Thursday, November 28, 2019

How I Get Rid of Indigestion & Heartburn and Up My B Vitamins Intake!

As some of you may have already know (through my daily complaints in IG heh), this pregnancy is harder compared to the previous one with Alex and it's really a no secret. Of course I try not to "complain" about it but too impossible.

I have people telling me that being pregnant with a girl is harder wan - as compared to being pregnant with a boy. Then again, I have had mothers with 2 boys shared with me their experiences and can I just say that the former is super invalid.

I don't think the gender of the baby is the one who determines how hard the pregnancy is going to be. Every pregnancy is just different period. Maybe the one I had with Alex was relatively easier and "nicer" that is why I feel like this one is such a ughhh.

I love my babies to bits okay even though I complain about the difficulty of it.

Anyways, one of the things that really got to me is the indigestion and heartburn I get especially at night. I have been losing sleep because of it and it is driving me insane.

I rather lose sleep feeding my child every 3-hours than waking up because of heartburn that doesn't go away immediately. It's a pure torture.

I've done a few things like eating smaller portions, eat slower, cut down on spicy food (too difficult!), takes warm water after a meal and sitting upright after a meal and taking Gaviscon! Sometimes can work, sometimes cannot work. I was reluctant to go to the Pharmacy to get a pill for it cos I hate taking pills!

I don't know about you but swallowing pills during this pregnancy is a big no-no. With Alex, it was so easy I can do it with my eyes closed please. Not this round.

Then, the big sister intervened and recommended something that is not all of the above! At first I turned her down because I thought it was going to be a pill-like thing and I just cannot handle taking anymore pills in addition to the neuro-gain pills and folic acid pills and iron pills for Sofia.

Guess what.

It's not in the form of pill!

It's powder-make-into-a-drink! And she recommended to take both of these! 

To be honest, my initial reaction also quite drama because I know I cannot continue taking it if it taste bad or medicine-y. She assured me that it actually tastes good and has a very pleasant smell. So, yes I decided to give it a try because I really do still want to enjoy eating whatever I want in my last 1-month of pregnancy. We can focus on losing the weight after baby comes. Side track a bit - I am planning to do the whole bengkung-post-natal-massage-thing but no idea from who or where yet.

Back to this.

So yes. I have tried it for few weeks now and can I just say that it works!

Sharing is caring right.

I had nasi kandar one of the nights at 930PM and after that I took this ISOTONIX DIGESTIVE ENZYMES PLUS POWDER and went straight to sleep. No need to sit upright for at least one hour before lying down to sleep.

You can go google and read all about it and why it is important to include this one as part of your I-am-pregnant-so-must-take-more-good-things-for-baby-and-me - especially if you really do get heartburn once in a while because of indigestion. Really sucks big time.

In summary: Enzymes helps breakdown food before it gets fermented staying too long in stomach. Poor digestion causes stomach to produce more acid. Fermented food produces gas. The pushes the acid upward. Causing heartburn sensation and possibly gives you the trauma of eating.

There was one time I was so scared that it will happen again that I only took a few spoonful of mushroom soup for dinner and went to bed hungry because I just could not bear the heartburn and that indigestion feeling.

Also, I found out that it is not only for pregnant people - but overall for those of you who suffers from indigestion. I believe you should give this a try and it may be the remedy to all your indigestion days.

Also, do you know that the B Vitamins are really good for you? Especially for pregnant people. Come I share with you why it is good. 

  • Vitamin B1: Thiamine
B1 plays a major role in the development of your baby’s brain
  • Vitamin B2: Riboflavin
B2 promotes good vision, healthy skin, the development and growth of baby’s bones, muscles, and nerves. It also lowers the risk of developing preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication
  • Vitamin B3: Niacin
B3 is essential for your baby’s brain development
Keeps nervous systems, mucous membranes, and skin healthy. It also improves digestion, eases nausea, and can relieve painful migraines for mom

  • Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid
B5 helps metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, giving you the energy you and your baby need during pregnancy. It also helps to prevent pregnancy-related muscle cramps and aids in the release of stress-relieving hormones
  • Vitamin B6: Pyridoxine
B6 helps to prevent low birth weight. It is essential to the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system
Helps maintain blood glucose at healthy levels and may help with morning sickness too.

  • Vitamin B7: Biotin
B7 helps hair loss, brittle nails, and skin rashes of mothers during pregnancy. It is also essential to embryonic growth during your pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B9: Folic Acid
B9 is one of the most important vitamin B during pregnancy. It prevents NTDs (neural tube defects) like anencephaly (a brain defect) or spina bifida (spinal cord defect). NTDs can develop at the earliest stage of pregnancy, so it is important to be consuming folic acid from the time you start trying to conceive. Reduces the risk of birth defects like cleft lip, cleft palate, some heart defects. It also reduces the risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy. It is important for the growth of the placenta, synthesis of DNA and the development of the baby. In general, it also helps in the process of red blood cell production and helps prevent anemia.
  • Vitamin B12: Cobalamin
B12 is essential for baby’s neural tube formation, brain and spine development. Together with Folate (B9), it works to produce DNA synthesis and red blood cells. It will help the development and functioning of your brain, nerves and blood cells. It also helps improve your energy, mood and stress levels by aiding the metabolization of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. It plays a role in the maintenance of a normal central nervous system and neurological functions by regulating the synthesis of myelin and fatty acids.

Okay, to be real honest with you guys - I didn't know all this until my sister shared them with me. So, now that I know (with few weeks left to my pregnancy), I am disciplined to take this every morning. 

It says behind the bottle to take it with empty stomach so I take this every morning after I get ready for the day. Very easy to drink because it's lemon-y and orange-y taste. So no regrets at all. 


Yes, if you want it, you can reach out to me, and no I am not selling them but I can get it for you through my sister :) Special discounts for you :)  

Also, do you know that this helps people with gout problems too? Or have high risk of getting gout. Kid you not. 

You guys are welcome! 

And hooray to supplements and vitamins that is not in pill forms! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Really Random This One.

It must be the hormones - or seeing photos of Bali everywhere on FB. 

But yes, thinking of when it was just the two of us - so carefree and easy. 

Do I miss that - miss when the two of us can eat anything we want and go for spontaneous trips? - definitely yes. 

But would I want to change anything now?

A hundred and ten percent no. 

Love you for the longest time, noob. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Precious Time Together.

So, we (Alex and I) have been spending most of our weekends alone since second half of this year, without the Mister due to the endless sessions of national training that he had to attend.

And it was a difficult adjustment (knowing that now onwards it's going to be every weekend) - because the 2-no-work-days in the weekends means we get to fully spend time and enjoy our little family time before Sofia comes, but now really we only get to have a full-family time at night after work. So we play a lot with Alex before his bedtime but also limited la because only 1-2 hours.

I know Adrian is very sad that it has to be this way but oh wells.

Alex is still getting all our attention now because only-child status not yet expire and it is going to suck (mostly for Adrian) that he only gets after-work-night-time with Alex.

So, with that said, it was really nice that the three of us get to spend the weekends together in KL couple of weeks ago - not full day since both Adrian and I had to work (on separate days) but I treasure it - so much.

I don't know how LDR couples handle LDR because I know for sure, I definitely cannot.

Not just couples - even for families where the head of the family goes somewhere else to work and had to sacrifice spending time with their children to earn money to support the family - it is very sad la okay.

I was afraid at one point that Alex may not grow as close to his dady as I wanted to but I am wrong. Alex is super attached to Adrian especially when we get home. Alex won't even let Adrian go to toilet in peace. Like if Adrian walks into the toilet to wash hands and I close the door a bit, Alex would get into the loudest most pitiful cry. It's insane.

Alex never react like this towards me also! Maybe only when its time to sleep only he will demand for me. Apa mamy's boy all.

Till today, not a single "Mamy" was ever mentioned. He always just kept repeating "Dady" - even when he has nightmares in the middle of the night. WHAT IS THIS. #jealousmamyhere

We are so not looking forward when Adrian is going to be away for 2-weeks. How am I going to survive 2-weeks without my lover? How?

All the best to us.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

10D9N Perth, Australia.

with the husband and our firstborn son.
on 19-28 April 2019.

So, this is a very back-dated post (duh) and there is really just one reason why.

Two actually.

First, I became lazy when I think about all the things that I need to input here and second, when I was there, my morning sickness was at the worse please (about 6-weeks pregnant then) and even when I think about it now, I can still feel a bit of the nausea and maybe I still a bit traumatized with it heh.

But anyways, procrastinate no more because here I am, trying to squeeze whatever memory I have on Perth and will try my best to include all here.

Let's start with how it started.

It was a day when one of our friends suggested that we should all go on a holiday (outside of Malaysia) together and Perth was suggested because we have another friend who owns a house there and it would be nice to go crash his place heh.

Long story short, we went to look at the flight prices and lo and behold, Yuh Ting managed to find really good deal on Airasia from KL to Perth.

We paid about RM1,800 for the 3 of us (Adrian, myself and an 11mo baby). I thought that was a pretty good deal and the moment we agreed, there was no turning back because Yuh Ting immediately helped us book the tickets (all the way from Singapore!). Hah.

Then, she bought her tickets and Jo-Wyee did too! The rest could not make it but that's okay because there's always next time ya. *hints Jack and Carmen*

And then the countdown begins.

I was not (yet) pregnant when we plan for this trip so I was super looking forward to it but when we found out about the pregnancy and when morning sickness came, all excitement turned into fear - because if the morning sickness does not go away, I knew that I won't be able to enjoy the holiday as much. Of course this was true.

Anyways, it was also our first time travelling so far with Alex on an overnight flight and we had no idea what to expect - we prepared snacks and all but since it was a night flight, it would probably be easier since it's sleeping time. Also, we didn't get the bassinet because with Airasia, you have to pay for it and even if we pay for it, only 1-parent can accompany the baby with the bassinet (unless we pay more I think). So no thanks.

I have always disliked flying with Airasia but since it is way cheaper than other carriers, I have got no choice ya. FYI - Airasia's planes fly on a lower altitude compared to other big players so some of you who are sensitive or like have motion sickness and all, will feel it wan.

KL-Perth via Airasia

One of the best gift we have ever received is definitely the Babyzen Yoyo Stroller! So thankful that I didn't successfully sold it off that time. Market price for this stroller is about RM2,500 and no we did not spend that money on a stroller please. 

Anyways, since this stroller is not suitable for newborn, we decided to get the Babyzen Car Seat with adapters so we could just attach it on the stroller. 

So, we know that Australia is very strict on their road safety policy and every child must be attached to a car seat when in the car. We almost rented 1 car seat from one of Perth's car rental company until we realized (very near to travel date) that our car seat is a car seat and it's super travel friendly and we can carry both the car seat and stroller right up to the boarding gate! 

Saved us some OZ dollars man. 

Super convenient for travelling - serious no joke. 

Arrival at Perth

I did not sleep well on the plane because it was already uncomfortable to be strapped to a baby (didn't dare to move a lot) and having constant backaches and nausea. So the moment Kelvin picked us up and we went to get McDonalds, both Alex and myself KO-ed on the bed and the boys went out somewhere.

One of the best sleep ever please.

We refreshed and re-grouped with the rest and went to the famous Fremantle Markets and its surroundings (honestly cannot remember names of some of the places we visited! - pregnancy memory loss is a real thing) and became all touristy and stuff.

Load of photos ahead.

And then we had home-cooked dinner by Chef Kelvin and rested early for another exciting full day the next day! It was also the same night when I discovered that I had forgotten to bring a pile of clothes that I have put aside to bring to Perth! I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown! Hah. Serious - it was so sad okay. I looked at my side of the suitcase and realized I will not have enough clothes to last so many days!

Usually I pack for myself still okay kan. Now I have to pack for Alex (and have to double check everything) until my own things I totally kaput at it. Anyways, I was too tired to sulk in it so I went to sleep and not think about it. Worse case scenario (I told Adrian) is that I would have to go get more clothes for myself in Perth - to which I didn't because expensive. Heh.

We washed our clothes at Kel's house so yay.

Busselton Jetty - Margaret River (2-nights stay)

Rise and shine this morning as we walloped home-cooked breakfast by Chef Kel again and then pack up our bags and head over to Margaret River for a night's stay but before that, we stopped at Busselton Jetty first.

Weather was cooling - but throughout our stay in Perth, every day is like very unexpected one - sometimes we wake up and it's hot and on some days, we have to wear like 3-layers first before leaving the house. Good thing we brought winter jacket with us - if not sure confirm cry.

The drive was about an-hour from Busselton Jetty to Margaret River. We rented a very cosy house for 7-adults and 1-baby.

Dinner was steamboat at home by Chef Kelvin (such a good cook this man I tell you). Both Alex and myself KO-ed earlier than the rest because I was just having a few really bad sessions of morning sickness throughout the day so a bed was all I needed by the time we got to the Airbnb.

One of the comfiest mattress we ever slept on - Adrian will totally agree with me on this.

Yahava KoffeeWorks - Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - Hamelin Bay - a few winery places

Full day of doing must-dos at Margaret River. Photos up ahead! My favorite place for that day was Hamelin Bay for sure - where giant stingrays come up for you to pet them. Yes, wild stingrays that lives in the ocean. And not only like 1 or 2 okay - it's like at least 5-6 of them by the shore.

Everyone was trying their best to pet them. It was a very nice experience to see.

We had barbeque on our last night at Margaret River and yes of course steaks and beers and wine were all involved. I had one TINY bit of the steak on the side where there is no redness at all - Adrian was very strict. Heh.

We sat outside at the patio and froze our butts off - but great night with great food with great people.

The White Elephant Beach Cafe - Mammoth Cave - Cottage Cafe at Berry Farm 
- Voyager Winery - Sugarloaf Rock (sunset viewing)

We checked out from the Airbnb and went to one of the nicest cafe at Margaret River - not too pricey too to my surprise. It was really cold that morning and there were mat sallehs (and their children) swimming in the sea. Mad people. Heh.

We ended our trip at Margaret River at the Sugarloaf Rock and watched the sunset. I think it was slightly out of the way back to Perth city but super worth it. It was super beautiful. Sunset lovers, you will love this place and you will love every moment of it.

Swan River - Hakata Gensuke Ramen - Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Kelvin and Adrian wanted to go jogging along the Swan River and since Alex and I were already waking up, we thought it was a good idea to join them - and because the weather was so cold that morning, both Alex and myself put on a jacket over our PJs and left the house like that.

We (Alex and me) strolled along the river while the 2 boys ran and trying to burn off all the food. Heh. It was a nice stroll. Alex fell asleep almost immediately and I just walked and watched people.

It was nice.

I love - love Kings Park! The next time I go Perth, I'll be sure to pack along picnic mats and get ready some finger food items and just spend hours there. Its a huge place with the nicest green grass everywhere (clean and proper) and it overlooks the city. It's insanely beautiful.

And the cooling weather - really plus point.

We put Alex to sleep early and had a quiet simple dinner at home - because the next day is going to be another long day - with the quokkas! Yass.

Rottnest Island

Rise and shine as we make our way to the Fremantle Port and board the ferry to Rottnest Island. It's a full-day thing so we made sure we got everything we needed - extra diapers, Ergobaby, food, snacks, extra clothing for the baby etc.

It was one of the places that we wanted to visit because of the smiling animal - quokkas. To be honest, they are like giant rats running freely on the island and no one is running away from them. In fact, people run to them - trying to get the best selfie.

You have to take your selfie from the low angle (below their head) to get that smiling selfie. They are not actually like smiling smiling at your camera okay. It's all about the angle.

We rented bicycles because that is the best way to explore Rottnest Island. Cannot imagine walking around the island under the sun. I did not cycle much (especially if it's a slope (uphill) because didn't want to risk anything at such an early stage of the pregnancy. So I would push the bike and walk for a bit.

It was pretty nice though tiring.

Adrian's bicycle has a baby seat attached to it so Alex got to sit on it on non-slope-y-areas. We didn't want to risk him falling off the bike or getting injured (somehow) because he was a bit too small for the baby seat) and his helmet was too big for him. Most of the time, Adrian would ergobaby him and ride the bike - and he would fall asleep. Cutest thing ever.

There are a few spots on the island where you can picnic and swim and all. The boys went for a quick swim at one of the stops and the girls (and the baby) - fell asleep. No idea why but we were feeling way too sleepy that day.

Hyde Park - Dim Sum - Good Fortune Roast Duck House - The Brown Spoon 

Slow and steady day today it shall be. We went out for a while, ate, rested and ate some more at night. Chill days are the best when morning sickness hits like a tsunami inside you. 

Watertown Brand Outlet Centre (shopping day!)

Few days left and of course we had to go shopping at the city centre where the brand outlets are isn't it. We did not get anything branded also actually. After all the conversion in our head, we're like, "It's already so nice to be able to have a week-long holiday in Perth, we do not need to spend more money on items!"

That stayed on until we walked into Chemist Warehouse and then it's really shopping time. Hah. We got fish oils, moisturizer cream (apparently Malaysia don't have ya) and baby food items because so cheap la please and a lot of other things. 

We took the train home that night. Actually not really home home la. We took the train to the nearest station to Kel's house and from there he picked us up. 

Loved taking public transports when we travel because it's just so localized - and even with a baby and stroller and all the shopping things. Even though it was tiring, but the feeling best la. 

Got home - put the baby to bed - showered and had maggi mee by Chef Kel! So blessed la please! Thanks Kelvin and Cecelia for being so nice to us. So sorry you both had to endure the endless crying and screaming by Alex during the car rides! 

Alex was being extra cranky during the trip. We suspected that it could be the change in the weather and he was finding it hard to adapt to it and also he was teething so not very chun timing I guess. 

Chill day + last minute shopping at Chemist Warehouse (again)

We went to one of the Farmers' Market (I think that's what it is called) for breakfast and chilled a while with the rest of the people. It was quite an experience to see and hear the happenings at the market - so dog friendly please.

Perth - KL - Penang

We got to the Perth Airport at 4AM (thanks Kel for waking up so early to drop us!) and we had a lot of time to kill before boarding the plane and Alex wouldn't sleep - which turns out was a good thing because he slept throughout the entire flight journey. 

We got to KL and drove for another 4-hours to Penang - maybe not a very good idea after an international flight. Macam not worth save that portion of money (PEN-KUL-PEN) heh. 

Not to mention that after we arrived at Penang, we passed Alex to my parents (Alex had a sleepover at grandparents') and we went back home to rest - but Adrian Koay got freshened up and drove again to Balik Pulau for a floorball competition - after 17-hours of travelling mind you. This man is insane.


The first thing I had to eat was hokkien mee and hokkien mee is what I got alright - at Australia's price. NOT MY MORNING PLEASE. 

I literally stopped the car at the side for less than 7-minutes. I went down and tapau 1-packet nia okay! 

Oh wells. 

Welcome back gift from Penang. 

I did not pen down all our spending there because I was either occupied with keeping my food in my belly or making sure Alex is okay. So, here are just some estimated costs that we have spent okay. I think it is more than the number shown. I may have missed out a few things here and there. 

TOTAL MONEY SPENT (for 2 adults and 1 baby)
For 10 days and 9 nights at Perth, Australia

KUL-PER-KUL airfares via Airasia : RM1800

AIG travel insurance (family plan) : RM200
Food: RM600
Busselton Jetty: RM24
Mammoth Cave: RM140
Car Rental + Petrol: RM400
2-nights stay at Airbnb at Margaret River: RM570
Shopping: RM500

TOTAL SPENT: +-RM4,500 for 2 adults and 1 baby