay.

On a side note, I recently found out from Cheeserland's Instagram about how comfortable Uniqlo bra is and how she (and many other mothers) so strongly support it - so I went ahead and got one for myself although I haven't started breastfeeding okay.

Highly recommended also because Uniqlo bras are super comfortable and gives really good support even though they are wireless. I only got one nude color and I may (anytime soon) gonna get 1 in all their available colors. Heh.


Okay, that's all for now.

Till then, bye now.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Pregnancy Update: Week 32.

I thought being in the final trimester would mean things will get a lot "nicer" before the real pain kicks in.

Wrong. So wrong. 

Everything seems to be amplified if I may say that. Anyways, hello bulan ke-lapan! We are soooo near to the due date it's so scary please. 

Let's see how things are right now in point forms because ain't nobody got time for lengthy post. Heh. 

  • My belly suddenly grew so big so fast even my brain (or my bed) could not catch up.
  • Double chin, check. 
  • Curry craving is still here. So are the cravings for dessert-things like chocolate, ice-cream and cakes and doughnuts. 
  • I got diagnosed by the Klinik Kesihatan and Dr. Soon with diabetes in pregnancy. Believes it's called Gestational Diabetes. Hence, no desserts for me. 
  • The hot flashes is happening so often now, even in air-conditioned restaurants and this changes my mood so fast, sadly. Sorry Adrian Koay - it's the hormones. Hah. 
  • My belly itches more extreme now and I gave into scratching them because it's very torturing not to. 
  • Stretch marks seen on the lower part of my belly. Not a lot but it seems like they do have the potential to grow more. Applying more coconut oil for sure - still learning to like them. 
  • Need to get a hair cut just because. 
  • I have been 'forcing' myself to drink at least 2 litres of water daily - sometimes it's easy to do that because I sweat so much even in cool places. I don't like these hot flashes. 
  • I really do need to taste some chocolate because the craving is so bad I want to cry. 
  • My feet are not swollen (yet). 
  • Apparently, my nose will kembang also, but so far it still looks pretty okay to me. 
  • No more kembang anywhere please. 
  • Alex moves very differently now inside - a tiny bit more painful an uneasy especially when he goes really near to the bladder. 
  • I cannot sleep on my back anymore for more than 5 minutes, without having to breathe harder. 
  • I enjoy swimming (a lot) now because I could not really feel its weight under water, and swimming does relaxes me a lot more for a good night sleep. 
  • We finished our prenatal classes at Adventist Hospital and boy, it was fun. So many free gifts okay so syiok to receive all of them.
  • We are really considering to pay for the stem cells thing but we're still not sure. 
  • I'm starting to be obsessed with tiny socks that I got 6 pairs at the recent baby fair. SO CUTE I CANNOT BRAIN IT. 
  • By the time the clock hits 2pm, my energy tank has less than 30% power. 

Till next time, bye now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Koay's Love Language #39.

After the doctors confirmed that I have this thing called Gestational Diabetes..

Him: I will not eat what you're not allowed to eat also okay. We go through this together okay.
Me: Awww. How sweet of you.

Few days later..

Him: *drinking chocolate milk and eating my Cheerios*
Me: I'm not allowed to drink chocolate milk..
Him:Mmhmm. That's why I drink lo. If not waste ma.
Me: What happens to, "I will not eat what you're not allowed to eat also".
Him: *selective hearing*

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Crispy Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.

Let me tell how this all started.

It was all thanks to a beautiful makeup artist known as suyenpang on Instagram. Yes, you may know her as the wife of dmingthing.

I watched her Instastory on the baking of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and I was hooked, immediately!

I needed to have myself some oatmeal raisin cookies that instant okay! It was torturing because it's so hard to find good ones outside and even though I had one from Subway, it was just way too sweet!

So, being as desperate as I am, I DM-ed her and asked for the recipe.

I changed the raisins to cranberries and added some chocolate chips to create some different texture - I sound pro d right. Hah.

So here goes.

I am usually really bad at baking and would always give up after I keep trying. Heh. But this time, thanks to Alex, I needed to persevere and made sure that the cookies turn out edible - if not super yummy.

And obviously, the recipe is so simple and easy if I can screw that up, I just really need to close baking chapter in my life.

I felt that since my mom is the world's best baker, she would be the hardest to please. So, baking session was at her place and the moment she took the first bite on those freshly baked oatmeal cranberry chocolate cookies, she smiled and nodded.


Win liao.

It was so good that the next day, both of us baked again for double the portions. I just need to let people taste these cookies and for them to believe in me again. Heh.

Serious guyss. If I can make these cookies a success, anyone can! Maybe not Adrian Koay. Heh.

Nah, recipe for you all to enjoy!

Also, to note that we mix in less sugar (for both white and brown) because I have gestational diabetes for this pregnancy so less sweet but the cranberries and chocolate chips really made up for it.

And, because we could not get any nutmeg powder, we didn't mix it in and already, it tasted so good. I think cinnamon is the secret key to be honest - so aromatic I cannot.

Do enjoy!

Till then, bye now. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pregnancy Update: Our Firstborn's Name.

It's a no-secret really so this isn't like a big big reveal or something.

I mean, you would have already known about the name if you have asked us because we would just tell you or give you hints so you could play the guessing game.

Initially, we wanted to name our son with a name that starts with 'S' because boy follows mother kind of thing and when we get a girl next time, her name would start with an 'A' - daddy's girl kind of thing.

However, after brain-storming for the longest time, we decided that we gonna switch it around because it is so difficult to find a boy's name that starts with 'S' that we both really like.

He asked this one question and it was enough for us to make this decision.

"What if we have 4 sons?"

I cannot imagine having to think of 4 boys' names that starts with 'S' that we would like. So, A for boys' name it is.

And yes, there are many things in our lives that we could not agree on totally, but to have minimum of 4 children is the one thing that we both knew that we must have in our lives :)

So once the alphabet was set, next part was to decide what kind of name we would want to have - he wanted something Greek-ish. I was okay with anything actually.

Then, the idea of naming our firstborn son after someone that he truly admires were birthed. Heh.

If you didn't already know, Adrian Koay is a huge fan of Manchester United. You want to be his friends or you want to know the secret to start a conversation with him?

Start with Manchester United.

He will go on non-stop.

Before you start thinking of all the Manchester United players' name in your head, no need to do that. We are not going to name our son after a player, please. Hah. So common meh.

This man - he never ever talks anything bad or negative about this man. Never in my life of knowing Koay. Always only the good and wow things.

And he is none other than..

If you don't know who this man is, shame on you.


Maybe not.

He is the one and only, Sir Alex Ferguson.

So yes, our firstborn son's name would be Alex.

No, it's not a short form for Alexander or Alexandra. Just Alex.

And no, our son's name is not going to be Alex Ferguson Koay.

Just Alex Koay - and Alex is a Greek name. Win.

And yes, we will have a Chinese name for this little boy, but the chinese name will have to come a lot later, like when he arrives in this world kind of later. We still haven't figure that part out yet.

Child number 1
Meaning: Defender of men - protector of mankind.
Due date: 1 June 2018.
Son of: Adrian Koay and Sarah Khoo.

See you real soon, firstborn son.